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Michael Moore declares he will renounce citizenship over Roe v Wade    07/07/22  (16)
Map showing GDP of Ukraine per region. Lol @ hahols    07/07/22  (14)
Fed inflation target should be 3% not 2% going forward    07/07/22  (1)
Glassdoor says ML engineer salaries at Facebook are only $160k + $30k bonus    07/07/22  (20)
lmao that moderna CEO knows there is no way out for him    07/07/22  (113)
The US can largely control the Ukraine war with HIMARS deliveries    07/07/22  (1)
New Marvel superhero “Screenman” a breakout hit with under 35 cohort (link)    07/07/22  (20)
Remember when Drake thought chloroquine was the cure because Trump said it was    07/07/22  (2)
Rate this whitewashed version of AOC (pic)    07/07/22  (19)
the more coy a girl is about using the bathroom, the bigger she shits    07/07/22  (5)
LOL so Britney Griner smuggled drugs into Russia??    07/07/22  (49)
Why do people say Georgia Guidestones were bombed?    07/07/22  (2)
The twilight of the nominalist transhumans is at hand.    07/07/22  (7)
no way Trump can win in 2024 after shilling for evil, deadly vaccine, right?    07/07/22  (6)
NYT takes HARD Jewish angle against Arizona republican senate candidate    07/07/22  (4)
Flashback: Brittney Griner calls for WNBA to stop playing national anthem    07/07/22  (44)
Trumpmos literally dying of Covid to prove their loyalty to Trump    07/07/22  (15)
New cars all cost 60k but they have an ipad in them    07/07/22  (72)
So TBF raged online the entire holiday weekend?    07/07/22  (36)
Time traveler from 1991 trying to stuff himself back into the time machine    07/07/22  (12)
Trumpmos literally dying to prove their loyalty to Trump (link)    07/07/22  (6)
Libs: Are you embarrassed about the whole vax thing yet?    07/07/22  (14)
Had a lib tell me that he 'just wanted to take AR-15s away'    07/07/22  (10)
Michael Moore looks simultaneously disturbingly gaunt and obese    07/07/22  (1)
Shitlibs: "OH, YEAH, GUN LOVERS! WHAT IF BLACK PEOPLE GET GUNS?!"    07/07/22  (2)
So many bunny rabbits everywhere wtf    07/07/22  (9)
Baudelaire    07/07/22  (3)
Getting sick of Trumpmos' woke need to politicize everything    07/07/22  (1)
So Biden admin declares Griner innocent only for her to pleas guilty?    07/07/22  (1)
Starting July 1st, Soldiers who refuse the Vax jab WON'T GET PAID    07/07/22  (38)
online pharmaceutical meth mills are worse than i thought    07/07/22  (14)
Cancer is eating Putin alive    07/07/22  (1)
Nick Bostrom Interview from a few years ago    07/07/22  (3)
the 'jewish space lasers' meme re MTG is more typical kike bullshit    07/07/22  (30)
In "trad" countries, the ruler is like our victim classes    07/07/22  (21)
Libs hate new Chris Pratt show Terminal List. Anybody see it?    07/07/22  (10)
Stop it stop it xo! It's all out there for you and I'm enjoying life u do the sa    07/07/22  (2)
Medical "care" is designed to extract all your cash then send you to your grave    07/07/22  (18)
Twitter thread on how Ukraine is fucking up Russian logistics (link)    07/07/22  (100)
When is the big watermark sting operation arrest happening?    07/07/22  (14)
Fuck "oil and gas"    07/07/22  (10)
RealTalk: Vaccines are magnetized so Jewish space lasers can more easily track    07/07/22  (2)
Remember when cons said the election was stolen with bamboo-laden space lasers?    07/07/22  (2)
Holy SHIT. Jewish space lasers are REAL. Israel releases vid of Iron Beam laser    07/07/22  (3)
These numbers are lies!    07/07/22  (1)
Why is Obeezy spamming again    07/07/22  (29)
Stop spamming the board Upset Jew    07/07/22  (20)
Bill & Ted's reboot starring Beto and Buttigieg    07/07/22  (1)
Not happy with Boris Johnson being forced out friends    07/07/22  (7)
