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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
no googling: most/least densely populated countries? (both start with letter 'm'    10/05/22  (1)
rate these NYT reporter's stories this week (pic)    10/05/22  (2)
Luis what patterns did you have buzzed into your Halloween Fade    10/05/22  (5)
Musk's acquisition of Twitter is going to be disastrous for him    10/05/22  (16)
"I still unload" Spaceporn says as he reaches for the holdout .38    10/05/22  (1)
I AM GOING TO ___ _____    10/05/22  (8)
Tommy rate this inspiring video of alpha Musbro leading rally against Chink CCP    10/05/22  (2)
Musk Twitter is gonna be 180 but I'm crestfallen that he'll pay $$$    10/05/22  (2)
Is Abkhazia criminally underrated?    10/05/22  (6)
The Navy just deployed its $13 billion aircraft carrier    10/05/22  (1)
woman throws her aborted fetus into Christian prayer mtg causing stampede (link)    10/05/22  (5)
Musk net worth falls to $200bn as Ukraine loses its only outlet to the world    10/05/22  (3)
Trump files $675 million lolsuit against CNN for defamation    10/05/22  (73)
Update: Mini trial on the merits CONTINUED    10/05/22  (53)
Guy worth -250k telling you Musk is fucked    10/05/22  (1)
Pensive tweeting weird shit again    10/05/22  (8)
Eagles will lose in 1st rd of playoffs    10/05/22  (5)
Did anyone here own a dirt bike as a kid? Something 180 i missed out on    10/05/22  (4)
Is the Ukraine war really happening? We've seen ZERO confirmed footage of fighti    10/05/22  (1)
in the 80s US left was essentially pro-RUS/pro-USSR    10/05/22  (25)
"but he paid for his girlfriends abortion" is the new "but trump said pussy"    10/05/22  (8)
Hindus and muslims fighting in streets of london    10/05/22  (35)
Emperor X - Allahu Akbar    10/05/22  (1)
LA Diversity! Two 17yos(1 Latino male, 1 thin Birdshit lady) murder Two Gooks    10/05/22  (19)
this man is not fit to be President    10/05/22  (1)
How is the Ukraine going to push its propaganda on Musk Twitter?    10/05/22  (1)
which XO poster is behind /r/g0ys?    10/05/22  (4)
New Twitter will just be libs dunking on Musk for owning it    10/05/22  (3)
Jew Media loves things that DESTROY Goys: Nigga, Musbros, Feminazis, Themselves    10/05/22  (25)
"Yeah that's pretty bad for libs, but it cost Elon Musk a fortune"    10/05/22  (4)
Hey TO BE FAIR, how is the Russia war going? sorry "special operation"    10/05/22  (3)
libs totally politicdrunk on a pseudo lib guy buying an eplatform    10/05/22  (1)
*autistically flaps arms* "Me Love ZOZO"    10/05/22  (36)
still cant believe there are "males" that didnt vote for trump    10/05/22  (1)
Going to bump this thread every day until we find Emilio Estevez    10/05/22  (231)
Anyone else doubt the existence of nuclear weapons    10/05/22  (6)
Libs literally want to ban memes before 2020 elections. It's unreal    10/05/22  (22)
Spaceporn holding NONE for the big guy    10/05/22  (1)
Globohomo Financiers pushing nuclear war to tank markets    10/05/22  (1)
(((Stock Market))) is BACK baby!! 🐀    10/05/22  (28)
Stock market ripping up, what is everyone's play here?    10/05/22  (31)
holy shit are we really going to have a nuclear war, bros?    10/05/22  (26)
LMAO @ the trending terms on Twitter (pic)    10/05/22  (2)
Rate this powerful 1970s magazine ad promoting body positivity    10/05/22  (35)
schizoid Ward Cleaver cooking mixed grill in pouring rain as June sobs in kitche    10/05/22  (6)
This might be the most FLORIDA story ever (link)    10/05/22  (1)
Schizo? LOL I've never even seen a psychiatrist.    10/05/22  (1)
if you want to be a legit, non-poseur schizoid, you must cut everyone out    10/05/22  (7)
