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You could have pursued it and had it all    02/07/23  (4)
The 'new Irish' that Ireland is importing seem like great folks:    02/07/23  (13)
Ever have a completely horrible night of sleep for no apparent reason?    02/07/23  (8)
a lot of "based" "blackpilled" posters all seem to agree libs have won forever    02/07/23  (28)
Vindman and the god damn Logan Act    02/07/23  (2)
The creator of ChatGPT is a cute woman    02/07/23  (42)
“i like arrested development”: huge “faggot” tell    02/07/23  (21)
yo bro that all lowercase flippant moniker is hella edgy and based fr no cap    02/07/23  (3)
What the fuck was Biden's rationale for blowing up Nordstream pipeline?    02/07/23  (19)
Guys I have a strange rash/blisters on my Penis    02/07/23  (9)
NIGHTMARE:XO algorithm assigns you the most racist and vile moniker in existence    02/07/23  (7)
i get up around 7. login to teams around 9. and i dont read no client alert ema    02/07/23  (27)
RATE me as a poaster and performance artist (TSINAH)    02/07/23  (5)
TSINAH applying for email girl jobs with the stink of old age, overeducation,    02/07/23  (46)
What has Biden done? Just issue some more free stimulus money    02/07/23  (1)
Lowest unemployment in decades more people living paycheck to paycheck than ever    02/07/23  (32)
so the "IRS" is a money laundering org to clean middle class💰 for Elites?    02/07/23  (13)
Church of England: God is a trannie.    02/07/23  (2)
I met the "Chunky nutritious semen" spammer IRL    02/07/23  (39)
$200 greyhound bus ticket to Hollywood could have had it all    02/07/23  (2)
Hollywood=make belive losers who came in homeless on a greyhound&lucked in    02/07/23  (1)
A sick sick existence 🤧    02/07/23  (4)
why did all these central Asian countries throw “Stan” in their names?    02/07/23  (6)
3 miles 6.9 pace    02/07/23  (21)
ChatGPT discusses AutoAdmit.com    02/07/23  (48)
The War of Ukrainian Expansion was a war between the United States and Russia th    02/07/23  (3)
Board Nazis: What would you do to this Jewish bitch?    02/07/23  (2)
based blackpilled all lowercase moniker poaster tp    02/07/23  (3)
Gin is the most underrated liquor in America    02/07/23  (41)
All fucking make believe    02/07/23  (3)
Reminder this world is make believe do you want reality or delusion?    02/07/23  (1)
My moniker? It's lowercase.    02/07/23  (10)
Wagner mercenaries mutiny and beat commander to death with shovel (vid)    02/07/23  (5)
It's called "the knock-out game" and white people are tired of playing it.    02/07/23  (1)
russia running out of ammo, firing 75% less artillery    02/07/23  (5)
extremely low effort pumo troll tp    02/07/23  (3)
All the strippers in Sopranos have comical 90s fake tits & longbutt    02/07/23  (8)
huge GC mall in Moldova called “MallDova” (link    02/07/23  (5)
Washington Generals up by 9 going into the last media timeout.    02/07/23  (9)
FizzKidd vs. 433 mud wrestling showdown    02/07/23  (32)
Lib "experts" are going after nutritionists who support whole, unprocessed foods    02/07/23  (1)
Maybe the sickest Ukrainian drone grenade video so far - link    02/07/23  (32)
"Why is Russia so poor" asked the lib as the USA defaulted on its debt    02/07/23  (1)
Dems flip both Michigan congressional chambers, first time in 40 yrs    02/07/23  (9)
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, TBF version    02/07/23  (46)
Who was bigger at their peak— Hulk Hogan 1985-1990, or Steve Austin 1997-99?    02/07/23  (68)
liberalism is like obesity - a disease of abundance    02/07/23  (2)
Dead poasters roll call: anon6356, halford, dirte, shortporch, C12, who else    02/07/23  (9)
Pretty proud of my kid today    02/07/23  (104)
