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Wife's 37 year old friend desperately wants to marry    10/16/21  (363)
paging OLDHLSDude    10/13/21  (323)
The logic fail at the heart of the vax hysteria is hilarious    09/23/21  (313)
GJR here, dead inside. AMA    10/15/21  (230)
** Official Wilder - Fury III Thread ***    10/10/21  (223)
truly insane how much hate i received after trying to help u get rich    10/02/21  (215)
holy fuck i have so much crypto    10/07/21  (214)
Let me explain the end game of COVID again to you retards    10/08/21  (213)
New York City schools to Phase Out Its Gifted and Talented Program    10/14/21  (202)
Stories of meeting girl and she much fatter than pics?    10/16/21  (193)
The Australia nuclear submarine deal thing is INSANE    09/23/21  (169)
Car features you never use:    10/05/21  (165)
Biden admin to shitcan 25% of Navy Seals over VAX. Will not deploy unvaxxed    09/22/21  (164)
If someone convinced me that fetuses were people I would switch to anti-abortion    10/08/21  (160)
Never had sex w/ a prostitute. I have a wife & 3 kids. Help me find a whore    10/12/21  (157)
Buying a house - my realtor is telling me that COMPS DONT MATTER    10/13/21  (154)
VA man arrested at school board meeting after daughter raped by “tranny”    10/15/21  (152)
Hospitals are indeed "maxed out", blaming unvaxxed, but what's really happening?    09/29/21  (148)
Obese C-cupped manchild RSF just claimed to be in “good shape”    09/30/21  (147)
Anglin: China supremacy is coming and it’s going to be 180000    10/08/21  (146)
Do you think Tucker Carlson got the vax?    09/25/21  (146)
So there's not going to be a Trump Presidential Library? Not even gonna pretend    10/06/21  (144)
GameFAQs Poasting Ideas    10/11/21  (144)
There are 100% paid vaccine shills on this board    10/06/21  (132)
Is this a SOL buying opportunity?    09/19/21  (132)
Type a phrase here and the AI will finish it for you. Post examples    09/22/21  (129)
This is who you'll be dating at 33 (dating profile link)    09/28/21  (128)
Playoffs are bad for college football    09/23/21  (127)
****OFFICIAL JOSHUA VS USYK THREAD****    09/26/21  (125)
benzo is in jail again    10/15/21  (124)
ITT: List your monthly rent OR your mortgage balance    09/24/21  (122)
Atheists seem totally incurious as to why religion exists    10/01/21  (121)
Job interviews are impossible    10/16/21  (119)
So do Rothschild conspiracies proliferate just bc they're rich and Jewish?    09/23/21  (119)
Rate this Yale distance runner who loves taking vids in thong bikinis    09/21/21  (119)
What would you do if you were Brian Laundrie?    09/23/21  (118)
ITT: We translate common girl phrases on dating apps    10/15/21  (117)
Taking Qs on CFB, insane stalkers, 180 stuff, whatever (RSF)    09/28/21  (116)
Suing State Farm for bad faith (CSLG)    10/13/21  (115)
Treasury prepares to mint a 1 TRILLION dollar coin to avoid debt limit    10/07/21  (114)
NYT: Tucker was right 1/6 was an FBI False Flag Operation    09/27/21  (114)
does anyone seriously even use those faucets above the stove    10/04/21  (114)
Judge sentences 1/6 man to jail despite DOJ not seeking jail time    10/05/21  (113)
Mower hits rebar near children’s recess; puts kid in coma with brain damage    09/20/21  (113)
Secession poll by party affiliation and region    10/14/21  (112)
Do you guys realize how fucking INSANE the 2024 election is going to be?    10/14/21  (111)
Facebook is not "down" it's GONE    10/05/21  (110)
Watching boys get destroyed by matriarchy schools in real time (anecdotes)    10/12/21  (110)
Update on wife + mistress pregnant    09/28/21  (108)
Rate this video of shitlibs repeatedly masking a crying child    10/11/21  (107)
