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Decided to take some of gunner's advice (TSINAH)    03/21/23  (59)
TikTok star dies suddenly at 30 after suffering from migraines for months    03/21/23  (6)
AirBnB owner can't remove woman due to California's 30-day squatter's rights (vi    03/21/23  (8)
Teens - > Joggers - > Spring breakers lol    03/21/23  (18)
ROFL! Dentist accused of poisoning wife did stupid internet searches    03/21/23  (17)
Any audiophiles here    03/21/23  (49)
TSINAH is fat, poor, 40, no savings, no future, no hope    03/21/23  (34)
good morning    03/21/23  (8)
Teens, youths, lunchtime rowdies, spring breakers, seasoning police    03/21/23  (1)
any of you bros wanna come hang out with me on Chaturbate?    03/21/23  (4)
New German bill makes it illegal to doubt the number of tech layoffs in 2023    03/21/23  (3)
4 days left of vacation. Hiw should I maximize this time?    03/21/23  (5)
Cereal is $10 a box on Amazon    03/21/23  (9)
'I told you, I want extra hot sauce, you damn beaner' (customer to PF)    03/21/23  (1)
Jews making it illegal to talk about Jesus    03/21/23  (12)
Ghetto black guy owns Dr. Fauci.    03/21/23  (3)
"Unfortunately, Spring Break isn't popular in this neighborhood"    03/21/23  (1)
Girls who go to GYM too much have SMELLY pussy/ass    03/21/23  (23)
finished watching The Pacific for the first time. should have dropped more nukes    03/21/23  (36)
My wife ordered a $300 Le Creuset dutch oven    03/21/23  (60)
GJR is like a four-leaf clover--she'll give you a rash & if you c her, good luck    03/21/23  (53)
Who are some of your favorite minor/character actors/actresses    03/21/23  (1)
Amazon to fire 9,000 employees every day until people just get used to it    03/21/23  (3)
Cowgod have u seen the "patient gamers" reddit Community    03/21/23  (32)
Your disappointed father, trying to use chopsticks at your wedding reception    03/21/23  (308)
Libs are FURIOUS that TSINAH is frittering away his inheritance    03/21/23  (10)
WMTP w/ a chopstick in each nostril, barking like a walrus while I fuck his ass    03/21/23  (209)
Some testified saying he said he would tear the embassy down and rebuild it in 3    03/21/23  (1)
CHAD-GPT getting more tinder matches than u even though they all know he's a bot    03/21/23  (1)
Rate this email a college girl sent me    03/21/23  (45)
TSINAH please get a job. You are wasting your life.    03/21/23  (67)
Another day another Russian armored column liquidated.    03/21/23  (2)
“Not this one, but DeSantis!” Now, DeSantis was a meatball    03/21/23  (1)
Marco Rubio running away naked from Trump arrest    03/21/23  (2)
Rach says there's a good chance he will be arrested on Tuesday    03/21/23  (6)
Rudy Giuliani taking his sword and cutting off Schumer’s ear    03/21/23  (1)
Lindsay Graham begging to also be arrested Tuesday    03/21/23  (3)
Happy Tuesday! or as we say in NYC, Happy Jewsday!    03/21/23  (4)
Female Army NCO warns Trump supporters not to riot    03/21/23  (2)
"I ARPHA NOW?" Watchmen shrieked as I fed a 9th silk shirt to his hungry asshole    03/21/23  (148)
Yesterday, I ate an entire box of Samoas while sitting on the shitter    03/21/23  (2)
ChatGPT takes the Blackpill (link)    03/21/23  (1)
Putin has essentially forced Russia into a WGWAG relationship with China    03/21/23  (7)
"time" is a jewish invention to catalogue interest payment deadlines    03/21/23  (7)
What would u do if ur fat gf made a sculpture like this?    03/21/23  (46)
“Ouchie!” said Fauci as the hangman tightened the noose    03/21/23  (35)
Bam you're 40 but now have no obligations..young 40 what do you do?    03/21/23  (35)
Trump (((cucks))) - is DeShabbos a pedophile?    03/21/23  (6)
GOP lawmaker asks: "ARE YOU A PEDOPHILE?"    03/21/23  (2)
