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The Bill Nye "sex junk" video is getting roasted on youtube. 500 likes 37k disli    04/26/17  (144)
Iranian guy calls out the Jew in City Council meeting in CA    04/29/17  (91)
Never tell an overweight female friend that losing weight will help dating prosp    04/26/17  (85)
Real talk, Jews are literally destroying America    04/29/17  (73)
Rate this Texas inmate who was executed    04/25/17  (70)
Almost all Jewish men want to marry non-Jewish women    04/25/17  (59)
Harrison Barnes Rolls Out Another Bizarre Rant    04/28/17  (55)
POLL: u feel we should deport illegals who've been here for 20+ years. are    04/28/17  (54)
Fiveten is back tonight, drunk, and taking questions    04/27/17  (53)
Did Donald Trump really say "I thought this would be easier"? Or Fake News?    04/28/17  (52)
Hot mormon teen gets engaged to average looking dork (link)    04/24/17  (52)
Would you sodomize this vulnerable teen runaway? (Pic)    04/23/17  (50)
Protester arrested for wearing a mask at Berkeley    04/28/17  (47)
Why is Drake so popular?    04/27/17  (47)
Tiffany Trump Apparently Planning on Law School    04/27/17  (47)
Criminal Justice -- Why do we care about criminals so much?    04/23/17  (44)
law is an inherently middle class profession    04/23/17  (44)
Cant stop spending MONEY. Fuck my ass.    04/27/17  (43)
HAHAURFUCKED, if you're out there, i promise you'll love this article    04/26/17  (40)
MFH really got to me today.    04/23/17  (38)
What should people with preexisting conditions do under trumpcare    04/28/17  (37)
Who says dead lifts are useless? 30 foot tree fell across my driveway    04/25/17  (34)
dude pals should I have gone to med school?    04/24/17  (34)
twentynine, have you ever practiced "facesitting"?    04/22/17  (33)
ITT: I poast a pic of my TREN and STEROID collection    04/27/17  (30)
Time to pair up with your summertime xo boyfriend    04/25/17  (30)
Bill Nye "blinded with science" after muslim acid attack (link)    04/26/17  (29)
Can someone explain why lawyers here say making partner = breakfast    04/29/17  (26)
Women literally wear small diapers for their vag holes    04/23/17  (26)
imagine if dems dropped the SJW and identity politics    04/26/17  (25)
Rate this cute Blonde Stanford undergrad that was "raped"    04/27/17  (24)
Are Italians the perfect storm of IQ and criminality?    04/22/17  (23)
This is the saddest thing I have ever seen. Want to killself (link)    04/24/17  (22)
Which are the next law schools to fall?    04/23/17  (22)
LA city council candidate busted for n-threading:    04/28/17  (21)
POLL: where would you rather live, Huntington Beach or San Francisco    04/29/17  (20)
Your use of "lickety split" was inappropriate for client communication. See me.    04/25/17  (20)
What kind of person graduates with a 3.9+ GPA at a competitive college?    04/23/17  (20)
Was on an east coast college campus today. Almost every chick was fat.    04/27/17  (19)
2000 NLDS, Game 1: Rick Ankiel suddenly and forever loses his ability to pitch    04/25/17  (19)
I miss playing baseball. Little league was 180    04/24/17  (19)
Why do xo poasters here obsess over San Diego?    04/24/17  (19)
Government now relying on Law Firms to recover student loans    04/28/17  (18)
"Native Americans used every part of the Buffalo" = bullshit flame    04/27/17  (17)
holy shit CONLAW just FUCKED MY ASS    04/28/17  (16)
How does buzzing in on Jeopardy work?    04/25/17  (16)
LAWYERS: What is the best way to take advantage of LAW SCHOOL?    04/23/17  (16)
So Rhode Island is just a suburb of Boston?    04/24/17  (16)
U. Michigan offers 120 Jewish courses - twice as many as Brandeis    04/29/17  (15)
