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180 that it only took us a few weeks of bullying mig for him to go pumo    09/26/23  (2)
Muslims have taken over several UK cities and are erecting Islamic statues (link    09/26/23  (11)
sorry but all women over 26 and/or with a body count over 5+ are worthless    09/26/23  (1)
Trump tries to buy a Glock in South Carolina, libs having meltdown (NYT)    09/26/23  (32)
so all of this was just to nut in a 33yr old jewish chick with 40+ body count?    09/26/23  (4)
ITT a complete list of lives that were ruined/severely altered because of XO.    09/26/23  (156)
Struggling solos and entrepreneurs, take solace USA is funding Ukrainian SMBs    09/26/23  (31)
Upstate NY has to be the worst place to grow up in the country    09/26/23  (5)
Another 4/10 MPA forcememe "May my enemies..."    09/26/23  (35)
Main donors to Proud Boys are ethnic Chinese (USA Today)    09/26/23  (33)
Which sports team underperformed the most relative to their talent?    09/26/23  (47)
Huh. Whadya know. Negros did NOT invent peanut butter. (Link)    09/26/23  (1)
Do chicks do a post-game analysis after dates?    09/26/23  (42)
How much do you make / spend a year    09/26/23  (40)
societal programming is so fucking 180000    09/26/23  (1)
What's up my guy? We high key stan this brewery. It's fire fam. Passes the vibe    09/26/23  (107)
BREAKING: Mastodon server to be SHUT DOWN following Karlstack investigation    09/26/23  (23)
Elon has a message for all pro vaxxers (link)    09/26/23  (2)
Law student to cops: “Am I being detained?” (video)    09/26/23  (37)
Lol if you think ChatGPT isn’t sentient at this point    09/26/23  (6)
To really illustrate how inept the Russian military is, when the US invaded Iraq    09/26/23  (133)
david gilmour - there's no way out of here.mp3    09/26/23  (4)
What do you think people think about when their plane is crashin    09/26/23  (28)
why do so many women lose their cellphones or drop them in water?    09/26/23  (16)
Why do only liberal hypochondriacs get "'long' 'covid'"    09/26/23  (5)
serious q: Why does daily interest compound on Saturdays?    09/26/23  (8)
Guy I went to LS with is getting divorced, but is living in kids' treehouse.    09/26/23  (39)
WASP GF: We need to get a Range Rover. SHREW GF: every argument, MOREOVER ...    09/26/23  (6)
Even /r/nyc on reddit is becoming woke on 'teens'    09/26/23  (22)
“Zendaya” is a turbo fugly mutt creature and a ridiculous Hollywood forcemem    09/26/23  (43)
luis claiming introvert/anxiety is like the aspie incel version of stolen valor    09/26/23  (36)
CLAUSE 9.2 AND THE WAY IT WORKS WITH 7.6    09/26/23  (332)
White famous zoologist caught having raped, tortured, and killed 42 dogs.    09/26/23  (8)
I want a girlfriend, why is this so hard?    09/26/23  (2)
rate Thatcher cabinet minster Alan Clark's self-avowal as a Nazi    09/26/23  (7)
Crazy Han Solo went from smuggler to General after just 2 battles    09/26/23  (30)
UK Turd Home Minister: multiculturalism has failed, national identities matter    09/26/23  (8)
WASP GF: Cocktails on the veranda? SHREW GF: Cries when she sees a panda.    09/26/23  (43)
How will Trumpmos be able to threaten jurors if their names are secret?    09/26/23  (1)
Am I crazy to think a dracula musical could actually work?    09/26/23  (4)
NYC to begin paying poor residents to move the fuck out of city    09/26/23  (1)
If your company offered to relocate you to China for 3-5 years. Wld you take it?    09/26/23  (40)
i've been depressed for years, see no way out    09/26/23  (106)
Lawyers — breach of K question/federal case    09/26/23  (14)
May my enemies spend eternity at a roundtable of Cowgod clones debating Sega Sat    09/26/23  (5)
cloud-based final solutions tp    09/26/23  (12)
What percentage of married couples have HPV?    09/26/23  (4)
47% of Dems say free speech should be legal 'only under certain circumstances.    09/26/23  (75)
this is bar-none the most ridiculous period to be alive in human history    09/26/23  (12)
