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Nothing I was more proud of than being in the right frat    08/12/22  (26)
Buying a Fender Jazz bass tomorrow. Need help picking finish (pics)    08/12/22  (2)
so 'Ann Heche' was just driving 200mph down random residential streets?    08/12/22  (8)
BI: This 36-Year-Old Explains Why She's Single. "I'm a Prize to be Won!"    08/12/22  (4)
Tyson Fury announces retirement.    08/12/22  (1)
“Watch my kombucha” Emilio says to me as he walks to stage for owl city kar    08/12/22  (9)
Anyone can become fluent in a language with internet resources    08/12/22  (7)
Jews sweating bullets. Fewer students going to (((college))).    08/12/22  (76)
Why are Russian women by far the best looking white women?    08/12/22  (16)
so how many women did conquistadors fuck? ffs    08/12/22  (20)
US deaths - 2019: 2.85 million; 2020: 3.35 million; 2021: 3.44 million    08/12/22  (8)
emilio is absolutely carrying the board right now    08/12/22  (2)
Rating poasters as video games I have played in the last 20 years    08/12/22  (65)
Shrewd to shelter in grad school during recession?    08/12/22  (4)
How long did it take you to hit 225 / 2 plates starting as a pathetic weakmo?    08/12/22  (131)
Mark is obviously the first gospel    08/12/22  (1)
Foreign Affairs: Russia is China’s new bitch    08/12/22  (27)
Happy National Boyfriend Day to my Boyfriend Luis    08/12/22  (3)
Video: Nig Woman Wearing Diaper Gets Beat Up After Heated Argument!    08/12/22  (4)
New CDC guidance: covid is finally over! (Link)    08/12/22  (52)
If you're Christian and haven't considered word "daily" in the Our Father, read.    08/12/22  (38)
The older I get the more sticking cock in men's anuses maeks sense    08/12/22  (3)
guy said my being very visibly diapered at work was a 'weird flex'    08/12/22  (2)
Im DONE with Turo!! Vehicle was used to film Fast & Furious 10 and BLOWN UP    08/12/22  (37)
Confirmed that Russia burned 50 Ukrainian prisoners alive    08/12/22  (11)
Didnt know Obeezy sued the University of Missouri back in the day    08/12/22  (13)
Which decade of your life was your "dark ages" when you lost knowledge you had g    08/12/22  (8)
School teacher/lawyer here, grass is NOT always greener    08/12/22  (20)
Check this out Mainlining    08/12/22  (1)
i decided to forfeit my white privilege and check the hispanic box on job apps    08/12/22  (8)
1,200 ppl have been shot in Philly so far this YEAR    08/12/22  (6)
Watching Creed - Live at Alcatraz 2002 - Full Concert: LMAO, a different planet.    08/12/22  (51)
Friday. Diaper up.    08/12/22  (1)
San Francisco Lib: "LOVE is manifested in many different ways across cultures...    08/12/22  (3)
How does buying US Treasury Bonds work if done via Broker?    08/12/22  (16)
theres something so pathetic about a "man" walking a dog    08/12/22  (5)
Historically Unimportant Poster: signed up case that could 10x CSLGs net worth    08/12/22  (110)
My shitty wife naps EVERY day when our kids nap    08/12/22  (66)
Fucking weird how so many cars are on the highway at 4am    08/12/22  (1)
It's sad that Lebron turned into such a faggot.    08/12/22  (6)
Has anyone ever had those hot pockets in Philadelphia and NJ?    08/12/22  (6)
Is being a shitlaw king/queen doable with discrimination lawsuits?    08/12/22  (18)
The ultimate redpill is that your life is solely a deflationary measure    08/12/22  (2)
batgod, are scumgineers ideal criminal masterminds?    08/12/22  (4)
insane that 9-1-1 didn't use to exist for emergency services    08/12/22  (7)
The ultimate redpill is that income taxes are solely a deflationary measure    08/12/22  (9)
FBI caught on security cameras removing mattress tags    08/12/22  (1)
we need to hogtie and ballgag every white woman until we find out wtf's going on    08/12/22  (3)
Biden's issues Presidential Records Amendment via executive order, EPAH says le    08/12/22  (1)
