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States where the state university is the most prestigious in that state    02/01/23  (285)
ESPN MELTING THE FUCK DOWN over NHL player who won’t wear gay pride jersey    01/20/23  (246)
🚨🚨🚨 Tyre Video is RELEASED. This is not a drill 🚨🚨🚨    01/30/23  (224)
Who Was the Smartest Human to Ever Live?    01/26/23  (195)
What's behind the US baby bust? Americans are prioritizing careers and leisure a    01/22/23  (194)
Rate this dusty mirror selfie I took at 12:36pm this past Sunday    01/26/23  (189)
Bodycam footage of attack on Paul Pelosi    02/01/23  (189)
Words that are Lib tells    02/06/23  (184)
post showing why $500k is just middle class (link)    01/14/23  (180)
shit, texas shooter might actually be in trouble (link)    01/11/23  (177)
Wife FUMING at 7th grade son (and now me) about his grades. Who is right?    01/20/23  (172)
Stanford doc poasts dating profile on /r/datingoverthirty, vulture shrews decima    01/18/23  (166)
Taliban: We lived free under the Sun, now we are stuck behind screens in offices    02/07/23  (165)
Poll: Is Spaceporn running brilliant but genuinely damaging flame? Y/N    01/14/23  (165)
(WaPo) The $400K conundrum: Why America’s urban rich don’t feel that way    02/04/23  (161)
Are Jews capable of creating anything beautiful?    01/21/23  (158)
can’t wrap my head around WWI    01/15/23  (156)
Would you rather live in Wisconsin or Alabama? Gun to head    01/28/23  (154)
what's the best book title, regardless of content or quality?    02/04/23  (153)
tech job market is COMPLETELY dead    01/28/23  (153)
wait what so now spaceporn thinks Mike O. Church is his stalker????    01/18/23  (148)
i'm in a pretty self-hating mood, anyone want to lay into me?    01/25/23  (147)
Alec Baldwin CHARGED with involuntary manslaughter    01/21/23  (147)
Who is the greatest XO poaster of all time?    01/09/23  (147)
Shows that were 180 for 1-2 seasons then went to shit    01/27/23  (146)
Girl is wife material..one problem, she's fat    02/02/23  (139)
BREAKING: Hottest chick from Google is laid off    01/24/23  (139)
Most underrated NES games    01/29/23  (137)
HOW to lose the last 107.2 pounds—seems impossible    02/07/23  (134)
Post in this thread and I will identify your race/ethnicity    02/02/23  (134)
Biden judicial nominee doesn't know what Article II is lol    01/27/23  (132)
Meet your new AI comedy writing partner. You provide a joke set-up, and it gener    01/31/23  (132)
Midlaw: L&E Lawyer quits after maternity leave, boss BLASTS her in text msg    01/17/23  (132)
Starting CLEANING the SAILBOAT today, damn NOTHING works    01/21/23  (131)
POLL: Is there an inevitable societal collapse coming for the United States?    01/26/23  (126)
Steven Crowder puts The Daily Wire on blast    01/21/23  (124)
What's best handgun or carbine upgrade from a Taurus G2s?    01/27/23  (122)
Honestly Florida is a nice place to live    01/30/23  (121)
Wife says infant car seat we used for our 3 year old is expired. Flame?    01/15/23  (119)
Anyone here have ZERO tattoos?    02/04/23  (118)
so boner police and i were supposed to go to the bright eyes concert in forest h    01/31/23  (118)
Sell house for a loss or wait and hope?    01/21/23  (117)
Origin of life experimental evidence is shockingly bad    01/29/23  (117)
Which of these fertile females would you rather a romantic evening with    01/20/23  (117)
'Gas stove' issue is an excellent reminder that 90% of XO is broke proles    01/21/23  (116)
Rate my guitar skills (CSLG)    01/30/23  (115)
Virginia AG finds more schools withheld National Merit awards for “equity”    01/20/23  (114)
"I can probably compete with MASE's autism" (pumo who absolutely cannot compete)    02/06/23  (112)
xo is convincing me to buy a Nintendo Switch and these 3 games, cr?    01/14/23  (112)
