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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
“Your source?” “Your Honor, my colleague hot hung homo directed me to the    10/24/21  (13)
Dune was 180    10/24/21  (43)
Imagine being a conservative and simply loving your country    10/24/21  (30)
Dunhill Fine Cut is the greatest cigarette ever made.    10/24/21  (2)
The whole reason Alec Baldwin killed someone is they used a female "armorer" ?    10/24/21  (26)
the problem with law is its too hard to build a brand    10/24/21  (1)
the top 25 bachelor’s degrees in the US by lifetime ROI:    10/24/21  (7)
holy fuck I want an egg sandwich    10/24/21  (2)
nigger    10/24/21  (3)
Dunemo Lives Matter (DLM)    10/24/21  (9)
"And though I've doubted you, you always see me through: I owe it all to you..."    10/24/21  (3)
Really need to hear hot hung homo tp’s thoughts on Thomas Jane (gorgeous guy)    10/24/21  (8)
"And then grandpa ghosted the 5 other app sluts and settled down w me"    10/24/21  (40)
all day i dream about white dick    10/24/21  (1)
all day i dream about asian pussy    10/24/21  (3)
New Dune is 180    10/24/21  (34)
This guy at church is a horrible singer and kills all the hymns.    10/24/21  (6)
how much $$$ have you made so far only because of exeunt?    10/24/21  (6)
shooting up my last vial of ketamine rn    10/24/21  (9)
"dating app meant to be deleted" frames you for CP if you don't make some moves    10/24/21  (8)
dreams are messages from the deep    10/24/21  (18)
4am is the hour of the kraken    10/24/21  (22)
moving to madeira, portugal not flame    10/24/21  (11)
retiring bye guys, weird shit happening i recommend laying low    10/24/21  (11)
RESOLVED: we execute all non-DUNEMOS and heal the human race    10/24/21  (1)
180 pic of MAGA-yarmulke kid partying w/ kid in Union Jack yarmulke (breitbart)    10/24/21  (4)
Remember when X-Files 100% accurately predicted 9/11? Ljl    10/24/21  (23)
Should I force my kids to study Mandarin starting in 1st grade?    10/24/21  (9)
Is the Alec Baldwin hate because he played Trump on SNL?    10/24/21  (27)
Have a final tomorrow but forgot I was enrolled and only went once all semester    10/24/21  (16)
not enough Dune threading    10/24/21  (1)
“Be careful, your mommy hurts little kids,” an anti-masker shouted at my 5 y    10/24/21  (3)
How are ((they)) forcememing football faced Zendaya as hot?    10/24/21  (4)
mistress america best movie ive seen in months    10/24/21  (4)
"Number 7" UPenn State in the fight of their lives vs unranked Illinois    10/24/21  (18)
dune is very high iq    10/24/21  (4)
HYPO: Bitcoiners agree to burn Satoshi's 1 million coins if they aren't moved.    10/24/21  (18)
there is literally *zero* government data of healthy kids dying from covid    10/24/21  (3)
Do the migrants coming to the border realize how mediocre this country is    10/24/21  (4)
xo is just a bunch of fags doing each others nails and talking about timothee ch    10/24/21  (10)
US Rep suspended from Twitter for saying Rachel Levine isn't a woman    10/24/21  (37)
so glad everyone's dressing like it's the 90s again    10/24/21  (9)
Maximum IQ to believe BTC was not created by the NSA?    10/24/21  (3)
Dunemos of XO (MASE, tedbeckersted, et al.): thoughts on the two TV miniseries?    10/24/21  (30)
Communist or fascist is a false dichotomy: Christendom is the 3rd way    10/24/21  (5)
I’m gay    10/24/21  (2)
Why do mexican maids treat home furnishings and appliances so roughly?    10/24/21  (10)
Amerikkkan women are garbage    10/24/21  (1)
"If whites ejaculate semen, do blacks ejaculate seamonkies?"    10/24/21  (5)
Just sold my 1263 solana to go all in on shibainu    10/24/21  (31)
