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You should have played the short game from the start! Better start now    09/25/23  (2)
mephistopheles' big bro! Ignore these frauds she was only 7 to 8yo in 2000    09/25/23  (4)
Kansas City host gave me back stage personal meeting with Swift..    09/25/23  (3)
update: i made an account on hinge and my first date is tonight    09/25/23  (53)
Free water? Absolutely, one $8 water on the way. Here's your $12 water, plz enjo    09/25/23  (10)
Taking Qs from private jet (RSF)    09/25/23  (76)
Good morning DrakeMallard    09/25/23  (4)
My drug and alcohol addiction is going to start ruining my life quickly now    09/25/23  (4)
Waking from a restless night’s sleep to a dreary European economy hotel    09/25/23  (1)
2024 US NEWS: PMHSY. Columbia #12, UCLA #15    09/25/23  (99)
The Hill: Libs freaking out about mail in ballot pushback    09/25/23  (8)
All a fraud "celebrity" is is some loser proles picked to worship throw their $    09/25/23  (1)
(((People))) are fucked up..building up others while neglecting their advancemen    09/25/23  (1)
The Kansas City Casinos 🎰 have been giving me big "Swiftie" promos    09/25/23  (1)
Billions and zillions unclaimed in lotto money πŸ’°    09/25/23  (1)
Die I own it all 666 777    09/25/23  (4)
None of this shit has ever mattered! Go enjoy yourselves!    09/25/23  (2)
HLS professor Noah Feldman learns how to "Bring the Squish"    09/25/23  (80)
cool temps = sooooo cr    09/25/23  (3)
Chicago DESPERATELY trying to match entire nation of Japan in homicides    09/25/23  (18)
Black females are traumatized by slavery but on dating apps they show their ass?    09/25/23  (2)
Indian Defense Minister draws Swastika on New Military Aircraft    09/25/23  (2)
Biden should give Ukraine MOABs to break through the Russian lines    09/25/23  (9)
Neil deGrasse Tyson doubles down on gender ideology: chromosomes insufficient    09/25/23  (22)
Karlstack just tweeted one of CPAP Rocky's jokes    09/25/23  (7)
FODIP (Full On Dick In Pussy): Achieved    09/25/23  (6)
Screaming Jets - Better.mp3 (Australian 80's power-pop hit):    09/25/23  (1)
Writers strike is over    09/25/23  (12)
Why are so many MILFs into anal?    09/25/23  (60)
Do capital losses offset interest income    09/25/23  (4)
Evan39 would you step on the gas in this situation?    09/25/23  (1)
I want to make the threads I want and not worry about mass appeal    09/25/23  (8)
EPAH's kids who still have their balls have to apologize to their nullo siblings    09/25/23  (2)
I hate πŸ˜’ humanity    09/25/23  (1)
Humanity is trash    09/25/23  (1)
Lol at all the weak asses I'm making it no matter what defying all lies    09/25/23  (1)
.    09/25/23  (2)
666    09/25/23  (1)
69    09/25/23  (2)
Scramble it all! All frauds please dieeeee    09/25/23  (1)
spv6wvp6pqpw6s9sps sswssfpf7wpfwg6sfpw a cp5spcw
   09/25/23  (1)
Fricken Harbaugh    09/25/23  (1)
Fricjen    09/25/23  (1)
Fuckung dead    09/25/23  (1)
Suck a cock no one here no one good game..Tonight's crew a bust    09/25/23  (1)
None of the fucking fraud are going to get away with ruining the of my life    09/25/23  (1)
A bunch of fucking jealous lies all of it    09/25/23  (1)
If i move to a small town will i find a wife tp    09/25/23  (8)
Nebraska/Rhule/Haarberg need to literal unload on Michigan    09/25/23  (1)
Denver Broncos to be relegated to new Pac 12, Wazzu to ascend into AFC West    09/25/23  (5)
Broncos Burgers πŸ” Omaha, Nebraska    09/25/23  (15)
Airports are absolutely revolting now wtf    09/25/23  (86)