Can we get an xo lawyer to represent beebee against HLS?    10/13/21  (106)
NYT: We must destroy the suburbs to stop racism and climate change    10/13/21  (106)
After 1st Bumble date, she writes "I hope you have a great start of your week!"    10/12/21  (105)
Explain why someone who is not a contractor would buy a pickup?    10/14/21  (104)
Time to Die getting mediocre to bad audience reviews    10/09/21  (102)
is owning a luxury car flame    09/26/21  (101)
Post the Scummiest images you can find    09/28/21  (100)
Taking questions on the No. 2 CFB team, the Iowa Hawkeyes, for a bit    10/14/21  (98)
got forcibly vaccinated today    09/30/21  (98)
Trump suing Twitter to get his account back lol libs are done here    10/04/21  (97)
ITT I post two TikTok teens and you pick your favorite    10/14/21  (97)
In a week I will be 35, I am completely single, but rest of life is in order    09/30/21  (97)
Women are now 60% of college students. They can't figure out why    09/26/21  (97)
Lol. Check out these DC "Protestors"    09/20/21  (97)
HARD TO SWALLOW TRUTH: Steakhouse steaks are 40-50x better than homemade    09/28/21  (97)
Tyson Fury's skinny-fat body has changed my entire perception of fitness    10/12/21  (96)
Couple friend set me up on blind double date w/their friend. she left in 25 min    09/17/21  (96)
FDA: the vaxx KILLS more people than it saves    09/21/21  (96)
Myocarditis in young healthy males is most likely under reported    10/07/21  (95)
Dear Paymos: Friendly reminder we are NEVER paying these loans    10/06/21  (94)
96 year old Nazi secretary on the run; outsmarted mossad    10/01/21  (93)
Student Loans deferred for over 18 months now. Why not just cancel loans    09/29/21  (93)
What’s the argument against the fact that illegals will do jobs    10/12/21  (93)
Australian firefighters posing next to their chink counterparts (pic)    10/06/21  (92)
Most desperate ways you've made money    09/21/21  (92)
XO DeSantis: Natural Immunity = Vaccinated Immunity    09/24/21  (92)
ITT we list things only olds remember like Circuit City, NBTW, Caldor    10/02/21  (91)
Biden says he supports taxing billionaires' investment gains annually    09/26/21  (91)
Will any of you rich SOL bros donate to gofundme for me? TT6    09/30/21  (90)
🚨 🚨 🚨 AZ AUDIT RESULTS GOING PUBLIC 9/24/21 1 PM 🚨 🚨 🚨    09/29/21  (90)
"Tax the rich!" *raises taxes on the upper middle class*    09/29/21  (90)
Gov Gavin Newsome abolishes single family zoning in California    09/21/21  (90)
I find the lack of a safety net in America to be extremely stressful.    10/02/21  (89)
are ppl even talking about how these COVID vaccines destroy the immune system?    09/24/21  (89)
Redditors discuss whether $200k in LA is "rich"    10/16/21  (89)
The Atlantic: Babylon Bee mocks woke liberals and that is NOT OK    10/16/21  (89)
Brian Laundrie’s parents are 100% covering for him.    09/21/21  (89)
📧 more Gruden emails 📧    10/12/21  (88)
Is Charles Barkley the consensus greatest player to never win a title?    10/15/21  (88)
Smartest man in world continues his anti-Great Reset/fraudvirus tirade    10/11/21  (87)
what is the best documentary of all time?    09/21/21  (87)
Holy shit they built a fake set for Biden to get the booster?    10/08/21  (86)
YLS wants to kill 2L b/c he said "trap house," is in Federalist Society    10/14/21  (86)
ISRAEL STRIPPED of funding from the US by the SQUAD    09/26/21  (86)
I'm fucking done with the NFL    10/14/21  (86)
Would it ever take 2hr to transfer SOL from Sollet to FTX?    10/10/21  (85)
Go away Rudolph    10/07/21  (85)
does anyone else feel like our society is on the brink of collapse?    10/01/21  (85)
who has the most expensive couch on xo    10/01/21  (84)
