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i still dont get how the earth can move in space at 30km per second and its fine    01/24/22  (66)
🚨 Biden writing military orders. WWIII IS HAPPENING 🚨    01/24/22  (66)
Gibberish how did you get into owning rental properties?    01/24/22  (49)
Non-Jewish Midwest Prole Chad Catholic here. All xo isolationist pussies deserve    01/24/22  (49)
Marriage is the biggest scam for a man and no man should do it period    01/24/22  (44)
Lol at these isolationist retard who think America won't pay for what it's done    01/24/22  (30)
goal is to write 10k words today    01/24/22  (29)
if youre cramming yourself into "coach" w/ ppl making $30k/yr ur insane    01/24/22  (28)
"Ukraine" is literally a Russian word for "borderland".    01/24/22  (26)
Look how Donald Trump handles Putin    01/24/22  (26)
Why do Russian women all become huge shitlibs when they come to America    01/24/22  (25)
Marilyn Manson forced hottie actress to write “KILL ALL JEWS” above their be    01/24/22  (24)
Lost almost 200k now in 11 days ljl    01/24/22  (23)
Ukraine stuff has me glad i played a lot of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2    01/24/22  (23)
Rate this interaction between Putin and Bill Clinton (early 1990s)    01/24/22  (21)
almost fucked the shit out of my 50 yr old spinner redhead client today in offic    01/24/22  (19)
hypo: EMP knocks out power, internet across North America. do u die?    01/24/22  (19)
Would you marry a vegan girl who wanted to raise the kids vegan?    01/24/22  (19)
Post ITT if you support Vlad the Great in the coming conflict    01/24/22  (19)
I can see a fleet of Kirov airships approaching from my Seattle law office    01/24/22  (18)
"Interview" with FBI coming up, theyre at my door now. Any suggestions?    01/24/22  (18)
Where best place to theatrically kill self due to stock losses?    01/24/22  (17)
Why hasn't an NFL team hired an Olympic sprinter as running back?    01/24/22  (16)
Justice Thomas penning the opinion killing AA will be wonderful    01/24/22  (15)
How does one break a phone / internet / xo addiction?    01/24/22  (15)
Is Seattle a likely Russian target?    01/24/22  (14)
Russia seems 180 af    01/24/22  (13)
LOL at the FRAUD STOCK MARKET being down 1000 pts at noon & ending UP 100 pts    01/24/22  (13)
*stock market puts blade to your throat--retracts* "dude I'm just kidding"    01/24/22  (13)
Biden warned us of a 'winter of death' (war, food shortages, economic suicide)    01/24/22  (13)
My double vaxxed and boosted step-sister just died with covid    01/24/22  (12)
My $500 investment in Bamboo Coin (BMBO) is now worth $8.95    01/24/22  (12)
Sucks that crypto is recovering & we can’t mock cointards at the moment    01/24/22  (12)
No one in this "country" has the stomach for war    01/24/22  (11)
BTC is saving the DJIA, lmao    01/24/22  (11)
Iran: "Death to America!" XO: "yassss"    01/24/22  (11)
do you eat breakfast    01/24/22  (11)
James Iannazzo charged with FELONY intimidation    01/24/22  (10)
Le troisième guerre mondiale était un conflit entre les États-Unis et l'URSS    01/24/22  (9)
Every single pic out of Ukraine makes it look like a frozen shithole    01/24/22  (9)
evan39, TT and xo..it's insane signing legal contract saying you're "married"    01/24/22  (9)
is the NFL fixed? if so how?    01/24/22  (9)
Goyim Lives Matter    01/24/22  (9)
How are you preparing for nuclear war    01/24/22  (9)
Cop-turned-OnlyFans star claims she was 'SHAMED' out of police job after 28 YEAR    01/24/22  (9)
Has anyone been to Merida in Mexico?    01/24/22  (9)
ITT list jobs that sounded cool in high school but now seem utterly pointless    01/24/22  (9)
Assurances ITT: If you buy SOL now, you will get 50x returns when it's $4000 eac    01/24/22  (9)
Let's be real: If Putin had 4 KIROVs & 3 Crazi Ivans, Ukraine would BE DONE HERE    01/24/22  (8)