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The more I learn about the Trump trial the more I realize its all fraud and lies    05/15/24  (256)
Why are libs so obsessed with "high speed rail"?    05/14/24  (246)
REMINDER: Lynn Conway tp tried to get xo shut down bc we hurt his feelings    05/29/24  (223)
i lost track of who everyone else is on xo and i dont think it'll ever change    05/26/24  (212)
Spaceporn tp admits to making under 300k/yr and sub-1 mil NW    05/21/24  (160)
Rate my friend’s wife    05/28/24  (151)
Is it stupid to pay for an elite prep school for kids if UMC?    05/27/24  (145)
"doordash" is such a SPS scam waste    05/14/24  (145)
Explosion in homeschooling. 1/17 kids now homeschooled. 6% of all students.    05/26/24  (141)
Are there any normal xo posters?    05/06/24  (138)
HS principal just called to announce that my oldest is class valedictorian    05/03/24  (127)
Escaping Iran after piping the POTUS, u mad Birdshitz?    05/23/24  (125)
38 year old friend not having dating app success    05/05/24  (125)
Thoughts on the ongoing Kendrick vs. Drake rap battle    05/17/24  (123)
Friday MDMA chemsex report (gunneratttt)    05/20/24  (117)
Houston lawyer KILLED in McDonald's dispute    05/10/24  (116)
Imagine being the faggot who ran Red Lobster into the ground    05/22/24  (116)
Xo Nerds: Recommend me a GPU    05/07/24  (116)
Really sad. My wife is out of town with girls dance and I'm home alone with boys    05/12/24  (116)
Trump is being normalized in the npc mind    05/16/24  (115)
90s Films built entirely around One Scene    05/04/24  (106)
McDonald’s is getting rid of free drink refills — and more fast-food chains    05/25/24  (104)
Rate this chick I just fucked from the bar    05/23/24  (104)
My haters are getting a little more uppity and its 180    05/21/24  (103)
About to hit 35 Million NW and life update (CSLG)    05/22/24  (101)
Gunnerattt and Lynn are the greatest arguments to vote for dementia joe    05/11/24  (99)
rate my 40 year old work wife    05/20/24  (99)
This Lynn tranny is hitting all the themes of my pedophile emailer    05/09/24  (98)
Finally getting around to watching sopranos this really is goat    05/16/24  (98)
DEI was never about profitability (Karlstack)    04/30/24  (97)
Does anyone else's birdbrain do shit like this?    05/09/24  (97)
My firm hired two SEC sorority girls for the summer temp jobs    05/28/24  (96)
Guy in blue shirt at 0:08 is fucked for life career wise right?    05/05/24  (94)
would you rather be EPAH, CSLG or RSF? (you can't pick killself)    05/22/24  (93)
you are old: spaceporn stopped returning his son's calls    05/24/24  (92)
Jamie Dimon: America is fucked based on its debt in about 10 years    05/10/24  (91)
There are fed employees on reddit with $1M+ 401K balances at 42    05/06/24  (90)
Spaceporn supporters report ITT    05/09/24  (88)
new “social” app FlyMeOut lets chicks apply to be taken on free vacays    05/28/24  (88)
Finally found a potential Black Surfing Girlfriend (pic)    05/19/24  (87)
Men’s SMV peaks at 40, women’s at 18    05/22/24  (87)
Peloton Interactive in FREEFALL; CEO shitcanned + mass layoffs    05/04/24  (86)
WSJ: Private Equity All Set to RUIN College Athletics    05/24/24  (85)
Only stupid city people are "horrified" by what Kristi Noem did    05/02/24  (84)
Google lays off hundreds of ‘Core’ employees, moves positions to INDIA    05/03/24  (84)
I weigh 367 pounds now. The only clothes I have that fit are athletic shorts.    05/28/24  (83)
There is NOTHING i do in law that AI could not do better, today    05/21/24  (83)
anon conservahero Lomez outted    05/15/24  (83)
Why are Americans obsessed with being millionaires?    05/17/24  (83)
