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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Vaccine cards will force me to get a vaccine    08/04/21  (21)
used the expression 'gaydar' multiple times on zoom call, how fucked?    08/04/21  (2)
is there any scholarship on correlation between being lib & crazy eyes    08/04/21  (7)
Tommy Turdskin bottoming for niggers in Bali while trolling you about covid vacc    08/04/21  (5)
Is owning a Pool a MAJOR pain in the ass?    08/04/21  (26)
The Atlantic: unvaccinated people belong on the no fly list    08/04/21  (32)
Britain stole $45 trillion from India    08/04/21  (49)
Humans were not meant to live with what we consider now "modernity"    08/04/21  (16)
*dems fuck over asians at every turn* *asians vote straight dem every election*    08/04/21  (4)
*takes bong rip* "what if we made tommy t a mexican?" (sim designer)    08/04/21  (1)
So obvious western culture is in terminal decline    08/04/21  (5)
I read a particularly vile TBF poast to some friends, they were genuinely horrif    08/04/21  (112)
Can someone please explain the Baby Goldstein thing?    08/04/21  (1)
why is india's olympic program nonexistent    08/04/21  (9)
The Box needs an over-the-knee spanking and an immediate arranged marriage    08/04/21  (6)
NYC to require "vaccine passports" for indoor dining, gyms, and shows (link)    08/04/21  (130)
jfc was watching women's skateboarding olympics @ gym    08/04/21  (5)
70-year old women having their periods again after vax means it's working    08/04/21  (5)
Mrs. Goldberg-Silver tp looks like 90s Fran Drescher IRL    08/04/21  (3)
xo is the marketplace of ideas. most successful idea: peterman = truckstop hooke    08/04/21  (1)
IRL Asian here, TONS of shitlib / neutral Asians are getting redpilled rn    08/04/21  (139)
One Day in the Life of Emilio 1992    08/04/21  (3)
we turned our backs to God when we let them mutilate innocent kids    08/04/21  (5)
*satan-shaped cloud forms over Gayson Rapin’ Blvd. on Father’s Day*    08/04/21  (15)
0.66% of children who died since the pandemic started died with Covid    08/04/21  (2)
FBI tackling scuba diver after he flashes white supremacist sign    08/04/21  (2)
setstein is the only serious-minded poster on the board    08/04/21  (5)
Qaddafi’s Son is Alive and He Wants to Take Libya Back    08/04/21  (5)
I actually prefer to wear a mask, haha. see you at 8pm?    08/04/21  (6)
just do tell 1/3 of pop - who own 99% of guns - they can't buy groceries anymore    08/04/21  (5)
little fucker just learned a hard lesson about not finishing his playroom hotdog    08/04/21  (66)
Congrats Joe. 200k illegals captured in July, breaking a record set in 2000.    08/04/21  (3)
your "based" friend who chimes in to defend Israel is an FBI agent btw    08/04/21  (2)
Lakers are gonna have the oldest team in history of pro sports    08/04/21  (49)
usa! usa!    08/04/21  (1)
Nareej Chopra finishes 1st in men's javelin qualifying    08/04/21  (5)
anyone else concerned they are prepping to genocide unvax'd    08/04/21  (6)
I didn't know blacks got as dark as Athing Mu    08/04/21  (5)
How could a normal guy meet & date a US Oly sprinter?    08/04/21  (30)
Dude made $38m by whistleblowing on falsified shitlib research    08/04/21  (13)
Fauci: "we were thinking too small with AIDS. we can kill EVERYONE with ADEs    08/04/21  (4)
Frontier flight attendants duct-taped a man after an alleged assault    08/04/21  (1)
I'm dumb and gay and here's all my unsolicited thoughts on everything (pedude)    08/04/21  (3)
being denied entry to NYC gay bathhouse orgy b/c you don't have vax passport    08/04/21  (1)
CSLG watching "bam margera lazer tag date" vid on Oculus while pounding his wife    08/04/21  (12)
btw u never let them take u to the gulag    08/04/21  (1)
What's the difference between pedude and a 300 pound dumbbell?    08/04/21  (1)
bump this thread when don lemon calls for unvax'd to be gulag'd    08/04/21  (1)
ADE could literally kill hundreds of millions and it's ignored / nbd    08/04/21  (4)
Do you believe in Weinberg's "Pointless Universe" belief?    08/04/21  (1)
