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Replace one word in a video game title with homo    11/24/23  (252)
Celebs Who Seem Genuinely Nice    11/23/23  (241)
describe the biggest loser you know IRL    12/01/23  (207)
Stats Handsome swiped on me on Bumble (FizzKidd)    12/02/23  (197)
Holy Shit at this Elon Tweet    11/20/23  (185)
POLL: Is Israel committing a holocaust in Gaza?    12/05/23  (170)
FSU Crim Prof: Rumors SWIRLING online that Donna has been arrested    11/29/23  (167)
Rate these musicians as "faggot" or "not faggot"    11/10/23  (165)
"Poasting has slowed to a trickle on AutoAdmit." Rach must intervene soon    12/04/23  (164)
Sam Altman FIRED from OpenAI    11/22/23  (162)
So Ukraine is just deploying elderly people now?    11/21/23  (158)
Twitter guy eviscerates Millennials    11/30/23  (147)
LOL that all the most mentally ill poasters stalk RSF    11/27/23  (147)
The longer I’m away from the U.S. the more crazy at will employment seems    11/14/23  (142)
poasters you once thought were legendary but turned to be huge fags, huge queers    11/17/23  (142)
What's definitive explanation for why there's so much support for Palestine?    12/07/23  (140)
shitlibs irate over 30-year fixed mortgages    11/24/23  (138)
Married man shoots his shot at the gym    11/27/23  (133)
Hardcore litigators to file thermonuclear lawsuit against lib journos (xoElon)    11/22/23  (131)
Something's REAL fishy about the nyuug situation; looks like he moonlights    12/07/23  (130)
Here's where nyuug filmed the Porsche videos    12/07/23  (128)
Random second rate athletes with memorable names    12/05/23  (123)
Russiacucks HATE to see videos like this (video)    11/22/23  (121)
is there some reason FI/RE isn't everyone's goal    11/13/23  (119)
"From River to Sea" Discourse on Left is Hilarious. What Mind Gymnastics.    11/20/23  (118)
Countries that outkick their coverage when it comes to food    11/09/23  (117)
The complicated relationship between the central bank owners and the Jewish peop    12/06/23  (113)
if Bama wins SEC CG then 1) Michigan 2) Oregon 3) Bama 4) Georgia ??    12/02/23  (111)
With recruitment plummeting, US Army abandons woke advertising    11/22/23  (111)
The fact that Asian balls are half the size of regular ones is insane    11/23/23  (111)
Spotify shitcans 1,500 techfag 'workers'    12/05/23  (110)
How low IQ do you have to be to unironically believe in conspiracy theories?    12/04/23  (110)
I am in the blackest depression atm    12/06/23  (109)
A can of soup is four fucking dollars now. Jfc what a world    11/22/23  (109)
Elon Musk on tv RE advertisers - "go fuck yourselves. go. fuck. yourselves."    12/04/23  (108)
why do you need a gun capable of killing 20 people for self defense purposes?    11/22/23  (108)
Why is everyone’s Car huge and awesome now. In the 90s people drove crap nbd    11/17/23  (108)
Son refuses to go to Church and communion classes. Please help.    11/17/23  (108)
Disney has lost almost a BILLION dollars in 2023 from their woke, shitty films    11/29/23  (107)
Lol so even the biolabs were real?    11/22/23  (107)
Playoff bracket to determine hottest girl I fucked in 2023 (pics)    11/30/23  (106)
Antisemites: Do You Believe Hamas Operating Out Of This Hospital That IDF Raided    12/03/23  (105)
Chat GPT PWNS nyuug in lengthy screed, not flame    12/07/23  (105)
What cool stuff are you buying for Black Friday?    11/25/23  (103)
amazes me that people shell out big money for houses where you cant walk anywher    12/05/23  (100)
Do u think Rach ever gets worried about the alarming and dark tone xo has taken?    11/18/23  (100)
