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Bigger simp: Jon Lennon or Prince Harry?    10/16/21  (3)
why was every Bond film after Casino Royale / Quantum of Solace garbage??    10/16/21  (8)
Everything on MSM is a paid lie. Literally paid for. Literally lie.    10/16/21  (1)
Rate this alpha Asian bro I went to HS with who is also 5'4" (WGWAG inside)    10/16/21  (10)
All stealth video games are trash    10/16/21  (15)
Rate Biden admitting US is not a “democracy” (link)    10/16/21  (25)
New HBO documentary about January 6    10/16/21  (1)
I don't trust the government and I don't trust pharmaceutical companies    10/16/21  (1)
Biden job approval has been seriously tanking    10/16/21  (4)
Loudon superintendent: “Oh i thought you meant tranny rapes”    10/16/21  (15)
insightful video of Yaseen Eldik (YLS admin who tramples free speech)    10/16/21  (1)
FYI: If getting FIRED by your BOSS would make you not rich, you aren't rich    10/16/21  (3)
Redditors discuss whether $200k in LA is "rich"    10/16/21  (90)
Terry Bradshaw being canceled for acknowledging Erin Andrews’ cowboy outfit    10/16/21  (1)
Buying tezos lmao    10/16/21  (11)
How has tOSU gotten this far into the season without Playing Anyone    10/16/21  (22)
To aggressive to go on a fake work trip and actually go to Mexico City?    10/16/21  (57)
Cuckservatives ineffective rhetoric exemplified most by use of "woke"    10/16/21  (2)
Look at POTUS line of succession. Biden 25th would solve nothing.    10/16/21  (3)
Better to live one day a poor TEZOS CHAD than 100 years a rich SOL FRAUD    10/16/21  (3)
if you dont have a lover/sidepiece youre doing life wrong    10/16/21  (1)
elites clasp their fists in rage that u still have 100% human DNA & are fertile    10/16/21  (16)
Job interviews are impossible    10/16/21  (122)
most prestigious winter domestic travel locations?    10/16/21  (20)
Russia blackmailed Trump and forced him to make a longshot run for POTUS and win    10/16/21  (174)
David "Say Hey" the "Haymaker" Haye    10/16/21  (1)
Home Alone gets a reboot (trailer)    10/16/21  (44)
There are literally hundreds of videos like this. What’s going on ?    10/16/21  (5)
blows my mind that lib boomers support this insanity    10/16/21  (1)
Biggest Holocaust museum w/out a franchise sandwich shop on premises?    10/16/21  (1)
Dave Chappelle’s Brittle Ego (NYT)    10/16/21  (44)
majority of men in the UK look like someone cut their hair while sleeping    10/16/21  (1)
LaMarcus, where you at?!    10/16/21  (11)
XO 2019: $100 Tezos, $10 Zilliqa    10/16/21  (18)
Saudi Royal Family | Succession(HBO) Opening Theme    10/16/21  (4)
Largest major metropolitan area without a team in all five major sports    10/16/21  (7)
quiz. guess that these numbers are. 43%:96%; 91%:2%.    10/16/21  (4)
Sheepdog Lives Matter    10/16/21  (11)
big gap between critic and audience ratings for Uncle Buck    10/16/21  (2)
Rate Mollie Hemingway as a farter    10/16/21  (1)
When people effusively praise something I’ve done I always think it’s insinc    10/16/21  (1)
Rate the daughter of the boss of the Genovese family    10/16/21  (1)
Going to put in an offer on this house (chandler)    10/16/21  (47)
600 mg of caffeine & i don’t feel a thing    10/16/21  (4)
The Atlantic: Babylon Bee mocks woke liberals and that is NOT OK    10/16/21  (89)
not sure what's more mystifying, lib insanity or anyone normal supporting it    10/16/21  (3)
you can buy anything online these days    10/16/21  (2)
In 20 years they are going to have “Autoadmit” stories like we have MkUltra    10/16/21  (6)
***what advice do you have for a NEW DAD***    10/16/21  (58)
Can this board avoid a massive, in depth investigative journalist outting attemp    10/16/21  (9)
