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2016 P&L - Made 783K solo last year (Calishitlawguru returns)    01/18/17  (169)
Blond hair map of europe (pic)    01/20/17  (131)
Federal government spends $7 BILLION per year buying SODA for welfare nigs    01/15/17  (103)
Russia was the most depressing county i've ever visited    01/17/17  (98)
several well known megapoasters have been brutally raped by My Posting Career    01/16/17  (71)
I quit my job during a meeting with senior management    01/19/17  (70)
Saudi Arabia has accepted zero Syrian refugees since 2011    01/20/17  (69)
holy shit the alt-right is fucking blowing up right now    01/16/17  (61)
Why do white ppl call their own children "buddy", "pal", "bud", "    01/19/17  (61)
dorks and betas of XO, describe your meager "alpha" moments.    01/20/17  (57)
Why isnt everyone in biglaw retired by 35?    01/19/17  (56)
Know a couple Oxford grads, not that impressive. Why is this place "prestigious"    01/19/17  (55)
poast a pic of the hottest girl body type in the world    01/19/17  (55)
I never realized at the time that 80s portrayal of "nerds" in movies was Jews    01/16/17  (51)
Coaching my sons WINNING sports team has given me new lease on life    01/18/17  (48)
How cr is to rent office space and live in it ?    01/18/17  (48)
Nobody is hyped for the NFL playoffs kinda sad    01/20/17  (42)
Women just want their feelings validated    01/20/17  (42)
Is it weird I find Arab women the most attractive women?    01/17/17  (42)
Why do shrews not understand - men want women in their teens    01/19/17  (36)
Guys I have no options once I graduate. Hoping for a tragic and "untimely" death    01/20/17  (34)
is 300k in retirement at 35 enough?    01/17/17  (32)
people on My Posting Career are talking about your threads right now    01/15/17  (32)
not flame i found tiny crabs living in the oysters i've been eating all day (pic    01/15/17  (32)
What's a good proxy for "short" in interview evaluations?    01/20/17  (30)
This needs to be totally redone. Please call ASAP.    01/20/17  (30)
Is this girls' bikini too small? (Pic)    01/20/17  (30)
Fucked up how people sexually harass twentynine on here    01/18/17  (30)
uga law is so fun i don't even mind being unemployed not flame    01/14/17  (30)
Tech billionaire is building a real life recreation of first super mario level (    01/20/17  (29)
evan39 you coming over to watch the Seahawks game? I got wings and a half rack    01/14/17  (29)
You have a new email with subject "Where are we on this??"    01/18/17  (28)
Rate this 15yo high school freshman with big, voluptuous tits    01/15/17  (28)
explain how people get into feuds on autoadmit    01/20/17  (27)
"Richard, 'the Jews are at our throats' is not an excuse. Go clean your room."    01/19/17  (26)
credited alternative to American Apparel for white tees ?    01/15/17  (26)
Anyone else take off all their clothes before shitting?    01/20/17  (24)
2nd cousin texting you "my butt can't get pregnant ;)" as you're in delivery roo    01/19/17  (24)
Shrew in her 30s eloquently summarizes why her cohort is miserable    01/17/17  (24)
RANK the following 5 cities in Los Angeles    01/16/17  (24)
Is this 18yo teen your type? SFW    01/18/17  (24)
Harrison Barnes crushes minorities attempting to succeed in biglaw    01/17/17  (23)
Real talk: Pete Rose might not be worthy of the HOF even on the merits    01/18/17  (22)
Now that I make 200k & loans are paid off I can afford to have an autistic baby    01/17/17  (21)
Harrison Barnes on the State of the Litigation Market in 2017    01/14/17  (21)
Real Talk: "forgotten" Americans = dumb, lazy, unadaptable, prole white people    01/20/17  (20)
I started ME1 last Wednesday. Completed ME2 and ME3 today with that char today.    01/18/17  (20)
Lobbying: good path to $$?    01/17/17  (20)
law school is so fucking 180 it's crazy. worth it at any price. honestly    01/14/17  (19)
