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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
Trumpmos: defend re-opening economy when we're at 2000 daily deaths    04/08/20  (108)
Explain the mentality of a poster who is anti student loan forgiveness.    04/08/20  (52)
I have more TOC bids than you. HTH.    04/08/20  (9)
This virus could turn out to be kinda kooky    04/08/20  (2)
neoprene vagina    04/08/20  (1)
globalists didn't count on an old malaria drug + old TB vaccine working?    04/08/20  (2)
Siri, Can you fit 6 million . . . "Sorry, I didn't quite catch that ... "    04/08/20  (2)
society is fucked, now watch this drive *creampies tinder girl* (xo po    04/08/20  (38)
*Martin Shkreli wheeled into coronavirus lab strapped to Hannibal Lecter gurney*    04/08/20  (2)
Who the fuck is John Prine?    04/08/20  (3)
*edits 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' theme into end of coronavirus hotel video*    04/08/20  (1)
Old black man singing folksy blues tune about "the 5G shits"    04/08/20  (5)
Lib attempts to block hydroxychloroquine are their masterpiece selfpwn    04/08/20  (6)
Does anyone engage in ONLY VANILLA sex?    04/08/20  (18)
how viable is it to start incorporating a cape into daily wear    04/08/20  (1)
Petition for rach to replace "crypto" board with "hydroxychloroquine" board.    04/08/20  (2)
Coronavirus hotel video    04/08/20  (119)
Sewer Skunk here, Doobs just got my OTHER account banned. I quit    04/08/20  (357)
evolutionary disgust response to foreigners/foreign pathogens vindicated    04/08/20  (1)
Remember when Pocahontas pwnd Drumpf with that brilliant DNA test PR stunt?    04/08/20  (6)
If you aren't drinking from inert BPA/BPS free glass bottles only you are INSANE    04/08/20  (3)
Marshall Mather's Hairline in 2020 Official Thread    04/08/20  (10)
flawed models and bottles    04/08/20  (1)
chris cuomo: 'doctor offered me hydrochloriquine, i smacked it out of his hand'    04/08/20  (1)
I have the Virus    04/08/20  (65)
Hundreds saved from Hydroxychloroquine: mere anecdote; 5 police killings: crisis    04/08/20  (6)
I'm a mossad spy infiltrating academic tech circles irl    04/08/20  (5)
Biden really needs to drop out, he’s obviously mentally & physically unfit    04/08/20  (21)
Woman banned from wal mart for drinking wine out of pringles can riding scooter    04/08/20  (22)
is bottled water prole    04/08/20  (3)
i hope u guys got a TB vaccine    04/08/20  (1)
College police department not local sheriff's office makes 1st deg murder arre    04/08/20  (1)
The Nigger Has A Long Moustache. Over    04/08/20  (3)
Do high schoolers who get into H work psychotically hard    04/08/20  (50)
JJC here: retiring on June 1    04/08/20  (64)
Need excel help with virus modeling    04/08/20  (34)
chris cuomo says covid-19 made him hallucinate his dead father was in room (vid)    04/08/20  (1)
How did Mike from "Better Call Saul" gain his skills in the Philly PD?    04/08/20  (5)
smart move: get corona now, cop immunity before mutation increases lethality 10x    04/08/20  (1)
Found a good model with lots of variables to play with.    04/08/20  (5)
Anyone drink only water and nothing else?    04/08/20  (11)
Popped a Xanax and started bawling    04/08/20  (4)
Wake the fuck up, wealthy jews need your labor right fucking now.    04/08/20  (1)
Notice that luis has never commented upon the fat luis moniker?    04/08/20  (1)
I hate these meeces to pieces    04/08/20  (2)
Serious question: why are we not seeing millions die in third world?    04/08/20  (12)
Does bottled water have birth control?    04/08/20  (29)
Researchers create model of "Gamer" phenotype 20 years from now (pic)    04/08/20  (5)
Most amount of money you've made in 1 day/transaction (CSLG)    04/08/20  (24)