Foreign Policy mag asks: "Is America a failed console? Experts say it has No Gam    09/25/23  (4)
will you guys fight for Mr.Fink in a WWIII?    09/25/23  (1)
Can't wait for Halloween, I get to wear my authentic Nazi Uniform I inherited    09/25/23  (1)
Billions must die    09/25/23  (8)
ANAL SEX    09/25/23  (4)
Real D-list crew on here tonight    09/25/23  (5)
πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺwunderQB heinrich haarberg's Korps-huskers will ambush harbaugh's polish    09/25/23  (4)
What are some good things to allow you to escape?    09/25/23  (15)
Artificial general intelligence (AGI) by 2025. Plan Accordingly    09/25/23  (2)
billions must die    09/25/23  (40)
Doe$ Bboom own hi$ own home or i$ he a rentcuck    09/25/23  (3)
Phil Spencer is right: AAA games are in big trouble    09/25/23  (9)
bitch bois must cry    09/25/23  (2)
can any lawyers on XO recommend a good wood chipper? need advice ASAP. asking    09/25/23  (2)
billions must die    09/25/23  (4)
billions must die    09/25/23  (9)
evan39 where the fuck are you friend? Miss u! We must get this under control!    09/25/23  (1)
billions must die    09/25/23  (4)
billions must die    09/25/23  (2)
Disco fries go get something good to eat and drink! What are u hungry for?    09/25/23  (17)
Billions must die    09/25/23  (4)
Swifts entire fraud career batching about betas now dating abusive nut case    09/25/23  (4)
There are literally only 3-4 NON-bitch boi posters here at this point    09/25/23  (1)
No matter what you losers "accomplish" you will remain bitch bois forever    09/25/23  (5)
Why did god make some races dumber than others?    09/25/23  (2)
Explain weirdo perverts who pressure their own wives to engage in deviant sex    09/25/23  (10)
Ever hook up with your friend's younger sister?    09/25/23  (1)
Swift typical woman..whole career about crying about alphas dating abusive freak    09/25/23  (2)
most prestigious: Latin or Greek?    09/25/23  (6)
Just put about 600 pennies in my dog's ass before he noticed    09/25/23  (130)
4yo son screaming Latin in his sleep. Should I be worried?    09/25/23  (6)
Change your freaking mentality! You've never had anything to "lose"    09/25/23  (2)
Told someone I went through puberty but I'm really sorry for my privilege    09/25/23  (1)
GF threatened to use a strap-on with me    09/25/23  (2)
Bruce Jenner literally the first woman to win men's Olympic gold    09/25/23  (6)
Poll: Do you warn women before fingering them in the ass, or just go for it?    09/25/23  (6)
Venezuelan prisons sounds like concentration camps    09/25/23  (5)
In a peaceful first world homogeneous patriarchal society with feminine women.    09/25/23  (108)
Blasting Everclear's "My Daddy Gave Me A Name"    09/25/23  (7)
MiG is an alcoholic, juden reincarnation of Julian the Apostate    09/25/23  (2)
Eat the creampie, Goy    09/25/23  (5)
How does anyone live in San Francisco?    09/25/23  (20)
9 year old son wants to be St. Augustine Zhao Rong for Halloween. Should I be wo    09/25/23  (2)
12 year old son doesn't know how to use a sextant.    09/25/23  (4)
Should I tell this person at work to fuck off?    09/25/23  (41)
Eva Green's eyes fixating on you from across the room. She approaches    09/25/23  (2)
6 year old daughter regularly seeing chilmata. Should I be worried?    09/25/23  (1)
christianity is toxic as fuck    09/25/23  (47)
Hey FizzKidd you like getting your pussy eaten?    09/25/23  (49)
TURN: Washington's Spies suffered bigly from bad casting    09/25/23  (7)
6 year old daughter regularly getting Stigmata. Should I be worried?    09/25/23  (3)