Can't believe Dr. Melfi didn't tell Tony about the rape    04/28/17  (15)
Hypo: $100k to fly coast to coast in a Cessna with an MD    04/27/17  (15)
Thinking about taking helicopter lessons. Can get commercial license for 35k    04/26/17  (15)
BEST Paintings = Hudson River School    04/25/17  (14)
Got a hamburger, small fries, and a water at mcdonalds. $13    04/26/17  (13)
Eric Clanton, Professor at Diablo Valley College, is a huge faggot    04/23/17  (13)
Ljl GOP shelving health bill    04/28/17  (12)
Cot Damn. Titties is out in MFN    04/28/17  (12)
All these ESPN retards "bought in" to the ESPN lifestyle. Still got canned with    04/27/17  (12)
"Thanks for your help, but I wish you had shown more ownership."    04/27/17  (12)
So (((GC))) forces you to buy things to get good Credit Report?    04/25/17  (12)
LSAT Challenge - Explain why the wrong choices are wrong    04/23/17  (12)
If Mike Trout died tomorrow would he be a Hall of Famer?    04/27/17  (11)
Real estate lawyers: can landlord evict tenant with disabilities via Ellis Act    04/27/17  (11)
Is Hastings Law good?    04/26/17  (11)
SOTOMAYOR, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which GINSBURG, BREYER,    04/25/17  (11)
cr to cut down to 135 lbs and become cage fighter?    04/25/17  (11)
Silly work arg: Is Kim Kardashian talented?    04/24/17  (11)
Elon Musk is dating Amber Heard (pics)    04/24/17  (11)
tremendous props to sam harris for having charles murray on.    04/24/17  (11)
Who watches all these garbage shows on HBO and Showtime?    04/24/17  (11)
think this site has reached the point where any life advice given is NOT cr    04/24/17  (11)
Would you fuck this midget? (SFW)    04/25/17  (10)
Are there ANY prominent banks/financial firms NOT founded by Jews?    04/24/17  (10)
Does anyone here who makes a decent wage give a shit about this "ETH" crap    04/27/17  (9)
People that constantly complain about the NYC Subways...    04/27/17  (9)
Tinder date ordered "dogs of corn" at dinner    04/27/17  (9)
At work, 3 stalls, side 2 are you drop a deuce in the middle one?    04/26/17  (9)
Bills Lie the BIGLAW Guy    04/26/17  (9)
watching Kozinski on 60 minutes...this guy is 180    04/24/17  (9)
Got 4 Jews at sinagogue to admit Jews are bad    04/22/17  (9)
racists BTFO in one image:    04/22/17  (9)
Acting confused when biglaw fuckup from months/years ago surfaces    04/26/17  (8)
Lifting is the most important weekly activity    04/26/17  (8)
Science suffers huge setback after Trump fires 69 cruise missiles at MIT    04/25/17  (8)
POLL: do u support Trump's executive ban on Muslims    04/25/17  (8)
Will Amex give me a better signup bonus than 25k points on the plat card if I    04/24/17  (8)
The "internet" delivers bad news and sadness to your home at lightning speeds    04/24/17  (8)
We need to send at least 2 million millennials off to die in war    04/22/17  (8)
prakeets are suprisingly smart    04/28/17  (7)
Guy at work just won the lottery. Don't understand why he is still here    04/27/17  (7)
GULC professor ROBBED A BANK and you idiots worry about DWIs for bar.    04/27/17  (7)
Hey SHT, I just ordered 5g MASTERON ENANTHATE    04/26/17  (7)
XO scientific enthusiasts, this book about obesity sounds 180:    04/25/17  (7)
I know it's a minor error, but this isn't the first time we've had this talk.    04/24/17  (7)
Has anyone seen Fast and Furious 8? Any good?    04/24/17  (7)
Yahoo commentators are anti Semitic af    04/24/17  (7)
Heard this joke on an Indian reservation recently    04/24/17  (7)
Princteon 2014 Alum writes lauded book about 4 friends' first year out of colleg    04/24/17  (7)
the world is like a symphony, every strand infused with meaning.    04/24/17  (7)
Would you date these two Venezuelan girls? SFW    04/23/17  (7)
