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Kike Israelis attacking Black ppl in Tel Aviv    05/15/21  (4)
google searches for 'inflation' at all-time high    05/15/21  (3)
What's the final takeaway from No Country for Old Men?    05/15/21  (11)
Mom's spaghetti on his shirt already, mom's spaghetti    05/15/21  (2)
What has to happen in someone's life for them to be a (modern day) liberal?    05/15/21  (30)
18000 it's Saturday night    05/15/21  (27)
More prestigious: YLS, HBS, med school, Harvard PhD?    05/15/21  (16)
Fed: M1 money supply statistics will now be updated every other 100 years    05/15/21  (1)
yo toes? They looking real good    05/15/21  (1)
Would be roman emperors, driving around in luxury cars, vaping, using tinder    05/15/21  (3)
google searches for 'cock gobbling' at all-time high    05/15/21  (1)
subprime market is contained | inflation is transitory    05/15/21  (2)
Been watching Family Matters w my kids, surprising shows like this were made    05/15/21  (39)
So libs are upset at Israel for killing Muslims...but China gets off the hook?    05/15/21  (3)
What mental illness makes someone obsessed with religion and praying?    05/15/21  (31)
$3MM NW, $25k of it in SLV. Am I going to maek it?    05/15/21  (3)
rsf away because his dear leader biden said vaxxed ppl don't need masks?    05/15/21  (1)
If these vaccines are as safe and effective as they say they are    05/15/21  (38)
Danish TV show teaches sexed to kids by having adults strip on stage    05/15/21  (11)
Peeing in a woman's butt    05/15/21  (1)
"i was devastated, naturally."*tops off fertilizer bomb w fertilized brother*(rs    05/15/21  (6)
*bin laden saving rsf's phone number as "crazy pussy"*    05/15/21  (4)
orwell would have thought "fact checkers" too far fetched for 1984    05/15/21  (1)
Is Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins the best character in The Wire?    05/15/21  (5)
Most XO Roman Emperor?    05/15/21  (28)
Long time poster and lurker taking questions ITT about anything.    05/15/21  (4)
Prole fast food worker drinking monster taking about "my daughter"    05/15/21  (1)
twitter won't let you like this video from ER Doc talking about the vaxx    05/15/21  (40)
nyuug what's your opinion on the SAMO charity proposal instead of burn?    05/15/21  (7)
How do I actually buy SAMO? Not on Raydium. Bonfida not available in US.    05/15/21  (10)
Would you rather live in TENNESSEE or KENTUCKY?    05/15/21  (46)
predict housing market in one year    05/15/21  (14)
lmao the magnet spots are probably massive blood clots w/ iron forming    05/15/21  (1)
First time blood moon rose in BOTW I didn't know wtf was happening    05/15/21  (7)
Ever cum but you start peeing all over your date?    05/15/21  (6)
*unzip jacket 2 show avenger's t-shirt* nurse:"1sec gotta switch 2 other vax now    05/15/21  (1)
Nipple Alert Cock Ready    05/15/21  (1)
SUmmon: CSLG or Chandler    05/15/21  (10)
Tommy is right, china is awesome and nyc blows dick    05/15/21  (31)
Is ruger lcp noticeably smaller than a snub nosed revolver    05/15/21  (1)
millions of NPCs gasping as fridge magnet sticks to poisonvax injection site    05/15/21  (1)
Dave Chappelle ruined his voice taking all that HGH    05/15/21  (19)
How do people who “mail it in at work” act?    05/15/21  (1)
How would DeSantis presidency look like?    05/15/21  (9)
jews literally facehugger'd WASPs in america and bursted out of their chests    05/15/21  (8)
Not tonight libs    05/15/21  (4)
1 million net worth, chill 225k wfh job, paid off house, bored as fuck    05/15/21  (28)
Is Philly or Boston the Athens of America?    05/15/21  (9)
