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🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 15 🚨    04/20/21  (358)
Covid Update: Couldn't talk or breath sitting upright all day yesterday.    05/11/21  (280)
Biden set to DOUBLE capital gains tax to 40%, retroactive for 2021    04/28/21  (264)
Hilarious how many people on xo believe in GOD    05/11/21  (252)
Rate this Asian teen’s college admissions success    04/26/21  (237)
Serious Q: Why aren’t you faggots just getting vaccinated? To be edgy?    04/29/21  (234)
Basic issue for most XO bachelors    05/11/21  (207)
4/20/2021: Police shoot 15 year old black girl who called 911 for help    04/23/21  (205)
ITT think hard and list your top 3 films.    05/15/21  (191)
Spaceporn looked up some random court case and claims that guy is his stalker lm    05/04/21  (191)
***OFFICIAL 2021 NFL DRAFT THREAD***    04/30/21  (188)
Why the fuck does this bort allow spammers, anywhere else they would be banned    04/23/21  (175)
is it cr to just marry some cute cheerful prole service industry worker girl    05/08/21  (173)
Oh no some freak incels and asians said because I adopted a kid I'm not a real d    05/09/21  (169)
Famous bands with only one talented member    05/06/21  (169)
XO Poll: Are you fully vaccinated at this moment Yea or Nay    05/14/21  (162)
Oops, libs caught deleting databases w evidence right before AZ audit    05/15/21  (160)
when did xo become really, really, dumb?    05/10/21  (160)
Dozens of libs are resigning from Basecamp    05/05/21  (155)
The "UFO tech = human" crowd doesn't grasp how insane their maneuvers are    05/05/21  (150)
Samoyedcoin (SAMO)    05/14/21  (148)
anti-vax conspiracies on the right depress me. all smart people alienated    05/07/21  (146)
Breaking point: tech company DEWOKES.    04/29/21  (139)
Other than Barry Bonds, who is the greatest baseball player from our lives?    04/21/21  (138)
My Dad died today :(    05/12/21  (137)
Told my wife last night that I want a divorce    04/20/21  (136)
What's the most third world part of the United States?    05/15/21  (135)
In contract on home. Seller refusing to allow septic system inspection. Help    05/03/21  (134)
Epic $8,500 Vegas trip for siblings 21st bday - PHOTOS (CSLG)    05/08/21  (134)
I cannot for the life of me understand what drives someone to live in suburbs    04/25/21  (134)
michael doodikoff: how are you right now?    05/06/21  (133)
Taking MENTALLY ILL Saturday evening Qs (RSF)    05/10/21  (132)
Solana Technical Analysis Megathread    05/14/21  (131)
Black man (babysitter) kills 1 year old with wrestling moves. Not Flame    05/10/21  (130)
SP here. I will never be charged w such a crime. I will never "be tried"    05/14/21  (130)
Most prestigious river in the US?    05/06/21  (129)
SOLANA is MOONING @ this crash    05/12/21  (128)
They're really going to turn meat into a social taboo    05/10/21  (128)
It’s exclusively BOOTLICKERS that support Chauvin, right?    04/21/21  (126)
BLM telling whites to "get the fuck out of New York"    04/22/21  (125)
Tommy Ts life sounds terrifyingly lonely and miserable    04/24/21  (123)
Poasters u Think About & Miss Vol. I    05/06/21  (120)
Pearl Jam is the most overrated band in history.    05/14/21  (119)
Old sports events that still piss you off    04/26/21  (118)
What’s life like in Chicago on $550K HHI?    04/24/21  (118)
LIVE BLOGGING - at a restaurant bar, married blonde sitting next to me    04/27/21  (118)
White Yale Professor Interrupts Black Man during Zoom: Calls for her firing    04/18/21  (117)
Someone want to explain the latest Fauci scandal?    05/12/21  (115)
Just walked by an app chick who recently ghosted me. She looked other way    04/17/21  (114)