Presidents of Harvard, MIT, Penn: “Calling for Jews to be killed is CR”    12/06/23  (100)
Nobody actually uses deodorant other than Old Spice, right?    11/18/23  (100)
"No Need To Bring Anything, But Wine Is Always Appreciated"    11/29/23  (98)
Never got the RSF hate    11/25/23  (98)
Wapo: Shoplifters cleaned out a CVS. But they left the sunscreen    12/04/23  (98)
So xo really sides with Islamists over Jews?    12/04/23  (97)
Julia ARRESTED for MASTURBATING in public    12/03/23  (97)
was covid flame    11/15/23  (97)
ITT: I assign you a girlfriend from 2013-2016 OkCupid    11/14/23  (95)
Xo alcoholic roll call    12/07/23  (95)
White Chad vlogger goes to Brazil jungle & gets a hot tribal Amazon GF (video)    12/05/23  (95)
holy shit. once people grasp how powerful agents in new GPT are, game over.    11/15/23  (95)
bands that are overrated imo    11/17/23  (94)
/r/Jewish has been hilarious recently    12/06/23  (93)
Making kids go to school at 8 am or earlier is barbaric    11/09/23  (91)
Nikki Haley promises to force social media users to use their real names    11/15/23  (90)
Wife spends over $300 a day on ubereats a day    12/06/23  (90)
1 loss UW should be in playoff no matter what, PAC 12 is the best conference    11/29/23  (89)
What college has the hottest chicks?    11/14/23  (89)
Has anyone here ever used their fireplace inside their home?    11/09/23  (89)
its pretty obvious who the MPM front runners are this year    11/25/23  (88)
RATE these PICS of TLS Philly (RSF)    11/17/23  (88)
New Order + Pet Shop Boys - Gayest bands of all time?    12/07/23  (87)
what is the next trendy high status sexual kink community    12/05/23  (87)
Making 400K as a single man in urban area: I basically just buy whatever I want    11/13/23  (86)
What is the point of conference championship games in a 12 team playoff?    12/01/23  (85)
Remember that huge faggot "LSD"    11/25/23  (85)
Why do proles love kicking their kids out at 18 with no support?    12/03/23  (85)
Found out wife is pregnant - not sure wtf to do    12/02/23  (85)
well we're still going to spend the holidays together at least (MPA)    11/16/23  (84)
Why was Natalie Portman never with a good man?    11/13/23  (84)
Is federal judge really that great of a job?    11/17/23  (84)
Study Of Foreign Languages In College Is In Freefall (link)    12/03/23  (84)
taking college football Qs    11/29/23  (83)
Recent nyuug threading seems mean 😭    11/23/23  (83)
Osama bin Laden's "Letter to America" is the new TikTok trend (link)    11/17/23  (83)
Scale of 1-10, how slutty is this thing wife did while we were dating (rate itt)    11/12/23  (83)
WaPo: “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable.”    12/03/23  (82)
Chronicle of Higher Education: We must end free speech as it is too right wing    11/27/23  (81)
Derek Chauvin STABBED in prison    11/25/23  (80)
Welp, just got shitcanned from shittech job    12/03/23  (80)
ITT: poast some midwit traps    11/26/23  (80)
Anyone here thing the IQ gap is not mostly due to genetics?    11/23/23  (79)
zoomers actually seem pretty CR    11/12/23  (79)
Sad truth about nyuug    11/29/23  (78)
True of false: Nikki Haley would stomp Biden in the general election.    11/20/23  (78)
GTA VI trailer (link)    12/06/23  (78)
Having an in shape wife at 40 is 180 - photo (CSLG)    11/17/23  (78)
replace one word of a movie title with “the gook”    11/19/23  (78)
realizing i'll be a millionaire in 2024, feel nothing (benzo)    11/24/23  (77)
Theory: Musk is dumb    11/20/23  (76)
Worst poaster of all time?    11/24/23  (76)
Female reporter berates husband for not having a successful startup    11/16/23  (75)
why are BMW drivers constantly coping & trying to justify buying their shit cars    11/09/23  (75)