LOL @ the description for 'Dear White People' tv show    04/29/17  (6)
"Weird" to open-carry in Texas BigLaw?    04/28/17  (6)
What if income inequality gets so bad a group of Jews owns 99% of the wealth?    04/27/17  (6)
Innocence Project Jewess dropping off black murderer in your neighborhood    04/27/17  (6)
Vaguely remember Harvard investing in forests in 2004.    04/27/17  (6)
Yale grad students on strike for unionization    04/27/17  (6)
Pakistani student executed for blasphemy. Deafening silence from libs.    04/26/17  (6)
Can Trump not give federal $$$ to sanctuary cities AMID recent ruling????    04/25/17  (6)
If you've never had a pedicure you're doing it wrong.    04/25/17  (6)
Rate the Future president of France and his cute mom (SFW)    04/26/17  (6)
Check out this Quora Answer on Why People Hate Leslie Jones    04/23/17  (6)
Red states are so fucking horrible, I live in one. People act like it's great    04/22/17  (6)
Any good prison or gang documentaries on Netflix?    04/28/17  (5)
Allergies are KILLING ME in NYC    04/28/17  (5)
ETH retards flapping arms with glee now that they're thousandaires    04/27/17  (5)
Middle Eastern guy demands equal rights for white people    04/27/17  (5)
evan39 the (((doctor))) won't refill presciption unless I come in    04/27/17  (5)
is this berkeley thing happening or what?    04/27/17  (5)
fffffffuck yeah TRUMP finally weights in on coultergate    04/26/17  (5)
what kind of lawyer should i call?    04/24/17  (5)
Some jobs literally require you to have LinkedIn to even apply LJL    04/24/17  (5)
If you were doing home automation, wud you use APPL, GOOG or AMZN as the hub??    04/24/17  (5)
Local government jobs seem incredibly difficult to get    04/24/17  (5)
is being ugly alpha?    04/23/17  (5)
So millions of 110 IQers worldwide marched "for science" yesterday?    04/23/17  (5)
nothing in the world feels better than having expectations confirmed.    04/23/17  (5)
how many of you have herpes/cold sores    04/22/17  (5)
This is your future Asian overlord (SFW)    04/29/17  (4)
best way to stream $porttt$ nowadays?    04/28/17  (4)
Students Hate Trumps First 100 Days Accomplishments (TWIST)    04/28/17  (4)
Tom Emanski's center fielder could throw the ball into a garbage can at home pla    04/27/17  (4)
FYI: cuck trump is not building a wall    04/26/17  (4)
This lib dullard "science" shitmeme has me wanting to join a church    04/26/17  (4)
Interracial hierarchies of sexual attraction, or: why Asian men ~black women    04/25/17  (4)
wait that "democracy dies in darkness" thing is permanent? LJL    04/25/17  (4)
Do white people use facetime? Blacks are on it 24/7    04/25/17  (4)
I agree with John Quinn that you shouldn't have to thank people for emails    04/25/17  (4)
underappreciated fact about XO: even the chillest, happiest posters    04/25/17  (4)
why was this thread garbaged?    04/24/17  (4)
I'm just a pumo, nobody bumps me    04/24/17  (4)
I can't continue to review your markup until you do a thorough job. Thanks.    04/24/17  (4)
1800s homesteaders had no way to watch beheading videos from far-off wars    04/24/17  (4)
being ascetic in first class international is prestigious    04/23/17  (4)
asians and other foreigners: describe the FOBBIEST things you've ever done.    04/24/17  (4)
Impressive (Rudolph) imitation from Whittier faculty    04/22/17  (4)
evan39 I'm always thinking of ways to do scams and break the law, rob banks etc    04/29/17  (3)
*HR rep stares into Chilmata's beady eyes* " DIDN'T harass her?"    04/28/17  (3)
HYPO: San Francisco enacts ordinance prohibiting hospitals from disclosing immig    04/28/17  (3)
Poasters who cry when you jizz in them    04/28/17  (3)