Ukraine admits it will lose the Donbas - link    05/03/24  (83)
The #1 thing that bothers me right now are all the ads for mental health online    05/16/24  (82)
but seriously, something probably happened to TT    05/20/24  (82)
Fun fact: Conseula would JUMP to sell silver to Germanus for 3 nomismata    05/18/24  (81)
How the hell was Moby considered a sex symbol in the 90s and 2000s?    05/15/24  (80)
would you rather be hatp, gunnerattt, or lex?    05/23/24  (79)
Started lifting — is the StrongLifts app any good?    05/05/24  (79)
"I hate my autistic child and I'm divorcing my husband because of it."    05/18/24  (79)
Breaking: Egypt and Israel exchange fire at Rafah    05/28/24  (79)
“Segregation Explorer” map shows how much ur old school demographics changed    05/26/24  (78)
If you were training a child to be a mechanic, what would you start him on?    05/21/24  (78)
Spaceporn barging into ur thread to demonstrate his idiocy unprovoked    05/08/24  (78)
Ask Pensive stuff    05/09/24  (78)
The "20% of men get 80% of women" on dating apps stats is completely FALSE    05/03/24  (77)
Trump shouldn't debate Biden    05/16/24  (77)
correction tp needs to be banned for his own mental health    05/20/24  (76)
"Covid" was so insane I still think about it all the time    05/19/24  (76)
Did gunneratttt get any therapy after his wife ran away?    05/19/24  (75)
Antisemite DUke Students Walk Out Of Seinfeld’s Commencement Speech    05/14/24  (75)
Zero HP pens lengthy screed on twitter    05/18/24  (75)
That kid getting expelled & kicked out of frat is surreal even for current year    05/07/24  (74)
rate this woman explaining what she WON’T do for her husband (video)    05/20/24  (74)
friends w/ CSLG irl. hes losing his mind from $$ & pimping wife out at sex parti    05/21/24  (73)
Can we get the psycho trannies out of here please    05/02/24  (73)
Diddy on video beating shit out of gf at Intercontinental Hotel    05/18/24  (73)
What will be next to go after Red Lobster? Chili's? Applebee's? IHOP?    05/25/24  (71)
Go on record: will Trump be convicted?    05/21/24  (71)
Good mayonnaise is the most delicious food there is.    05/28/24  (71)
What an actual mafia-owned business looks like    05/24/24  (71)
rate these big tittied jewesses (pic)    05/13/24  (70)
ITT: xo posters post proof of their white rural upbringing    05/04/24  (69)
Millennials Earn Less Than Their Parents Did    05/06/24  (69)
Actors who are inexplicably in lots of movies without being talented?    05/08/24  (69)
why is the music industry completely dead    05/02/24  (68)
POLL: Would you swap practices with spaceporn?    05/20/24  (68)
I'm like RSF but not lazy and fat (CSLG)    05/28/24  (67)
Libs completely fucked up their pro-Palestine movement by going too far    05/10/24  (67)
Fucked my wife’s ass for the first time last night    05/06/24  (67)
why do proles get fixated on "flipping houses"    05/09/24  (66)
Top 20 items purchased with food stamps    05/21/24  (66)
Being a lawn guy beats grilling, golfing, or snobby beer tasting.    05/15/24  (66)
gave mcdonalds drive thru chink chick my number last night and she texted me    05/28/24  (65)
In retrospect I'm thankful for the COVID scam    05/28/24  (65)
Anyone else know guys who turned super beta/lib after marriage and kids?    05/14/24  (64)
Europeans are so, so poor    05/14/24  (64)
how is cowshit still such a joke after all these years    05/19/24  (64)
I emailed Mark Cuban to confirm it was really his Substack account who replied    05/14/24  (64)
Ever fucked a woman significantly taller than you?    05/07/24  (64)
Any easy law jobs that pay 500k plus?    05/25/24  (63)
whok, CUM ITT or you will regret it    05/24/24  (62)
What are the downsides of quitting white collar job and farming full time?    05/28/24  (62)
