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The Wim Wenders of Visalia tp    10/04/23  (6)
Younger shitlibs seem genuinely naive about issues like 'urban crime'    10/04/23  (1)
Read article that avg bumb feeks minimum not to starve 2 death 233k minimum inco    10/04/23  (3)
Spend extra effort making nice sandwiches for kids lunch...they don't eat them    10/04/23  (24)
lsd tp = Lakshmigopal Sadabindu Desai    10/04/23  (25)
My wife rammed her car into our carhold (MPA)    10/04/23  (5)
so let me get this straight: $200k+/yr, no style, no humor, no rizz & suicidal?    10/04/23  (14)
"2023" a fake and fraud what's in store for "2024"?    10/04/23  (2)
angry black man films NYC migrant facility, hilarity ensues (video)    10/04/23  (3)
Non-married cohabitating couples (6 months+) to now affect inheritance laws    10/04/23  (7)
Haha    10/04/23  (3)
Powerball $1,200,000,000.00++++ and climbing fast! Might as well eat bullet:(    10/04/23  (15)
Economic downfall. Why gen z doesn’t have jobs, the hard work myth.    10/04/23  (148)
Couples therapist is a milf this is 180    10/04/23  (51)
McDonalds to launch casual dining chain, "Ronald's", in 6 cities    10/04/23  (179)
just got divorced after 5 years. feel like a weight has been lifted.    10/04/23  (85)
RINOS are PISSED about McCarthy expulsion    10/04/23  (9)
Lab friend getting leg humped by slutty sister in paw    10/04/23  (6)
THIS IS A TEST of the International XO Alert System    10/04/23  (9)
The Lars von Trier of Liberia    10/04/23  (4)
ITT I tell a spooky sister in law story    10/04/23  (8)
It's so gratifying to see others recognize Einstein as an ape in my lifetime    10/04/23  (2)
Satori Dim Sum    10/04/23  (1)
Gen X deserves equal blame as boomers for the decline of Amerikkka    10/04/23  (25)
drinking diluted wine all day under weighted blanket    10/04/23  (5)
Me and esoteric sambo are the only white people on this website    10/04/23  (17)
Tommys main problem is that hes a 40 year old indian man    10/04/23  (14)
Change my pitch up, feel my sis up    10/04/23  (1)
reminder: if you wouldn’t marry one, you shouldn’t let them in the country    10/04/23  (21)
WSJ: Americans Are Still Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow    10/04/23  (33)
Shitlibs getting killed by niggers is one of life's greatest joys    10/04/23  (2)
Ideal SIL is Lea Thompson, Back to the Future    10/04/23  (1)
🚨 Oct. 3 OFFICIAL Kevin (bitch boi) McCarthy Removal Vote Thread 🚨    10/04/23  (172)
Iran's fertility rate drops to new low of 1.54 kids per woman:    10/04/23  (21)
Finding insightful men (also a few women, crazy but true) in unlikely places    10/04/23  (4)
So this "Ukraine war" is going to end in a stalemate?    10/04/23  (250)
Emroch and Kilduff is a Make-a-Wish front for Kallman patients    10/04/23  (21)
“Crashing this marriage…with no survivors!”    10/03/23  (5)
Rate this email I got from a 22 yr old I'm going to fuck    10/03/23  (126)
Feeling pretty good about McCarthy's ouster    10/03/23  (70)
The Jay-Z threads from this morning are 100 times better than this SIL shit    10/03/23  (1)
wife wants to put son on ADHD meds. Thoughts?    10/03/23  (35)
MCHENRY acting speaker, NULLOS VINDICATED    10/03/23  (5)
SP here. I don't rape children. I rape only one child and it's barely even rape    10/03/23  (15)
Breaking News: Morgan State    10/03/23  (1)
Luis I just saw a Visalia BMW license plate frame at Bev Hills Hotel    10/03/23  (4)
And this life sentence that I'm serving / I admit that I'm every bit deserving    10/03/23  (2)
Sad that no one talks about Hammurabi anymore    10/03/23  (16)
Drake: Hey TBF! Happy poasting *clocks out* TBF: Hey Drake! You too! *clocks in*    10/03/23  (8)
Here at Kevin McCarthy Mattress Empire we don't sleep unless you SLEEP!    10/03/23  (3)
Rate this pic in Columbus    10/03/23  (2)