Rents up 17% YoY nationally -- thanks Trump    10/16/21  (1)
Teen Girls Are Developing Tics. Doctors Say TikTok Could Be a Factor.    10/16/21  (2)
how did appeasing "trannies" become one of the top priorities of democrats    10/16/21  (1)
i miss the days when xo had a Black majority    10/16/21  (1)
supply chain & logistics    10/16/21  (1)
🎶 I'm listening to Power Trip, and you can't stop me 🎶    10/16/21  (3)
What is xo theory on why Chappelle special is allowed to remain on Netflix?    10/16/21  (49)
will benzo lose his job if he goes back to jail?    10/16/21  (1)
Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling earbuds are AMAZING    10/16/21  (1)
Remember all “young girls” spam here a few yrs back? That was Feds.    10/16/21  (11)
The Economist is a good publication - why do you all think its a rag?    10/16/21  (3)
Gab full of absolutely INSANE anti-vax propaganda now    10/16/21  (20)
It’s official: Taiwan: dead from vaccine > dead from COVID    10/16/21  (4)
i'm still in love with gym guy    10/16/21  (4)
Why does Gen Z like cutting videos short?    10/16/21  (6)
Shitbag Rittenhouse capped sues city, Reddit attempts to discuss    10/16/21  (5)
Theyve tried to MKULTRA me for years but my mind is just too STRONG    10/16/21  (13)
Anime idea: Gay Grandpa vs. Globohomo Gaijin hivemind    10/16/21  (5)
hello google fi    10/16/21  (2)
Cars and Liberal Arts with OYT: A Podcast    10/16/21  (2)
Breaking Bad - End Times ending part 1    10/16/21  (1)
Stephanopoulos (Clintons' agent) set to interview Christopher Steele    10/16/21  (1)
sad that this dump is the only place i feel connected to people. sad.    10/16/21  (2)
Washington State coach is a hero.    10/16/21  (1)
why are you posting on that website for racist lawyers? i’m worried about you.    10/16/21  (2)
Breaking Bad - "Face Off" Ending    10/16/21  (1)
things were just fine in 1950s before KGB organized "US" "movements"?    10/16/21  (22)
TT, why are turd Women less race-traitorous than azns?    10/16/21  (2)
a group of bald shitlawyers are playing basketball. why?    10/16/21  (1)
what advice do you have for benzo?    10/16/21  (3)
at what age did all of ur hair fall out?    10/16/21  (2)
TT, thoughts on the Sacredness of birdshit Women?    10/16/21  (1)
Los Pollos Hermanos training video with Gus    10/16/21  (2)
This is probably how I get myself killed,    10/16/21  (2)
Taking Qs about CHYNA VIRUS recovery, CFB, etc...(RSF)    10/16/21  (15)
Walter White Meets Gustavo Fring - Breaking Bad    10/16/21  (1)
Wife's 37 year old friend desperately wants to marry    10/16/21  (363)
Gus Exacts His Revenge On Don Eladio | Salud | Breaking Bad    10/16/21  (1)
how do u spell assume?    10/16/21  (3)
Craterface Capital, LLC    10/16/21  (7)
Benzo is a hideous craterfaced goblin that lives under a bridge and eats trash    10/16/21  (9)
People stopped buying American bc they came to loathe Scumbags    10/16/21  (12)
Hooters girls take to TikTok to "protest" new gstring shorts by showing them off    10/16/21  (19)
The law is SACRED!    10/16/21  (29)
Life pro tip: do the opposite of whatever benzo does    10/16/21  (13)
Explaining to new woman that you're used to sleeping naked    10/16/21  (1)
Better Call Saul - Saul Gets Recognized    10/16/21  (5)
Daily Mail Femail How virtual reality porn will change YOUR sex life! From ultra    10/16/21  (1)
Do you know what fear stands for? False Evidence Appearing Real.    10/16/21  (2)
I will never ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself.    10/16/21  (2)
why hasn't the NYT or similar publication done a hit job on this place yet?    10/16/21  (3)
