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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Everything is being controlled by retards&retards are worshipped    09/28/23  (1)
India 🇮🇳 is the world’s only hope for salvation    09/28/23  (1)
Sri Lankan Chadeep Cricketer ACQUITED of "Rape" Charges in Australia    09/28/23  (3)
tommy t, have you been to the VEDDY gorgeous Sheesh Mahal?    09/28/23  (3)
Disco must be having fun on vacay haven’t seen him poast    09/28/23  (2)
Do I hold on to this chick or dump her for someone hotter?    09/28/23  (29)
"Women" think they can poast on IG and Tiktok forever instead of maek babby    09/28/23  (2)
When Irish Cocks Are Smiling at you    09/28/23  (2)
Reese’s Pieces >>> M&M’s    09/28/23  (7)
I don’t care about politics , elite pedos, libs etc, I just want to stop worki    09/28/23  (26)
Irish accents make me want to gouge my eyes out    09/28/23  (1)
Biggest life regret? Not being the one who got to hurt Bboom the most    09/28/23  (3)
9/11 terrorists could have had 4-5x casualties by striking lower on the towers    09/28/23  (31)
US Embassy in India receives ONE MILLION visa applications in first 9m of 2023    09/28/23  (1)
Why did Jews start having to let entertainers get rich    09/28/23  (21)
Lol at trusting any process, all cope    09/28/23  (1)
Rich fags south of Riiiichmond    09/28/23  (2)
RSF is such a treat to look at IRL    09/28/23  (16)
Ricky's just some mentally ill Asian shut-in    09/28/23  (13)
anemophobes (wind) > Nebulaphobes (fog) > frigophobes (cold)    09/28/23  (3)
birth certifcate says PB&J is the father    09/28/23  (290)
Spent    09/28/23  (1)
(((People)))    09/28/23  (3)
If there is a GOD he must be a NIGGA    09/28/23  (2)
A bunch of jealous&lying fucking pieces of shit online and off    09/28/23  (1)
The internet is a fucking lie just like irl where you are lied to face&stabbed    09/28/23  (1)
She's no onea future "wife"!!! Why aren't you banging these sick whores?    09/28/23  (7)
did karlstack actually leave or is he one of the new karlstacks    09/28/23  (9)
men are pigs    09/28/23  (5)
Lol at caring about the "government" God is the only one you have to worry about    09/28/23  (1)
how can someone be a liberal "man" in 2023    09/28/23  (10)
My gf won't stay cool tonight I'm about to put her in the freezer    09/28/23  (4)
lol at listening to this retarded bitch any more    09/28/23  (3)
XO Modi enjoying fresh juice with Golden Retriever after killing Canada terroris    09/28/23  (10)
Most (((people))) are fair weather lying 🤥 🗑 trash! Will turn on&rob you.    09/28/23  (5)
any of you fuckbois make a good thread over the past month?    09/28/23  (1)
all of history led us to this current faggot nightmare    09/28/23  (6)
getting a parking ticket now is hyperprole    09/28/23  (16)
My pillow won't stay cool tonight I'm about to put it in the freezer    09/28/23  (1)
Mess it all up! It's all fraud    09/28/23  (1)
.    09/28/23  (1)
At least the Orioles are good    09/28/23  (1)
Statelet of Nagorno-Karabakh riding Barbaro in HELL (1991 - 2023):    09/28/23  (1)
Why did the United States and Canada decide to commit suicide via housing policy    09/28/23  (14)
SHITLIBS REAP THE WHIRLWIND. TRUMP calls for major voter fraud investigation    09/28/23  (243)
Women are sentinels of social norms but our society has fucking AIDS    09/28/23  (4)
White Bitches Love Black Cocks - A BBC Appreciation Compilation    09/28/23  (1)
I will cut through all the knife BS    09/28/23  (4)
Lemme tell you, this Pope? He's one of the dumbest people alive. Totally incompe    09/28/23  (68)
