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ChatGPT discusses AutoAdmit.com    02/07/23  (46)
This board was complete garbage until about mid-2015    02/07/23  (37)
Gin is the most underrated liquor in America    02/07/23  (34)
Overpopulation is making us all poor.    02/07/23  (30)
NYT: We used Ukraine to test our weapons against Russia. They failed the test    02/07/23  (30)
Lowest unemployment in decades more people living paycheck to paycheck than ever    02/07/23  (29)
Most shocking WWF / WWE championship wins in history?    02/07/23  (27)
Why did Tim Pool get so popular?    02/07/23  (23)
So Fats get to look like me, a thin, w/ Wegovy/Ozempic? Total BS.    02/07/23  (22)
Why doesn't Russia just chill out and become prosperous?    02/07/23  (20)
43-year old college friend just gave birth to 3rd child    02/07/23  (19)
I'm a persecuted dissident *collects SSDI*    02/07/23  (19)
The U.S. literally has no value..doesn't make anything.people aren't having kids    02/07/23  (19)
went to a cruising park to get a blowjob just now    02/07/23  (18)
There are still people who think the Stratford man wrote Shakespeare LJL    02/07/23  (18)
How much creatine should you take daily?    02/07/23  (17)
ChatGPT discusses the IFNB    02/07/23  (17)
Soo CR SRI LANKA Picture Thread (RSF)    02/07/23  (16)
Oh no, Chinas spy balloons show China what can be seen from Google Earth    02/07/23  (16)
There’s got to be a nice girl on xo that I can pair up with    02/07/23  (14)
The BEST Live Performer You've Ever Seen was...    02/07/23  (11)
Sunday is awful on xo wow    02/07/23  (11)
Rate this international border    02/07/23  (10)
*STABS YOU IN THE FUCKING HEAD*    02/07/23  (10)
Why are people fat when you can just download myfitnesspal?    02/07/23  (10)
Any Ohio lawyers here?    02/07/23  (10)
Why promote equality & justice when you can just lynch people    02/07/23  (9)
told my wife we have to get squatty potty, $600 bidet to keep up w/ doodikoff    02/07/23  (9)
I am FUCKKKKEEEEDDDD    02/07/23  (8)
How many people here still eat cereal for breakfast / sandwich for lunch?    02/07/23  (8)
Magic Johnson got HIV in 1991 yet has had a better life than you since then    02/07/23  (8)
my 7 day twitter ban is going to be over tomorrow    02/07/23  (8)
Do people really have test anxiety?    02/07/23  (7)
so the "IRS" is a money laundering org to clean middle class💰 for Elites?    02/07/23  (7)
Internet allows pedo phenotype leftists to masquerade as upright citizens    02/07/23  (7)
PSA: if you were a "Latch-Key" child then you grew up Prole    02/07/23  (7)
TT is a Bombay billionaire! Will be first to a trillion    02/07/23  (7)
had a dream doodikoff got rich by inventing/selling some sort of toilet product    02/07/23  (6)
"I still Foucault", this professor is "cumming" for your children    02/07/23  (6)
Terminator 2: summary judgment day    02/07/23  (6)
XO 2028: I don't want to be a jerk but does this show have to have pedo scenes?    02/07/23  (6)
This place is damaging, crushing..will rip ur heart out..other places are retard    02/07/23  (6)
Rate this WEF 2023 video on mind reading technology    02/07/23  (6)
Officially *OUT* of stims    02/07/23  (6)
Pretty proud of my associate today    02/07/23  (6)
Stanford professor: if Russia wins people might forget that they were losing    02/07/23  (6)
Tommy rate these BIRDSHITS triumphing over evil    02/07/23  (5)
Turkey earthquake triggered by "giant sky pussy." (Link)    02/07/23  (5)
In retrospect, insane that Brian Laundrie roamed free for 1 month after Gabbie    02/07/23  (5)
Anyone use hungryroot for groceries    02/07/23  (5)