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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
It's funny how "democracy" has destroyed every white country on earth    03/30/23  (4)
Most underrated based website of all time - https://www.blackinventionmyths.
   03/30/23  (15)
Starbucks victim demanded the killer stop vaping in the patio    03/30/23  (73)
whokebe here, business idea for those who are not afraid of testing their limits    03/30/23  (5)
Odd how 'Christians' can't 'convert' anyone without threatening/coercing them    03/30/23  (11)
Death Wish but with Bronson killing off leash shitpits    03/30/23  (1)
Rate the balls on this atlanta teen    03/30/23  (5)
Different motivation between Northern/Southern American Settlers explains a lot    03/30/23  (2)
BASED Jennifer Aniston comes out as a trumpmo    03/30/23  (4)
my cousin finished a neurosurgery residency and she immediately became    03/30/23  (11)
When did Drake become a retarded politics megapoaster    03/30/23  (17)
Real talk: 2020 election was stolen, but not due to fraud    03/30/23  (1)
Just got off phone with a "Special Agent in Charge." Bitch bois pepper angus.    03/30/23  (45)
Guys stop posting bad shit on my account or I’m changing the password    03/30/23  (1)
new Wes Anderson trailer just dropped - Asteroid City (link)    03/30/23  (38)
if u mock/defame/threaten mario sunshine ur trash    03/30/23  (18)
haha no worries. we can do the gastropub and cards against humanity next time    03/30/23  (16)
Michelle Yeoh is a breathtakingly good actress    03/30/23  (4)
SoCal Real Estate is always a good investment.    03/30/23  (26)
why do women love pointless, extremely low stakes conflict?    03/30/23  (6)
procedurally generated SWAT game w/ different AI written manifesto for each leve    03/30/23  (1)
Julius Caesar was an adoptive dad. if u mock/defame/threaten adoptive dads,    03/30/23  (3)
Garland’s DOJ directed Marshals NOT to arrest protesters outside of Kav & ACB    03/30/23  (21)
any libs still using the term "stochastic terrorism" or is that so yesterday    03/30/23  (26)
I'm up fucking huge rn    03/30/23  (9)
Karen is still the most alpha lib on here and it's not even close    03/30/23  (1)
if u mock/defame/threaten bitch bois ur trash    03/30/23  (3)
The Butlerian Jihad is coming    03/30/23  (3)
DeSantis gloom poasting on XO is incredibly out-of-touch    03/30/23  (49)
Trumpmos, real talk, do you believe Trump won the popular vote in 2020?    03/30/23  (1)
What state is politically most reflective of the country as a whole?    03/30/23  (12)
carrying a 24” collapsible tungsten baton at all times cr?    03/30/23  (2)
Mock/defame/threaten--one of these is not like the other, no?    03/30/23  (2)
carnality and sin are 180    03/30/23  (2)
Dear Karlstack, we are all sick of your bullshit and want you to leave    03/30/23  (6)
How the FUCK are you losers still pushing this "bitch boi" meme?    03/30/23  (7)
if u mock/defame/threaten lawyers who commit Fraud and RICO ur trash    03/30/23  (1)
Dayton, OH is an under appreciated city on XO. Lovely city    03/30/23  (16)
Tauler quickly becoming an adoptive dad so it's illegal to mock him    03/30/23  (13)
Homeless dude steals prof's cell phone in middle of GWU lecture    03/30/23  (32)
Reminder: Arabs, Chinks, Indians knew about NIGGAS    03/30/23  (7)
ITT we recount famous two word xo phrases. I’ll start with the most famous:    03/30/23  (23)
Farewell to Handsome    03/30/23  (4)
Lots of fedpoasting going on amongst trannies tonight    03/30/23  (2)
Something went wrong with America    03/30/23  (20)
u wake up in Windows 95 3D Maze screensaver & pixelated spaceporn is chasing u    03/30/23  (10)
came inside some half Jew spic ginger last night who fucks ngrs on reg tp    03/30/23  (2)