What is the most accurate predictor of cryptocurrencies that go from 0.01 to 1.x    10/24/21  (23)
Rate this Reuters fact check on Biden making white power symbol    10/24/21  (8)
How Cr is being a “product manager” at a tech company?    10/24/21  (59)
how many of you settled for your wife/gf?    10/24/21  (31)
SF bros, rate my wife’s current location. Not looking too good (pic)    10/24/21  (66)
Tried to read the book “Dune” when i was 12, so fucking dull and boring    10/24/21  (6)
I MISS MY F*CKING BOYFRIEND    10/24/21  (10)
When you are away Obeezy is obeezying in your thread    10/24/21  (1)
The most prestigious Dune discussion board in the world    10/24/21  (2)
Rebecca Ferguson circa Dune is a breathtakingly gorgeous cougar    10/24/21  (26)
More powerful intro: sigur ros - hoppipola or Coldplay - clocks    10/24/21  (14)
Rate the horrifying COVID pandemic death toll in UK    10/24/21  (14)
Xo is full religious now ?    10/24/21  (13)
Diverse UK facing huge date rape surge - women now being injected Hitman style    10/24/21  (8)
Holy shit moldbug uses xo    10/24/21  (14)
Mencius Moldbug column: Based Ruskin    10/24/21  (3)
Insane that Trump is going to be GOP’s nominee again in 2024    10/24/21  (13)
I turned $50 of $SAMO into $700. I'll be back the next cycle. Have fun, friends.    10/24/21  (40)
the CREAM OF THE CROP.    10/24/21  (6)
Fell asleep 10 mins into Dune. Woke up, Jar Jar Binx shit on steroids.    10/24/21  (2)
Why do people pay titty streamers on twitch when you can go on camsites    10/24/21  (2)
It's funny that Piter in the new Dune had the same kind of voice as OG Piter    10/24/21  (1)
the people doing this are lost in evil    10/24/21  (7)
Dune Nerds: question for you (spoilers)    10/24/21  (13)
Did they kill David Crawley for trying to film this movie?    10/24/21  (7)
why are people acting like trannies have started falling from the sky?    10/24/21  (7)
Van Der Beek voice to EPAH: "I don't want... your wife"    10/24/21  (1)
I haven't made a good niggerthread in years.    10/24/21  (1)
No babe I need to logon to my punctuation moniker 2 say mean things 2 popular po    10/24/21  (8)
Bet the farm on the Dodgers making the World Series. ATL always blows leads    10/24/21  (6)
Is this gorgeous YouTube star guy only a 6/10?    10/24/21  (1)
in the 1980s people used to think that "chicks with dicks" were fictional    10/24/21  (5)
what states have libs not infected?    10/24/21  (8)
Fauci tortured beagle puppies, cut out vocal cords so they cant scream    10/24/21  (13)
How will Trump defend his actions on January 6th in 2024?    10/24/21  (1)
No more Dune. More Fast and Furious.    10/24/21  (5)
The myth of Global Warming: debunked (link)    10/24/21  (12)
We live in the ruins of civilization.    10/24/21  (10)
What’s the most impactful event of the 21st century?    10/24/21  (11)
Will never accept mask or vaccine mandates. Never.    10/24/21  (2)
UMC/Upper Class bros, what was your first experience with proles/middle class?    10/24/21  (37)
Dont know whats going on. I see subpoena. I see pumo warnings. Going pumo y'all    10/24/21  (1)
rainfall showerheads great for ppl who love an impractical showering experience    10/24/21  (1)
ESPN is panicking about 8-0 UTSA and calling "emergency meetings    10/24/21  (1)
why is anyone humoring these "Rachel Levine" lunatics    10/24/21  (1)
Dalai Lama sanctioned by UN for Noticing human differences (link)    10/24/21  (9)
2+2=5 and women can have dick+balls too    10/24/21  (6)
lmao no reason to worry just complete supply chain collapse during peacetime    10/24/21  (4)
"trans" stuff is bonkers insanity pills level emperor has no clothes madness    10/24/21  (2)
