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More ridiculous: female secret service agents, or female poasters?    07/14/24  (2)
I’d be far less gay if I had an older brother named Dunedain cowboy tp    07/14/24  (9)
Whole, what do you think of our president being attacked man    07/14/24  (1)
tbf coming back today is how you know the guilty verdict hit him hard    07/14/24  (5)
"many men" - Google Trends    07/14/24  (6)
In an honorable society, those responsible for SS failure would've already /self    07/14/24  (2)
Why the fuck is the secret service director a woman    07/14/24  (64)
Haha, you're right. Speaking of Final Solutions let's wipe out some tapas on Fri    07/14/24  (13)
"Hi. I'm Whok. I'm a fat asshole." (whok)    07/14/24  (15)
Shooter's Republican credentials INTACT - link    07/14/24  (3)
The “I’m gay”s of Our Lives 🌎🌈🌱    07/14/24  (1)
Legit hot chicks used to post here. Now - FizzKidd, GJR    07/14/24  (35)
Silver lining: at least we didn’t broadcast to our enemies how incompetent SS    07/14/24  (2)
Consuela, so for the record the pandemic was staged globally but this was real?    07/14/24  (17)
*Trump team announces beefed up Milwaukee security led by Kyle Rittenhouse (link    07/14/24  (4)
If there's anything I've learned in the past few months it's that I need to golf    07/14/24  (3)
The Good Witch of the North is disturbingly Wizard of Oz-phobic IMO.    07/14/24  (1)
how important is assassin-deflection game as potus?    07/14/24  (6)
My family once again has electricity    07/14/24  (5)
R9 here taking questions ITT.    07/14/24  (4)
FBI: Crooks was member of Antifa (Americans for Nationalism, Trump, Insurrection    07/14/24  (2)
Has anyone seen the video on X of shooter wanting to cut Repub throats?    07/14/24  (3)
*Kyle Rittenhouse machine gunning a herd of niggers headed to the RNC*    07/14/24  (1)
Trump becomes POTUS-elect but is assassinated at his inauguration by the elites    07/14/24  (4)
btw how TTT is the secret service protection if some random person can get    07/14/24  (5)
I sincerely believe that FF9 Melodies of Life is the greatest song ever made    07/14/24  (22)
Trump only survived harm because emilion prays for him every nite    07/14/24  (12)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup    07/14/24  (98)
Trump is assassinated on the eve of the Iowa caucuses. What happens?    07/14/24  (14)
Trump will be dead by the end of September    07/14/24  (1)
U & Dunedain cowboy hitting the mall c. 2005    07/14/24  (14)
"oh fuck they can fire guns back at us" (redneck rebellion ending)    07/14/24  (2)
the unguarded roof seems weirder and weirder to me    07/14/24  (17)
Hello, new member here! Which law schools should I apply to?    07/14/24  (7)
I feel like 50 cent is a Trumpmo    07/14/24  (8)
How many days of diarrhea before medical professionals involved    07/14/24  (16)
Emilio and Charlie and Keith circa Men at Work, tp    07/14/24  (2)
Lily Allen launches OnlyFans for feet content    07/14/24  (2)
Secret Service sniper who hesitated was Mossad (link)    07/14/24  (1)
There’s a certain doctor of law forum, our top Talmud scholars hand picked    07/14/24  (1)
why do most poasters look dysgenic IRL?    07/14/24  (5)
The shooter was from the future.    07/14/24  (9)
"... yes, LITERALLY, civil war and you'll have to pick a side. Hello who just jo    07/14/24  (26)
Female Secret Service agent marking herself safe on FB instead of tacking POTUS    07/14/24  (6)
Tiffany Trump shouting "I need my shoes!" as you boot her out of your apt    07/14/24  (16)
***Psycho Karen Issues Official Statement on Trump Rally Incident***    07/14/24  (8)
RATE this poster showing the 11 leftist phenotypes:    07/14/24  (1)
Does anyone else think Gone in 60 Seconds is a Bruckheimer-core masterpiece    07/14/24  (1)
Crooks "was the student who would shoot up high school"    07/14/24  (1)
