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Loury & McWhorter went there: "Derek Chauvin Did Not Murder George Floyd"    12/07/23  (3)
Any scholarship on the racial breakdown of targeting calls in college football?    12/07/23  (3)
Wiki List of animals who died in WTC: 22 dogs, 2 tarantulas, 1 gibbon, wtf    12/07/23  (4)
New Order + Pet Shop Boys - Gayest bands of all time?    12/07/23  (96)
I got picked up during sex!!!!!!    12/07/23  (75)
Why are there so many of types of pasta? It’s literally the Same Grain    12/07/23  (6)
xo stoner optional rollcall    12/07/23  (5)
to the idiot driving around Gaza blasting Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike    12/07/23  (11)
Man pays woman $100k to mock/defame/threaten his small penis    12/07/23  (4)
47% Of College Kids Able To Name WHICH River & WHICH Sea    12/07/23  (1)
My dick is literally 4 inches long    12/07/23  (40)
December is fucking my ass. Way too many deals that have to close this month FMA    12/07/23  (3)
Going to buy a mid-size SUV this year. What do you guys recommend?    12/07/23  (20)
What if purgatory is having to read nothing but nyuug threads all day?    12/07/23  (6)
Obama pinning back afro: "meeting in 10, keep that dick up"    12/07/23  (1)
Xo alcoholic roll call    12/07/23  (96)
You've heard of SPH - how about Oafish Dick Mocking (ODM)?    12/07/23  (10)
Radiohead fucking sucks    12/07/23  (100)
does the legal profession ever love you back    12/07/23  (7)
Restaurants used to be a place you could take family, now over priced fraud    12/07/23  (22)
Mrs. Met getting DP'd by A-Rod and Jeter    12/07/23  (1)
Why are there so many car brands? they are literally all the same machine    12/07/23  (1)
I hate people who get everything in life and don't realise it.    12/07/23  (27)
What's really going on in the Ivies    12/07/23  (4)
Asian pumo gets small penis support from gay law bort    12/07/23  (3)
Nikki: "Nikki Haley: “Every 30 minutes of TikTok makes you 17% more antisemiti    12/07/23  (3)
Cons, your response?    12/07/23  (4)
Lawyer singing "I ain't here for a good time, I'm here for a long time"    12/07/23  (2)
Eminem - Stan but it's about Disco Fries and CSLG    12/07/23  (3)
amazing the stuff that happened during the george floyd era    12/07/23  (1)
Jen Psaki saying "you can do more" while you go down on her    12/07/23  (25)
Wtf were boom and disco doing up mega poasting at 4 am    12/07/23  (1)
Randy Newman - I Love Ukraine.mp3    12/07/23  (7)
I’m surprised more consumers don’t geo arbitrage digital subscriptions    12/07/23  (5)
At Art Basel this week. Number of cockcages & key holders is wild    12/07/23  (3)
Rate this PHOTO of Gorgeous XO Vivek with TTT Whore Nikki    12/07/23  (2)
Bidenomics is rooted in the simple idea that we need to grow the economy from    12/07/23  (4)
is "Chet" a chad name    12/07/23  (10)
Pet Shop Boys - Doobsian Dancing.mp3    12/07/23  (1)
You're trapped in a room as a mass shooter rampages    12/07/23  (48)
What's the deal with lawyers who are REALLY in to being lawyers?    12/07/23  (5)
xo Elsie Stefanik wants to silence your hate speech re: Jews    12/07/23  (5)
NIKKI = CORRUPT    12/07/23  (7)
Friend told me his daughter went to a 'Twerky Turkey' assembly at school    12/07/23  (26)
ITT we list shameless consoomer GC products that make us feel ALIVE    12/07/23  (17)
aftermath of a Tungsten steel party on Russian troops (video)    12/07/23  (15)
Halford tagging your son in the 'Fit In The Trunk Challenge' on TikTok    12/07/23  (1)
Western "Women" have been told a bunch of Kike GARBAGE, they believe it    12/07/23  (5)
Caleb Hammer financially audits a tranny.    12/07/23  (14)
*White House phone rings at 4AM* *Trump answers w/ VP Vivek's tongue up his ass*    12/07/23  (5)