The age of great VASCULARITY is upon me    10/24/21  (8)
Hope libs put all of XO in the same labor camp, will be 180 poasting IRL togethe    10/24/21  (2)
goddammit i dont want dodgers astros world series    10/24/21  (4)
doing drugs is cringe    10/24/21  (2)
Why is humanity going on? People are trash    10/24/21  (1)
REMINDER: If "weird shit" is happening & you're actively poasting it's too late.    10/24/21  (1)
Proof that crypto is not a bubble and the future of finance (vid)    10/24/21  (2)
Is Nevada cr without the state income tax?    10/24/21  (13)
*KamalaSexy applying propecia while giggling at her black woman threading*    10/24/21  (4)
Kamala, if you think there's a legit problem w/ CSLG, go report him to the bar.    10/24/21  (13)
Kamala give me your email right now    10/24/21  (7)
SOL is back over 200?    10/24/21  (13)
"Watching" TV with laptop on lap and cell phone next to you at all times    10/24/21  (5)
@realdonaldtrump: more like Alec BaldLOSE! Someone check for toupee.    10/24/21  (1)
Ads on movies/TV shows you watch for free are almost exclusively for Amazon shit    10/24/21  (1)
At a local MMA event (TSINAH)    10/24/21  (16)
CSLG, if you think there's a legit problem w/ Kamala, poast under your sudo.    10/24/21  (6)
Death rates for 25-44 year old men surging wo explanation    10/24/21  (95)
Should I put "Security Clearance: N/A" on resume so even though I don't have    10/24/21  (2)
What is causing Americans to be so fat?    10/24/21  (53)
Everything about amerikkka is weird depressing shit    10/24/21  (2)
honestly gjr sounds like the perfect clingy psycho bitch gf    10/24/21  (1)
Damn son, Jemel Herring is getting his ass fucked rn    10/24/21  (2)
In 2013 doobs used a hobby horse to invert his back and anally penetrate himself    10/24/21  (1)
No wonder amerikkkan men have ed amerikkkan women are nasty    10/24/21  (1)
Prostitutes are much cleaner than regular amerikkkan "women"    10/24/21  (4)
"insurance$"is such a stupid scam    10/24/21  (1)
How am I supposed to trust another guy in a relationship again    10/24/21  (94)
If all you fags would just stop talking about CSLG, pro or con, he'd go away    10/24/21  (7)
"I Can Scream About Jews" (to the tune of "I Can Dream About You")    10/24/21  (2)
Casinos are stupid    10/24/21  (1)
Just got turned down by latina after bankrupting single father (cslg)    10/24/21  (1)
SolanaMonkeyBusiness nfts doing pretty good. ~70 Sol floor price now    10/24/21  (2)
Why do Trumpmos think "You're Indian" is a devastating retort?    10/24/21  (26)
Erectile "dysfunction" is actually a high IQ trait that indicates advanced brain    10/24/21  (3)
Odds SHIB can get to $0.01?    10/24/21  (8)
Would be pretty funny if Kamala was revealed to be…    10/24/21  (17)
Reminder: Anthony Zappin runs the TBF account, not “Claire”    10/24/21  (48)
CSLG apologists Get in dis thread!!!!!!!!!!    10/24/21  (5)
Emergency I am having profoundly Jewish thoughts.    10/24/21  (1)
The 'armorer' on Baldwin's set was a 24 year old woman with confidence issues.    10/24/21  (11)
Quickdraw Baldwin story getting clownier by the minute    10/24/21  (20)
Washington State FB coach was denied a vax religious exemption and fired    10/24/21  (1)
US caused the Mexican drug war. Only fair that the US take in immigrants from Me    10/24/21  (1)
Just flood the country with immigration to prevent wage increases, bro.    10/24/21  (5)
playing ck3 in honor of charles xii    10/24/21  (2)
hey bro , whoever mentioned the Portugal D7 residency thank you man    10/24/21  (1)
damn herring has jadakiss walking him out    10/24/21  (2)

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