Outside the box thinking in Russia from Michael McFaul    08/12/22  (3)
Free lifetime parking, only at Tysons Corner    08/12/22  (2)
i think i would kill myself if i had to wear a suit every day    08/12/22  (3)
FBI finds "mountains of illegally removed mattress tags" in Mar-A-Lago closet    08/12/22  (30)
China's CGI 'moon landing' looked faker than Avatar    08/12/22  (1)
does anyone doubt 'China' is as much a paper tiger as Russia    08/12/22  (6)
Trump throwing his enemies in tank full of hungry koi    08/12/22  (3)
"... just saying we should gas all the wordcels, right now, today. Hi who just j    08/12/22  (2)
"Mike Fart, what is that, Italian?"    08/12/22  (1)
Age confirmed flame. Scott Peterson hasn't aged.    08/12/22  (2)
Dark Truth just beneath the surface: cowshit was fired bc he doesn’t know Film    08/12/22  (19)
What is that makes black people lose their minds at airports?    08/12/22  (32)
trump has never committed a crime in his life, that's what's so crazy about this    08/12/22  (16)
ALLEGATION: 'Michelle' Obama registered to vote as a man    08/12/22  (13)
Easiest way to get a 6-figure job offer in Europe? Don't actually want a job    08/12/22  (4)
rate this painting i did of susan sarandon (luis)    08/12/22  (1)
Noam Elkies = TBF??    08/12/22  (2)
Ed Witten & Terence Tao both gave 5 stars to "Farisa's Crossing"    08/12/22  (3)
Remember when libs lost their shit bc Trump had 2 SCOOPS of icecream?    08/12/22  (11)
Someone needs to smash “To Be Fair”’s head into a paste    08/12/22  (62)
Better wife material: Squat overweight Mayan or FOB chinkette w/no tits?    08/12/22  (14)
Arise wagecucks!! Time to serve and 💸💵    08/12/22  (1)
Nearly independent of US financial system    08/12/22  (55)
Maximum IQ to hire TSINAH to rep you in a murder trial?    08/12/22  (30)
JFC @ today’s Soo CR GREEK views (RSF)    08/12/22  (26)
Discomforting British domestic dramas like Abigail's Party/The Birthday Party/et    08/12/22  (1)
LMFAO RATE my Soo CR GREEK views today (RSF)    08/12/22  (111)
do people still buy kindles?    08/12/22  (2)
making a gay retarded thread for Coltrane tp to bump    08/12/22  (2)
Smoking hot girls who go to TTT law schools - what's their end game?    08/12/22  (40)
Rate this 180 Pitchfork review of a Coltrane record    08/12/22  (2)
Need a book recommendation. I like nonfiction but interested in your recs    08/12/22  (35)
Brother from Hannah Montana TV show is the same age as Tom Brady IRL    08/12/22  (2)
Evanescence is back, will soon release Kyrie Eleison single (link)    08/12/22  (19)
Emilio successfully defending PhD dissertation on Homeward Bound: The Incredible    08/12/22  (25)
XO 2012: Globohomo Bound. XO 2022: Homeward Bound🌌    08/12/22  (21)
Johnny Cash recites the New Testament; Ian McKellen recites the Odyssey (tp)    08/12/22  (9)
Ralph Fiennes circa The Aeneid tp    08/12/22  (8)
The Italian Job is a hit franchise with 5 sequels in alternate no 9/11 timeline    08/12/22  (7)
Watching Italian Job (2003), not going at all as expected    08/12/22  (29)
Baltimore Ravens have 4 black quarterbacks    08/12/22  (8)
it's hilarious how the media thinks they're beyond reproach    08/12/22  (7)
im going to see fast times at ridgemont high in a theater soon.    08/12/22  (5)
anyone else notice that dr. strangelove and step brothers used the same font    08/12/22  (3)
Let's all give Jmaw some crypto    08/12/22  (66)
Will Cain filling in for Tucker just doesn't work.    08/12/22  (10)
remember when libs were dancing from their balcony & yelling stay the fuck home    08/12/22  (16)
Klaus Schwab interrupting your bath - “we are nihilists, we believe in nossing    08/12/22  (54)
there’s a lack of empathy here for the dumb    08/12/22  (31)
Lots of love for Chesterton... C.S. Lewis... Tolkien... etc etc. No mention of    08/12/22  (29)
My Asian wife is a direct descendant of the Japanese Royal Family.    08/12/22  (22)
So we know Hunter says he accepted bribes likely to give to his father…    08/12/22  (6)