Cliffs on why everyone is hating on gunneratttt lately?    05/11/24  (62)
The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel (4:05:38)    05/28/24  (62)
One of the dads at the dinner party said I looked like Jared Fogle.    05/05/24  (62)
RSF serious Q why don't you buy a private plane?    05/05/24  (62)
is Tennessee the most underrated state?    05/24/24  (62)
would your wife or gf really care if you died, outside of your resources?    05/01/24  (62)
35 y/o ibanker dies after 100 hour work week makes his heart explode (nypost)    05/12/24  (61)
Rate this "single cat lady" Redditor's Costco trip    05/05/24  (61)
Black rifle coffee reports like $400 million revs. 1 billion mc. How lol?    05/01/24  (61)
Lynn, to your knowledge was Gunnerratttt emailing me?    05/15/24  (61)
A Trump win would make conservatism way more socially acceptable    05/28/24  (60)
what's the credited horror movie to watch with a girl    05/21/24  (60)
Guy I went to HS with just had a kid graduate Ranger school. How impressive?    05/01/24  (60)
Men who don’t get married and start families + gays should be be taxed more    05/05/24  (60)
***OFFICIAL USYK FURY THREAD***    05/18/24  (60)
Prole has 3 seizures on cruise, held hostage until he pays his medical bill    05/27/24  (59)
There are more asian boys on the UCLA cheerleading squad than blonde girls (link    05/04/24  (59)
Tucker Carlson interviews Tucker Max (link)    05/08/24  (59)
(((correction))) tp = awful garbage    05/26/24  (58)
so gunneratttt gets hopped up on Adderall & Xanax and talks to trannies all day?    05/10/24  (58)
Luka vs Joker is gonna be soooo 180000000    05/19/24  (58)
helicopter carrying Iranian POTUS has disappeared (link)    05/20/24  (58)
so trans are 1.6% of the population but need to be center of attention always?    04/30/24  (58)
ITT: Mass PHOTOS of EVIL Gorgeous IRAN 👳    05/28/24  (57)
Crim bro here. Curious for xo's thoughts on this cold case Rape    05/15/24  (57)
Replace One Name In A Movie Title With 'Rupinder'    05/07/24  (57)
Had my son take a container of my weekend stew over to my buddy    05/14/24  (57)
Biden’s Gaza pier cost $320 million Lmao    05/28/24  (57)
List the Board Bullies.    05/16/24  (56)
What the fuck is a “smash burger”    05/20/24  (56)
So Nixon was right about everything?    05/04/24  (56)
I think many posters here are legitimately incompetent as attys    05/27/24  (56)
Real talk: what’s the real reason Azn girls like handsome? Culture? Biology?    05/25/24  (56)
“Homeownership” is retarded unless you want to stay in house forever    04/30/24  (56)
XO loves pro-muslims now    05/14/24  (56)
Twitter guy carefully explains why lab grown meat will never be economical    05/11/24  (56)
Trump has like 10x more open support than he did in 2016 and 2020    05/13/24  (56)
Went to college, law school, got married, got divorced, lost hair, now what?    05/09/24  (55)
Going to a DMB concert in Brussels today LMAO (RSF)    05/02/24  (55)
Rate this map of test scores by county in the United States    05/19/24  (55)
"Can I get the Rach." *bartender leaves*    05/09/24  (55)
what are good things to buy to improve quality of life    05/13/24  (55)
Mad Max: Furiosa Bombs (the FF7 Rebirth of Film)    05/28/24  (54)
Rate these FAT BIRDSHITS getting Obliterated by Alpha Thai Bouncers    05/27/24  (54)
Should I buy a new car? Details inside.    05/17/24  (54)
Things they don’t make commercials for anymore    05/28/24  (54)
"You're the jew!" "No, u" "No, you sir are the jew!" (xoxo2024)    05/24/24  (54)
Vivek's IQ is off the charts: he destroys the trump trial outside courthouse    05/15/24  (53)
the Japanese word for penguin is "business goose"    05/07/24  (53)