lol @ Fauci's and Birx's ever-present, affected know-it-all smiles    04/08/20  (1)
had it up to fucking here with these so-called "doctors"    04/08/20  (2)
I heard a good diet is if you can't find it in nature you shouldn't eat it...    04/08/20  (10)
the nigger is against the wall...the nigger is against the wall...OVER    04/08/20  (1)
POLL: When will shit re-open? (choose one option)    04/08/20  (46)
hapa cunnus    04/08/20  (14)
Did you hear the joke about the guy who fucked a watermelon?    04/08/20  (3)
Fat Luis video is origin story for why he has to use the cripple dipper    04/08/20  (4)
I cannot fucking believe the stupid dems actually elected a GOD DAMN NIGGER    04/08/20  (2)
jfc dems elected a NIGGER, a fucking NIGGER obama was a NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    04/08/20  (11)
Can you read me? Nigger. Over.    04/08/20  (2)
lol, police in Louisiana used The Purge siren to signal start of curfew    04/08/20  (8)
A lot of Hospital Staff are being furloughed    04/08/20  (1)
Hooked up with guy in my 1L section. he said I was “blown out.” Am I? (Pic)    04/08/20  (7)
Libs, is it sinking in yet how fucking GAPED you are over fraudvirus?    04/08/20  (18)
just had a wet dream abt moving 2 delray & becoming superspreader    04/08/20  (2)
This is the brand of lunacy you are up against    04/08/20  (3)
Just busted the fattest nut in Subtle Hipster Troll's slutty boihole.    04/08/20  (1)
wah wah calishitlawguru wah wah    04/08/20  (18)
They aren't using the fed hospitals, and now looking to use staff for backfill    04/08/20  (11)
All things go on forever, until they suddenly don't    04/08/20  (2)
In 2021 if we dont recognize Taiwan, slap 300% tax on every chinese good we are    04/08/20  (10)
Siri, Can you fit 6 million . . . "Sorry, I'm having trouble with my connection"    04/08/20  (1)
How does china run the WHO if USA gives 30x as much money towards the budget?    04/08/20  (7)
“hey siri, what’s 81,000 divided by 1.4 million ... siri? ... hey siri?”    04/08/20  (6)
Anyone drink only whiskey and nothing else?    04/08/20  (4)
just saw what looked like aftermath of a jumper on the bay bridge    04/08/20  (13)
Rate this experimental trap song about Teslas    04/08/20  (1)
Gamefaqs poll-49% of posters wouldn’t take hydroxychloroquine if they had Covi    04/08/20  (15)
I hate all of these serious and heartfelt COVID-19 commercials    04/08/20  (3)
My mom dumped out all my pringles told me I have to get a job dumb bitch, hid my    04/08/20  (2)
Pringles are nearly error free now    04/08/20  (9)
Lib Madison Wisconsin MD murdered by Dindu    04/08/20  (58)
Flushing Pringles down the toilet    04/08/20  (19)
Joe Biden is an incredible caricature of the Mediocre White Man    04/08/20  (9)
JCM pegging boner police like a cribbage board while insulting his tiny penis    04/08/20  (14)
the virus in me is the virus in you    04/08/20  (2)
my fatass wife ate all the god damn oreos yet again    04/08/20  (112)
Guy next to me in my final ate entire sleeve of Oreos    04/08/20  (14)
too embarassed to buy milk and oreos from the same corner store    04/08/20  (6)
Just dunked Oreos in milk. This is amazing bros (corp slave)    04/08/20  (52)
tacos but with whip cream and Oreos inside    04/08/20  (3)
how do "men" without firearms sleep at night?    04/08/20  (3)
im not worried about the future    04/08/20  (26)
Only cool chill non insane posters on now, 180! let's post and bump!    04/08/20  (1)
XO Mike Lindell    04/08/20  (9)
“I want to spend more time with my family” *posts 24/7 about money* CSLG    04/08/20  (10)
CSLG, is your wife half Jew?    04/08/20  (8)
Wish halford was still here so we could talk about LEATHER DADDIES    04/08/20  (1)
tucker carlson chatting with random youtuber in central park circa 2013:    04/08/20  (1)