The way you guys bash benzo is disgraceful and pathetic    11/25/23  (74)
When did xo turn into a bunch of actual low iq proles?    11/23/23  (74)
Chandler, taking Qs on making 2 million + this year    12/07/23  (74)
Is 401K part of net worth?    12/06/23  (74)
It's amazing being wealthy (TSINAH)    11/25/23  (73)
Rasmussen: 65% of all voters (w/ 59% Dem) - undercover agents provoked Jan 6    11/20/23  (73)
What are good euro cities for getting drunk and meet new(young women)?    12/05/23  (73)
Ruth’s Chris Steak House is doing Thanksgiving meal for $47.95 per person    11/17/23  (73)
🐘 🐘 🐘OFFICIAL GOP DEBATE 12/06/23 🦗 🦗 🦗    12/06/23  (72)
The low protein diet is the next big diet but it really works    11/27/23  (72)
wow another Media Jew. Pizza guy David Portnoy is a Jew    12/03/23  (72)
life isn't worth it if you have to work    11/20/23  (72)
Ever accidentally make an xo joke to casual acquaintances irl?    11/09/23  (72)
It would be wildly insane and foolish to have sex with sister in law, right?    11/22/23  (72)
Who has more stress: BIGLAW associates or Ukrainian soldiers?    12/05/23  (72)
whats the most youve ever paid for a hotel room?    11/12/23  (72)
Wife is pregnant (6+ weeks) - what do I need to do?    12/02/23  (71)
Can't believe CFB is essentially over and ruined :(    11/26/23  (71)
only the worst people get rich: CSLG, chandler, RSF, peterman, EPAH, exeunt    12/04/23  (71)
I got picked up during sex!!!!!!    12/06/23  (71)
I stand with nyuug    11/27/23  (71)
Here is my mortgage statement. Please ridicule me and/or give financial advice    11/25/23  (71)
Pretty obvious that RSF is not a Jew    12/02/23  (71)
John Mearsheimer seems Cr    11/21/23  (71)
Rate these responses to new Army ad    11/08/23  (71)
Wrote a lengthy end of season email to daughter's soccer coach. No response.    11/24/23  (71)
Is RSF never not here? Constantly feuding. This is a 45 year old "man"!    12/01/23  (70)
Thanksgiving ‘23 NET WORTH checkin    11/24/23  (70)
Married guys: 20 yr old subjective 10 wants you to leave your family for her    12/06/23  (70)
Sluttiest thing your spouse/gf ever did?    11/12/23  (70)
Russian media reporting a planned retreat in Kherson (link)    11/13/23  (70)
FizzKidd won't settle for below Chad but she's too ugly for Chad, she'll be cat    11/22/23  (70)
Poll: do you respect nyuug    11/30/23  (69)
Jews are rapidly getting RED PILLED and turning conservative    12/04/23  (69)
How to deal with overwhelming feeling that you wasted your talents & gave up    11/16/23  (69)
Asset dissipation    11/22/23  (68)
Jimmy Carter arrives at wife's memorial service looking like the crypt keeper    11/29/23  (68)
Navy's newest destroyers are an abomination.    11/10/23  (68)
I am going to turkey for hair transplant. Discuss    12/05/23  (68)
RSF, are you Jewish by chance?    11/19/23  (68)
65% of Korean Women Dont Want Children    12/06/23  (67)
700K Price Cut On Boca House. And XO Tells Me Prices Never Coming Down    12/01/23  (67)
Even if only 1% of what NYUUG said is true he's PWN'd us all in LIFE    11/25/23  (67)
Upgraded to a 65” tv today.. Feel like a King    11/09/23  (67)
It’s incredibly telling that all the eGOP cucks love Nikki Haley    11/16/23  (66)
One of the few simple pleasures in life is going to a quaint cheese shoppe    12/06/23  (66)
Pope Francis calls for a “paradigm shift” in Catholic theology    11/24/23  (65)
Italian/Greek bro here. Olive or slightly lighter beige skin is optimal.    11/28/23  (65)
Did you underestimate anyone in HS?    11/25/23  (65)
RSF has been talking about an oil deal for years now, bump when it happens    11/29/23  (65)