They took down XO Boris    07/07/22  (43)
Yes Trumpmos, we’re taking your guns    07/07/22  (215)
SHOCK VIDEO: MSM news vans sneaking unwatermarked ballots into election centers    07/07/22  (10)
10 Biolabs in Taiwan, China will be cleaning them up soon    07/07/22  (21)
is this watermark Q code shit from InfoWars flame?    07/07/22  (87)
The Trumpmo spam on here is out of fucking control lately    07/07/22  (2)
“Audit the Fed, Not Me!” shrieks TSINAH to the Bankruptcy Trustee    07/07/22  (6)
Why are there so many Chinese tourists?    07/07/22  (1)
Emilio Estevez gets caught using his lsd alt again LOL    07/07/22  (58)
if you've ever seen a (((psychiatrist))) you will soon be barred from owning gun    07/07/22  (1)
CERN worries overblown, it's still the Boronsteen Bears as always    07/07/22  (6)
big dick nick kyrgios into the fraud wimby semis    07/07/22  (28)
TSINAH your apartment filed ANOTHER eviction lawsuit against you    07/07/22  (151)
FAG interviews are 100% phenotype    07/07/22  (1)
So it’s a lab leak now, not a bioweapon spliced with AIDS?    07/07/22  (14)
Use this map tool to split America into 2-3 countries    07/07/22  (40)
Elvis movie looks like it will be pretty good    07/07/22  (8)
πŸ””πŸŽ„πŸ”” OFFICIAL TSINAH DONATION THREAD πŸ””πŸŽ„πŸ””    07/07/22  (206)
Worst thing that's ever happened to you because of alcohol?    07/07/22  (79)
TSINAH's the dumbest fucker to ever post here    07/07/22  (1)
“Chlorophyll?! More like, bore-ophyll!”    07/07/22  (1)
does opposing counsel read TSINAH's posts?    07/07/22  (1)
TSINAH claims to have a black belt but got beat up by a chick?    07/07/22  (2)
Why do people on xo want me to die? (TSINAH)    07/07/22  (306)
Yeah but what if u got destroyed by facts and logic.    07/07/22  (5)
“Drumming” seems like the most retarded musical “skill”    07/07/22  (35)
I genuinely enjoy hearing about TSINAH fail at life (not TSINAH)    07/07/22  (3)
Year 6761: the last holocaust survivor reborn as a Saturnine gamma ray burst    07/07/22  (5)
Tech Companies make it harder for US citizens to get a job vs H1Bs    07/07/22  (14)
i don't get it... why doesn't TSINAH just pay his rent?    07/07/22  (65)
PROLE TELL: Having a job where you can't use your phone.    07/07/22  (8)
is no one following what's going on in the netherlands? it is insane    07/07/22  (79)
the bright side to high gas prices (msnbc)    07/07/22  (1)
Why do cons applaud every time there’s a mass shooting?    07/07/22  (7)
Libs go absolutely ballistic when a law-abiding citizen kills a violent criminal    07/07/22  (55)
Its insane we spend money to put out "forest fires"    07/07/22  (27)
Oh Mish! I make turtle blood stew to honor you!    07/07/22  (1)
the best ethnic groups don’t leave    07/07/22  (57)
What’s with all the anti-Mitch McConnell poasting? Did Trump target him or som    07/07/22  (1)
Russians are big fans of HIMARS - link    07/07/22  (10)
just got handed an lsd altoid by an associate    07/07/22  (3)
"Oh mish, John McCain a mavelick, why u no mavelick?"    07/07/22  (3)
*straddles him on the couch* *nestles my head into his shoulder/neck groove and    07/07/22  (1)
Oh Mish, you big-time maneuvelel! big-time chess a prayer!    07/07/22  (9)
Virtually all societys problems would be solved by making it illegal to be fat    07/07/22  (3)
H1Bs get all the good tech jobs. And they wonder why we have an opioid epidemic    07/07/22  (4)
Nick Bostrom Interview from a few years ago    07/07/22  (0)
Mitch McConnell's reported net worth is $150M    07/07/22  (7)
*cue Final Fantasy Prelude as I fuck FLW's quivering rump*    07/07/22  (2)
"It's okay to be Gondorian"    07/07/22  (59)
ITT I post 180 shitlaw/doc review stories by Skadden Farts    07/07/22  (185)