"On January 1, 2024, Tommy T stepped aboard his new sailboat, the SS Big Cawk."    10/03/23  (3)
Cons think Ukraine aid takes up 40% of US GDP (link)    10/03/23  (3)
Did you bros learn about the SUMERIANS in school?    10/03/23  (67)
ricky, luis & lsd watching movie on universal consciousness on Floripa beach    10/03/23  (8)
Sickening Spelunking Video (link)    10/03/23  (21)
Chapter in Lord of the Rings where Tom Bombadil sings about fucking ur sister in    10/03/23  (5)
Karen is an invisible SiL molded by the lifelong burning sorrow    10/03/23  (1)
why is Jordan Peterson the most popular guest on every podcast    10/03/23  (8)
Violent Femmes--Sister in the Law.mp3    10/03/23  (1)
When your marriage is in ashes, then you have my permission to cum    10/03/23  (5)
This SIL force meme is fucking pathetic. get a life.    10/03/23  (4)
SIL thanking u for doing the needful    10/03/23  (1)
Truth is crazier than fiction: To be fair tp is someone’s seductive ABCD SiL    10/03/23  (1)
What kind of person purchases a Maserati?    10/03/23  (22)
Harry Lime's monologue in the Third Man but he's jacking off Joseph Cotten    10/03/23  (1)
Ricky bumping drill music from brand new Mercedes    10/03/23  (4)
Supply Chain Woes Dog Halloween: Party Island Already out of "Sexy SiL" Costumes    10/03/23  (5)
To talk bout no-no with sister in law dey common dey lawyer site    10/03/23  (1)
DIET is most important, followed by sleep, stress, then exercise    10/03/23  (82)
The System of Dr Sister and Prof In-Law    10/03/23  (2)
"Then, when I'm done, and ur marriage is ashes, then u have my permission to cum    10/03/23  (4)
"I love my hot sister in law" you say as you rape ur wife's castrated brother    10/03/23  (1)
"And you think u can just walk in here, and have sex with my husband?" "...Yeah"    10/03/23  (3)
The Bachelor 🌹 but with 15 pairs of sisters.    10/03/23  (3)
DOJ is clearly biased against Republicans like Trump, Menendez, Hunter Biden    10/03/23  (1)
MFH migrant center thugs try to stop righteous nigga from filming outside    10/03/23  (5)
*SIL frantically telling you not to open her last text, it was meant for hubby*    10/03/23  (3)
Rep. McCarthy cruelly ousted just before spending/Frank Lutz rent abatement deal    10/03/23  (2)
Some girls just want to watch their brother in law cum, Master Wayne    10/03/23  (2)
These are the new husbands, your sisters’ husbands, and to you they’re gold    10/03/23  (1)
new forcememe, sisters in law upping the ante    10/03/23  (1)
A=Always B=Brothers-in-Law C= Cockteasing    10/03/23  (1)
“Sister in law” tending on pornhub, up 600% this week (link)    10/03/23  (1)
To His Coy Sister In Law    10/03/23  (1)
Video of stabbing of Brooklyn antifa activist guy (video)    10/03/23  (76)
Domo Arigato Sister in Lawo    10/03/23  (1)
SIL gives the best hugs.    10/03/23  (36)
Hey FizzGook, thoughts on your 100% asian histone damaged eggs?    10/03/23  (7)
The sister in law has no jurisdiction. She’ll find your husband and make him s    10/03/23  (1)
"A lot of loyalty for a hired gun," ur SIL smiles as she fingers ur wedding ring    10/03/23  (6)
JESUS didn’t die on the cross; instead, he moved to INDIA    10/03/23  (1)
“It’s a magic trick. I’m gonna make your husbands penis disappear    10/03/23  (1)
Faggas funeral home    10/03/23  (10)
80 y/o woman goes topless at car wash (NSFW pics)    10/03/23  (13)
MOTHERFUCKING EXPERT on all things ethnonationalism here, sup.    10/03/23  (182)
Reminder: Sleep Paralysis demons/aliens vanish when you say "Save me, Jesus"    10/03/23  (1)
“Your husband’s penis! Gratefully accepted. We will need it.”    10/03/23  (3)
Some indian men i meet are very soft spoken and have a calming presence    10/03/23  (3)
"If I took your wedding ring off, would you die?" ur sister in law asks    10/03/23  (4)