PSA: Ruskie is the single mother to a black infant    05/04/21  (114)
Rate Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) at 44 in a TANKINI (pics)    05/03/21  (113)
Reminder: Christianity was created by Jews solely to take down Rome    05/08/21  (112)
I’m Concerned About Wokeness at My Child’s School (The Atlantic)    05/12/21  (112)
NET WORTH checkin    04/19/21  (111)
ITT we list BASED leftists    04/20/21  (110)
Rate the new video on my firm website (CSLG)    05/14/21  (110)
πŸ€ 26% of men don't think they could beat a rat in a fight πŸ€    05/15/21  (110)
Do you think it's creepy when dudes go to Thailand?    05/11/21  (110)
California to END all Accelerated Math courses to PROMOTE EQUITY    05/06/21  (109)
mRNA vax makes magnets stick to arm    05/14/21  (108)
Do xo morons really think Floyd would’ve died of OD if he’d gone to jail?    04/25/21  (107)
Op-ed: "I no longer recognize Minneapolis... I'm leaving Friday."    04/24/21  (107)
Facebook is censoring the story about BLM founder buying 4 hours    04/16/21  (106)
Mid-late 30's, no wife/kids, can find work anywhere- where should I move?    05/08/21  (106)
Are there careers where you never, at any time, pretend to care about diversity?    04/19/21  (106)
hyperinflation - reading this thread might save your life    05/13/21  (106)
RATE the University of Kentucky women's volleyball team    04/28/21  (105)
Good writers: Fix this clunky sentence I can't seem to fix    05/02/21  (105)
NYT: Why Iowa Has Become Such a Heartbreaker for Democrats    04/28/21  (105)
Guys with dead bedrooms, is your wife able to achieve orgasms from sex still?    05/07/21  (104)
Anyone have a BLACK car and regret the color choice?    05/08/21  (104)
Anyone watching the Jake Paul boxing fight tonight?    04/18/21  (103)
cannot understand the simultaneous, insidious narrative of women as sluts + chil    05/15/21  (103)
REMINDER: Greece opened to Americans YESTERDAY    04/21/21  (103)
***RSF OFFICIAL month long TRIP thread***    05/04/21  (103)
Had 180 dinner at Providence - 2 Michelin Stars... photos inside (CSLG)    05/15/21  (103)
As I approach 40, it's becoming extremely difficult to not have a "dad gut"    05/15/21  (102)
Test driving a TESLA today brothers    05/12/21  (102)
Biden to propose 17 years of free public education    04/29/21  (101)
So tommy basically did FIRE on less than $1mil?    05/15/21  (100)
Fun site that does a great job of removing clothes from pics: deepsukebe.io    04/23/21  (99)
Crypto is reminding me a lot of Tech Bubble    05/12/21  (99)
White Karen confronts rude teen - you'll never guess what happened next!    04/25/21  (99)
Rate this Zoom debate between student & professor re: police (vid)    05/04/21  (98)
What race has the LEAST musical ability?    05/14/21  (97)
Israeli airstrike kills 10 Palestinian children and destroys 12-story building    05/12/21  (96)
Corporate exec comments on increasing inflation:    04/28/21  (96)
Election day 2020 seems surreal at this point    05/13/21  (96)
In the coming decades, Indian is going to pwn the shit out of China    04/20/21  (96)
Rate Her: Instagram Edition    05/13/21  (95)
VERDICT NOT FLAME    04/20/21  (95)
Welp. Was supposed to get second vax today. Instead tested + for COVID    05/01/21  (95)
LMFAO at this new statue at Rockefeller Center (pics)    05/12/21  (94)
GJR answering your dating questions honestly.    05/09/21  (94)
So are these ALIENS real or what brothers?    04/18/21  (94)
cowgod is now posting as "2 simultaneous WFH sinecures"    04/20/21  (94)
what do you think about this 21 year old escort?    04/26/21  (93)
Black female sexuality is disgusting    04/20/21  (93)
