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Trump: Memos must be 1-page, bullet points, no more than NINE to a page    02/21/17  (204)
Azn girl, Harvard grad, Huffpo blogger BUSTED for cheating at marathon TWICE (li    02/26/17  (201)
I hate upper-middle class working professionals    02/15/17  (154)
XO Trumpmos, is your wife/gf full-on MAGA? MAGA-adjacent? Or shitlib?    02/17/17  (130)
38 yr old buddy got divorced and started dating this 22 yr old piece of ass    01/29/17  (118)
The Trump Tax Plan is 180    02/18/17  (116)
Megyn Kelly behaved terribly as a lawyer to opposing counsel.    02/07/17  (110)
Black Penn student triggered by professor's refusal to confess white privilege    02/24/17  (99)
2016 Law Firm Financials    02/24/17  (96)
Former Classmate Has Gone Insane    02/16/17  (88)
Do you find these 13yo girls attractive ? SFW    02/24/17  (86)
Jews want America to hate Iran because it sees it as a threat to Israel    02/17/17  (79)
Are there any sports/games of skill where women are just as good as men?    02/15/17  (73)
Vox: Trump is wrong about Sweden and crime    02/21/17  (69)
AUSA trial ability is HIGHLY OVERRATED    02/24/17  (68)
I know women in NYC who make weekend trips to London every month, is this common    02/20/17  (66)
Mexican kid in Anaheim said 'I'll sue you" but cop thought he said "I'll shoot u    02/24/17  (65)
I hate white-collar professionals who can't hack it in the rat race, quit, and    02/21/17  (65)
BAM! You are transported to the year 1993. What do you do?    02/20/17  (64)
New Shake Shack in Century City Mall - $17.50 for burger shitty fries and shake    02/13/17  (64)
ITT: Live stream link for 9th Circuit hearing on Trump travel ban    02/08/17  (64)
So the band "Fugazi" only ever made 1 good song?    02/11/17  (63)
Rate how these college girls completely pwned me    02/09/17  (62)
Attractive Hedge Fund Manager divorcing homely wife (Daily Mail)    02/24/17  (61)
south americans think north and south america = 1 continent    02/14/17  (60)
Did any adult women ever do anything inappropriate with you as a kid    02/25/17  (59)
Where do you fall on this Political Inclination Test??    02/20/17  (59)
Im on the Amtrak right now its very 180 i dont think ill ever fly again    02/13/17  (58)
Fuck got hammered in annual reviews (law firm)    02/02/17  (58)
Trump is objectively correct about CNN, NYTimes (and WaPo)    02/25/17  (56)
POLL: where would u rather live, Canada or Mexico?    02/22/17  (56)
Ashamed to be an Audi owner now    02/07/17  (56)
LSAT Question    02/12/17  (55)
Rate this Latina teen I sodomized last night (nsfw)    02/13/17  (55)
NYT: Husbands are more dangerous than terrorists    02/13/17  (54)
Jared Kushner is leaking information    02/15/17  (53)
Chipotle profit tumbled 95% in 2016    02/10/17  (51)
LOL at "liberals" w/ job at wealth management firms    01/27/17  (50)
Oh god at this instagram model. Kill me now.    02/18/17  (49)
Tim Heidecker is Paying Alimony Through His Nose    02/01/17  (49)
Dr David Duke reveals the (((face))) behind BLM    02/13/17  (48)
WSJ report: Obama administration overestimated student loan repayments by 99.8%    01/31/17  (48)
Jewish lies & deception are becoming exposed    02/10/17  (47)
Only I know who the real JJC is    02/01/17  (47)
So libs want us to pretend like that Landbeast Ashley Graham is a 10 ?    02/17/17  (46)
Tell me what to see in Hong Kong    02/17/17  (45)
The way asians are always denigrating low class whites is sad    02/16/17  (45)
Wait...what did Uber do wrong? And why is Lyft OK?    01/30/17  (44)
MUCH better chance of being stuck by lightening than killed by a terrorist    01/31/17  (43)
Can someone explain the song where the guy yells SAIL    02/25/17  (42)
Of all the 90s "extreme" athletes only Tony Hawk really made it    01/30/17  (42)
Awkward moment - guy I play basketball with in 'urban league' delivered amazon    02/25/17  (41)