35% of U.S. History professors are AA studies specialists LJL    01/26/23  (111)
SP don’t your wife & friends just say “stop using that chat site”?    01/17/23  (111)
I’m 41 and have no prospects in life    01/27/23  (111)
Nepal plane crash was live streamed on Facebook (NSFL)    01/17/23  (110)
I thought California had strict gun control laws that would stop mass shootings?    01/25/23  (110)
Official Beterbiev Yarde fight thread    01/29/23  (110)
Poast ITT and I will rate you as a reason I broke down and poasted (FizzKidd)    02/07/23  (109)
This bort is infinitely better without AA shitting up every thread    01/09/23  (107)
Woman, 37, candidly admits that she no longer 'recognizes herself' post wall    01/26/23  (106)
do i only like 5 or so xo'ers?    02/06/23  (106)
White man fired from Google for rejecting Asian woman bosses advances    01/29/23  (106)
"Grand Central Madison" took 15 years and $11.1 BILLION 🤣    01/27/23  (105)
Amazing video of 20-something female showing her vagina    01/28/23  (104)
🚨🚨🚨 Reminder: Benzo IN THE DOCK 2/1 10am 🚨🚨🚨    02/01/23  (103)
Taking St Barth SUNDAY FUNDAY Qs (RSF)    01/25/23  (103)
Pretty proud of my kid today    02/07/23  (103)
Dads with daughters: how do you address dating, crushes etc?    01/15/23  (103)
Scott Rolen making HOF = service partner grinding out eventual breakfast    01/25/23  (102)
FINAL thoughts on the MALDIVES (RSF)    02/05/23  (102)
Watch EPAH get gaped at 1:30PST tomorrow    01/09/23  (101)
Video of dead LSU student threesome shows she consented    02/03/23  (100)
US Intel: Russia has suffered 188,000 casualties in Ukraine (link)    01/26/23  (100)
GORGEOUS INDIA picture thread (RSF)    01/31/23  (100)
Elvis tp may be using burner telephone numbers to fuck w my firm intake system.    01/14/23  (100)
Hunter's $49,910/mo rent payments to his dad look scandalously unlawful    01/20/23  (100)
Moved into a $300 a month Filipino apartment    01/13/23  (99)
Video of Andrew tate admitting to and bragging about his fraud    02/03/23  (99)
Every gaming website: "It is evil & unethical to review new Harry Potter game"    02/07/23  (98)
Mario 64 wasn't as groundbreaking as people remember    01/12/23  (98)
Flash: someone is bombing Iran - link    02/03/23  (97)
"I'm going to fuck my son tonight. Stand by."    01/20/23  (97)
Which musician (non-singer) has the highest ratio of fame:talent?    02/05/23  (97)
Its funny to be how the simp crew Based trad bros are all childless    01/28/23  (97)
Mexicans are worse than blacks    01/21/23  (97)
What do proles think when they watch a show like White Lotus    02/01/23  (97)
Any reason not to spend $40k on Disney Vacation Club points?    01/20/23  (96)
Cities that feel big but are actually small    01/19/23  (96)
Pick an old school OkCupid profile from this list & I'll poast photos (TSINAH)    01/18/23  (95)
What's stopping lawyers from picking up multiple remote law jobs?    02/06/23  (94)
Best exit option for burned out solo lawmo?    01/11/23  (94)
I run everyday    02/03/23  (94)
Do Videogames still bring you pleasure? Or is it all Globohomo now?    02/01/23  (94)
You guys know it was Pensive who doxxed Charles, right?    01/18/23  (94)
The USA finally fights a just war and cons are like “nope we hate war now”    02/01/23  (93)
***RSF 3-Day ST BARTH to INDIA Transit Thread***    01/29/23  (93)
Athletes who had a perfect opportunity to retire on top & got greedy and didnt    02/01/23  (93)
Black public figures that XO believes are merit-baesd/not AA forced?    01/25/23  (92)
US News aside, what are the real top 10 schools for undergrad?    01/25/23  (92)
The idea of corporate Darwinism being shattered was particularly profound for me    01/27/23  (92)
Biden administration considering BAD on gas stoves    01/12/23  (92)
