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Biden shows his cards on electoral college strategy (link)    05/29/24  (33)
Back at my old firm there was a psycho chick who seduced partners    05/29/24  (26)
All you divorce lawyer bros help the rest of us out: is there a CR way to    05/28/24  (24)
RATE Daniell Radcliffe's Babymomma (5 Years His Senior) (PICS)    05/28/24  (20)
MLB officially announces Negro League records are MLB records    05/29/24  (17)
I approve of the jew on jew violence    05/28/24  (16)
Legal expert says Trump acquittal is ‘out of reach’    05/28/24  (14)
Do biglaw people still fuck at the office?    05/29/24  (14)
Where did the West's anti-polygamy stance come from?    05/28/24  (13)
40% of people from Texas are really nice and normal, 60% are complete trash    05/29/24  (13)
Fed whole family for the cost of 1 salad at fast casual salad place.    05/28/24  (12)
How are people surviving? My credit card bill is 7,500 a month and i shop at Wal    05/28/24  (12)
List the saddest (realistic) situation you can think    05/29/24  (11)
Your wife wants you to fuck her ass.    05/28/24  (10)
fuckin hot as shit today jfc    05/28/24  (8)
Why are weedmos always so sensitive when they hear negative stuff about weed?    05/28/24  (8)
Doctor here taking ?s, rating posters, discussing my wife's pregnancy to date.    05/28/24  (8)
Are Peaceful Protests legal?    05/28/24  (8)
So is there any realistic hope of being able to buy house in next decade?    05/28/24  (7)
Loving County, Texas has a population of 43    05/29/24  (7)
Dennis Quaid comes out as a Trumpmo (link)    05/28/24  (6)
Jfc my tits have gotten big    05/28/24  (6)
Why the Sega Saturn Failed    05/28/24  (6)
Biden's economy is so bad that even Cate Blanchett thinks she's now middle class    05/28/24  (6)
My mom and brother built a 'family tree' wall at my parents' place    05/28/24  (6)
Chase Bank in Youngstown, Ohio blows up    05/28/24  (6)
Hating realtors is a true situation of the midwit meme.    05/28/24  (5)
richard clock cracking open his third BOSS Coffee of the day    05/28/24  (5)
chill vibes only please    05/28/24  (5)
PSA: if you jump from a 12 story high cruise ship into the sea, you will die    05/29/24  (5)
How many Lynn Conway troons could Hegemon take in a firefight?    05/28/24  (5)
Lebron 100% going to Suns, they will draft/trade for Bronny late calling it now    05/28/24  (5)
Sotomayor under fire for flying upside-down Sbarro's "open" flag over store    05/28/24  (5)
Why Canadian Conservatives Lose: A Case Study (Karlstack)    05/29/24  (5)
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock would make the perfect wife - pic    05/28/24  (4)
The Sad State of Bethesda Games    05/28/24  (4)
women consume relentlessly, never replace anything and just go on to next thing    05/28/24  (4)
Spend my nights looking for things to blow money on    05/28/24  (4)
If Dallas and Minnesota switched coaches, Wolves win WCF 4-0    05/28/24  (3)
Just got some airpods pro. These things are great    05/28/24  (3)
Native American Indians who claimed the Earth once had two moons vindicated    05/28/24  (3)
Indie Games are SAVING Gaming from Terrible AAA Trash.    05/28/24  (3)
awake people, let’s ki** ourselves    05/28/24  (3)
Reddit is waking up to Big Mike    05/28/24  (3)
almost done setting up recording studio in office    05/28/24  (3)
Paralegal Mohammed - best goat biryani in Quetta you fucking turd faggot?    05/28/24  (3)
something is really wrong    05/28/24  (3)
it's wrong for "right wing nationalists" to run any country but Israel?    05/28/24  (3)
Crazy how Mavs just keep every game close    05/28/24  (3)