Shrew who works in Senior Management rants about employees quitting w/o notice    02/21/17  (41)
ANY reason to pay full tuition at Ivy undergrad instead of best public honors?    02/02/17  (41)
had two 1L BIGLAW callbacks and dinged at both fuck my ass bros    02/25/17  (40)
Lasik Surgery    02/21/17  (40)
I fall head-over-heels for Persian chicks who have this look SFW    02/17/17  (40)
Are there really lawyers who care about the order in which people are CC'd?    02/06/17  (40)
LOL at how companies now need to take SHITLIB VIRTUE SIGNALING into account    01/31/17  (40)
Which of these 5 nubile HS girls do you find most attractive    02/22/17  (38)
For all the mocking jjc gets on here, you have to admit the guy is right about    02/12/17  (38)
Check out the twitter feeds of the 2 main POTUS reporters at failing NYT    02/17/17  (37)
Wilbur Mercer is a dumb faggot    02/13/17  (37)
Richard Blumenthal leaked a private convo. That's ridiculous.    02/09/17  (37)
Rate this 180 EPIC white trash WALMART FIGHT (video)    02/07/17  (36)
People act like losing a baby is traumatic, but I doubt it is because    02/01/17  (36)
The Muslim ban doesn't bother me too much, just the incompetence of its roll out    01/30/17  (36)
There is zero chance Chandler drank 6 IPAs in an hour    01/29/17  (36)
POLL: what color do you like your walls in your house?    02/22/17  (34)
Rate these USC sorority girls dressed like the chick from Clueless    02/18/17  (34)
Sweet! Wife just got a promotion and $40k salary increase out of the blue    02/09/17  (34)
Rate these HS girls having a drunk slumber party NSFW    02/26/17  (34)
/*\/*\/*\ BIAS INCIDENT AT A LAW SCHOOL ALERT /*\/*\/*\    02/08/17  (34)
Who knows how the civil war would have ended if that ship full of Samurai hadnt    02/04/17  (34)
An historically important poaster is running for judge in my hometown    02/26/17  (33)
$281,690: What a San Francisco house would cost with less regulation.    02/20/17  (33)
Hypo: $500M but you can never leave Dubai    02/13/17  (33)
Trump will not recover from this muslim ban. So done here. He is getting blaste    02/04/17  (33)
Trump always criticized Obama playing Golf, now Trump plays Golf every week    02/21/17  (32)
I will admit, watching Trump being miserable and squirm is very enjoyable    02/17/17  (32)
Why do people take 5-7 years to get a PhD? What are they actually doing    02/14/17  (32)
Jonah Hill has lost a ton of weight, has 6 pack abs now (link    02/10/17  (32)
Most people in "tech" are laid off by their mid 40s    02/08/17  (32)
"Fuck libs!" the histrionic autistic friendless manchild shrieked from mom's bas    02/08/17  (32)
"This has never happened before, I think I'm just stressed from work" you lied    02/24/17  (32)
Can you buy good ice cream at the grocery store or is it all GC corn syrup fraud    02/19/17  (31)
"Human trafficking" is a huge shitlib myth. Basically never happens    02/25/17  (31)
U6 unemployment lowest in 8 yrs and Consistent Wage Growth; Let's Blow it all up    02/03/17  (31)
imagine having chilmata as your lawyer    02/02/17  (31)
have a biglaw callback. can't imagine making that much money holy shit    02/01/17  (31)
I have a $250 Billion+ class action served up on a silver platter..    02/01/17  (31)
I hate minorities who want to pursue the American dream    02/16/17  (30)
Crows outperform primates in intelligence tests (link)    02/12/17  (30)
how do you know when your time on xo has run its course    02/18/17  (29)
Explain to me why people care about the Superbowl?    02/05/17  (29)
Most famous male virgins ever?    02/15/17  (28)
Armenians in Los Angeles are huge scammers. BE CAREFUL DOING BUSINESS W THEM    02/16/17  (28)
JFC at Unabomber Manifesto. It's disturbingly prescient.    02/13/17  (28)
Barack turning up volume on Maury as Michelle asks if he applied for any jobs    02/05/17  (28)