Assange never showered or washed hands due to fear of drugged/poisoned tap water    04/08/20  (2)
"hehe the unabomber was 180" posted the risk-averse wagecuck on the law board    04/08/20  (58)
Just baked some banana bread for the first time. Was easy to make and 180    04/08/20  (61)
“FUCK BILL GATES!” raged the quarantined XOer after 9hrs using Microsoft app    04/08/20  (5)
Guys. Climate Change. Come on.    04/08/20  (3)
How did you find out about XO?    04/08/20  (10)
it's clear only real solution now is to start doing Hotel Rwanda shit to libs    04/08/20  (22)
Rate this scene from the First Purge    04/08/20  (1)
Getting my gf pregnant tonight    04/08/20  (6)
look at how excited this dog is to play volleyball with his bros    04/08/20  (4)
rsf's writing is extremely damning for columbia j school    04/08/20  (7)
In some cases the state might know exactly when and how you’ll be murdered but    04/08/20  (6)
You xoxo’ers who derive your worth from $$ are about to get GAPED    04/08/20  (25)
John Prine dead of corona    04/08/20  (14)
CSLG: will you give BTC handouts like gatormo did?    04/08/20  (7)
Still can't believe Rach banned rasqie and not DBG    04/08/20  (60)
TMF will own multiple properties after this economic crisis is over!    04/08/20  (1)
Bros, on balance, I would say it’s been a bad month for Trump    04/08/20  (8)
There should be complete student loan forgiveness ($300k cap)    04/08/20  (11)
Are you all starting to realize Trump is done here?    04/08/20  (12)
Google dancing Israelis    04/08/20  (37)
Boomer lecturing me about social distancing lmao    04/08/20  (2)
Really glad Wilbur is committed to running retard shtick ITP    04/08/20  (16)
"it's wood fired pizza" she squawks as oven bursts into flames    04/08/20  (2)
Anyone know if Ray Mabus has COVID?    04/08/20  (1)
January 30 coronavirus briefing in situation room    04/08/20  (1)
“I see listed under your interests mass trauma, population control and zionism    04/08/20  (1)
that CSLG can become so wealthy is a damning indictment of US    04/08/20  (50)
Boomers: super jelly if you tell them you were socializing/hanging out    04/08/20  (1)
John Mayer - Psychological Warfare.m4a    04/08/20  (1)
WHO Official: we need right to forcefully remove infected people from their home    04/08/20  (7)
"My BEST hockey memory. *grimaces* Nothing great. "    04/08/20  (26)
Been reading some Bios of the wealthiest lawyers. Seems most skirt the edge of    04/08/20  (18)
"gin blossoms", "third eye blind," voodoo gloo skulls", and other bands pla    04/08/20  (3)
*Takes swig from PISSJUG with LAWFIRM's name on it*    04/08/20  (1)
Trump really fucked up the handling of corona    04/08/20  (19)
What are the most competitive/prestigious MD specialties    04/08/20  (54)
who here has lived in a third world country    04/08/20  (30)
YOU'RE OLD: "Hey Jealousy" by the Gin Blossoms is 25 years old.    04/08/20  (13)
need askav itt. now, not 4 days later    04/08/20  (5)
Reminder: this is what the Third World is like    04/08/20  (5)
This crisis has really emboldened doctors and biologists/scientists    04/08/20  (1)
Student Loans relief    04/08/20  (7)
When will 1 USD = 1 Japanese Yen?    04/08/20  (1)
Khari Sanford cast in modern day Sanford and Son    04/08/20  (1)
Dindus execute doctor couple near UW Madison    04/08/20  (3)
America can manipulate the population’s mood with electronic tools    04/08/20  (6)
There’s been random soldier sightings in the west and southwest    04/08/20  (12)
evan39 it$ ea$y to get rich now.. $2-$3 for small candy bar at Ga$ $tation    04/08/20  (9)
Can the fed gov artificially prop up stock mkt for next year with stimuli?    04/08/20  (3)
Letting a plumber into my house tomorrow....am i stupid?    04/08/20  (8)

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