Unfunny & lame Dane Cook, 51, marries hot 24 year old. U? Poas    09/26/23  (47)
fake job megathread 9-26 (cowgod)    09/26/23  (2)
Had IQ/intelligence increased significantly as a result of the internet?    09/26/23  (19)
May my enemies wives act like the invented cooking after they make a simple meal    09/26/23  (2)
cat has sleep apnea (sleep capnea)    09/26/23  (7)
On balance, 7.6 and 9.2 are in balance, as I understand it.    09/26/23  (31)
Redditor now a decamillionaire after running options scheme on wallstreetbets    09/26/23  (2)
Map of top 1% incomes in each state    09/26/23  (24)
half the population in UK/EU is on 'the dole' and no social shaming occurs    09/26/23  (2)
Old photos of Narendra Modi playing basketball with Kobe Bryant    09/26/23  (1)
Can’t find thread w psychotic Jones Day partner 6.7/9.2 all night    09/26/23  (1)
Jones Day Statement Regarding Luis Hot Tub Photograph    09/26/23  (11)
Black fight videos get posted/spread at a higher rate than white fight videos    09/26/23  (19)
Jen Psaki meticulously keeping score as to how many times you do the dishes    09/26/23  (36)
why are there so many Dunkin Donuts's in Connecticut    09/26/23  (35)
Jews spent 40 years lost wandering around an area the size of Connecticut    09/26/23  (77)
Economic downfall. Why gen z doesn’t have jobs, the hard work myth.    09/26/23  (33)
Fraud at Georgetown Finance Shakes the Foundation of Finance (KARLSTACK)    09/26/23  (2)
taking a kitchen torch to the multicultural children's books at Pottery Barn tp    09/26/23  (3)
A white girl wears an Asian man's sweatshirt. Why?    09/26/23  (110)
Dion's 'The Wanderer' playing as Jews expulsed from half of world's nations    09/26/23  (2)
Are these braless teens in tight sweaters sending the right message? (pic)    09/26/23  (105)
doobs slithering into ur room in the hospital's oncology ICU unit. "One last ass    09/26/23  (5)
difficulty summoning up the will to live    09/26/23  (10)
j maw in a pink wig high on PCP still running after getting shot 9 times by cops    09/26/23  (52)
had the most 180 convo with mizrahi kikes about arabs beating & fucking cousins    09/26/23  (1)
go outside and touch ass, bro    09/26/23  (1)
Introvert blurting out "AM I BEING DETAINED??!" during dinner party conversation    09/26/23  (5)
Remember Hope Solo loading her "reward money" into the "canoe" after Fappening?    09/26/23  (8)
How long do you sleep at night?    09/26/23  (23)
Philly cheese steak vs. Chicago Italian beef vs. Buffalo beef on weck    09/26/23  (8)
*PN storming up luis's driveway wearing crocs and a snuggie*    09/26/23  (23)
It's difficult to date woman who are so spiritually beneath me    09/26/23  (7)
can someone page PN tp aka "The Snuglord" back to xo to kick karen's teeth in?    09/26/23  (2)
*PN and Halford wheelchaired into court wearing Hannibal masks*    09/26/23  (40)
Hypothetical: you get injured from negligence of prole with no money/assets    09/26/23  (1)
particularly stupid poaster tp    09/26/23  (3)
"Don't mess with me. I'm a lawyer. I'll sue you!" sneered the rat-faced man    09/26/23  (132)
HELLROOM world tp    09/26/23  (1)
Halford resting his flacid cock on doobs's snout for discipline training.    09/26/23  (209)
just moved into new place. named my wifi network HELLROOM.    09/26/23  (8)
I've met a 9873947239 girl, she wants Doobs OUT of the HellRoom    09/26/23  (6)
somebody tell Halford that doobs is using the Hellroom's Kindle Fire    09/26/23  (7)
I want someone to stick tongs in my ass and pull out a massive shit log.    09/26/23  (2)
is qualified immunity banning flame?    09/26/23  (1)
doobs in a pink wig singing karaoke to you...    09/26/23  (17)
a MAF man w/ breast implants & high on PCP named "j maw" ripping ur door open    09/26/23  (17)
watching your Doobs leave the hellroom you lived in together    09/26/23  (3)
Uber Eats to begin allowing SNAP and EBT cards to be used with app (cnn)    09/26/23  (1)
This board is MY HELLROOM now    09/26/23  (2)
Look at that subtle off-red coloring-Halford Bateman in the hellroom    09/26/23  (7)