With Biden’s cap gains tax, it won’t make sense to work anymore    04/30/21  (93)
6000 sq. ft. new construction Palo Alto house on 1/4 acre lot: $20,000,000    05/10/21  (92)
Anyone remember “Steak and Ale” restaurant?    05/06/21  (92)
Grandmother fatally punched in French Quarter; brother has 'no earthly idea why'    05/06/21  (92)
Prole tell: asking guests at your home to split cost of food    05/13/21  (92)
I'm a bartender, and these are the drinks that we secretly judge you for orderin    04/27/21  (92)
1800000 - Trump launches 'From the Desk of DJT' - Twitter-like feed    05/06/21  (92)
US Navy announces first all gay attack helicopter crew    05/08/21  (91)
Northwestern Law getting woke-gaped    05/12/21  (90)
UNPOPULAR OPINION: I don’t think that the Iraq war was that bad    05/02/21  (90)
Marriage Proposal Accepted!    05/08/21  (89)
Post uses for "SOL" besides "buy & hope number go up"    04/27/21  (89)
You get to participate in one historical battle, which one    05/02/21  (89)
ITT link to Tucker show calling Fauci criminal, enabled virus lab creation    05/12/21  (88)
Billie Eilish proves the "sexualization of women" thing is a myth    05/06/21  (88)
Lol feds had plans to arrest chauvin if he got off    04/30/21  (88)
Fuck I still cant decide Miami vs Seattle vs Reno    05/03/21  (88)
Odd case, I no longer hate Dubai    05/05/21  (88)
Couple cancels adoption bc they can't post child on social media for 1 year.    05/12/21  (87)
LOL former Pfizer VP on vaccine scheme: it will be used for depopulation    05/03/21  (87)
🚨🚨 Chauvin Deliberation | Verdict | Response Thread 🚨🚨    04/20/21  (86)
what changes between $1.6m and $10.6m net worth    05/15/21  (85)
ITT: list famous people u can't believe still are alive    04/21/21  (85)
Offered a job in Dubai    04/28/21  (85)
Singapore Chink calls Birdshit "White Trash" and tells him to "Go back to your c    04/30/21  (84)
What's something you used to think was overrated and now think it's 180    05/01/21  (84)
Matthew Perry matches with objective 10 on Raya celebrity dating app    05/10/21  (84)
Pressure mounting to get the vaccine    04/29/21  (84)
35 YEAR OLD SINGLEMO ITT taking Qs    05/12/21  (83)
so tired of see lunatics on hiking trails in masks    04/20/21  (83)
xo Tokyo Olympics BANS Olympians taking a knee for BLM    04/23/21  (83)
Israel bombs the fuck out of the Associated Press building    05/15/21  (83)
Biden admin set to federally mandate CRT in public education (link)    04/26/21  (83)
rate this CREEPSHOT I took of the Russian 21 year old    04/28/21  (83)
Wife and I had a MFM threesome and it went really wrong    05/12/21  (82)
POLL (for no-vaxmos): Are you "no vax ever" or "no vax right now"?    04/17/21  (82)
Do you expect any inheritance(s) in the future ?    04/24/21  (82)
XO is the place where I have seen people say Breonna Taylor “deserved it”    04/26/21  (82)
Could Bill Gates bang 10/10s if he even tried    05/15/21  (82)
Why is racism bad exactly?    05/10/21  (82)
ITT: issues that stopped being talked about but still exist    04/26/21  (82)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Verdict Live Stream Thread 🚨    04/20/21  (82)
70% of Republicans don't believe Biden legit won the election: CNN poll    05/03/21  (82)
South Carolina: Fuck lethal injection. We're bringing back firing squads    05/07/21  (82)
read a lot of Mein Kampf last night (GJR) (not a Nazi)    05/06/21  (82)
ur insane if ur under 50 & healthy and get the vaccine    04/24/21  (81)
inflation is literally out of fucking control right now    05/07/21  (81)
not a conturd but it's alpha as fuck how Liz Cheney gives no shits    05/14/21  (80)
if I were black I would RESENT the left for making me seem totally incapable    05/06/21  (80)