Did Biden greenlight assassination attempt since he would have immunity?    07/14/24  (1)
libs: DEFINITELY tie this back to paul pelosi’s lovers’ quarrel    07/14/24  (2)
bonk bonk bonkin pelosi's gourd    07/14/24  (22)
Karen's "bitch boi" rhetoric created the toxic environment where this could occu    07/14/24  (9)
when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like Paul Pelosi    07/14/24  (15)
Has anyone ever managed to catch a fly in chopsticks    07/14/24  (1)
Researching science and religion on the computer age 17    07/14/24  (3)
did shooter have time to realize what an all-time spazoid lolcow he is?    07/14/24  (2)
"We're going to see Donald Trump, the healer tomorrow" on FOX    07/14/24  (6)
New Karlstack piece: Trump rally sniper committed unchecked plagiarism for years    07/14/24  (16)
But but these guys are elite. Meanwhile...    07/14/24  (1)
Trump rally victim identified    07/14/24  (23)
baseball fan, talk to me bebe. what r ur thoughts on this?    07/14/24  (3)
when does Trump get Secret Service protection?    07/14/24  (27)
The weirdest movie villain was the guy from The Postman    07/14/24  (14)
Antisemitic plagiarism at Harvard and Rally incident, are they connected? (Karls    07/14/24  (1)
rhode island state police after trump assassination attempt: "we're ok" (link)    07/14/24  (5)
Libs emailed journalist last night, said Trump was staging this like Putin    07/14/24  (20)
Shinzo Abe flinging Zyn can like ninja star to deflect bullet from Trump    07/14/24  (3)
Hypo: Donald Trump is Assassinated    07/14/24  (31)
Ivanka Poasted At 851PM; Shabbat In Miami Ended At 851PM    07/14/24  (24)
And I MKUltra'd a college kid to kill my rival, which was the style at the time    07/14/24  (11)
Ricky silent today    07/14/24  (6)
There’s a chance you may be losing your mind    07/14/24  (2)
RIP Based Ricky (WIA from CSLG debacle, KIA yesterday), hello Reddit Ricky    07/14/24  (7)
London Has Fallen remake Ricky Has Fallen (2024)    07/14/24  (3)
China literally feeding u teen girls pulling down panties to air out cunt flaps    07/14/24  (1)
Butler PA fostered a pervasive culture of plagiarism before incident (Karlstack)    07/14/24  (1)
Trump already back on the golf course post-assassination attempt LOL    07/14/24  (21)
Rate 47yo Giada De Laurentiis in a one-piece (pic)    07/14/24  (16)
"Shooting at his head? I'd better grab his waist" (5'5" girlboSS agent)    07/14/24  (2)
Is the Secret Service full of anti trump guys like the FBI is?    07/14/24  (8)
Many Zhens tried to flame me, pumo replies to all that I see    07/14/24  (1)
Are the aesthetics of the bloodied Trump photos too good    07/14/24  (10)
Why are the Chinese Communist Party feeding us this slop in TikTok?    07/14/24  (3)
Trump adds Lust for Life to rally playlist    07/14/24  (4)
Trump sending Tiffany as body double to greet crowd    07/14/24  (1)
rate this page from Giada De Laurentiis' cookbook    07/14/24  (18)
Most gifted politician to least: Trump, Obama, Bill Clinton    07/14/24  (1)
ITT: we speculate as to what Ron DeSantis is thinking about PA incident    07/14/24  (2)
CDC moves S.Korea to Level 3 Warning. nyuug FUCKED    07/14/24  (189)
Trump's response has been decent but lackluster    07/14/24  (22)
it's so fucking absurd nyuug claims to live in a first world country. not close.    07/14/24  (71)
Secret Service head wouldn’t clear sniper to shoot assassin (link)    07/14/24  (48)
HuffPo: Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any (link)    07/14/24  (20)
ITT: Replace one word in a famous movie title with "Karlstack needs a job"    07/14/24  (131)
Rate Giada de Laurentiis' 70yo Mother (swimsuit pic)    07/14/24  (7)
Giada de Laurentiis looking up at you with the following expression:    07/14/24  (32)
*giada delaurentis pronouncing 'spaghetti' in mario brothers voi    07/14/24  (5)
Where are we on Barron’s radicalization?    07/14/24  (1)