This week: Sandmann LOSES, pro-life LOSES, Jones LOSES, Trump RAIDED    08/12/22  (3)
art of the deal 3, or how i sold space lasers to china (aotd 2 was abt jail🧻)    08/12/22  (2)
"a blank bump from emilio is like kissing ur son" xo: "thats not the phrase,🤡    08/12/22  (1)
2.5% 3 month CD with the "Bank of Hope" (not flame)    08/12/22  (23)
Donald Trump is the Orange Toto the Dog who pulled back curtain on Wizard of ZOG    08/12/22  (31)
Anne Heche (1969-2022)    08/12/22  (32)
Emilio “I Don't Do Paperwork” Koyama    08/12/22  (32)
FBI: 'Trump's safe was filled with koi food.'    08/12/22  (30)
Nuclear codes found on back of Mar-a-Lago brunch menu    08/12/22  (17)
tsinah is a "mukbang" streamer (link)    08/12/22  (1)
Starting a 30-day NIGGER CUM DIET    08/12/22  (6)
Your revolution’s over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The stately patricians lost    08/12/22  (7)
its racist as fuck big pun isnt in your t5 (beckersted)    08/12/22  (10)
"He's stabbing me! I'm dead! I'm dead..."    08/12/22  (324)
Transgender Redditor who failed the bar is burnt out on the law after clerkship    08/12/22  (10)
red giant    08/12/22  (1)
Athletes who never accomplished much, but are well known    08/12/22  (127)
secular female worship of their own bodies perplexes me    08/12/22  (23)
U never see jet black niggers in Africa wildin out in public like US niggers    08/12/22  (4)
there's a .gov website where you can launch nukes if you have the codes    08/12/22  (1)
The FISH (or Feeding Ichthyoids Safely and Healthily) Act addresses Trump’s ac    08/12/22  (22)
January 6 commission calls koi Trump overfed for shocking testimony    08/12/22  (31)
Pisses me the fuck off that libs pretend homelessness is due to "affordable hous    08/12/22  (123)
at family gatherings Elites dust off antique rifles& plink away @middle classers    08/12/22  (10)
In a sane world, monuments would be built in Brian Jacques's honor    08/12/22  (41)
Going to bed at 7:30, waking up at 4:00am - is this wrong?    08/12/22  (41)
NSAM, what do u think of this Ohio FBI shooting?    08/12/22  (1)
Listening to "With Arms Wide Open" at an EPCOT cafe with cuttingtable tp    08/12/22  (7)
libs say the poor have less “time” than you ljl    08/12/22  (3)
In house hiring is retarded    08/12/22  (115)
Me and Emilio bumming around the Florida Keys, talking C.S. Lewis, LOTR, and God    08/12/22  (17)
i rent a home because i can't afford to buy. no shame in that    08/12/22  (18)
on hour 32 of fast    08/12/22  (1)
ITT: list examples of when expensive taste does not equal good taste    08/12/22  (30)
ultimate Jewish nightmare is white crowd dancing to Charlie Daniels    08/12/22  (27)
Will we see Skylar or Chuck (flashback) in Better Call Saul finale?    08/12/22  (12)
Is "chronotype" flame? Are night owls just broken people    08/12/22  (4)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force seems to hold up pretty well    08/12/22  (58)
2026 biden raid reveals quizzical attempt at lil abner comic strips? (link)    08/12/22  (1)
****OFFICIAL BETTER CALL SAUL S612 DISCUSSION****    08/12/22  (168)
I love this country. Not the people. Not the traditions. Not the culture. Not th    08/12/22  (20)
Cons how will you defend Trump objecting to publicizing the search warrant?    08/12/22  (25)
Forgotten athletes from the 90s who were just shy of elite    08/12/22  (368)
Does everyone here really get 8+ hours of sleep per night?    08/12/22  (76)
Considering Skyrim vs. Civ 6 for Switch. What should I get?    08/12/22  (17)
gun to your head: define crepuscular. do you survive?    08/12/22  (36)
ITT: Things my puppy has done that benzo will never do (RSF)    08/12/22  (93)
What percent of people are millionaires by age 40?    08/12/22  (11)
Glenn Greenwalds relentless mocking of cuck island is 93837373    08/12/22  (7)

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