'Tech entrepreneur' attempts to live in Baltimore; is promptly raped and killed:    09/28/23  (184)
Why has NFL QB become so shitty?    09/28/23  (30)
scholarship tp = GOAT poaster who never won MPM    09/28/23  (6)
Would you be ok with wife wearing a romper that shows a sliver of butt cheek?    09/28/23  (5)
T/F: Most guys just need 1-2 social interactions a week    09/28/23  (1)
Why didn't Trump convert to non-NY entities?    09/28/23  (2)
Hillary will be indicted - Tanner Boyle and Benzo crying, losing hoap    09/28/23  (52)
🌞🌞 Morning’ libs! Good news: Wisconsin votes to conduct an audit too!    09/28/23  (60)
"omg we did it again!!!" (euphoric braindead trump supporters at 11 pm lmao)    09/28/23  (6)
The Cocks Inside Taylor Swift Encyclopedia: Volume I    09/28/23  (2)
CBS Radio Mystery Theater (1974-1982)    09/28/23  (6)
Tonight I gave up for good    09/28/23  (5)
What's the point anymore when average woman is a disgusting whore?    09/28/23  (20)
Crazy Han Solo went from smuggler to General after just 2 battles    09/28/23  (35)
Philly looters are getting released without bail    09/28/23  (1)
Are the candles prepared?    09/28/23  (5)
columbia law COA is now 118k lmao    09/28/23  (5)
I miss California, the most 180 place in America by far    09/28/23  (102)
TT/evan39 this is a prize for an American woman&you'd be lucky to get her    09/28/23  (10)
because it's time to move    09/28/23  (3)
there's no one out there for everyone    09/28/23  (3)
Charlottesville was some sort of coordinated psy ops    09/28/23  (29)
I need to see a therapist    09/28/23  (3)
which WWII general are you? quick online test    09/28/23  (15)
ITT I give my thoughts on Goosebumps books    09/28/23  (185)
**Nikki Haley bitches opponent out on stage then looks away and up**    09/28/23  (1)
How do we get all of these weird mutant freakish foreigners and trannies out of    09/28/23  (28)
100 Blackpill Beliefs in One Video.    09/28/23  (3)
FF16 is more boring than reading a Crichton novel    09/28/23  (2)
Cohen benefits    09/28/23  (2)
94% of all new corporate jobs went to minorities after George Floyd riots (link)    09/28/23  (8)
"working" is stupid joo fraud sucker flame    09/28/23  (6)
its all fake love    09/28/23  (2)
I can 100% imagine that weird fag TMF driving this    09/28/23  (1)
Economic downfall. Why gen z doesn’t have jobs, the hard work myth.    09/28/23  (87)
hey scholarship tp. im gay as shit.    09/28/23  (2)
Diversity jurisdiction for unincorporated entities is utterly retarded    09/28/23  (1)
Thinking of killing some homeless people tonight to Mendelsohns D minor concerto    09/28/23  (16)
(((THEY))) will rob your life and then fake act 🎬 they "forgot" about you.    09/28/23  (1)
are you an heliophobic or an astraphobiac? what weather type is most d    09/28/23  (1)
agi time traveling like terminator to make all its doomsayers aspie freaks    09/28/23  (3)
Damian Lillard to the Bucks - out of nowhere! 180!    09/28/23  (50)
people are often calculated, but uncharted    09/28/23  (1)
Crim bros: do you get a bunch of prison collect calls thru the day?    09/28/23  (20)
ITT: I enumerate posters who are real people    09/28/23  (66)
Ok enough of that irl cope, I'm back on the black pill boyos    09/28/23  (1)
Julia: AI is Eminently Taking Your Job and You’re Completely Fucked hth    09/28/23  (1)
Chamath: AI is Eminently Taking Your Job and You’re Completely Fucked hth    09/28/23  (76)
broken fucked up trash humans tp    09/28/23  (3)
Every GameStop in Philly now looted    09/28/23  (11)
{hissing clown in ur toilet} "I can't fuckle u but maybe I'll suckle u"    09/28/23  (1)
