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A country less than 1/100th of our population is going to beat us in Basketball    08/04/21  (3)
Are all vaccines logged in some online system for verification?    08/04/21  (3)
Chandler should i get a new car    08/04/21  (7)
Enemies of the USA just need to “fund” “progressive” causes to bring dow    08/04/21  (15)
Vaccine cards will force me to get a vaccine    08/04/21  (2)
Law school applicants surge 13%, biggest increase since dot-com bubble    08/04/21  (6)
Britain stole $45 trillion from India    08/04/21  (47)
All these Jews pushing open borders make me understand nazis tbh    08/04/21  (1)
Head of WHO posts pic of meeting w CCP, Shiva “The Destroyer” in background    08/04/21  (8)
Associated Press’s new president and CEO makes pile of poop TT look white    08/04/21  (22)
the gate has been lowered & there's no chance for ANY non-elites going forward    08/04/21  (9)
Lakers are gonna have the oldest team in history of pro sports    08/04/21  (45)
What the fuck happened in this story?    08/04/21  (3)
guy w/ # 867-5309 wins $25 mil after 40 yr battle w/ judgment proof Tommy Tutone    08/04/21  (2)
Just watched "Bonfire of the Vanities" movie - holy shit this is more relevant    08/04/21  (39)
Am I in a fever dream or did we celebrate anal sex for a month during a pandemic    08/04/21  (2)
The US is in for an amazing, transformative decade in 2020    08/04/21  (97)
NYC to require "vaccine passports" for indoor dining, gyms, and shows (link)    08/04/21  (127)
Lawyers at 12,000-employee cos worried about fake vax documentaton being checked    08/04/21  (1)
   08/04/21  (1)
Media is outright lying about cancerjab vaxx rates    08/04/21  (40)
Deep into a fifth of cheep whiskey (Ten High). Jury trial tomorrow.    08/04/21  (4)
Gays are, generally speaking, amazing and sensitive creatures. Superior.    08/04/21  (3)
List of people who need to be executed for America to heal    08/04/21  (1)
All cognition must be anti-goy.    08/04/21  (2)
What home gym equipment should I buy    08/04/21  (6)
FBI, the "counterintelligence" agency. Literally.    08/04/21  (3)
remember like 5 years ago when the whole "SJW" movement was beginning?    08/04/21  (22)
Biden’s infrastructure plan is gonna waste money on “broadband”    08/04/21  (1)
This board was far better when Tucker Max was the default discussed Tucker    08/04/21  (11)
So America is the biggest Tower of Babel in history?    08/04/21  (2)
humanity will always try to build tower of babel, + is always destined to fail    08/04/21  (3)
holy shit did NOT know babel pissed god off so much    08/04/21  (15)
Black despair as libs come to murder you tp    08/04/21  (1)
is the world government the tower of babel    08/04/21  (4)
if ur wife is not a milf have u basically failed at life?    08/04/21  (54)
theyre trying to recreate Tower of Babel    08/04/21  (3)
I wonder if all of these coincidences add up to some kind of coincidence theory    08/04/21  (2)
do u think this horseplay between this dad & nanny is appropriate or not?    08/04/21  (46)
Some states are completely open but NY is locked down and requires vax passport?    08/04/21  (1)
damn it was a brutal day for libs    08/04/21  (2)
why can whites compete w/ blacks in hurdling but not straight-line running?    08/04/21  (6)
WSJ: Law School Loses Luster as Debts Mount and Salaries Stagnate    08/04/21  (71)
At the grocery store. Welp, you can tell who’s been watching lots of CNN.    08/04/21  (7)
Supposedly “effeminate” gay picked me up into the air like it was nothing    08/04/21  (5)
Reminder: The EU parliament building is a replica of the Tower of Babel    08/04/21  (11)
BigPharma: although these vaccines did not work, we raised enough money to conti    08/04/21  (10)
jfc alex jones in "a scanner darkly"    08/04/21  (4)
The Divided Corporate Fiefdoms of America    08/04/21  (3)
