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Pretty sure this Roe v Wade shit is a turning point    06/26/22  (124)
RSF has been demoted from “member” of his firm to “counsel”    06/26/22  (89)
What was your biggest misconception about irl circa age 18    06/26/22  (78)
Watched No Time to Die back to back with Goldfinger    06/26/22  (43)
Rate this loving dinner my wife prepared for me    06/26/22  (43)
The 3 Trump Justices all lied their asses off when asked about Roe under oath    06/26/22  (41)
Paid someone to manage my dating profile, I’ve gotten dozens of matches    06/26/22  (41)
I've never fucked an Asian chick    06/26/22  (40)
hyuuuuge social experiment coming. AZ will fund students, not schools.    06/26/22  (40)
best war movies ever: Where Eagles Dare vs Siege of Firebase Gloria    06/26/22  (37)
Best country for having a care free life lunchtime sex with whores?    06/26/22  (37)
🚨***🚨 22 MASSACRED AT LONDON BAR 🚨***🚨    06/26/22  (37)
Tall bros seem MAF about people wearing lifts    06/26/22  (34)
Fuck my ass at hospital. Fucked my knee up hoping a fence.    06/26/22  (34)
what are some of the benefits of being in your 40's?    06/26/22  (32)
Home ownership is a touchy topic, particularly with UMC    06/26/22  (31)
Green Day Singer to renounce US citizenship, calls US 'miserable excuse for a co    06/26/22  (30)
I’m not letting my sons play baseball    06/26/22  (29)
Buy a Hermon Miller Aeron chair? About $1950    06/26/22  (29)
Most insidious form of AA: putting National Parks east of the Mississippi    06/26/22  (29)
Just settled a med mal case    06/26/22  (28)
Wait there are XOers who really don’t have kids?    06/26/22  (27)
RATE my view RIGHT THIS SECOND (RSF)    06/26/22  (27)
anyone feel like the same person they were at like 10 years old?    06/26/22  (25)
Used to love Colorado now literally hate it overrun by weird trash    06/26/22  (25)
cliffs on Paraguay?    06/26/22  (23)
MASE I binge-watched all of Barry season 1 last night, u right, its 180    06/26/22  (23)
BOOM is so paranoid he thinks everyone is stalking him    06/26/22  (22)
impossible to use search engines to find ANYTHING that goes against lib narrativ    06/26/22  (22)
LOL WHERE THE FUCK IS GOD?!?!?    06/26/22  (20)
How did Mercedes become prole in less than a generation?    06/26/22  (20)
Paul walker’s daughter: “I’m a demonic whore who got an abortion, praise m    06/26/22  (20)
Shitlib slut moaning for you to "breed her" after complaining about roe v wade    06/26/22  (19)
there was no "lib insanity" in USA until bolshevik agitaters arrived in 1920s    06/26/22  (19)
Kid struggling at batting cage. Never play baseball again or push through it?    06/26/22  (18)
Can't get ahead; can't afford a house; wife won't fuck you    06/26/22  (18)
Looks like the Cumtown podcast is about to end    06/26/22  (17)
SCOTUS didnt change from 1994 to 2005. Only CT remains from that Court    06/26/22  (17)
full head of hair and being tall    06/26/22  (17)
Why are there poor hot women?    06/26/22  (17)
my daily stim cocktail: Concerta, modafinil, caffeine, nicotine    06/26/22  (17)
Pro-life is now the science argument and prochoice is religious one    06/26/22  (17)
MAINLINING I'm trying friend    06/26/22  (17)
5 weeks of snake diet starts now    06/26/22  (16)
Why does RSF flaunt his blood money constantly? He didn't even earn it    06/26/22  (16)
On S0103 HBO Barry: Fuches is definitely XO approved    06/26/22  (16)
Jared Baumeister, Of Counsel    06/26/22  (16)
Jewish lib girl i went on a date with is at my apartment pool right now    06/26/22  (16)
What is the problem with ballot harvesting?    06/26/22  (16)
Rude to give gift card to upscale rest that doesn't fully cover dinner for 2?    06/26/22  (16)