Bodycam footage of attack on Paul Pelosi    07/14/24  (190)
Flashback: Trump mocks assassination attempt on Nancy and Paul Pelosi    07/14/24  (10)
Taking ?s on living a gun-free country with one of the lowest gun fatality rates    07/14/24  (73)
Show Idea: Giada & I solve kitchen mysteries in the aesthetic of Pushing Daises    07/14/24  (2)
TV Show Idea: Giada and Katie Lee compete in the kitchen for my love    07/14/24  (4)
Reports say Trump's coat pocket Zyn can deflected second bullet (link)    07/14/24  (5)
Thirteen lawsuits and a HOG! Thirteen lawsuits and a HOG!    07/14/24  (4)
an inch or two away and all of history would have changed    07/14/24  (27)
PETITION: boner police/correction tp - please stop being a jewish pedophile    07/14/24  (3)
correction tp/boner police was a jewish pedophile this entire time    07/14/24  (10)
"this counts as the military service i ducked" (nyuug annoying xo)    07/14/24  (1)
I want Giada de Laurentiis to smash my dick w/a rolling pin live on Food Network    07/14/24  (2)
when nuremberg rally    07/14/24  (1)
jew pedo loser --> TUFTS --> alcoholic failure --> 24/7 on xo as "correction" tp    07/14/24  (12)
Best aerial map of shooter and sniper positions    07/14/24  (1)
did u realize boner police was totally insane before he made correction moniker?    07/14/24  (7)
Taking Qs on living in a partitioned American satellite puppet state    07/14/24  (3)
recruiting autistic republican to create false flag incident was a bit much Cons    07/14/24  (2)
Illegal immigrants saved Trump's life    07/14/24  (3)
"Biden" Calling Him "Donald" In His Speech Was Totally Low Class    07/14/24  (3)
I have a 3.7 GPA and a 169 LSAT. Best law school for me?    07/14/24  (28)
So evil kikes tried to kill President Trump?    07/14/24  (1)
Our man survived    07/14/24  (1)
Prices for men's suits make no sense    07/14/24  (1)
The only thing that matters in the race going forward:    07/14/24  (1)
England can just never pull it together. Lol.    07/14/24  (14)
Biden cackling in WH "How's that for a 'zinger', Jack?"    07/14/24  (1)
So is America in a full scale civil war now over immigration+wall?    07/14/24  (190)
Who the hell is this "Jack" guy Biden is always talking to    07/14/24  (7)
Is there a sub forum focused on law school admissions here?    07/14/24  (2)
Describe the last time you manifested Hunter Biden Energy    07/14/24  (5)
Drooling Biden stumbling to podium to "Who Shot Ya?"    07/14/24  (7)
rate this story about Trump from a cart boy today, that is totally not made up    07/14/24  (7)
PA Trump rally video dump thread    07/14/24  (39)
I didn’t know Morgan Freeman was such a raging shitlib    07/14/24  (1)
wow. good thing i'm gay    07/14/24  (2)
"Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot at Trump and miss, ensuring t    07/14/24  (6)
Interested in practicing International Law. Best law schools for that?    07/14/24  (9)
All These NPC "Thanks To The SS" Statements From Pols Of Both Sides Are Shocking    07/14/24  (15)
Head of Secret Service had long and storied career protecting VIPs    07/14/24  (43)
Accurately describing Trump makes libs complicit in his ear being grazed (gop)    07/14/24  (5)
Dorky 20 yo shitlib tries to kill Trump, xoers sit on their ass for years    07/14/24  (2)
"To the black community I say this, my opps will not catch me slacking"    07/14/24  (1)
Where can I buy Zyn online?    07/14/24  (3)
Oh those roofs? Idk i think someones over there haha    07/14/24  (2)
(on radio) "To be fair..." *rooftop sniper headshots (((Manchurian Candidate)))*    07/14/24  (5)
Trump FOREVER    07/14/24  (1)
Guess that smug British fag who made Civil War movie was wrong about Trump chara    07/14/24  (1)
OFFICIAL THREAD: Biden Delivers Remarks on Trump Assassination @ 1:30 PM EST    07/14/24  (74)

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