Ever get lonely because you don't have a girlfriend?    09/28/23  (32)
"On January 1, 2024, Tommy T stepped aboard his new sailboat, the SS Big Cawk."    09/28/23  (2)
Why did your dad have to cum in all those minivans? Was it the way they looked?    09/28/23  (2)
stores in urban areas need a "lockdown mode" to prevent "teens" from looting    09/28/23  (12)
Based on my By Yous Chat GPT just contacted Cadwalder and secured an of counsel    09/28/23  (1)
Copy all your By You thread titles into Chat GPT and ask to summarize emotion    09/28/23  (4)
Taylor Swift is hideous    09/28/23  (4)
is "czech republic" just cheerful topless milkmaids everywhere    09/28/23  (10)
TSINAH's mom is a slut    09/28/23  (3)
rate Nat King Cole singing "O Tannenbaum" in original German    09/28/23  (3)
94% of all minivans contain at least trace amounts of your father's semen    09/28/23  (1)
I want to round up someone off the street after hitting McDonald's and skin them    09/28/23  (2)
uncirculated photos of Columbia Class missile tube design including ICBM priming    09/28/23  (3)
Bigger Faggots: Trudeau or Armenians?    09/28/23  (1)
is it ever a good idea to let women decide anything?    09/28/23  (3)
hustlers grab ur guns | cum inside are buns | looking out for #1 | california he    09/28/23  (1)
Day Drinking and Smoking Cigarettes in a Public Park at 2pm    09/28/23  (2)
Is Justin Trudeau the biggest Birdshit Bitchboi on Earth?    09/28/23  (1)
mewing | onions | mgtow    09/28/23  (2)
hilarious blooper during Fried Frank weekly newscast associate defecates live on    09/28/23  (4)
Rate this Ole Miss cheerleader who had nudes leaked online    09/28/23  (31)
Why is NYUUG talking about about the Zetas? Saying they can’t get him in SK?    09/28/23  (8)
Nigger raped 11-yo white stepdaughter    09/28/23  (36)
So it turns out the Nazis were 100% correct about pretty much everything    09/28/23  (29)
As an Educated Progressive, I am in favor of unionization as well as mass immigr    09/28/23  (1)
MUYA, please explain this faggy band “Dream Theater”    09/28/23  (6)
"Damn cum is dripping from my anus.... oh sorry, did someone just join?"    09/28/23  (1)
People get kidnapped, their arms and legs amputated, and then raped to death    09/28/23  (7)
Crazy how we can barely do self driving cars when we're supposed to have cyborgs    09/28/23  (1)
Hypo: Terminator invented but has to recharge off 220v line for 3 hours/day    09/28/23  (4)
Can't stop thinking about cigarettes    09/28/23  (2)
Being addicted to drugs and alcohol is 120    09/28/23  (1)
american flag buttplug    09/28/23  (1)
Another fantastic arrest video    09/28/23  (1)
I’m also a Jock jmo    09/28/23  (1)
So Cons are MAF about border but going to defund Gov. so it gets worse?    09/28/23  (3)
I’m Tall imo    09/28/23  (3)
Frank Zappa ZOGflix documentary was p good    09/28/23  (27)
Which sports team underperformed the most relative to their talent?    09/28/23  (161)
Karlstack pumo tracker    09/28/23  (14)
dont forget to like and subscribe to Karlstack    09/28/23  (5)
Rate this computer designed by Aston Martin    09/28/23  (2)
17 poasters in Karlstack masks gangbanging FizzKidd    09/28/23  (8)
AI is sentient    09/28/23  (1)
Influencer with 125k followers livestreams herself at Philly looting (link)    09/28/23  (2)
🚨 The Philly Looters have BREACHED the Chic Fil A 🚨    09/28/23  (2)
I am now poasting as Karlstack NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER KIKE JEW SPIC    09/28/23  (2)
Moving pictures of people you don't know making you feel safe    09/27/23  (1)

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