dun dun dun nu na BILLING IN THE NAME OF    12/07/23  (150)
lol @ the hysterical screeching about how bad a Trump presidency would be    12/07/23  (11)
What's definitive explanation for why there's so much support for Palestine?    12/07/23  (140)
8 am time to clock in and get that chedda fellow billas lets GOOOOO    12/07/23  (1)
Will lots of Millennials start getting Alzheimer's in late middle age?    12/07/23  (25)
Is bankruptcy easy/profitable?    12/07/23  (4)
good morning    12/07/23  (11)
Internet Lawyer here, taking Q's    12/07/23  (1)
McDonalds to launch Italian dining chain, "D'Onaldi's", in 6 cities    12/07/23  (23)
why did pop culture music movies etc fall off a cliff around 10 years ago    12/07/23  (34)
What would be the neocon national anthem?    12/07/23  (2)
Disco do you wear a fraud "ring" after the whore asked u to alter ur body?    12/07/23  (4)
Blame other$! But its your own retarded fault :( how SAD    12/07/23  (3)
30 years ago would this chick be considered obese? Every american woman looks    12/07/23  (17)
Something's REAL fishy about the nyuug situation; looks like he moonlights    12/07/23  (130)
Put in 11.9 hours (excluding emails and calls) of hardcore lawyering today.    12/07/23  (12)
WMD, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Lusitania, USS Maine    12/07/23  (22)
Good morning, Nigs! It's pep for bfest    12/07/23  (3)
I love it when you call me Big Pajeetshit    12/07/23  (2)
calling every family member to go on long winded diatribe abt why they're a n-wo    12/07/23  (2)
“make them twice as gay and four times as retarded.” *BMW 7 series designer*    12/07/23  (1)
Trump: DeSantis to blame for FSU being out of playoff.    12/07/23  (26)
You’re old! Everyone who was your age on Pearl Harbor Day is now dead!    12/07/23  (8)
The music of Phil Collins & Genesis hold up extremely well    12/07/23  (64)
credit where it is due - female cop manhandles dude, saves her life (video)    12/07/23  (8)
Niggerthreading of 2022, a thing of the past. Onward to niggerthreading of 2023!    12/07/23  (12)
Lol at 24 days left in "2023" in fraud amerikkka    12/07/23  (1)
Fags    12/07/23  (5)
AI answers: IS TAYLOR SWIFT A HOBBY OR A LIFESTYLE?    12/07/23  (2)
Democrats agree: Nikki Haley sucks off kikes like nbd    12/07/23  (1)
just gift a surveillance robot with AI assisted night vision tp    12/07/23  (4)
wait, Steve Urkel is president of Harvard now?!    12/07/23  (9)
When was the last time you actually enjoyed yourself on Christmas?    12/07/23  (23)
I'm going to move to some regional town if my wife can't get pregnant.    12/07/23  (2)
Shot Clock BREAKS in Cairns Taipans Sydney Kings game. Playing with no clock now    12/07/23  (5)
boor after hair transplant looks like Ilya Sutskever    12/07/23  (8)
Pallywood, "According to Palestinian Sources…” (link)    12/07/23  (1)
watch this filthy muslim slowly choking to death on his own blood (clip)    12/07/23  (4)
watch this muslim subhuman with his guts literally hanging out (clip)    12/07/23  (3)
watch these filthy arabs whining like little girls after being captured (clip)    12/07/23  (4)
Compilation footage of a LOT of dead filthy muslim "Palestinians" (NSFW)    12/07/23  (1)
Today is D day December 7th 1941    12/07/23  (3)
Is King's Landing's nightlife back?    12/07/23  (2)
Biden Says ‘I’m Not Sure I’d Be Running’ if Not for Trump (NYT)    12/07/23  (3)
Disco my friend I don't care for thin women feel like thin people are sickly    12/07/23  (3)
Bryan Ferry or David Bowie or Brian Eno? Who wins    12/07/23  (4)
Enjoy your fraud pagan christma$ "holiday" while $ucking Jew cock    12/07/23  (1)
Democrats agree: Nikki Haley won the debate    12/07/23  (14)
Jacksonville Jaguars employee Amit "Alpha" Patel steals $22 million from team    12/07/23  (16)