"Let's not stand on ceremony here, mister" your sister in law giggles & rolls ey    10/03/23  (3)
'But I married him!' ur wife sobs. 'And you think this gives u power over me?'    10/03/23  (3)
In Retrospect, AutoAdmit made me even more gay and retarded    10/03/23  (11)
Rate this 180 court room sketch of rate faced Sam Bankman Fried at his trial    10/03/23  (1)
"Marriage has cost u your strength. "Victory" has defeated u" SIL grabs ur junk    10/03/23  (4)
Examples of Goysploitation in media    10/03/23  (2)
"I guess you can win this Jen," ur SIL coos in the ear of your XBox costume    10/03/23  (2)
“Yo, ever heard of Aaron Mate?” *richard clock tp popup ad*    10/03/23  (7)
I Have No Gavel And I Must Speak    10/03/23  (1)
To the asshole blasting "Don't Speak" by No Doubt outside McCarthy's DC apt.    10/03/23  (2)
Patrick McHenry is a direct descendent of a Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz right    10/03/23  (2)
SIL asking you to closely examine her nood breasts for symmetry    10/03/23  (4)
What were the first pair of tits you saw on screen AND first you saw IRL?    10/03/23  (29)
42.5% of Generation MZ still live with their parents. - LOLLERCAUST    10/03/23  (39)
Pensive taking questions    10/03/23  (61)
Cliffs on Zurich allegations/drama.    10/03/23  (21)
brian kelly is 2-loss trash & probably will lose to 5-0 Mizzou    10/03/23  (5)
getting into a 60k car to drive 10 miles and park and get a donut    10/03/23  (7)
who is "jew bitch"    10/03/23  (15)
just asked a girl to be my mom. with me luck bros    10/03/23  (1)
Aaron Rodgers calls Travis Kelce "Mr. Pfizer" (link)    10/03/23  (23)
Kintara Therapeutics (KTRA) will 10x at a minimum with good results    10/03/23  (26)
Jay-Z: I'm not a bizness man, I'm a jizness man, so cum in my inness, damn    10/03/23  (3)
house is quiet. SIL sneaks 3 bottles of wine into the den. wakes you.    10/03/23  (6)
driving in traffic ever is a prole/idiot tell    10/03/23  (3)
What do you call those staples that bend/unfold easily? Many courts use them    10/03/23  (16)
an Azn SIL is a SIR    10/03/23  (3)
I fucking hate student loans and pray every day for another cataclysmic disease    10/03/23  (1)
Your SIL telling you she and your wife have always shared everything    10/03/23  (5)
Drinking age and driving age should be reversed.    10/03/23  (9)
“Maybe this Halloween we can go as a happily married couple haha”    10/03/23  (8)
tipsy SIL wearing nothing under the hoodie she stole from you    10/03/23  (9)
MPA: ever thought of going gay after ur divorce?    10/03/23  (1)
If All Men Were Brothers Would You Let One Marry Your Sister In Law    10/03/23  (7)
“Yo, ever heard of CoffeeMate?” ur slutty keurig asks    10/03/23  (2)
apparently albert einstein was a fraud who stole ideas from the patent office    10/03/23  (40)
Fist yer in law    10/03/23  (1)
“Ever heard of jerkmate?” Comes from phone. Sister in law: I HAVE    10/03/23  (1)
you turn out the lights and whisper "sister in law" to the mirror three times    10/03/23  (2)
tell me about TEMU    10/03/23  (1)
“Excuse me, SIL, I-“ *briefcase full of condoms falls open*    10/03/23  (3)
🚨 Someone in Baltimore is really fucking mad about McCarthy ouster 🚨    10/03/23  (3)
“I’m your sister in the raw!” she blushes as she removes her Halloween rom    10/03/23  (2)
Who's trashing the stock market lately? Libs?    10/03/23  (1)
"Im a 36 yo medicated schizo living w parents" "You Won"    10/03/23  (9)
Is Fender’s Tone Master Pro any good?    10/03/23  (14)
They should get spaceporn to investigate the origin of the White House cocaine    10/03/23  (3)
SP here. It was 180 turning down those fed govt honors programs gigs upon gradua    10/03/23  (15)
US Ryder Cup Team Already Done Here: 0-4 In Foursomes #golf    10/03/23  (25)

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