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I have a crush on Emilio Estevez circa 1992 tp    08/03/21  (39)
Just watched "Bonfire of the Vanities" movie - holy shit this is more relevant    08/03/21  (34)
Archaeologists have discovered ancient giants    08/03/21  (29)
If you don’t live in La Jolla, your life is a cruel hellscape    08/03/21  (25)
only 33% of NYC blacks are vaccinated    08/03/21  (23)
This reddit story is brutal: "Misdiagnosed w/ anxiety for years, now in wheelcha    08/03/21  (22)
USA Airports: no drinks through security, onboard because COVID, at terminal:    08/03/21  (20)
cowshit, why is WoW more popular thank Diablo 3?    08/03/21  (15)
Live debate between CHARLIE KIRK and VAUSH (reaction stream by Nick Fuentes) 8pm    08/03/21  (15)
Only decent chink dish; boneless ribs with pork fried rice and spicy mustard    08/03/21  (14)
alex jones predicted all of this in advance and we ignored him    08/03/21  (14)
Lobster and Crab are extremely overrated. LobsterFest? who gives a fuck.    08/03/21  (14)
The Best of the Worst: Seattle Primary Elections    08/03/21  (13)
Imagine being a landlord and now Biden says you cant evict after a year of covid    08/03/21  (13)
Emilio Estevez tp flashing u the "ok" sign as u aim alien energy weapon at DC    08/03/21  (13)
"Limited" New Eviction Moratorium Applies to 90% of US population until OCTOBER    08/03/21  (13)
Torn between hatred of Economist globohomo rag & love of The Economist tp (tp)    08/03/21  (12)
Mortal Kombat II full size arcade machine for only $450    08/03/21  (12)
reddit com/r/landlords is a total shit show right now    08/03/21  (11)
has TSINAH described his "covid" symptoms at all?    08/03/21  (11)
List of elites against Cuomo rapidly growing    08/03/21  (11)
i know what i need to do    08/03/21  (11)
Since COVID my WFH life has been fucking amazing, I NEVER want to go back    08/03/21  (11)
Art School Admissions Thread    08/03/21  (11)
Lib 'prosecutor' in St. Louis is refusing to prosecute literal murderers:    08/03/21  (10)
iran was 100% correct when they called the US the great satan, lmao    08/03/21  (10)
Holocaust Museum To Require Proof Of Vaccination (link    08/03/21  (9)
Now expected to don the face diapers during Zoom calls    08/03/21  (9)
MAF at my parents underachieving    08/03/21  (9)
I am a victim of Cuomo (TSINAH)    08/03/21  (8)
Germany to JAIL citizens who refuse lockdowns, requires ID-like vax passport (l    08/03/21  (8)
There's just no fucking way Biden won lol    08/03/21  (8)
DeSantis sure talks a lot of shit    08/03/21  (8)
this "updated CDC mask guidance" is asinine    08/03/21  (8)
had weed last night, awful stuff    08/03/21  (8)
the gate has been lowered & there's no chance for ANY non-elites going forward    08/03/21  (7)
there are adults alive right now who don't remember the US before 9/11    08/03/21  (7)
Nothing stranger than taco bell putting raw onion in their basic burrito    08/03/21  (7)
my pronouns are peen/herm    08/03/21  (7)
Copped 3 freshly minted Morgan dollars before they sold out today    08/03/21  (7)
7 years of your life per inch of penis. How many inches do you want?    08/03/21  (7)
"if you could clone one per-" "clarence thomas 8 times."    08/03/21  (7)
Do sublets qualify for eviction moratorium?    08/03/21  (7)
A cloth mask against covid is like "throwing sand against chain link fence"    08/03/21  (7)
woops no rent for you. guess u can always sell 2 blackrock tho    08/03/21  (7)
Why does everything always come back to Kierkegaard    08/03/21  (7)
Bigger impact on America’s downfall: 9/11 or Twitter?    08/03/21  (6)
Does anyone else get sad when songs end?    08/03/21  (6)
Fucked a lib in the ass. Taking Qs.    08/03/21  (6)
I'm fully resigned to death    08/03/21  (6)