Serious ?: If u had to bet, do you think Trump will ever release tax returns?    01/20/17  (18)
cliffs on the "alt right" thing?    01/17/17  (18)
How mad are libs in California? Oh they mad    01/20/17  (17)
Videos like this are so incredibly toxic for women lol    01/18/17  (17)
optimal amount to save for college?    01/18/17  (17)
chilmata have you seen this (pic)    01/15/17  (17)
Ana Kasparian looks old as fuck with her new blond hair & nose job    01/19/17  (16)
Rate the following 5 neighborhoods in Orange County    01/18/17  (16)
Has anyone here QUIT SUGAR?    01/17/17  (16)
"Love" my wife but would probably leave her for my 1st love    01/16/17  (16)
Why don't we just support Taiwan? China is weak as fuck    01/16/17  (15)
ARTICLE: Few Asian-Americans hold top legal jobs, new study says    01/17/17  (15)
Can earl even afford real estate in Century City?    01/14/17  (15)
The Ainu of northern Japan were Finnic whites    01/19/17  (14)
Evan39 portland was crippled for over a week from 9 inches of snow. Libs are    01/18/17  (14)
Why are ppl in management so uptight/dumber than business owners?    01/18/17  (14)
ur williams gf blowing a townie at the Red Herring    01/15/17  (14)
Rate this white girls weight gain in one year SFW    01/15/17  (14)
Just had 4 shots of espresso get ready for hundreds of bad threads from me today    01/19/17  (13)
once google's data gets totally hacked we're all completely fucked right    01/18/17  (13)
POLL: better burgers, Carl's Jr., Jack in the Box, Burger King    01/17/17  (13)
I'm going to trick Azn HR cunt into meeting my parents    01/18/17  (13)
Help me be ok with going to northwestern for law school    01/16/17  (13)
Do you have work tomorrow?    01/15/17  (13)
Girl sat on my shoulders and got pussy slime on my neck    01/15/17  (13)
Ever had a woman view you as a complete non-sexual entity? Like changing in    01/14/17  (13)
Tracy Ann Pickerill, age 43, of Denver, Colorado deserves rape..    01/20/17  (12)
Once I fucked a girl who watched me beat up her dad. Women are fucked up    01/18/17  (12)
When I was a kid I'd order stuff from mail order catologs and not pay    01/18/17  (12)
POLL: do ur parents live in a predominately white town/city???    01/15/17  (12)
Do all litigators just block bill like 8+ hours a day?    01/18/17  (11)
College kid w/ offers from Google, Apple, Facebook shares tips    01/17/17  (11)
co watches a lot of bad TV like Westworld, GOT, Black Mirror, yet everyone is    01/16/17  (11)
anyone here have sleep apnea? describe    01/15/17  (11)
Millennials earn 20% less than Boomers did at same stage of life    01/14/17  (11)
Anyone who thinks ANY other Trump girl is hotter than Ivanka is a traitor    01/20/17  (10)
Why do women post pics of their friends pissing and shitting to social media?    01/19/17  (10)
Why are Libs so fond of "Open Letters" - why not just make the argument?    01/18/17  (10)
Smug Former Obama Staffers Launch "Crooked Media"    01/18/17  (10)
Spack gave me a seizure-inducing anal orgasm in a Blockbuster bathroom ca. 2004    01/17/17  (10)
I'm glad every time a "celeb" dies    01/17/17  (10)
POLL: would u live in North Tustin, CA    01/16/17  (10)
Rate these HS cheerleaders airing out their slimeholes (pic    01/16/17  (10)
People who major in philosophy are pretty damn smart    01/15/17  (10)
Women are attracted to evil    01/14/17  (10)
NY bar member on my FB poasts on anarchist pages advocating violence    01/20/17  (9)
"Subsidized the armies of other countries" AKA ISRAEL    01/20/17  (9)
Real talk: I'm kind of just making up my billable hours    01/19/17  (9)
lol: kid flies a drone into girls high school locker room (vid)    01/18/17  (9)
Rate my full body splits    01/17/17  (9)
Day 17 of No-drink; Made it through the big weekend ski trip    01/18/17  (9)
Why does Trump get a free pass for saying America isn't already "Great"?    01/19/17  (8)