Real talk: nobody should leave their hometown    09/25/23  (35)
WaPo: Kikes switching back to coded Yiddish to hide machinations from goyim    09/25/23  (14)
Another car crash in slow motion David Brooks on Same Harris podcast review    09/25/23  (38)
🚨 Dave Portnoy DEAD    09/25/23  (1)
jets were wearing ukrainian flags on their helmets    09/25/23  (25)
Lawyer suspended for 1 yr for watching 2 CLEs at once (link)    09/25/23  (60)
IRAN to verbally ATTACK ISRAEL on Yom Kippur    09/25/23  (23)
I want a public hj from a Boebert lookalike so bad    09/25/23  (12)
Trend taking xo by storm "how often do you think about the Mughal Empire?    09/25/23  (1)
luis left a turmeric stain on my brand new couch    09/25/23  (1)
Fingered one of the most mentally ill jewish women possible last night on Ketami    09/25/23  (23)
Marriage not really getting any better; going to a therapist soon    09/25/23  (125)
everyone is moving to the Carolinas    09/25/23  (98)
Mainlinings favorite pep pizza πŸ• found in Vegas(Video)    09/25/23  (1)
All this airline stuff is flame..u aren't on any flight long enough to matter    09/25/23  (5)
list of small towns to move to to start my own personal hallmark movie    09/25/23  (3)
ISW: Russian lines are brittle as FUUUCK.    09/25/23  (6)
Funny Michigan ranked #2 after beating ECU, UNLV, BOWLING G&Rutgers ljl    09/25/23  (1)
Travis Kelce being a beard truly disgusts me.    09/25/23  (1)
Travis Kelce in a Pfizer ad for the vaccine truly disgusts me    09/25/23  (28)
Why are the children of very wealthy people more apt to dying young?    09/25/23  (9)
I chadded a married girl at work and now it’s really awkward    09/25/23  (252)
Can only watch amateur interracial BBC porn (Mainlining)    09/25/23  (26)
'COVID' is the perfect boogie man. It is never going away.    09/25/23  (33)
im drunk af. self-employed. taking qs.    09/25/23  (3)
Protestantism is like the 6 Flags of Christianity    09/24/23  (5)
You always know you were a human. But today's the 1st day you know ur a mammal    09/24/23  (6)
HOLY FUCK did anyone see the end of that Eblen Edwards fight HOLY SHIT    09/24/23  (1)
So they never found that Malaysian plane? Ljl    09/24/23  (1)
A troubled New York City Jew with a big online neo Nazi secret    09/24/23  (3)
Can someone clearly explain why all the migrants are coming here?    09/24/23  (11)
is orthodoxy christianity true    09/24/23  (10)
yes but has her divorce lawyer read 1st Cuckholds 17:76 (xo poa    09/24/23  (4)
fuck black friday, it's all about cyber monday    09/24/23  (10)
Sim glitch:"Chiefs" allowed to keep name and "win" superbowl    09/24/23  (1)
Definitive list of reasons I am not divorcing my wife    09/24/23  (150)
XOXO now a Battered Husband Syndrome support forum    09/24/23  (19)
i've been depressed for years, see no way out    09/24/23  (98)
ITT we discuss getting high on your own farts    09/24/23  (4)
You'd all be better off as HVAC techs and then rich owners    09/24/23  (2)
Writers Guild Reaches deal with Studios. 1800!!! Fuck bitch bois!    09/24/23  (1)
Violently Whacking off your impotent cock 2 online porn on rare occasion    09/24/23  (2)
Decoldest is 180 black name!should I name kid with black wife this?(Boom)    09/24/23  (1)
What are your favorite black names?    09/24/23  (68)
Why does brave detect trackers on xo and why no https    09/24/23  (3)
I've never said the N-Word, but I think it a LOT    09/24/23  (37)
My dog always does three circles before he lays down    09/24/23  (52)

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