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Cohen recorded Trump    07/20/18  (114)
We should all be working a four-day workweek    07/20/18  (47)
Boomer University Admins rediscover the magic of SHARECROPPING graduates    07/20/18  (43)
Trump and Trumptards are completely 100% fucked    07/20/18  (38)
No longer have any respect for my lib friends. They are trivial whiners.    07/20/18  (29)
If Trump weren't controlled by Russia he would've stepped down already    07/20/18  (28)
EPAH can you do some periodic WOC poasting or are you 100% anit-Trump    07/20/18  (28)
NFL BENDS THE FUCKING KNEE and retracts their anthem-rule    07/20/18  (24)
PC Gamers: is this a good entry level gaming pc?    07/20/18  (23)
ITT: POAST YOUR CREDIT SCORE    07/20/18  (20)
Reminder: crypto is a FRAUD, produces NOTHING of value besides numbers (DTP)    07/20/18  (19)
Ecuador Reportedly Preparing To Hand Assange To UK In "Coming Weeks Or Days"    07/20/18  (17)
What pisses you off more: being tailgated or getting cut off on the road    07/20/18  (15)
New Jerseymos - quick question about searching businesses on SOS website    07/20/18  (15)
ETH about to tank hard :(    07/20/18  (14)
Only a matter of time before I capitulate on Trump    07/20/18  (14)
My INSTAPOT arrived. What the fuck do i do with it now (besides stick up my ass    07/20/18  (14)
Rush Limbaugh Makes Fun Of PI Shitlaw #ironside    07/20/18  (13)
Soda is fun to drink and 180    07/20/18  (13)
RATE this smoking hot brunette from Miami    07/20/18  (12)
Will trump be primaried in 2020?    07/20/18  (12)
Got job interview with real estate broker set up. What to expect?    07/20/18  (11)
jfc I'm off of the trump train    07/20/18  (11)
lol @ "life". 1 minute u are on duck boat in Missouri on top of the world    07/20/18  (11)
Would you fast forward to 50 years old for $10mm?    07/20/18  (11)
cfb week 1: JMU over NC State, Nicholls over Kansas, S Dakota St over Iowa St?    07/20/18  (11)
Senate republicans have had enough of Trump's bullshit    07/20/18  (11)
Every personality test: "You have the worst possible personality" (DTP)    07/20/18  (11)
RATE this LA TImes Article Written By WOC Seduced By EPAH    07/20/18  (10)
why didn't those people on the duck boat just swim to shore?    07/20/18  (10)
Prole Tell: You've Heard Of Duck Boats Before Today    07/20/18  (10)
My thoughts on Trump & Russia: where there's smoke, there's fire.    07/20/18  (10)
Trumpmos aren't going to like today's Bing background photo    07/20/18  (10)
Chances that Trump is sexually attracted to Putin?    07/20/18  (9)
IDENTICAL letters appear in 21 newspapers under different names bashing Kavanaug    07/20/18  (9)
Maggie Haberman: Why I Needed to Pull Back From Twitter    07/20/18  (9)
Djoker Pens Lengthy Letter To Fans About His Emotions #tennis    07/20/18  (9)
Will be in montreal this wkd. What do i do?    07/20/18  (9)
Today in LOL White Women: 42 yo Varsity Blues star Ali Larter    07/20/18  (9)
Do SCOTUS justices have to be lawyers?    07/20/18  (9)
Took me two years, but I finally cracked the Morgellons mystery    07/20/18  (8)
Should "intersex" Castor Semenya be allowed to compete against genetic women?    07/20/18  (8)
Avril Levine nekkid    07/20/18  (8)
Your future wife feeling sorry for nigger felon    07/20/18  (8)
"Spaceporn can't possibly be so awesome! He ... he .. he has a micropenis..."    07/20/18  (8)
Newport Spoilers 7/20 #tennis    07/20/18  (7)
Jews: Joe Lieberman Latest In Mounting Effort To Reject Ocasio-Cortez    07/20/18  (7)
Rate this video of a typical Trumpmo female    07/20/18  (7)
New GC scam: giving vacation time to expectant mother co-workers.    07/20/18  (6)
What was the best manga you ever read?    07/20/18  (6)