Psycho Karen is irate over student loans because her Houston lawyer dad paid her    02/07/23  (4)
Does successor liability matter if corp just changed its nmae?    02/07/23  (2)
Jerry "The King" Lawler suffers stroke    02/07/23  (2)
Overpopulation is making us all poor.    02/07/23  (37)
Archangel tp-- who is this idiot?    02/07/23  (6)
WHY the GAMECUBE is FAILING    02/07/23  (1)
"Someone will reply to this one I just know it" -NSAM making 200th new thread    02/07/23  (1)
going to see this sick 90s lawyer cover band “inter alia ant farm”    02/07/23  (1)
Why doesn't Russia just chill out and become prosperous?    02/07/23  (22)
180 how St Augustine refers to lawyers as the biggest scum in his Confessions    02/07/23  (13)
Why does everyone say Russia had ammo today?    02/07/23  (5)
Most shocking WWF / WWE championship wins in history?    02/07/23  (33)
Gen Z barista told me she "lowkey fucks with" their flat white    02/07/23  (1)
Most Golden of Bears widow (Kirkland Ellis suicide) remarried an ASIAN today    02/07/23  (8)
Anyone have any contacts in Posse Comatatus? Phineas Priests? Aryan Nations?    02/07/23  (5)
TSLA sub $100 waiting room    02/07/23  (50)
went to a cruising park to get a blowjob just now    02/07/23  (21)
TV Pitch: Like Friends, but everyone is ugly and lives in the Bronx.    02/07/23  (2)
Ukrainecucks: shoot bombs at ammo dumps and a bridge; Russia: bombs enemy troops    02/07/23  (2)
Why did Ukrainecucks stop claiming Russia's ammo stocks were depleted?    02/07/23  (4)
UKR now routinely blowing out IFVs with drone grenades    02/07/23  (1)
A woman without kids by 35 has failed at life no matter any other accompljshment    02/07/23  (97)
lol DBG is paying Jewish sluts on OnlyFans 100s of $$ for pix & charging it back    02/07/23  (1)
RATE this wholesome cartoon on Disney Plus aimed at your children    02/07/23  (19)
Rate my Warhammer 40k army (zurich)    02/07/23  (16)
David Lynch has 4 children separated by 44 years    02/07/23  (1)
NYT: We used Ukraine to test our weapons against Russia. They failed the test    02/07/23  (31)
ChatGPT discusses the IFNB    02/07/23  (18)
Actual Thoughtful Moderate Answering Qs    02/07/23  (33)
tuesdays on xo is wild dystopian fanfare. yall are NUTS    02/07/23  (1)
this place isn't even that "dissident"    02/07/23  (14)
Guess who's wearing panties right now    02/07/23  (45)
area man inflicts plague of feral cats on his neighbors:    02/07/23  (5)
Weird how at the Grammys all the whites were sloppy queer Stan worshippers and    02/07/23  (8)
Unspoken truth: the Red Hot Chili Peppers fucking suck    02/07/23  (57)
yeah dude I live at home and watch my parents' Netflix account, super based    02/07/23  (1)
"China flew balloons over America under Trump. We're telling you about it now" (    02/07/23  (4)
this place sucks ass    02/07/23  (2)
I'm a persecuted dissident *collects SSDI*    02/07/23  (24)
JEWS ROCK    02/07/23  (12)
dates are 180. just got these coconut covered dates,    02/07/23  (1)
Lawyers are scum but then choose to wear 👗 dress & then u call them honorable    02/07/23  (3)
Do people really have test anxiety?    02/07/23  (8)
Please come ITT and rate this Doodikoff vocaroo    02/07/23  (42)
So a vile scum lawyer can choose to wear dress be called honorable treat as sain    02/07/23  (1)
what are you guys doing with your 401gays? just 100% in S&P or what    02/07/23  (4)
Boomers sit on 400lb ass after robbing u of any opportunity! Tell u "get a job"    02/07/23  (3)
Sunday is awful on xo wow    02/07/23  (11)
Guess which state is covered by highest % of forest    02/07/23  (39)
I put 1k on Trae Young over 40 pts/rebs/assists today vs Pelicans    02/07/23  (1)
“.. it actually means 'light-bringer' in the original Latin, oh hey who just j    02/07/23  (5)
