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Hot mom arrested for posting video of blacks fighting at her son's school    02/21/19  (91)
China's "social credit" system crackdown: Millions banned from flights/trains    02/21/19  (54)
Millenial decimates Gen X managers in the workplace    02/21/19  (43)
80s/90s kids: grew up with time honored cartoons and shows. Kids today: Blippi    02/21/19  (39)
hey guys GARFIELD here with an important message    02/21/19  (30)
Uh oh! New MAGA HATE CRIME in SAN FRANCISCO    02/21/19  (30)
Layoffs coming from all sides, you heard it here first guys    02/21/19  (27)
Describe these NJ Towns    02/21/19  (25)
Trump calls Smollett a racist.    02/21/19  (23)
NYT: America's Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable    02/21/19  (22)
seems like most of this board is over trump    02/21/19  (21)
ISIS bride attorney claims Trump pushing test case for birthright citizenship    02/21/19  (20)
Any useful phrases that CANNOT be said in English?    02/21/19  (20)
How embarrassed is Nike over the Zion Williamson show rip?    02/21/19  (18)
Racist Trumpmo twerp gets wrecked by alpha lib on Berkeley campus    02/21/19  (18)
Rate this 5'11 38 year old Black chick    02/21/19  (18)
Rate Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as a farter.    02/21/19  (17)
"ur a dumb kike." "let's take an IQ test." "Uh um well IQ isn't real"    02/21/19  (17)
Back to the Future reboot featuring all female cast in the works    02/21/19  (16)
Remember when Fox News pulled Tucker off the air for 3 days for opposing Syrian    02/21/19  (15)
Poast a controversial music opinion    02/21/19  (15)
I forget we had a president who most Americans like and respected not long ago    02/21/19  (14)
fake letter is Jussie Smollett's potentially biggest problem    02/21/19  (14)
$5 trillion to send every black to Africa with $100K in cash. Yay or nay?    02/21/19  (14)
Kamala Harris: Dumber, non-white Hillary Clinton    02/21/19  (14)
The Smollett debacle must be really hard for LathamTouchedMe to take    02/21/19  (14)
POLL: Are you Jewish?    02/21/19  (13)
Blue smoke what is your favorite sexual position    02/21/19  (13)
Trumpmos pointing to CA’s $2.9T economy: “See what socialism gets you, libs?    02/21/19  (11)
explain 3 star hotels that are priced the same as 4 star hotels in the same area    02/21/19  (11)
Obama POTUS library won't house official records and will be run privately    02/21/19  (11)
Kamala Harris's father calls her a "travesty" & disavows    02/21/19  (11)
Study: Dykes are generally fat, sweaty, and repugnant.    02/21/19  (11)
the problem with getting older is that you can see how your "movie" will end    02/21/19  (11)
So Fox News just refuses to air segments if guests make legitimate criticisms?    02/21/19  (11)
Reminder: If you aren't white, you deserve to die.    02/21/19  (10)
Someone hacked my okcupid account, changed my email address and password    02/21/19  (10)
🤣 Smollet Paid Nigerian Bros $3,500 BY CHECK LOL 🤣    02/21/19  (8)
Alex Honnold just fell off a 900' cliff in Utah.    02/21/19  (8)
MSM completely ignoring Kamala's dad slamming her for pandering identity politic    02/21/19  (7)
oh wow the poasting helps my depression im so special lol    02/21/19  (7)
Indian woman: "Let's get one thing straight - I am black."    02/21/19  (7)
Economy will be a lot weaker in 2020    02/21/19  (7)
TMF is 180    02/21/19  (6)
Van Jones: Smollett is the modern day jackie robinson?    02/21/19  (6)
True Detective s4 will be set in Humboldt county    02/21/19  (6)
The shitpoasting rolled in over xo like a dense, impenetrable orange fog    02/21/19  (6)
Why didnt teenagers ever invent their own language, like in Clockwork Orange?    02/21/19  (6)
Reddit genius discovers real motivation for Smollett hoax    02/21/19  (6)