Working from home and high speed internet?    05/15/21  (4)
nyuug outted on twitter (link)    05/15/21  (2)
Is it normal to go like 0 for 7 on recent job interviews    05/15/21  (74)
*TT's portfolio hits $1mn* *birdshit hyperinflation zaps it to $10K purch power*    05/15/21  (2)
Hamas NO-MISSILED due to <><><>IRON DOME<><><>    05/15/21  (2)
if you miss ETH **and** silver you deserve to not make it    05/15/21  (1)
🇮🇱 XO STANDS WITH ISRAEL 🇮🇱    05/15/21  (13)
Honestly no price too high for air conditioning, internet fora and dragon show    05/15/21  (2)
you're a big guy    05/15/21  (8)
Did cslg self mod da post wit screenshots to defense attys wit full names    05/15/21  (11)
RATE Rachel Maddow's response to new CDC no-mask guidelines (link)    05/15/21  (53)
UFC 262 Discussion: Oliveira v. Chandler Lightweight Title Fight    05/15/21  (12)
Christopher Nolan is a genius.    05/15/21  (19)
Burn after reading is a good movie    05/15/21  (31)
Guy I know has severe anxiety and has more than 3000 unread emails    05/15/21  (6)
So tommy basically did FIRE on less than $1mil?    05/15/21  (112)
I'd rather die alone today than pay some idiot $20 to bring me DoorDash    05/15/21  (6)
What’s the issue with Israelis killing Palestinians?    05/15/21  (2)
Palestinian dad proudly showing off his daughter (pic)    05/15/21  (48)
Housing correction and 20% drop in 2H 2022 when mortgage rates accelerate?    05/15/21  (1)
RATE this $1.5 million Boston suburb house    05/15/21  (6)
if you were dumb enough to get vax'd hopefully you did it in super rich area    05/15/21  (10)
Ricky dropping vaccine needles on pedestrians from top of empire state building    05/15/21  (2)
Rate this chicago parking garage on a Saturday morning    05/15/21  (15)
DHS: White Nationalists will exploit lowered COVID restrictions for terror    05/15/21  (28)
How much extra is a home worth if its right next to a McDonalds?    05/15/21  (1)
What do you guys think    05/15/21  (2)
SOL $50 waiting room    05/15/21  (43)
i don't think women have souls at least not like us humans do    05/15/21  (3)
Spaceporn is the least sympathetic person in xo history    05/15/21  (3)
SOLANA currently PWNING this SHIT out of other coins, mooning Taking Q    05/15/21  (17)
Will the honor system work for new mask policy guidelines?    05/15/21  (3)
You can’t “win” a war unless willing to put whole towns to sword/torch    05/15/21  (1)
tether: crypto-based ponzi scheme pretending to have USD, a debt-based ponzi sch    05/15/21  (26)
where can I get some food & drink that doesn't taste like syrup & chemicals    05/15/21  (1)
Still laughing my ass off at TT’s WHITE SLAVE NAME    05/15/21  (11)
my dollar has the same buying power of a penny fifty years ago    05/15/21  (1)
Rate this Indian breakfast    05/15/21  (7)
Starting to get legit worried about alien invasion. How to protect family?    05/15/21  (7)
the US really fucked IRAN, for no reason    05/15/21  (14)
Current MLB batting average is .235, the lowest batting average of all time    05/15/21  (1)
MATIC (Polygon) - is it overbought?    05/15/21  (3)
I should have CUM out of the CLOSET in 2008, now my life's RUINED    05/15/21  (2)
I’m coming to snatch your son haha I’m going to grab your boy hoho hehe haha    05/15/21  (22)
Island of Teenage Bikini Scientists    05/15/21  (1)
The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring speaks to me    05/15/21  (1)
State your prediction for CPI in 2021    05/15/21  (5)
tesla autopilot is a complete scam / joke    05/15/21  (1)
For Every $1 of Tether There Are $0.03 In Cash    05/15/21  (5)