breakign up with shrew gf becasue my giant cock doesnt fit in her dry af pussy    08/04/21  (8)
the new struggle sessions will be a 245 lb trans woman wrestling u to the ground    08/04/21  (2)
Ricky, u realize Neatly stacked human skulls is a consuela alt? Lol    08/04/21  (7)
All these Jews pushing open borders make me understand nazis tbh    08/04/21  (19)
bored whites visiting haiti for misery tourism    08/04/21  (1)
Are all vaccines logged in some online system for verification?    08/04/21  (11)
EatTheBugs.gov    08/04/21  (1)
Vox: "Here's why it's misleading to call them "Concentration Camps" for unvaccin    08/04/21  (1)
'Fletch' theme plays as I sneak into au pair's bedroom and steal panties    08/04/21  (10)
Fauci 2022: "There's no way we could have foreseen ADE killing so many    08/04/21  (3)
FBI agent playing CS:GO as CT defusing bomb: "this game isn't very realistic    08/04/21  (3)
FBI/CIA pivot to 'white supremacy' focus, suddenly no more muslim terror attacks    08/04/21  (4)
Historically retarded poster taking cocks, first cum, first serve    08/04/21  (11)
Ur FBI agent reflexively mouthing “wait” as u poast ur 23rd retirement threa    08/04/21  (22)
And how we burned in the camps later    08/04/21  (1)
Silence of the Lambs, except FBI rookie convincing Emilio to help catch Bbboom    08/04/21  (4)
Covid Lockdowns the first taste of coming Shtetl Living.    08/04/21  (1)
Funniest story in a while.Military banned photos in promotion reviews bc racism    08/04/21  (5)
Played Diablo 2 with FBI friend; he kept healing the mobs    08/04/21  (20)
Libs scheduled the Olympic soccer finals for prime time tomorrow on NBC    08/04/21  (3)
Solrise: The NUMBER ONE Project On Solana with 100X,1000X potential.    08/04/21  (20)
unvaxxed poaster giddy that blacks are too retarded to get vaccinated    08/04/21  (9)
Mr. Jinx handing your young son a fake ‘Trouser Mouse Inspector’ business ca    08/04/21  (1)
longingly watch 90s gap commercials with a lump in my throat    08/04/21  (3)
Calling it now: India will be the next ZOG colony    08/04/21  (3)
historically important poaster discussing mr. jinx's cock, mr. jinx's cum, and g    08/04/21  (23)
So Dupa sucked off his competitors AFTER winning the cum eating contest?    08/04/21  (9)
“Hegemon, put it inside, I’m ready!” cried the middle-aged balding lawyer.    08/04/21  (1)
"Jinx, I'm tired of this charade. Tell them you bottom." -- whok    08/04/21  (7)
*FBI shooting hamster in wheel powering 2005 dell laptop running xo server*    08/04/21  (21)
"welcome to FBI training. we protect elites from the middle class."    08/04/21  (29)
FBI literally orchestrated more terror acts than spontaneous ones they stopped    08/04/21  (5)
LINKmos, are you ready to jump on the PYTH NETWORK bandwagon?    08/04/21  (35)
   08/04/21  (2)
FBI Agents staring at XO like apes @ the Monolith & slowly becoming radicalized    08/04/21  (30)
*FBI Agent spreads butthole* “I’m Spaceporn Jr!” *whole office laughs*    08/04/21  (262)
Gift shop at FBI headquarters now sells mini false flag fridge magnets    08/04/21  (4)
Dumb IFNB question here...how exactly do they "use" a training twink?    08/04/21  (33)
if we get 2nd lockdown a lot of small biz owners are gonna go killdozer    08/04/21  (1)
Fat moron pedude posting, it must be a day ending in Y    08/04/21  (6)
only 33% of NYC blacks are vaccinated    08/04/21  (40)
FBI agent accidently calling something "180" during weekly team meeting    08/04/21  (19)
*** BREAKING: NY AG to make "major announcement" at 11 AM EST ***    08/04/21  (44)
Law: a shit-eating contest where the prize is more shit    08/04/21  (2)
a nothingness-eating contest where the prize is more nothingness    08/04/21  (21)
twinking is a cock-eating contest where the prize is more cock    08/04/21  (3)
List of people who need to be executed for America to heal    08/04/21  (25)
"i'm just doing a COVID rap to make ends meet. but 1 day i'll drop my real album    08/04/21  (1)
Anti-scammer Jim Browning gets scammed into deleting his Youtube channel (link)    08/04/21  (3)
Demons by Dostoevsky is all you need to read to understand the current events.    08/04/21  (14)
