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Melania wears 'I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?' jacket to immigration hold facility.    06/22/18  (130)
REMINDER: There are an estimated 8-10K MS13 members in the US, total.    06/22/18  (97)
What do Non-Joo BIRDSHITS in AMERIKKKA even contribute anymore?    06/22/18  (87)
TRAVELMOS, been to PAKISTAN?    06/22/18  (70)
Shouldn't black people support Trump on immigration    06/22/18  (67)
Gave up NFL fandom, literally dont give a shit. Thinking of doing same with pol    06/22/18  (58)
Wikileaks posts database of ICE employees, Republicans applaud it    06/22/18  (56)
what the fuck these brazil blue unis are awful    06/22/18  (55)
White People Are Cowards. (TheRoot)    06/22/18  (53)
Reminder: pic of my body while NEVER lifting more than 135 lb (DTP)    06/22/18  (53)
Any mathmos here?    06/21/18  (52)
Should men always wear wristwatches?    06/22/18  (51)
Sitting in an office all day is torture    06/22/18  (48)
rate this high end escort who looks like GF material    06/22/18  (40)
A Younger Jennifer Love Hewitt Playing Tennis In A Bikini (PIC) #tennis    06/21/18  (38)
Libs losing their shit over Trump preferring RANCH dressing.    06/22/18  (38)
How long can you date late 20s girl when you know you won't wife her?    06/22/18  (35)
Call me crazy, but I've been getting wistful as fuck for NYC lately    06/22/18  (35)
Facing Poverty, Academics Turn To Sex Work and Sleeping in Cars    06/22/18  (35)
Yulin, China Residents Defiant As Activists Try To Shut Down Dog-Eating Festival    06/22/18  (34)
~~ Croatia v Argentina OFFICIAL thread ~~    06/21/18  (34)
Black cop shoots 9 year old white girl. Weird that I haven't seen this on CNN.    06/22/18  (33)
at what age is it not okay to eat cold cuts anymore    06/22/18  (33)
it would be EXTREMELY easy to stop illegal immigration if national will existed    06/21/18  (33)
I applied for an internal promotion in my company    06/21/18  (32)
Little Girl on Time Cover wasn't even separated from parents (DailyMail)    06/21/18  (31)
TIME cover was a fake news lie    06/22/18  (29)
Koko the gorilla had a 95 IQ    06/21/18  (27)
Killing dogs for meat illegal, rules S. Korean court -- NYUUG FURIOUS    06/22/18  (26)
MARRIED BROS: Do you find social media featuring ex-gfs toxic to your marriage?    06/22/18  (25)
Tony Soprano doesnt have a lot of chintzy stuff in his house    06/22/18  (25)
Holy FUCK just heard that audio of KIDS CRYING    06/21/18  (24)
TT still over 900k net worth    06/22/18  (24)
Lib here: and I gotta say, $25B for a wall...    06/21/18  (24)
tommy turdshit: why not just work out, try to fuck bitches and be chill?    06/22/18  (24)
Nutella, explain how you put $60k per year in your 401k    06/21/18  (24)
Bikemos what's a good entry level bike $700-1000?    06/22/18  (23)
When is the right going to sack up and start boycotting    06/21/18  (23)
Can MURICANS do independent travel to Saudi yet?    06/21/18  (23)
GUAVA juice is the MOST prestigious JUICE    06/22/18  (22)
Rate this COMIC of XO poasters and BORDER crisis    06/21/18  (22)
i'd be down with OPEN BORDERS if it was OPEN BORDERS EVERYWHERE    06/21/18  (22)
New Netflix show about Asian girl who has crush on 5 guys: none are Asian (DTP)    06/22/18  (21)
CharlesXII, have you read Graham Greene or William Trevor?    06/21/18  (21)
Charles Krauthammer dies. RIP    06/22/18  (21)
Why do we need more people in this country, anyway? [WaPo]    06/22/18  (20)
Anyone else drink kombucha here?    06/22/18  (20)
Hit a 1,005 POUND RACK PULL taking ?s and praise    06/21/18  (20)
Cycling Bros: Worth buying new wheels?    06/22/18  (19)
Hilarious how far left the ACLU is    06/21/18  (19)