Are AirPods tcr for working out?    05/15/21  (18)
MODS delete that thread please    05/15/21  (3)
Albert Pujols back to the cardinals    05/15/21  (3)
In addition to muzzles, CA company creates QR-coded "Vaccinated" collars (link)    05/15/21  (2)
Racist attacks revive Asian American studies program demand    05/15/21  (1)
A lot of mid-00's pop hits have been completely forgotten    05/15/21  (11)
XO poaster gets COVID vaccine, transforms into Nordic Chad overnight (link)    05/15/21  (1)
why do u white men have so much cargo    05/15/21  (4)
If u accept officers invite for selfie in Capitol during off hours = terrorism?    05/15/21  (9)
Honestly at this point I hope the Muzzies push every Israeli into the sea    05/15/21  (7)
I watched "The Dawn Wall" on Netflix. It changed my life.    05/15/21  (39)
New covid surge    05/15/21  (4)
no one's paying attention you can poast whatever gay shit you want    05/15/21  (4)
Just test drove Audi RS5    05/15/21  (8)
Is being anti-Semitic irrational?    05/15/21  (1)
You rubbing AOC's dark nipple as she's strapped to a table freshly waterboarded    05/15/21  (5)
There is no hype in xoxo despite SOL's price action rn. We need nyuug here    05/15/21  (1)
Dems are for the poor and UMC bourgeoisie, GOP is for the super rich    05/15/21  (42)
Shabbat ends in just a few hours board will get really stupid soon    05/15/21  (5)
The entire world east of Helsinki is scary/weird    05/15/21  (1)
Spaceporn doesn’t get called out enough for being an evil piece of shit    05/15/21  (11)
is urban meyer gonna get btfo the nfl?    05/15/21  (4)
Maybe my 5 year excusus into Christianity and Jungian psychology was a bad idea    05/15/21  (1)
most overvalued crypto in Top 15 - DOGE, BCH, XRP, LTC or ADA?    05/15/21  (7)
Ever buy Military surplus clothing or boots?    05/15/21  (3)
vaxx me daddy    05/15/21  (2)
Can't stand obese celebrity chefs    05/15/21  (11)
Ricky, it’s me. kike festival.    05/15/21  (4)
What's Jim DeMint up to nowadays?    05/15/21  (1)
"We're shorting now!" nyuug thought to himself as he sold for a $36 loss    05/15/21  (20)
Should I go grab a burger at a brewery and hang out there or eat burger alone    05/15/21  (2)
why poaster has the lowest IQ?    05/15/21  (35)
Long Day's Journey Into Night (Arthouse CCP film) - ne1 seen?    05/15/21  (1)
This Luis Nery-Brandon Figueroa scrap will be 180    05/15/21  (1)
I'm so vaxxed right now    05/15/21  (1)
.........    05/15/21  (1)
What race is Chrissy Tiegan    05/15/21  (10)
So the sons of Asian immigrants wanna go back to Asia bc they dont fit in?    05/15/21  (29)
How are you all enjoying this dystopian future?    05/15/21  (5)
The fall of University of BY GOD TENNESSEE football mirrors the decline of USA    05/15/21  (19)
Libs chant "Death to America" at protest in Bellevue, WA (vid)    05/15/21  (33)
Ale-8-One Nationalism    05/15/21  (1)
Havin sex wit a humanoid rat fo money    05/15/21  (4)
I have a crush on Chef Molly Baz from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen    05/15/21  (14)
So will anyone argue that the Talmud is not satanic?    05/15/21  (1)
Tom Cruise's character in Magnolia    05/15/21  (7)
Russian ex reveals that her family hates her and shes a dumb bitch    05/15/21  (2)
Anyone have a Theragun?    05/15/21  (17)
protip don’t click on any links posted today (5/15/2021)    05/15/21  (2)
“She just keeps crying” - leaks from ACB chambers show justice out of her le    05/15/21  (5)
How did Tony Soprano commit crimes constantly if the feds were tailing him    05/15/21  (9)

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