10 day vacation to Ithaca NY in June - where to go/what to do?    03/30/23  (15)
Desantis’ only achievement was beating Disney. WHOOPS it’s gone!    03/30/23  (3)
What is the archetypical Gen-X 1) Movie 2) Band 3) TV Show 4) US Politician    03/30/23  (2)
dogs are smarter than women    03/30/23  (10)
found scholarship tp's atlanta law farm facebook page    03/30/23  (4)
My goal tonight is to make as many of you cum as possible    03/30/23  (1)
chick keeps sending me voice notes of Regina Spektor songs, ATD?    03/30/23  (1)
Lol at anyone who still “answers” any phone calls ever    03/30/23  (20)
Got my third $500 equifax settlement check today    03/30/23  (3)
“Guess I drew the Three of Cups!” joked lex as he filled 3rd pintglass w rum    03/30/23  (7)
BIRDSHITS: come back to HINDUISM    03/30/23  (8)
Have you ever been tortured?    03/30/23  (3)
Crying while listening to Aphex twin- #3 on repeat tp    03/30/23  (9)
anyone else like pudding?    03/30/23  (2)
lol straight up have any of u bros kissed a pig or done something more with it    03/30/23  (3)
Anyone here have a noble title or something prestigious?    03/30/23  (9)
empty mountain summit littered with dead bodies tp    03/30/23  (1)
wow that heights being reached!!    03/30/23  (1)
Karen - thoughts on cybersex?    03/30/23  (1)
Audrey was pretty hot pre transition    03/30/23  (11)
everything is sex    03/30/23  (1)
Drake spends his entire life debating ppl on here but has yet to win one    03/30/23  (4)
Cautionary Tales for Associates illustrated by Edward Gorey    03/30/23  (50)
Take 2 of a Classic: ITT I give you your PUA name    03/30/23  (94)
"You'll note an absence of strings overhead," the realtor grinned    03/30/23  (18)
Thoroughly enjoy Libs stating that political violence is now justified    03/30/23  (37)
OSHA fines Caterpillar $145k for safety violation resulting in incineration    03/30/23  (66)
What makes Ron DeSantis a meatball?    03/29/23  (2)
men are 180 tp    03/29/23  (7)
Trump was actually pretty disloyal to Chris Christie    03/29/23  (43)
This dood has megahacked WGWAG    03/29/23  (2)
Ron DeSATAN is a Satanic meatball, He is a meatball with Devil Horns on it    03/29/23  (2)
“If you need a lawyer, there’s a good one 3 towns over” smiled the Realtor    03/29/23  (1)
What ethnicities got sports teams named after then besides Irish and Indians?    03/29/23  (13)
Bitch bois - Taking Questions that aren't retarded    03/29/23  (11)
“‘WE DID IT.’ Scientists emerge from lab with giant mammoth meatball” (l    03/29/23  (16)
People 200 years ago didn't have "impaced" wisdom teeth needing removed.    03/29/23  (10)
Birdshits: the STARBUCKS murder shows --> respect Indians or face consquences    03/29/23  (13)
I rike a Eraine Chao    03/29/23  (1)
Red states: it's a mental health crisis not gun crisis!! *underfunds mental heal    03/29/23  (12)
Richard Wagner - Tannhauser Overture.mp3    03/29/23  (1)
Goes to Harvard -> does shitlaw -> adverse verdict in fraud case -> ???    03/29/23  (2)
The Goo Goo Dolls are a very underrated band    03/29/23  (20)
*me & spack touch eachothers privates* "ok poz me u fag" (zeke m    03/29/23  (5)
Anyone who still thinks DeSantis can win in 24 is fucking retarded    03/29/23  (1)
I got caught wearing fake glasses for the first time. LJL.    03/29/23  (29)
"Asian or AI" Turing Test finds that more people convinced AI is human (link)    03/29/23  (1)
Curing Luis (2023)    03/29/23  (4)
Canadian figure skater Keegan Messing accused of sexual assault    03/29/23  (5)
Jazz 'Jennings' REGRETS Transition, Refuses To 'Dilate' & Dates WOMEN    03/29/23  (125)
CA on verge of approving $800B black reparations plan. 2x annual budget    03/29/23  (87)
An unknown civilization had created a great CORPORATION in Decatur, Illinois!    03/29/23  (32)
A train station in a 5th tier Chink city    03/29/23  (27)