NYT Review of Mein Kampf from 1933    10/05/22  (6)
Are Ukrainians the only people on earth who have to tell you they're white?    10/05/22  (1)
Haberman book on trump is devastating    10/05/22  (29)
Spaceporn snatching your "BIG'S LAW" 24k chain during QE meeting    10/05/22  (2)
I'm here to answer a question    10/05/22  (1)
theres no proof nuclear weapons exist at all    10/05/22  (3)
nuclear weapons dont even exist irl lmao    10/05/22  (3)
russia will be around for literally tens of thousands of years after america lol    10/05/22  (6)
Law firms actually do really well after Nuclear winters    10/05/22  (1)
some super low iq takes tonight    10/05/22  (2)
Putin has to use nukes. Its the only way out for him and Russia.    10/05/22  (42)
Why does Russia even care about these shithole villages?    10/05/22  (8)
you are legit braindead if you think russia and china dont outlast USgAy    10/05/22  (9)
Spaceporn manically cackling over cold cocked 50 cent on Club TKO stage    10/05/22  (1)
Don't understand why Judge hitting 62 homers is a big deal    10/05/22  (45)
Adam Neumann’s new startup will “disrupt the Clique system” (Forbes)    10/05/22  (2)
GOP underperforming almost as badly as russia lmao    10/05/22  (2)
This is the last conventional war Russia will ever fight    10/05/22  (6)
'Match Game' but all male contestants are 100% schizoid    10/05/22  (4)
Lol spaceporn logged on his alt bc he feels scorned    10/05/22  (8)
only like 2-3% of the technology they say exists actually does exist lmao    10/05/22  (1)
Mulattoes fire drill sprinting out of Lids as spaceporn walks through the door    10/05/22  (1)
im just gonna cut everyone in my life who doesnt give me a reacharound    10/05/22  (3)
Tanya the Evil Service Partner    10/05/22  (7)
Women will NEVER allow sex robots, they ALL know they would die with it    10/05/22  (17)
Does sleep really need two hours screenless before bed?    10/05/22  (8)
Spaceporn slamming that MF router reset button after 12th Atomwaffen IP ban    10/05/22  (1)
'Bros' director calls people who REFUSED to see it 'homophobic weirods'    10/05/22  (220)
Spaceporn showing off his SS bolt tattoos across his 6 pack    10/05/22  (2)
*drum-rolls corner of your desk as I walk by* 'quick heads-up: I'm gay,'    10/05/22  (8)
Concerns about nuclear Armageddon were optimistic, assumed could maintain nukes    10/05/22  (3)
Anthony Bourdain eating hamburger helper: “oh yeah, time to kill myself.”    10/05/22  (8)
Using my sexual invisibility in daring heist of all-female bank    10/05/22  (17)
I'm objectively more attractive than GJR (CSLG)    10/05/22  (63)
Big poker scandal    10/05/22  (83)
Spaceporn losing control of his bouncing lowrider on Sunset Blvd    10/05/22  (4)
Ronnie Hudson shouting out Spaceporn's law practice on KLJH    10/05/22  (4)
Spaceporn's bottle of Hennessy flying out the cabriolet top as Hulia twerks in h    10/05/22  (5)
Ash coated stunna shades "SPACE" "PORN" on the lenses    10/05/22  (4)
Spaceporn railing blues off Destinyyy's ass in the SKYY booth    10/05/22  (2)
Spaceporn tosses u the TEC-9 "come to school tomorrow"    10/05/22  (1)
Sp here. Drinking some wine from 2018.    10/05/22  (21)
spaceporn hanging out the impala window with "1800GETFUKT" inlay AK-47    10/05/22  (1)
2 friends in same week got busted smoking weed in hotels. be careful out there.    10/05/22  (19)
Holy shit Howard stern is such a cuck. Went out to dinner for first time since 2    10/05/22  (47)
Ashley Tisdale rear ended my client (CSLG)    10/05/22  (17)
being 'mean' to Womyn on twitter: BANNED. vid of Russian's head exploding? NBD.    10/05/22  (3)
"We have Top Racists working on it right now." "Who?" "Top. Rapists."    10/05/22  (3)