There's a spider in my bed somewhere under the blanket    08/04/21  (1)
Is anyone following Avenatti's trial    08/04/21  (2)
Anti-scammer Jim Browning gets scammed into deleting his Youtube channel (link)    08/04/21  (2)
i like Mike Lindell, but goddamn frankspeech.com looks like SHIT    08/04/21  (2)
"Tom Wolfe's son with his Eurasian mistress, known online as 'AssFaggot,'    08/04/21  (3)
*thinks of embarrassing thing 15 years ago* *says nigger in crowded restaurant*    08/04/21  (71)
Who invented those QR codes. there everywhere now    08/04/21  (4)
Is owning a Pool a MAJOR pain in the ass?    08/04/21  (23)
What's the cr color for a Toyota Tacoma?    08/04/21  (12)
That baby goldstein meme was 180 as fuck, once in a decade hilarity    08/04/21  (4)
Americans fined $16K for using fake vax card to enter Canada    08/04/21  (5)
Black medalist says she's proud to represent U.S.A. Libs: apoplectic (vid)    08/04/21  (98)
Rate this amateur teen's giant tits    08/04/21  (2)
Demons by Dostoevsky is all you need to read to understand the current events.    08/04/21  (12)
had weed last night, awful stuff    08/04/21  (13)
masks are gay as shit but what do you guys do when stores require them    08/04/21  (3)
MAF at my parents underachieving    08/04/21  (11)
pedude is tim dillon irl    08/04/21  (3)
I'm actually glad I borrowed 250k for law school    08/04/21  (1)
I once executed a Triple Bobulinski from 27 metre high dive platform    08/04/21  (7)
seriously what's wrong w these people    08/04/21  (1)
Political parties should just have hookers on staff and assign to each politicia    08/04/21  (1)
I hate all women.    08/04/21  (1)
in 1950-60s plumbers wore tailored 3-piece suits w pocket watches    08/04/21  (2)
Ricky, u realize Neatly stacked human skulls is a consuela alt? Lol    08/04/21  (6)
Dogs are totally cucked lol    08/04/21  (1)
cousin choosing t100 undergrad ($100k overall debt) over cheap state school    08/04/21  (24)
One of those interns Cuomo was fucking is hot as hell    08/04/21  (12)
hunter biden unveils latest artwork entitled "14-digit routing number on napkin"    08/04/21  (22)
"Why are the DMT Elves Becoming More Racist to Visitors?" (VICE News)    08/04/21  (10)
Mortal Kombat II full size arcade machine for only $450    08/04/21  (17)
the "media" is absolutely insane    08/04/21  (3)
Dude made $38m by whistleblowing on falsified shitlib research    08/04/21  (7)
Number of political prisoners in Russia: 40. Political prisoners in US: ~ 500    08/04/21  (16)
🦴💻 AI can identify race from x-rays 💻🦴    08/04/21  (82)
The Coming Age Of Digital Collectibles: CryptoPunks    08/04/21  (3)
If you don’t live in La Jolla, your life is a cruel hellscape    08/04/21  (27)
Whole wheat pasta salad w goat cheese & listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms, tp    08/04/21  (21)
Jared Taylore: 'Huwhy do huwhite people love whole huwheat bread?'    08/04/21  (2)
god save little shops, china cups, and virginity    08/04/21  (1)
is pedude really as fat as people here say?    08/04/21  (3)
Letitia: "Gov. Cuomo was a monster to women and therefore *I* am ur gov. now"    08/04/21  (1)
Fat moron pedude posting, it must be a day ending in Y    08/04/21  (5)
"It's mostly muscle" pedude said to Grindr date, muffintop protruding out    08/04/21  (1)
"Just stay at home and die" Psaki responded when asked what Americans should do    08/03/21  (17)
Is sitting on a Dick a MAJOR pain in the ass?    08/03/21  (1)
Old trashy Brittney Spears is still very doable    08/03/21  (10)
the best (link) threads let a few blank bumps roll in b4 posting the link    08/03/21  (5)
exeunt, gatormo, peterman, cowgod, what should we do with NFT?    08/03/21  (31)
Better Investment - Law School at Sticker or this NFT Collectible?    08/03/21  (17)
Harris/Abrams 2024    08/03/21  (1)