Do u remember this interview?    12/07/23  (10)
Women who dont want children - fundamentally broken?    12/07/23  (15)
"Christmas" is a motherfucking pagan "holiday" ljl    12/07/23  (1)
and furthermore, your wife is a stupid slut who can get fucked    12/07/23  (3)
Buying anything for cyber Thursday tomorrow    12/07/23  (6)
Alleged UNLV shooter is an Italian-American Boomer    12/07/23  (8)
*pushes Bbooom in a wheelchair off a 9th story balcony, ends his misery*    12/07/23  (113)
What is the most money you have wasted on something and what was it?    12/07/23  (59)
You're all so stupid and or retarded/brainwashed or flat out lying fuck off    12/07/23  (10)
   12/07/23  (1)
Going to 1770 this weekend. Hoping I don't fw any stronefish in the waters.    12/07/23  (1)
Who was the most evil serial killer?    12/07/23  (31)
<>bald broke no dope no whores<> Still talking non stop shit, the Bboom story    12/07/23  (1)
The real reason the education system has gone down the toilet    12/07/23  (11)
Talk all u want but you'll be kissing ass for scraps in a few hours    12/07/23  (1)
10 states now allow same-sex marriage. 10 allow civil unions.    12/07/23  (7)
im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay im gay    12/07/23  (2)
Terry from Reno 911 roller skating up to your 4 am thread    12/07/23  (5)
Ukrainemo, but part of me is looking forward to seeing these Republican congress    12/07/23  (37)
have you guys seen IM THINKING OF ENDING THINGS?    12/07/23  (22)
I dress and act like Terry from Reno 911    12/07/23  (10)
What will GOP run on in 2024?    12/07/23  (4)
AI analyzes Psycho Karen    12/07/23  (1)
Chuck Schumer: Massie, take this tweet down    12/07/23  (1)
To see what Americas colleges will look like in 2024, look at South Africa today    12/07/23  (6)
Chat GPT PWNS nyuug in lengthy screed, not flame    12/07/23  (105)
Here's where nyuug filmed the Porsche videos    12/07/23  (128)
Jews and boomer$ double teaming all ur orfices for scraps    12/07/23  (1)
RATE this high-IQ muslim burning an Israeli flag    12/07/23  (1)
Keeping sucking Jew cawk for scraps u stupid hating retarded fag$    12/07/23  (1)
ITT: We predict what ARE COUNTRY will be like in 2024    12/07/23  (11)
Just a bunch of pussy ass little pussy conforming weak ass bitches    12/07/23  (3)
Christmas is a fucking pagan holiday u fucking sucker tards    12/07/23  (1)
In 2024 your daughter will beg to see the MtF Disney Princess    12/07/23  (7)
I would love to see a debate between XO VIVEK and XO KAREN    12/07/23  (1)
Another fucking fraud day gone fuck 2023 fuck Jews fuck Xmas H and december    12/07/23  (1)
Thoughtful Moderate Here: Fuck Israel    12/07/23  (3)
"There's fucking 3 mystery meats on this stage with me" (XO Vivek)    12/07/23  (1)
“Chat, is she mystery meat?” (Vivek)    12/07/23  (2)
Why have you given up "i've given up" tp    12/07/23  (2)
Video of Palestinians drowning in tunnels flooded by Israel    12/07/23  (9)
XO VIVEK: Free Speech is Important, except if its Pro-Palestine student groups    12/07/23  (1)
Ron DeSantis is very normal and likable and for certain not a robot    12/07/23  (1)
Yankees acquire Ohtani and Trout in blockbuster trade    12/07/23  (2)
Rate Vivek’s debate notes    12/07/23  (9)
WAIT, RFK Jr. is married to Larry David's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm?    12/07/23  (3)
What's wrong, Nikki? You embarrassed. Your real name is Priya and u live at home    12/07/23  (1)
Vivek Ramaswamy and TT's schtick are converging into one entity    12/07/23  (7)
Let's discuss shitcoins to invest in for upcoming cycle    12/07/23  (12)
Vivek is a real one for not white washing his name like Nikki    12/07/23  (17)

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