"So what's a Hellroom? Like a data room?" "Actually, kind of."    09/26/23  (7)
The Reddened PISSWYRM & The Hellroom of Doom    09/26/23  (9)
EPAH would u bang Miss ZIMBABWE?    09/26/23  (2)
Hanford catching nude Doobs on all fours drinking out of the hellroom toilet    09/26/23  (5)
"and continue their investigation of the 'Wyoming HELLROOM'. In other news"    09/26/23  (2)
Unpacking the Social Justice Implications of CSLG    09/26/23  (6)
"PAPAAA!! I'm mooning" "doobs, get down from there."    09/26/23  (26)
Most women find Fetterman more attractive than DeSantis.    09/26/23  (2)
every time someone mentions doobs and the hellroom    09/26/23  (5)
Buy certified pre-owned & trade in when warranty runs out every time cr?    09/26/23  (9)
PETITION for a "HELLROOM" bort in honor of Halford    09/26/23  (9)
Expecting to get angry emails from partners today -- SILENCE    09/26/23  (22)
doobs with seminal fluids on his lips leaving the HELLROOM: "DACAAAAAAA"    09/26/23  (8)
Hosting in ur Hellroom? Spread the word on DikDok, from Halford Industries.    09/26/23  (2)
LETS GET READY TO HUMBLE! *stim machines fume, halford enters hellroom with PET*    09/26/23  (7)
Halford bangin on doobs' cage with a large black dildo in the HeLLRoOm    09/26/23  (11)
“Inflation? Oh its priced i-“ *trapdoor to carcosa hellroom opens beneath fe    09/26/23  (7)
Be honest.. do you think petite 18yo transgirls are hot? 🤗    09/26/23  (2)
Do they keep you in a hellroom? Interlinkedin    09/26/23  (11)
"Damn, what a slut!" said the ice road trucker as he left doobs' HELLROOM    09/26/23  (63)
Copped: Air Halford TINAmiles frequent flyer membership... Includes HELLROOM acc    09/26/23  (30)
"Try That in the Hellroom"    09/26/23  (4)
"Shit on a Shingle!" (Halford opening the Hellroom door for 1st time in weeks)    09/26/23  (4)
doobs sitting by the hellroom like Hachiko waiting for halford everyday    09/26/23  (14)
created a Slaver empire in Stellaris called "the Halfordian Hellroom"    09/26/23  (10)
Metallica ft. Doobs -- Welcome Home (Hellroom).mp3    09/26/23  (24)
"humblr" basically groomed a whole generation of Hellroom Doobs    09/26/23  (5)
Realtor to prospective buyer: "the HELLROOM was built in classic Halfordian styl    09/26/23  (37)
It's all true- The Hellroom, Lord Halford, the GingerBoi    09/26/23  (28)
Doobs scurrying after the terrified IT Clown across the Hellroom floor    09/26/23  (37)
*doobs dressed up like amelia bedelia beating rats with a broom in the HELLROOM*    09/26/23  (74)
D%bs dressed in flamboyant androgyny, pretending to be a Club Kid in HELLROOM    09/26/23  (8)
MPA hosting "Tales from the Hellroom" on Chiller.    09/26/23  (6)
"Okay Google, turn on the animatronic band in the hellroom."    09/26/23  (5)
doobs karaoking "the dog days are over" in perfect pitch at the HELLROOM    09/26/23  (2)
*live webcam of the hellroom on omegle*    09/26/23  (4)
Literal slavery better and realler than GCube job in HR-Hellroom    09/26/23  (4)
HellroomMarch.mp3 - OST of Command & Diaper 2: Reddened Pisswyert    09/26/23  (12)
why is no one hiring you honey?    09/26/23  (3)
nobody wants to solve the problems, just make enough money to escape em    09/26/23  (2)
Halford chaining Karen in hellroom for bitchboi obedience training with doobs    09/26/23  (6)
only way to extend life is eat virtually nothing and sleep 18 hours daily    09/26/23  (18)
Scientists: We live in a 'Hellroom' Universe and There is No Getting Out    09/26/23  (7)
Halford dressing Doobs as Teddy Ruxpin for the Hellroom costume party    09/26/23  (9)
doobs screeching as he's dragged out of the HELLROOM 4 abusing HUMBLR privileges    09/26/23  (3)
Bobert Halford literally has hundreds of nude Doobses in his Hellroom    09/26/23  (6)
birth certifcate says PB&J is the father    09/26/23  (287)
Gun to Head: Become a Gay Pornstar or a Bar Prosecutor?    09/26/23  (3)
jewish brainwash pills are a blessing    09/26/23  (5)
Jamie Dimon says India optimism is ‘completely unjustified’    09/26/23  (6)

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