China celebrates 100 years of CCP rule    08/03/21  (1)
Spinal Tap is a hilarious movie    08/03/21  (7)
Jan 6 got out of hand but dynamiting Miami condo in revenge was low blow 4 Dems    08/03/21  (2)
"You obviously love pandemics. Upgrade to DELTA PLUS today to override your vax    08/03/21  (1)
FBI agent accidently calling something "180" during weekly team meeting    08/03/21  (10)
Seattle Mariners traded their closer to rivals, promptly lose on 2 blown saves    08/03/21  (100)
Chick said I have a "litigious face"    08/03/21  (2)
Soros calling Jags owner: "Ok. Enough."    08/03/21  (1)
i have a urinary tract infection. do i need to see a doc?    08/03/21  (1)
"why don't I just fire one of the machine guns?" colt: "no, I'll do both. but yo    08/03/21  (93)
FBI agent sent me text saying he couldn't believe my thread got so few bumps    08/03/21  (6)
Asian lawyer naming second shooter as favorite band on tinder tp    08/03/21  (1)
They can't stop the signal, unless of course that app is also an FBI honeypot    08/03/21  (2)
Is buying a Toyota Tacoma a life hack? They literally do not depreciate.    08/03/21  (47)
do new FBI recruits start work on destroying america day 1 or r they eased in    08/03/21  (3)
"dear diary, today i-" "FACT-CHECKERS DISPUTE THIS CLAIM    08/03/21  (2)
may you live in interesting times    08/03/21  (2)
Municipal zoo will euthanize animals refusing Covid vax    08/03/21  (2)
ESPN prepared to "file lawsuits" if Tebow scores a TD    08/03/21  (11)
TT is India even a coherent country?    08/03/21  (11)
Really hope Tebow makes it. Inspiring to lawyers everywhere    08/03/21  (1)
Tokyo Olympics are “nigger”    08/03/21  (7)
California Governor-Elect Larry Elder is Black, Republican and has a Michigan JD    08/03/21  (26)
Back in real life court. No masks. Judge today ordered multiple in person depos.    08/03/21  (5)
Lions, tigers and bears get COVID-19 vaccine in Oakland Zoo    08/03/21  (4)
the Yankees had an average age of 32 a couple of times iirc    08/03/21  (1)
US Women's shotputter shakes ass at camera after losing, rants about racism    08/03/21  (66)
the virus came from a lab and the election was rigged    08/03/21  (91)
Rate this bellyflop    08/03/21  (1)
i consider my experiment with Christianity a complete failure    08/03/21  (5)
LOL @ hitting hurdles at the Olympic level    08/03/21  (5)
alex jones predicted all of this in advance and we ignored him    08/03/21  (16)
what tv shows are good right now    08/03/21  (1)
To be fair is 180 at viciously insulting people    08/03/21  (12)
trevor lawrence is an "INT machine" & may get cut (Jags camp)    08/03/21  (2)
addict criminal dies = non-stop riots, enslavement of humanity = crickets    08/03/21  (7)
i consider my experiment with Christianity a complete failure    08/03/21  (76)
We wanted 6% GDP growth but not like this, not by him    08/03/21  (20)
Btc 40k. Nocoiners crying losing hoap    08/03/21  (43)
the funniest part is that there were never any lockdowns    08/03/21  (3)
CDC no longer saying in interviews jabs work against infection    08/03/21  (2)
I eagerly anticipate luis haircuts the way normies look forward to new tv show    08/03/21  (1)
Portland doctor identifies race, sex by x-ray, is burned for witchcraft    08/03/21  (1)
The Olympic diving stuff is cool. Basically, do many flips & no splash?    08/03/21  (4)
AI can detect your race with only an extremely grainy x-ray. Libs MAF (link)    08/03/21  (14)
NIH: wear a 😷 at home    08/03/21  (3)
President KAMALA Declaring "National FRESH Juice Day"    08/03/21  (5)
Only decent chink dish; boneless ribs with pork fried rice and spicy mustard    08/03/21  (16)
Jewish posters: let's compile a list of our favorite board goys.    08/03/21  (11)
A homeless black trans woman almost came in my ass but then someone knocked door    08/03/21  (1)

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