The internet is really dull these days. You can feel the shift.    01/25/23  (91)
37-45 seem like a precarious age for American males    02/01/23  (91)
Reading the Christian Bible for first time - thoughts on MATTHEW    01/27/23  (91)
Never played a JRPG in my life, which one should I try first?    01/26/23  (91)
Top 5 all time QBs now that Brady retired?    02/06/23  (90)
right now, there is NO WAY an outsider could read/understand this bort    02/07/23  (90)
Why is it hard for Russiacucks to admit the war isn’t going how they wanted?    01/11/23  (90)
POLL: what's the funniest show of all time?    01/21/23  (90)
I hate the Philippines with a passion, poasting from mactan airport now    02/05/23  (90)
Cleveland Guardians is the dumbest name in sports    01/28/23  (90)
Anyone in SoCal get solar panels and regret it?    02/04/23  (89)
Officially the OWNER of a SAILBOAT    01/13/23  (89)
College football feels kind of dead as a cultural phenomenon    01/12/23  (89)
Friendly reminder: AI will absolutely DECIMATE the legal field in <5 years.    01/12/23  (89)
ITT list elite colleges so prestigious that 95% of people never heard of them    01/21/23  (89)
Cons how we doing on vaccine status being tied to your bank account?    02/06/23  (89)
Whose legacy is greater, Caesar or Augustus?    01/25/23  (88)
Rate this new HOLE the HELLOSIRS found on the bottom of my BOAT    01/26/23  (88)
Seven states will pass a WEALTH TAX; is your state on of them?    01/25/23  (88)
CHIEFS +1.5 is free money    01/30/23  (87)
Please ban this oh you travail loser    02/06/23  (87)
New day in the life of email job girl video just -=>DROPPED<=- (Google)    01/27/23  (87)
XO Santos stands defiant    01/13/23  (87)
Which of the Founding Fathers would most likely be a megapoaster?    01/15/23  (87)
Instant Pot is the most credit cooking device ever    02/01/23  (86)
Trumpmos is it fair game for Dems/MSM to air J6 footage ahead of 2024 election?    02/06/23  (86)
what sort of person hates WFH/remote jobs    01/25/23  (86)
Used to fuck a HOT AS FUCK Indian (massive tits on a stick) I met in MBA program    02/01/23  (86)
Aussie integrated with Ukrainian forces breaks it down. Ukraine = FUCT    01/31/23  (86)
INSANE how goyishe XO is re Walt Disney World.    01/21/23  (85)
So Ukraine is losing again? Is that the gist of things?    01/13/23  (85)
Made an online dating profile (OYT)    01/19/23  (85)
There's something dark about growing up umc    01/10/23  (84)
I feel like spending 1-5k on something as a "treat" for myself. Suggestions?    01/18/23  (84)
Wait, they found classified documents in Biden's post-VP office too?    01/21/23  (84)
how much hooking up did you do in high school?    01/13/23  (84)
LJL at spending $1.5M on your house with $500K salary    01/13/23  (83)
Every American will be taxed $200 this year for Ukraine    01/17/23  (83)
Favorite Seinfeld episode?    01/10/23  (83)
Old timer popping in to say hi    01/16/23  (83)
Not feeling terribly well bros. Should I cut this fast short at 60 hours?    01/29/23  (83)
Where does Shawn Michaels rank among the all-time greats?    02/05/23  (83)
Ukrainian propaganda vanished. Everyone in the govt knows it's ovah    01/23/23  (83)
Megan "Embarrassed" by Prince Harry's Nottingham Cottage 1st time they fucked    01/12/23  (83)
Biden delivering for Americans on jobs and infrastructure?    02/05/23  (82)
Inflation still looks terrible    01/12/23  (82)
Korean food is honestly 180    01/31/23  (81)
DDC absolutely DESTROYS new pic of GJR's squalid "room" in lenthy screed    02/01/23  (81)
Are there no xo'ers left in Cali? No one talking about the storms and floods.    01/13/23  (81)
Chinese spy balloon currently hovering over US airspace    02/06/23  (80)
Day in life of cute young very chubby girl at ski resort (TikTok)    01/30/23  (80)