"Nope" was an incredible cinematic achievement or my taste is sps    03/21/23  (2)
Top Gun Maverick best movie in the last 10 years?    03/21/23  (6)
Board Olds, how embarrassed were you to rent porn videos?    03/21/23  (4)
DeSantis: I will not block extradition to New York    03/21/23  (2)
Amazon to lay off 9,000 more employees (just announced)    03/21/23  (9)
Why is Quebec so SHITTY in the parts immediately adjacent to New England?    03/21/23  (15)
It's legit crazy that we have to pretend blacks are better than whites    03/21/23  (10)
i want to lock u in my soundproofed ba$ement,starving u&raping u orally & anally    03/21/23  (2)
why does the last of us girl have to be so goddamn ugly    03/21/23  (30)
Ben & Jerry’s Founder ‘Top Donor’ for group campaigning for US support for    03/21/23  (2)
Vivek / Nikki Unity ticket for 2024 would be unstoppable!    03/21/23  (2)
Ben & Jerry’s Founder ‘Top Donor’ for group campaigning for US support for    03/21/23  (1)
Laying next to 21 year old UG, taking questions    03/21/23  (10)
****JAPAN VS MEXICO THREAD****    03/21/23  (55)
you can’t spell Whokebe without W-O-K-E    03/21/23  (1)
libs, what in tarnation is going on here?    03/21/23  (2)
Anyone else ever get handwritten letters from Jehovah's Witnesses?    03/21/23  (2)
Sp here. If I poast weird rape shit about my kid, it’s not funny and it means    03/21/23  (183)
I don’t trust pastors, priests, rabbis, or straight men that work for Non-Prof    03/21/23  (1)
Friends in Low Places - great song OR greatest song? MAGA    03/21/23  (2)
Trump said he would be arrested today? What happened?    03/21/23  (6)
Ricky started listening to juice wrld at age 38    03/21/23  (38)
Sim Glitch: Sandusky was innocent    03/21/23  (25)
why is wgwag common in media now?    03/21/23  (10)
Ever notice how Eastern European men have some of the worst hairlines?    03/21/23  (1)
Roger Stone called Ivanka an abortionist whore, Trump still pardoned him    03/21/23  (1)
powerful wgwag story. just had meeting with some company id never seen    03/21/23  (12)
SSM: living life and enjoying the majesty of the law; u: poast    03/21/23  (5)
Imagine the sweaty sex EPAH and Karen would have while they cuck a bitch boi    03/21/23  (3)
DeSantis really fucked up today. Everyone is turning on him over Trump arrest    03/21/23  (9)
Trump announces he will write a memoir, “My Struggle” while in NY prison    03/21/23  (1)
EPAH, we need to wreck board bitch bois the way you wreck them in the court room    03/21/23  (4)
LAWYERS - do judges ever get pissed if one side is unreasonable re settlements?    03/21/23  (4)
AZN woman beaten into PARALYSIS during violent Houston robbery:    03/21/23  (6)
First Republic Bank up 60% this morning    03/21/23  (12)
is the South's population growing simply because ppl like warm weather?    03/21/23  (10)
Ron DeSantis is profoundly more homophobic than Trump    03/21/23  (2)
Oh, spinelliman, where you gonna run to?    03/21/23  (1)
Xo: spaceporn guilty, Sandusky innocent    03/21/23  (2)
watch Fauci get verbally bitchslapped on vax by hood rat (link)    03/21/23  (33)
Spaceporn kind of reminds me of a much lower iq Leiter these days    03/21/23  (3)
How did Ukraine lose Soledar? They had elite forces defending salt mines    03/21/23  (4)
Ok they aren't even trying to hide it anymore    03/21/23  (4)
iranian who raped woman in london cant be deported lest he be charged w rape    03/21/23  (2)
The thought is living in the east makes me suicidal    03/21/23  (7)
XO genius what do you use to determine the value of things you own to sell?    03/21/23  (7)
FBI planted child porn on NXIVM computers in order to secure guilty verdict    03/21/23  (12)
"SO RONG SUCKAS!!" cackles exeunt as his private jet takes off    03/21/23  (211)
