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MIG/Repent: Homosexual or Pedophile?    09/29/22  (69)
new “fascist” PM of Italy: Ukraine is on its own, Forza Russia! (link)    09/29/22  (58)
I don’t have big boobz. :/    09/29/22  (57)
imo drunk driving is actually enjoyable    09/28/22  (26)
Official List of Retards who should be Banned    09/29/22  (26)
😲. BONER POLICE READ THIS 🌈    09/29/22  (25)
Finish this sentence: "TSINAH is currently drowning in _________"    09/29/22  (21)
Chandler taking qs from Alaska    09/29/22  (21)
rate my new tv purchase    09/29/22  (21)
Anyone else feel the PASSING OF TIME more keenly lately?    09/28/22  (20)
jfc woke up on my office floor to the knock on the door from facilities    09/29/22  (20)
NT wright loses debate over resurrection to apparently jewish philosopher    09/28/22  (14)
I am not going to make it. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am broken.    09/28/22  (12)
been working with a lot of CEOs lately, they are all fucking retarded    09/29/22  (12)
OCI status: aced    09/28/22  (12)
when're we scheduling the Commonwealth of Xo vs. GJR grand jury hearing?    09/29/22  (12)
Here is my Truth    09/29/22  (11)
Night crew isn’t the same without Emilio    09/29/22  (11)
autoadmit was an anonymous long running performance art piece    09/29/22  (9)
Currently having an existential crisis    09/28/22  (8)
sent the police to ZZZ's place, not flame    09/29/22  (8)
Discuss stocks that can be a dime bagger beat the market boor?    09/29/22  (8)
Boner police    09/28/22  (8)
Politico: To save USA from Trump in 2024 we must shred the Constitution    09/29/22  (8)
How to find good local TRT clinic?    09/28/22  (7)
We are seeing one of the final steps in the 'Apotheosis of the Slavs'    09/29/22  (7)
FYI a lot of you have mental problems    09/28/22  (7)
how tf is this guy catagorized as an "incel"?    09/29/22  (7)
I don’t have big doobz. :/    09/29/22  (7)
Sorry, I just got here. What did I miss today?    09/28/22  (6)
dating sim roguelike where doodikof gets a lil closer to 2nd date every "run"    09/29/22  (6)
Why is Ukranian the FAGGIEST country in Eastern Europe? They are GAY    09/29/22  (6)
Marjorie Taylor Green’s hubby files for divorce    09/29/22  (5)
Jewish Taliban cult raided in Mexico by Mossad!    09/28/22  (5)
CA COA disqualifies entire SLO DA's Office from BLM Rioters bc DA be racis    09/28/22  (5)
Pros and cons of mocking OC's initial lowball offer after massive settlement?    09/29/22  (5)
Yeah, Ukraine should have it’s immigration law bound by EU Law    09/29/22  (5)
Boor is so stupidly alpha    09/29/22  (5)
played these roguelikes in the last 2 years    09/29/22  (5)
🚨🚨🚨 MTG is single, her husband has filed for divorce. Now is your chanc    09/28/22  (5)
Half of Clint Eastwood’s movies the last 30 years feel like The Shootist    09/28/22  (5)
Who tf cares about Judge tying an AL HR record?    09/28/22  (5)
Running list of poasters who need to take their meds: GJR, NSAM, Peter North,    09/29/22  (5)
Honest question: on what systematic basis do you judge politicians, if any?    09/29/22  (5)
normally i wouldn't link a poster's onlyfans, because of the one rule    09/29/22  (5)
xo has turned into a stupid gossip site about other posters    09/28/22  (4)
Best country to flee U.S. & start fre$h?    09/28/22  (4)
Should I book a 4-day Royal Caribbean cruise to Ensenada?    09/28/22  (4)
Posters who share your political views but you still hate?    09/29/22  (4)
how much do u give at church every week    09/29/22  (4)