The 1488 Revolution Will Not Be Stopped    10/16/21  (4)
did anyone find benzo’s latest mugshot    10/16/21  (1)
i want to be even more Rich & Powerful haha    10/16/21  (1)
benzo u should finish up ur PhD in jail    10/16/21  (1)
Succession: Opening Credits And Theme Song | HBO    10/16/21  (1)
i believe you're way of your depth in this matter    10/16/21  (1)
how often do u cry?    10/16/21  (2)
See below. Prepare a draft response by Monday. Thanks.    10/16/21  (48)
LMAO the bald lawyer is pretending to send biglaw emails on xo    10/16/21  (3)
is 9:50 AM too early for pepperoni?    10/16/21  (5)
every pepperoni poast is special, don't overthink it    10/16/21  (6)
“Clear eyes, full hearts, pepperoni”    10/16/21  (13)
you're thinking of double pepperoni which is not same as pepperoni lover!!    10/16/21  (13)
Sooooooo... Brian Laundrie got away with it?    10/16/21  (9)
it's horrific what these people have done to this country    10/16/21  (1)
Brian Eno--The Big Ship    10/16/21  (24)
Stories of meeting girl and she much fatter than pics?    10/16/21  (193)
we now have shortages like 1980s Soviet Union    10/16/21  (44)
Hi [opposing counsel]! Attached is my client's motion for sanctions. Thank you!!    10/16/21  (1)
This litigation is winding down yet Plaintiff persists.    10/16/21  (1)
Plaintiff's 7th motion for sanctions & dismissal of counterclaims    10/16/21  (1)
Courts start issuing gag orders to stop people from criticizing vaccine mandates    10/16/21  (6)
Thanks. This helps a lot. Appreciate your time on this. Have a great weekend.    10/16/21  (6)
Women & gays like changing entire personality & preferences for hot guys    10/16/21  (1)
We are going to need all hands on deck tonight. Thanks.    10/16/21  (336)
Buzz Aldrin: “We didn’t go to the moon imho”    10/16/21  (3)
ive been biglaw larping since 2014. what have you been doing?    10/16/21  (1)
Do you have bandwidth? Cost-conscious but good client. Thansk.    10/16/21  (3)
you can follow a salary to the bottom of the ocean    10/16/21  (1)
GC doesn't want you to have kids so they can import cheap indentured servants    10/16/21  (49)
General Dynamics hired four furries. You won't believe what happened next! (huff    10/16/21  (13)
Accidentally butt sexed my hot girlfriend who was hot and knocked her out!    10/16/21  (1)
There’s an albino squirrel in my neighborhood    10/16/21  (1)
so benzo slapped RSF & RSF called the cops?    10/16/21  (1)
Wooded lawns look beautiful in the morning this time of year    10/16/21  (2)
these sick, evil people don't want this country to have a culture    10/16/21  (1)
Rating posters as Luis themed movies for Halloween    10/16/21  (55)
so is Gay Superman a "top" or a "bottom"?    10/16/21  (7)
Libs quivering in rage as I take a Ray Bradbury collection from my shelf    10/16/21  (1)
u have "human rights" only if u give GC utility & submission    10/16/21  (15)
GC *aw-shucksly* acknowledging life is absolute fucking hell now in commercials    10/16/21  (24)
Old ass neighbors handicap spot vacant for three months.    10/16/21  (9)
in the next few years you will be very aware of Kaifeng jews    10/16/21  (1)
Me and RSF have some big things (business) coming in the spring    10/16/21  (5)
Newt Gingrich still owes vendors $4.6 MILLION from his Prez campaign in 2012    10/16/21  (3)
Regarding Your Request for an Update on Unibright (UBT)    10/16/21  (5)
Think my wife is pregnant again. Faint line on pregnancy test    10/16/21  (14)
So “fundamental analysis” is now scanning Twitter for popular stock tips?    10/16/21  (2)

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