fun clip of Texas A&M kicker's mom as kicker takes down Alabama    10/16/21  (84)
I'll be 55 when my kid graduates high school    10/15/21  (84)
She is vaxxed and healthy (pic)    09/25/21  (84)
What is the best, unverifiable location to use on a fake vaccine card?    10/03/21  (83)
Northwestern cancels its BS/MD program to appease minorities    09/30/21  (83)
What are some things that only really smart and really dumb people think?    09/19/21  (83)
How are millions of federal employees keeping quiet about so many conspiracies?    09/20/21  (83)
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi    09/24/21  (83)
Wait, why is Gabby Petito actually in that Sandy Hook video?    10/15/21  (83)
car dealerships have No Inventory    10/13/21  (82)
FACEBOOK down around the world    10/04/21  (82)
An all-Black team will climb Mount Everest for the 1st time    10/02/21  (82)
bump this thread and i will show you what AI thinks ur moniker looks like    10/11/21  (82)
Boom! You're a 19yo German in WWII? U-Boat or Russian Front duty?    09/26/21  (82)
SOL accumulation thread    10/03/21  (82)
everyone ignoring the collapsing supply chain    10/01/21  (82)
Taking Qs on hating libs, being 180, etc... (RSF)    10/09/21  (81)
what do y'all think about this 25 year old escort? ($300/hr)    10/03/21  (81)
🚿 Another fucking moron jumps in a Yellowstone hot spring 🚿    10/08/21  (81)
date night #2 update (GJR) "pain"    10/15/21  (81)
Squid Game was pretty decent, lots of plot holes but entertaining    10/15/21  (81)
Cuck 57 y/o single dad takes out $550K in loans for kids’ college    09/28/21  (81)
Took out biker gang for pizza/beer... photos inside (CSLG)    09/27/21  (81)
US AG declares parents who oppose CRT as 'DOMESTIC terrorists' (cnn)    10/05/21  (81)
Anyone noticed this lib logic fail: vaccine works AND vaccinated at risk from un    10/01/21  (81)
Rate the accuracy of this sentence from 1989    10/11/21  (81)
What Car should I drive (OYT)    09/26/21  (81)
Norm McDonald gets posthumously METOO’d    09/17/21  (80)
Living in Thailand has its perks, but damn the people isnt one of them    10/06/21  (79)
LIVE POASTING: Meeting a Tinder 6.5 for drinks + sex    10/05/21  (79)
who’s the smartest poaster?    09/24/21  (79)
JPMorgan's Dimon blasts bitcoin as 'worthless'    10/13/21  (78)
ITT: list underrated N64 games    09/27/21  (78)
Netflix doc on UFOs puts a nail in this coffin    10/01/21  (78)
It's weird how religious I'm becoming    10/11/21  (77)
Video which shows the future of being called racist (link)    10/16/21  (77)
Russian fitness coach drowns trying to save woman while wife films it (video)    09/28/21  (77)
Raising kids is 100% a full time job and LJL at any society without    10/04/21  (77)
Insane HLS story on twitter    09/26/21  (77)
This Instagram chick is a literal 10/10. If you disagree you are homo or beta (l    10/01/21  (76)
FAA bans drone flights over border showing migrants flooding into country    09/17/21  (76)
Had the easiest sex Ive ever had yesterday    09/27/21  (76)
Merck develops anti-viral drug that reduces Covid risk by 50%    10/02/21  (76)
AP: Americans quit their jobs at a record pace in August    10/13/21  (76)
Welp, accidentally sent internal email and draft to other side. Polish resume?    10/15/21  (76)
The US is so fucked re immigration    09/24/21  (75)
controversial opinion: Biden presidency surprisingly tame, moderate, dominated b    09/19/21  (75)
4chan found Gabby Petito's /r/Gonewild posts (link)    10/10/21  (74)
keep coming back to the weird statistical anomalies and I don't think Biden won    10/07/21  (74)
Monty hall problem    10/11/21  (74)
"Zero Whites Among MacArthur 'Genius Grant' Winner, an Historic First." (NPR)    09/29/21  (74)