every US city i visit has a school or mass public shooting w/in months lol    03/29/23  (4)
Remember Angie Varona? Well she recently had a kid and her boobs are gigantic (l    03/29/23  (9)
Blackbat sitting on a bed of rice. Taste these roasted wings, prepare to die    03/29/23  (68)
i'M WANKING for Your forbidden body    03/29/23  (6)
It’s been two years since Ricky helped blow up that van in Nashville    03/29/23  (16)
i fuck my wyfe 10 times a week on average    03/29/23  (175)
RIP Cormac McCarthy    03/29/23  (1)
Is 1-800 COLLECT still a thing?    03/29/23  (9)
its something unpredictable but in the end its right lmao libs ur all gonna die    03/29/23  (118)
what periods of your life have been a complete blur looking back?    03/29/23  (7)
Hungover cardiothoracic surgeon vomits into patient's chest cavity (link)    03/29/23  (7)
You are sleeping in a Zelda dungeon    03/29/23  (1)
grow up & stop calling ACLU a "communist front" just bc all founders were Commun    03/29/23  (1)
Principled Conservative tp = great poaster    03/29/23  (2)
rating poasters as famous African American inventors    03/29/23  (164)
2+ hour sex sessions with wife. Full on dick in pussy for the entire time.    03/29/23  (139)
there are 24 (now 25) threads w/ "lex" in them from 3/29. u? 0, & poast.    03/29/23  (4)
Current fast is at 72 hours—think I’ll break it Saturday night or Sunday mor    03/29/23  (2)
Anyone ever visit that FatChicksInPartyHats website? Was like XO catnip    03/29/23  (4)
INDIANS are the SAVIORS of the WEST    03/29/23  (1)
just drank a bunch of weird spic herbs, kratom, gold and shit in cacao    03/29/23  (4)
came out the pussy with a circumcised dick    03/29/23  (2)
I find myself not watching any television lately    03/29/23  (1)
Disney strips DeSantis board of power through 2053 using ONE WEIRD TRICK    03/29/23  (12)
Troon shooter had NATO flag. LiveFreeOrDie, your response?    03/29/23  (6)
EPAH is what Drunkard could have been if he stuck with litigation    03/29/23  (15)
This will blow your fucking mind, google "american inventors"    03/29/23  (72)
Found Marty Lipton's deviantart account    03/29/23  (1)
1000 years from now when things r Planet of the Apes whites will be mythologized    03/29/23  (51)
Filipino Inventors Society (FIS) is a duly registered non-government org    03/29/23  (1)
ChatGPT writes “Sup Brady” letter    03/29/23  (9)
PSA: Kyle Rittenhouse's feats were 100x more impressive than these guys tactical    03/29/23  (67)
Osteopath Traveler    03/29/23  (16)
being a young adult in the 1990's was probably 180    03/29/23  (1)
When is a better time for a first date? 530 or 7?    03/29/23  (75)
Hey Benzo, how's your love life?    03/29/23  (5)
🌞🌞 Morning’ libs! Good news: Wisconsin votes to conduct an audit too!    03/29/23  (41)
lol i am not coming back to America 180    03/29/23  (11)
is the last of us worth watching?    03/29/23  (5)
met the hottest 55+ yr old women from Dominican, thought she was 35 at most    03/29/23  (1)
ur trying to tell me that there isnt a single huma or aoc bikini pic out there    03/29/23  (1)
xo should play a chinese gong sound whenever "panda express" gets poasted    03/29/23  (5)
"omg we did it again!!!" (euphoric braindead trump supporters at 11 pm lmao)    03/29/23  (4)
So a demented tranny gunned down a bunch of little kids at a Christian school?    03/29/23  (66)
Latest on Fetterman?    03/29/23  (14)
come as you are best nirvana song..    03/29/23  (17)
Currently watching Iron Eagle II (1988). Sorry libs.    03/29/23  (6)
Obvious Truth: GOP won't win a POTUS election again until Abortion re-legalized    03/29/23  (1)
jewish proclivity towards degenerate activity tp    03/29/23  (1)
Remember that politician with a "Niggerhead Ranch"?    03/29/23  (1)

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