Norm McDonald on Bill Cosby (video)    03/21/23  (10)
Russia now controls 86% of Planet Earth, has encircled North America:    03/21/23  (2)
your autistic asian gf taking cowgod threads at face value    03/21/23  (1)
Metal barriers being unloaded in front of NY SCT in advance of DJT indictment    03/21/23  (14)
what is NXIVM?    03/21/23  (5)
it's over    03/21/23  (2)
The Trump arrest will be similar to the Greta arrest, staged    03/21/23  (2)
will greta thunberg do anal?    03/21/23  (55)
libs. vaccine in order to work. yes. pass a competency test to vote? no fucking    03/21/23  (10)
51st star on flag to be a sickle    03/21/23  (13)
Russia now controls 70% of Ukraine, has encircled Kiev:    03/21/23  (42)
Flowers for Algernon except its about Peterman being rich for a week    03/21/23  (242)
Mentally ill 30 yr old aZn girl poses as high schooler LMAO    03/21/23  (21)
Mooselookmeguntic, Maine    03/21/23  (4)
Are Reptile really does need to be deported back to Russia    03/21/23  (1)
PSA God doesn't have any "name" beyond "I AM."    03/21/23  (9)
Lessons from an attempt at starting a business on my own    03/21/23  (29)
Sitting next to cute Japanese girl who needs place to crash in HNL    03/21/23  (33)
Firing up “Barry Lyndon” for the first time due to xo rec    03/21/23  (22)
Do all people have a soul?    03/21/23  (14)
Buying $470,000 house in mother fucking Canarsie    03/21/23  (14)
CA Libs seeking to ban Skittles, Campbells soup, Sour Patch Kids, PEZ candy, etc    03/21/23  (59)
Lived in NYC for 10 years, Mexico City 10 yrs, my next city should be...    03/21/23  (56)
"Ready for your Fauci Ouchie?" wheezed Fauci to the preschool as he unzipped    03/21/23  (8)
“This is a Fauci Ouchie”, said Tony as the chainsaw cut the drifter’s neck    03/21/23  (6)
XO Catholic night crew loading AR's to Truffle Butter    03/21/23  (1)
why don't southerners just secede already? they keep threatening to.    03/21/23  (3)
This town in New Hampshire has a population of 4 as of 2020    03/21/23  (1)
evangelicals are dumb as shit    03/21/23  (33)
Why did all those gymnasts let the creepy doctor molest them for years?    03/21/23  (34)
37-year-old influencer sick of waiting for chad, goes on solo honeymoon (link)    03/21/23  (135)
"Karen" quotemo is like a windup toy with 5 different posts    03/21/23  (3)
Karen was in a really bad mood last night    03/21/23  (6)
Hypo: $20 million USD but you transform into Karen    03/21/23  (2)
What is the purpose of human consciousness?    03/21/23  (9)
I miss Karen. Karen come back please. 😢    03/21/23  (1)
this board was better when Karen posted regularly    03/21/23  (4)
Can someone do a wellness check on QueenLaBeefah tp? he had a run in with Karen    03/21/23  (4)
i miss the discomfort shitlibs felt in the trump era    03/21/23  (3)
"2 in the pink 1 in the stink?" sam hyde asked."no dammit,i said 5 in the stink"    03/21/23  (5)
Sam Hyde regularly “cleaned out” GJR’s ass with his tongue, and she loved    03/21/23  (12)
Rick Gates is a good example of ugly guy who looks attractive with beard    03/21/23  (1)
how hard to learn how to do fake accents well?    03/21/23  (9)
it's rare, but know guy going through divorce and ex-wife is legit PSYCHO    03/21/23  (2)
Texasmos: how has ur AG Been under indictment for like 8 yrs with no trial?    03/21/23  (1)
Groaning indignantly as you rip a raunchy buzzsaw fart unexpectedly    03/21/23  (4)
Romans worshipped avatars of Strength&Beauty. We... don't.    03/21/23  (2)
just stumbled on this show called the legend of Mick Dodge    03/20/23  (1)
Does that shitlaw stable RT/ZZ and co. ever win cases?    03/20/23  (1)
🚨🚨 EPAH vs RT verdict is in 🚨🚨    03/20/23  (137)

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