Only 30 sec post nut clarity is truth: women are disgusting parasites & whores    10/05/22  (5)
Silver should be worth $989/oz, gold $7,286/oz. Only good investments today.    10/05/22  (3)
who tf does Giselle want to bang now that she's dumping God Overlord Tom?    10/05/22  (6)
OMG! ZZZ's motion to continue GRANTED. EPAH?    10/05/22  (8)
EXPLAIN this 3.74/172 with ZERO admits    10/05/22  (8)
Gun to one poaster's head: it's spaceporn, right?    10/05/22  (87)
you must be born again.    10/05/22  (2)
doesnt seem like relationships are a thing anymore lmao    10/05/22  (6)
little concerning that a HLS shrew is so gleeful about a woman arrested 4 speech    10/05/22  (1)
Judge Overturns Murder Convictions, Citing Use of Rap Lyrics at Trial    10/05/22  (11)
Is spaceporn a total piece of shit?    10/05/22  (10)
Ukraine breaking through in Kherson    10/05/22  (102)
a woman showed me her balls today    10/05/22  (1)
i dont trust anyone that doesnt think about killing themselves daily    10/05/22  (13)
74l,637 threads about Kherson, one video    10/05/22  (2)
men want to kill themselves because of gender accelerationism imo    10/05/22  (1)
“Give me the faggy Jew nigger zoomer haircut. No, faggier than that. Yeah, tha    10/05/22  (9)
Parents only have 10-20 mill, how fucked?    10/05/22  (8)
   10/05/22  (1)
schizoid grindset    10/05/22  (8)
incompetent white woman expending 87% energy being performatively 'confident'    10/05/22  (1)
Lib reaches a breaking point in Hocus Pocus 2 review    10/05/22  (6)
Videos of intense fighting in Kherson    10/05/22  (1)
peak experience llc    10/05/22  (1)
Rate me as a current heavyweight.    10/05/22  (16)
Wilbur Mercer outed    10/05/22  (1)
have about 3-9 months before FCC comes after me for blackhat marketing tactics    10/05/22  (1)
libs cancelled my new haircut asian edition    10/05/22  (1)
ironic that so-called 'service' workers are least servile people you ever meet    10/05/22  (8)
We should get this racist turtle a moniker    10/05/22  (7)
Brad Pitt on Angelina’s AZN son: “looks like a fucking Columbine kid” (lin    10/05/22  (61)
Covid -> Lockdowns -> Election Rigging -> Nuclear War -> One-World Gov    10/05/22  (11)
Describe your Halloween decorations    10/05/22  (6)
Ur boss blaring "stuck in the middle with you" while emailing u for status updat    10/05/22  (1)
cr 2 destroy good & beautiful things bc of self-hatred?    10/05/22  (2)
Rating posters as David "The Haymaker" Haye title bouts    10/05/22  (1)
im just gonna cut out everyone in my life who doesnt reach out to me    10/05/22  (17)
Police Say a Serial Killer Could Be Behind Shootings in Stockton, Calif.    10/05/22  (14)
i had a dream -- god doesnt exist, but satan is real    10/05/22  (2)
*doesnt exist for millions of years. Is born. Works biglaw. Dies    10/05/22  (53)
god doesnt exist but it is optimal to believe in a higher power for maximum gain    10/05/22  (13)
So Android ppl don't use FaceTime, Airdrop, Pay/Wallet, FindMy, ICloud, Home,    10/05/22  (2)
Rate me as a hiker.    10/05/22  (6)
Ukraine nonsense here is absurd, you can't even question it    10/05/22  (73)
LMAO, new Florida complaint by ZZZ against RK for winning $3.6 against EJ    10/05/22  (73)
41 year old Ricky looks 180 with his new zoomer haircut    10/05/22  (13)
🧊 🐴 Is potroastpony a 180 poaster? 🧊 🐴    10/05/22  (3)
Solos, how often do you "shake the tree" on deadbeat clients that owe you $$?    10/05/22  (29)
Let us keep track of the latest KOREA screename ITT    10/05/22  (148)
Page Six: Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen to divorce    10/05/22  (43)
who ready for da PURGE?    10/05/22  (1)

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