I know hes a lawyer and makes good money mom but he is so short and bald    02/13/17  (28)
Should I buy 2006 BMW 530 with 57k miles for $9500?    02/17/17  (27)
JP Morgan makes D.C. jurors drive 90 miles to get their pay without a fee.    02/16/17  (27)
do adopted black kids get AA?    02/13/17  (27)
How can young ppl affford to live by themselves in Los Angeles/Bay Area?    02/12/17  (27)
Anyone else not going to watch the Super Bowl?    02/04/17  (27)
Guy from Jurassic Park saying "life finds a way" after seeing j maw at urinal    02/18/17  (27)
Can someone find the thread where WLMAS blamed porn for his virginity?    02/25/17  (26)
Dad spanks his HS cheerleader daughter at school event (vid)    02/21/17  (26)
Buying 4k smart TV - Lg vs Samsung?    02/19/17  (26)
Millenials need to stop looking for jobs and start creating jobs    02/14/17  (26)
NYT: Rich people's children go to college MOAR than poor people's    02/10/17  (26)
All recent hollywood "black" movies are getting rave reviews    02/05/17  (26)
Vegas for a poker trip. I can stay at Circus Circus for under 200 for all 7 days    02/01/17  (26)
Taking Q's about boutique tax law, life, etc.    01/28/17  (26)
38 year old lawyer finds Warped Tour ticket in cargo shorts, is transported back    01/27/17  (26)
Liberals say Immigrant crime rate is lower than native-born...true?    02/23/17  (25)
PSA: True conservatives DESPISE (((Milo)))    02/21/17  (25)
Doesn't the list of 74 terror attacks confirm that what the US is doing works?    02/07/17  (25)
#LoveWins: Five homos forced boy to wear Tony the Tiger costume, gangraped him    02/10/17  (25)
Wife is out of town so I tried on her panties (pics)    02/22/17  (24)
EPAH how do you pay your associates? W-2 or 1099? Hourly or Salary?    02/23/17  (24)
How the fuck are so many Arabs in SoCal business owners?    02/17/17  (24)
Need the most Credited way to carry cash, ID, debit and credit card    02/15/17  (24)
u can make a moniker with a parenthetical and no one will know like john (faggot    02/11/17  (24)
The band "Audioslave" really sucked ass    02/06/17  (24)
300 million years of evolution on display as a crow tears into a burger king bag    02/03/17  (24)
Well behaved women don't make history, she thought as Darnell&Jamal entered her    02/09/17  (24)
Nothing irritates women more than seeing a man idle and content    02/26/17  (23)
Son, promise me you'll spend entire weekends rageposting about politics    02/23/17  (23)
Easiest way to get weed in SF without medical card?    02/10/17  (23)
Ex girlfriend's ass smelled so bad I couldn't touch it. I mean legit bad.    02/08/17  (23)
Never realized as a kid how big of a LOSER my teachers were    02/08/17  (23)
Just finished one month of No-Drink. Feel great. Don't really want to drink.    02/01/17  (23)
Jews are incredibly good at popularizing something for monetary gain    02/01/17  (23)
What are the costs associated with opening and running a solo practice?    02/22/17  (22)
VISUAL: how war with Iran will look like    02/22/17  (22)
WaPo: Stockholm riots "doesn't happen often, but regrettable when it does"    02/22/17  (22)
Poll: will you buy the Nintendo switch    02/21/17  (22)
depressed about back injury    02/14/17  (22)
New SAT has HUGE INFLATION. I was wondering why so many schools had 1600 75th pe    02/13/17  (22)
Should Congolese Space Rat in a Cage retire from XO? Sensing a lot of animosity    02/09/17  (22)
Your wife can still name the entire starting defense from her colleges football    02/05/17  (22)
went to my first BIGLAW CALLBACK today. Had a sick sinking feeling im a complete    02/03/17  (22)
hmm libs have been dead wrong on literally everything, but lets hear them out    02/16/17  (22)
Describe your gf/wife navigation and direction sense    02/23/17  (21)
what's it like to live in Jacksonville ?    02/21/17  (21)
Lakersmo ---- Jim Buss and Mitch Kupcheck out - HIVmo Magic President    02/21/17  (21)