ITT: Liberal Shame List - all libs who haven't said they're skipping inauguratio    01/18/17  (8)
Oh gimme the meat boys, and gape my hole, I wanna get POZ'd in my faggothole    01/18/17  (8)
Jews pulled a huge scam leading up to the 2008 market crash    01/17/17  (8)
Is it weird I like to watch Hijab porn?    01/17/17  (8)
Slipped up bros. Called her the "c word" in a meeting. Think I'm getting fired    01/16/17  (8)
Lol at dumbass crows flying around looking for food    01/16/17  (8)
will obama ever be held accountable for decimating the dem party?    01/20/17  (7)
evan39 do you remember your first "news article" post    01/19/17  (7)
World Record in the Marathon averages a 4:41 mile...WTF    01/19/17  (7)
Hmm nobody bumped it maybe they didn't get it I'll bump it once just in case    01/19/17  (7)
"And thats when I leveraged our content to engage our followers on social media"    01/19/17  (7)
Many people are opting out of global capitalism and living off the grid paying 0    01/19/17  (7)
little known fact--reflecting dude in Reflektor video is Of Counsel @ Hogan Love    01/19/17  (7)
Rate this paragraph from WaPo article saying term "fake news" is not okay    01/17/17  (7)
The solution to the ennui created by modern toxic life is sex with hot young men    01/17/17  (7)
Why do business owners retire really old?    01/17/17  (7)
Ferris Bueller was a short ugly geek no way he had a hot gf    01/15/17  (7)
White, thin high school girls with soft hair wearing yoga pants & addidas shoes    01/14/17  (7)
"you may now kiss the bride" *dozens of truckers smack Golden Tee trackballs*    01/20/17  (6)
Old Robert Stack episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are coming to Amazon Prime soon    01/20/17  (6)
Is Boston the worst city in America?    01/20/17  (6)
xo poster tell: you can spell "kaczynski" without looking it up.    01/19/17  (6)
Lol libs weather forecast to says 76 and sunny in DC tomorrow    01/19/17  (6)
Is a 3.69 good enough for 1L BIGLAW?    01/19/17  (6)
Libs really think they make up the "intelligentsia"    01/19/17  (6)
what's the average IQ of kids of elite STEM profs?    01/19/17  (6)
the board is a goddamn graveyard every moniker is "[famous poaster] (retired)"    01/18/17  (6)
Neighbors house was flooding so I shoveled and chipped ice off their storm drain    01/18/17  (6)
Women on social media act like a cargo cult. Searching for happiness.    01/18/17  (6)
big rigs honking from church parking lot when Doobs says I do at wedding    01/18/17  (6)
The the German economist calling time on global capitalism (180 read)    01/16/17  (6)
started poasting pretty moderate articles on fb as test, WTF, libs are mentally    01/16/17  (6)
paternity fraud is one of the cruelest things imaginable    01/15/17  (6)
Why do parents let their dotters post these pics on insta?    01/15/17  (6)
Just gonna post weird gay faggot shit all day I guess    01/14/17  (6)
High school cheerleader mauled to death by 2 pitbulls (video) NSFW    01/14/17  (6)
Dr David Duke weighs in on Trump's speech 01-20-2017    01/20/17  (5)
Biden is really the one who is going to stack paper now that this is done    01/20/17  (5)
"When you open your heart to patriotism, their is no room for prejudice"    01/20/17  (5)
GOD BLESS AMERICA    01/20/17  (5)
Your last chance to call Obama a Nigger in office. Cherish this moment.    01/20/17  (5)
How long do you think it will take to revise these estoppels? I told the client    01/20/17  (5)
why is the default lib argument always "oh, that's just a strawman"    01/19/17  (5)
Cut bloggers into pieces, spics we will deport. Suffocation, no breathing    01/19/17  (5)
Libs looking back would you say tranny bathrooms and black violence was a good    01/19/17  (5)
Rate this murderous shrew    01/18/17  (5)
Girls HS volleyball team suspended for twerking celebrations during match (link    01/17/17  (5)
There is so much hot young cock out there for the taking. I'm swimming in dick.    01/18/17  (5)