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I hate people who get everything in life and don't realise it.    12/07/23  (24)
When was the last time you actually enjoyed yourself on Christmas?    12/07/23  (23)
30 years ago would this chick be considered obese? Every american woman looks    12/07/23  (17)
Restaurants used to be a place you could take family, now over priced fraud    12/07/23  (13)
Alleged UNLV shooter is an Italian-American Boomer    12/07/23  (8)
You’re old! Everyone who was your age on Pearl Harbor Day is now dead!    12/07/23  (8)
is "Chet" a chad name    12/07/23  (8)
Buying anything for cyber Thursday tomorrow    12/07/23  (6)
Shot Clock BREAKS in Cairns Taipans Sydney Kings game. Playing with no clock now    12/07/23  (5)
Fags    12/07/23  (5)
Disco do you wear a fraud "ring" after the whore asked u to alter ur body?    12/07/23  (4)
Western "Women" have been told a bunch of Kike GARBAGE, they believe it    12/07/23  (4)
Is bankruptcy easy/profitable?    12/07/23  (4)
Today is D day December 7th 1941    12/07/23  (3)
does the legal profession ever love you back    12/07/23  (3)
Just a bunch of pussy ass little pussy conforming weak ass bitches    12/07/23  (3)
and furthermore, your wife is a stupid slut who can get fucked    12/07/23  (3)
Disco my friend I don't care for thin women feel like thin people are sickly    12/07/23  (3)
Good morning, Nigs! It's pep for bfest    12/07/23  (3)
Blame other$! But its your own retarded fault :( how SAD    12/07/23  (3)
Bidenomics is rooted in the simple idea that we need to grow the economy from    12/07/23  (3)
calling every family member to go on long winded diatribe abt why they're a n-wo    12/07/23  (2)
December is fucking my ass. Way too many deals that have to close this month FMA    12/07/23  (2)
What would be the neocon national anthem?    12/07/23  (2)
“Chat, is she mystery meat?” (Vivek)    12/07/23  (2)
AI answers: IS TAYLOR SWIFT A HOBBY OR A LIFESTYLE?    12/07/23  (2)
I'm going to move to some regional town if my wife can't get pregnant.    12/07/23  (2)
I love it when you call me Big Pajeetshit    12/07/23  (2)
"There's fucking 3 mystery meats on this stage with me" (XO Vivek)    12/07/23  (1)
Another fucking fraud day gone fuck 2023 fuck Jews fuck Xmas H and december    12/07/23  (1)
Keeping sucking Jew cawk for scraps u stupid hating retarded fag$    12/07/23  (1)
Jews and boomer$ double teaming all ur orfices for scraps    12/07/23  (1)
AI analyzes Psycho Karen    12/07/23  (1)
<>bald broke no dope no whores<> Still talking non stop shit, the Bboom story    12/07/23  (1)
   12/07/23  (1)
“make them twice as gay and four times as retarded.” *BMW 7 series designer*    12/07/23  (1)
I would love to see a debate between XO VIVEK and XO KAREN    12/07/23  (1)
Christmas is a fucking pagan holiday u fucking sucker tards    12/07/23  (1)
RATE this high-IQ muslim burning an Israeli flag    12/07/23  (1)
Chuck Schumer: Massie, take this tweet down    12/07/23  (1)
Talk all u want but you'll be kissing ass for scraps in a few hours    12/07/23  (1)
Going to 1770 this weekend. Hoping I don't fw any stronefish in the waters.    12/07/23  (1)
"Christmas" is a motherfucking pagan "holiday" ljl    12/07/23  (1)
Enjoy your fraud pagan christma$ "holiday" while $ucking Jew cock    12/07/23  (1)
Compilation footage of a LOT of dead filthy muslim "Palestinians" (NSFW)    12/07/23  (1)
Pallywood, "According to Palestinian Sources…” (link)    12/07/23  (1)
Democrats agree: Nikki Haley sucks off kikes like nbd    12/07/23  (1)
Lol at 24 days left in "2023" in fraud amerikkka    12/07/23  (1)
Internet Lawyer here, taking Q's    12/07/23  (1)