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Japan shows what a society looks like that never saw a communist movement    06/03/23  (35)
So libs think someone can “choose” their sex bc they have gender dysphoria?    06/03/23  (17)
Man goes to prison for 3 years for Simpson porn    06/03/23  (13)
holy shit why are ipods still so expensive    06/03/23  (13)
Post has the BEST cereal catalog    06/03/23  (12)
"JWST makes us look stupid, but that's ok" (smirking youtube physicist)    06/03/23  (11)
how do you tell a chick her cunt smells off?    06/02/23  (9)
I think demons are probably real.    06/03/23  (9)
Proof Rotten Tomatoes Little Mermaid 95% positive User Reviews are fake    06/03/23  (8)
Kokomo didn't deserve to be shat on the way it was. Classic Beach Boys    06/02/23  (8)
Best ways to kill yourself and make it look like an accident?    06/02/23  (8)
Former Gov. Scott Walker returns with a hard-hitting editorial against SOCIALISM    06/03/23  (8)
Why are we artificially propping up the weakest among us?    06/03/23  (8)
The LSAT should have a 181 score you can earn by getting all questions wrong    06/03/23  (7)
clinginess is the best non-whore trait to select for in women    06/03/23  (7)
“Manuk Grigoryan” and other Trumpmos riot at elementary school pride event (    06/03/23  (7)
What Hogwarts House are you in?    06/02/23  (7)
Would you fuck this latina who got busted stealing $25K from her employer?    06/03/23  (7)
V94 Of Counsel here, ask me anything (AMA).    06/03/23  (6)
JizzKidd    06/02/23  (6)
Kurt Vonnegut obit for Joseph Heller    06/02/23  (6)
Athletic + Has Job + Has Friends = <0.01% of Men looool    06/03/23  (6)
im not willing to do the homosexual rituals to really maek it    06/03/23  (5)
Ricky has made at least 36-39 180 posts this week    06/02/23  (5)
just keep going to "Graduate school" until death cr?    06/03/23  (5)
LMFAO, Trump lost the classified military doc he stole??    06/02/23  (5)
About to put Dogdood of 15 years to sleep :(    06/03/23  (5)
Bitch co-worker went two years without changing her oil (evan39)    06/03/23  (5)
Have started wearing a yarmulke in public lol    06/03/23  (5)
banishing women from the home during their monthly periods of uncleanliness    06/03/23  (5)
This was the peak of "rap"    06/03/23  (4)
ive never really done coke but im craving it rn    06/02/23  (3)
singapore somehow the best country but has no debt. libs?    06/02/23  (3)
Gov't is going to RETRO and COMPOUND Student Loan Interest during pause    06/03/23  (3)
xo women, link your OnlyFans ITT    06/02/23  (3)
what happened to lexx the poster    06/02/23  (3)
Who was the best Explorer? Cortez, Ponce De Leon, Columbus etc    06/02/23  (3)
All my enemies are Masonic freaks    06/03/23  (3)
More than 200 dead and 900 injured in train crash in India    06/02/23  (2)
My primary contact is Wayne Baker (federallitigator@gmail.com)    06/02/23  (2)
If even 5% of what NYUUG posts is true, he's the biggest pussy slayer the board    06/02/23  (2)
lol@ reading anything by Aristotle except Physics and De Anima    06/03/23  (2)
The Krassenstein’s accounts started as Justin Bieber and Jonas Brother fans    06/03/23  (2)
must be 180 for a woman to burn thru your money and tell u your broke lol    06/03/23  (2)
no one in the history of xo fucks more half jew/ginger chicks than me    06/03/23  (2)
Donating sperm seems so oddly... immoral? Just abandoning your progeny.    06/02/23  (2)
Russia blew up a dam 5 days ago; microwave satellite shows parched land    06/02/23  (2)
More than 230 dead and 900 dead in Imdia train crash..TT where are you?    06/02/23  (2)
Remember vid of dude rigging a barbell to his truck and dropping it on a bum    06/02/23  (2)
Is KONA GRILL credited?    06/03/23  (2)