The U.S. literally has no value..doesn't make anything.people aren't having kids    02/07/23  (19)
POPCORNERS YO    02/07/23  (3)
a Challenge for DBG - please accept    02/07/23  (8)
Rate this international border    02/07/23  (10)
what are we doing for luis for valentine’s day?    02/07/23  (5)
Shakespeare was constantly writing a ridiculously convoluted internal monologue    02/07/23  (2)
Why does research boner/angry merchant go back to rehab?    02/07/23  (1)
why isn't the cockatrice moar feared as a mythological beast?    02/07/23  (2)
What are you doing for Valentine's Day on Friday?    02/07/23  (2)
Shrew gf: short, squatty. 2nd cousin: short shorts, squatting    02/07/23  (5)
lib pumos appear like whack a moles to repeat shareblue points    02/07/23  (1)
There are still people who think the Stratford man wrote Shakespeare LJL    02/07/23  (18)
Breaking: HIMARS didn't do shit    02/07/23  (4)
This country was complete garbage until about mid-September 2001    02/07/23  (1)
With AI, don’t Learn to Code, Learn to Read Philosophy    02/07/23  (3)
dude no one is forcing anyone    02/07/23  (4)
Any way to make your ass NOT smell like shit at night?    02/07/23  (46)
This board was complete garbage until about mid-2015    02/07/23  (37)
A real plague more cr than "covid" fraud?    02/07/23  (2)
Chicks with Dicks stage insurrection at Oklahoma City statehouse    02/07/23  (8)
FINAL cost of HELLOSIR's repairing ROT on Boat: $4,545    02/07/23  (19)
Europeans invented ChatGPT because azns don't have internal monologue    02/07/23  (1)
XO keeps saying it's all over why don't you do something?    02/07/23  (1)
So Fats get to look like me, a thin, w/ Wegovy/Ozempic? Total BS.    02/07/23  (22)
Terminator 2: summary judgment day    02/07/23  (6)
Stanford professor: if Russia wins people might forget that they were losing    02/07/23  (6)
WASP GF: The Hamptons are crude / Shrew GF: Family of jews who act rude    02/07/23  (20)
TBF, Consuela, Ricky, FLW, Hegemon - all jewish sadly    02/07/23  (33)
"NYC planning Height Mandates for All Dating App Users" (NY Mag)    02/07/23  (5)
Lot of really stupid fucking people in this world    02/07/23  (1)
37 year balding lawyer asking frumpy wife, "Did the Squatty Potty come today?"    02/07/23  (8)
Man kills family: A heinous monster! Woman: it was post-partum depression! Anxie    02/07/23  (2)
Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhh oohhhhhh zeemmmmpikkk yaaaa knowwwww    02/07/23  (2)
Setting up whiskey snifter and whiskey set in office    02/07/23  (4)
Even Nebraska Furniture Mart is annoying trash    02/07/23  (1)
Biglaw boss puts feet on 2 associates heads for squatty potty    02/07/23  (2)
"Just one more line before lunch. Are you familiar with squatty potty, Sir?"    02/07/23  (2)
Testing your new Airpods ambient mode as bus slams into you    02/07/23  (1)
In 1997, the WWF ran a "gang wars" storyline: black power gang vs. white bikers    02/07/23  (2)
Sending shit piles of "Joe's BBQ" to Arizona ljl    02/07/23  (4)
Millenials have squatty potties, we had Mr. T. I pity these fool    02/07/23  (2)
Hey Umtainecucks, sorry Soledar was the most decisive battle in the entire war    02/07/23  (3)
Mom got me a Squatty Potty for Christmas. Are these things legit or flame?    02/07/23  (27)
Squatty Guatty sat on the wall. Squatty Guatty had a great fall.    02/07/23  (2)
Doobs creating custom ‘Squatty Potty’ for TMF    02/07/23  (18)
What will the final quake death toll be?    02/07/23  (1)
Why does everyone hate the Chiefs and their fans now?    02/07/23  (1)
ChatGPT write a NIN "Hurt" parody about Doodikoff's main shitting throne    02/07/23  (1)
So multiple Chinese Spy Balloons crossed US Soil during Trump years, nobody care    02/07/23  (65)

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