Pretty bizarre that cons thought they would get away with Jan 6th    07/07/22  (1)
RATE the latest chick ELON MUSK impregnated    07/07/22  (6)
Cons are acting like DeSantis already won 2024, just had to be coronated    07/07/22  (2)
Stare at your cock in the mirror    07/07/22  (2)
Pop music that makes passing positive reference to Jesus Christ:    07/07/22  (24)
"Are you listening to me?!" your wife barks, interrupting your suicidal thoughts    07/07/22  (78)
are zoomer women really worse than millennials (age adjusted)    07/07/22  (31)
3 day notice served on TSINAH on 6/8. How does he claim not to know until 6/30    07/07/22  (28)
Audit finds $250 million in ferry system graft (NYTimes)    07/07/22  (18)
New month, new flag    07/07/22  (27)
Yo TSINAH ... ur sooooo getting evicted and when u do it's gonna be 180 content    07/07/22  (5)
Ancient Rome had millions of soldiers but archaeologists have only ever found 1    07/07/22  (6)
Media caught hiding Highland Park shooter's mom's Judaism    07/07/22  (17)
I love this country. Not the people. Not the traditions. Not the culture. Not th    07/07/22  (10)
Requesting prayer squad    07/07/22  (18)
Rate Nancy Pelosi's gigantic pendulous GRANDMOMMY MILKERS (pici)    07/07/22  (55)
Biden a stupid, lazy Irishman    07/07/22  (1)
The glorious gladiatorial battle for Asian pussy    07/07/22  (1)
5 weeks of snake diet starts now    07/07/22  (93)
OldHLSDude, what were Woolly Mammoths like? they seem 180!    07/07/22  (5)
Crypto collapse affects black and Hispanic investors the most (Bloomberg)    07/07/22  (5)
Hayden Panettiere = Hillary Clinton DOPPELGANGER!    07/07/22  (33)
Jews are VERY angry so many goys got low mortgage rates 2020-2021    07/07/22  (1)
Look, I love America, but America needs to be destroyed    07/07/22  (4)
Lib: "Uh, of course I love America" *Wants to change everything about America*    07/07/22  (25)
Bros with 2.5-3% mortgages: will you ever sell?    07/07/22  (178)
"Victoria Justice is the Aragorn of women"    07/07/22  (5)
JFK to Pelosi: Ur, eh, yeah bitch, deepthroat that er, ah caaaaaack    07/07/22  (25)
Stare at your face in the mirror    07/07/22  (33)
Deus Ex (2000) had a NYC skyline without the towers    07/07/22  (10)
I need to know what Mitch McConnell actually 'believes' and stands for    07/07/22  (23)
CERN engineer: "It's making a lovely noise now that I've never heard." Not flame    07/07/22  (8)
NYT: Obama IRS audits conservatives, nbd; Trump IRS with Comey and McCabe, hmm    07/07/22  (13)
rate my x/6 wordle (65 skill, 44 luck from wordle bot)    07/07/22  (5)
Remember when every city in the US prostrated in front of AMZN for HQ2    07/07/22  (2)
Alzheimer's sniffing dog barks madly at Biden photo shoot (link)    07/07/22  (14)
Trumpmos the GOP nom for Michigan Sec of State is advocating your interests    07/07/22  (6)
Cheapest glasses online? Recs?    07/07/22  (4)
Interesting experience on Chantix    07/07/22  (1)
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Big party when Trump is declared winner later this year! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰    07/07/22  (51)
ever do any research into gay porn? just to understand what it's all about    07/07/22  (8)
The “good girl” in Free Fallin’ would be considered a Nazi today    07/07/22  (67)
Virtually all societys problems would be solved by enslaving women    07/07/22  (1)
this whole spaceporn saga is absurdly fucked    07/07/22  (4)
Is it justifiable to prevent a rape will deadly force?    07/07/22  (2)
Why doesn't a kooky millionaire walk all the way from Alaska down to the souther    07/07/22  (5)
New trumpmo "biolabth" theory will be memory holed within weeks    07/07/22  (38)

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