low IQ degenerate deadbeats should be evicted. fuck em all    08/04/21  (8)
*cum drunk rsf shouting "hello new york city!!!!" from stage of toronto gay bar*    08/04/21  (23)
Told my surrogate to stop acting like she was my husband's wife    08/04/21  (4)
sarc hacking into NORAD, shooting missiles directly into his ass    08/04/21  (51)
What the fuck happened in this story?    08/04/21  (6)
How many of you had a fake ID when you were under 21?    08/04/21  (3)
do you prefer tacos or burritos    08/04/21  (33)
damn it was a brutal day for libs    08/04/21  (3)
Live debate between CHARLIE KIRK and VAUSH (reaction stream by Nick Fuentes) 8pm    08/04/21  (19)
xo McCloskeys get pardoned for waving they guns at rampaging nigs    08/04/21  (1)
Farted on airplane. People next to me started going "Oh Gawd"    08/04/21  (1)
even the dmt elves are demoralized now    08/04/21  (15)
California Governor-Elect Larry Elder is Black, Republican and has a Michigan JD    08/04/21  (28)
I'd feel more at home in a prole area but worried about kids becoming drug deale    08/04/21  (1)
Law school applicants surge 13%, biggest increase since dot-com bubble    08/04/21  (10)
*thinks of embarrassing thing 15 years ago* *says nigger in crowded restaurant*    08/04/21  (72)
hunter biden unveils latest artwork entitled "14-digit routing number on napkin"    08/04/21  (23)
A country less than 1/100th of our population is going to beat us in Basketball    08/04/21  (10)
Associated Press’s new president and CEO makes pile of poop TT look white    08/04/21  (24)
Chandler should i get a new car    08/04/21  (9)
All cognition must be anti-goy.    08/04/21  (3)
Biden's migrant crisis makes me want the border line with machine guns    08/04/21  (2)
Lol NFL will be honoring literal criminals on helmets this fall    08/04/21  (1)
Libs insisting Tower of Babel collapsed due to insufficient building codes    08/04/21  (2)
This reddit story is brutal: "Misdiagnosed w/ anxiety for years, now in wheelcha    08/04/21  (30)
Just watched "Bonfire of the Vanities" movie - holy shit this is more relevant    08/04/21  (40)
Enemies of the USA just need to “fund” “progressive” causes to bring dow    08/04/21  (15)
Head of WHO posts pic of meeting w CCP, Shiva “The Destroyer” in background    08/04/21  (8)
the gate has been lowered & there's no chance for ANY non-elites going forward    08/04/21  (9)
guy w/ # 867-5309 wins $25 mil after 40 yr battle w/ judgment proof Tommy Tutone    08/04/21  (2)
Am I in a fever dream or did we celebrate anal sex for a month during a pandemic    08/04/21  (2)
The US is in for an amazing, transformative decade in 2020    08/04/21  (97)
Lawyers at 12,000-employee cos worried about fake vax documentaton being checked    08/04/21  (1)
Media is outright lying about cancerjab vaxx rates    08/04/21  (40)
Deep into a fifth of cheep whiskey (Ten High). Jury trial tomorrow.    08/04/21  (4)
Gays are, generally speaking, amazing and sensitive creatures. Superior.    08/04/21  (3)
What home gym equipment should I buy    08/04/21  (6)
FBI, the "counterintelligence" agency. Literally.    08/04/21  (3)
remember like 5 years ago when the whole "SJW" movement was beginning?    08/04/21  (22)
Biden’s infrastructure plan is gonna waste money on “broadband”    08/04/21  (1)
This board was far better when Tucker Max was the default discussed Tucker    08/04/21  (11)
So America is the biggest Tower of Babel in history?    08/04/21  (2)
humanity will always try to build tower of babel, + is always destined to fail    08/04/21  (3)
holy shit did NOT know babel pissed god off so much    08/04/21  (15)
Black despair as libs come to murder you tp    08/04/21  (1)
is the world government the tower of babel    08/04/21  (4)
if ur wife is not a milf have u basically failed at life?    08/04/21  (54)
theyre trying to recreate Tower of Babel    08/04/21  (3)
I wonder if all of these coincidences add up to some kind of coincidence theory    08/04/21  (2)
do u think this horseplay between this dad & nanny is appropriate or not?    08/04/21  (46)

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