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Bloomberg: Jews are turning US Cities into Gigantic Car Washes    02/25/24  (73)
Giving away sol itt    02/25/24  (66)
seems like stock market is due for a correction soon    02/25/24  (52)
Trump wins South Carolina    02/25/24  (49)
Gisele was cheating on Brady with her trainer WHILE MARRIED    02/25/24  (48)
Should I pay mortgage off?    02/25/24  (42)
Have nearly 10 million of crypto but feel poor as shit    02/25/24  (38)
NCAA: We can’t oversee this NIL shit anymore. Just pay CFB players what u want    02/25/24  (36)
drunk Karlstack here, in a slum in El Salvador, taking Q's    02/25/24  (36)
TommyT, are you going to meet up with nyuug when you go to Korea?    02/25/24  (29)
At what age did you attain a net worth of $1m+?    02/25/24  (29)
Shane Gillis on SNL megathread    02/25/24  (24)
Great college QBs who didn’t do much in the NFL    02/25/24  (20)
Minimum HHI to be UMC in Biden's Weimerica?    02/25/24  (20)
Are average LSAT scores really this low?    02/25/24  (19)
Friend's mom is a 65 y/o age adjusted 10 yoga teacher.    02/24/24  (19)
RATE my memory loss from my concussion    02/25/24  (18)
Russians take 3 more American mercs alive    02/25/24  (18)
Why is there so much scholarship on extremely unimportant religious detials    02/25/24  (15)
prole tell: having cameras recording stuff at your house    02/25/24  (14)
These huge raises to the social security cap are annoying    02/25/24  (14)
XO Geert Wilders rules out any future Dutch aid to Ukraine - link    02/24/24  (12)
These people really hate Jesus    02/24/24  (12)
RATE Jennifer Aniston, 55, At The SAG Awards (PICS)    02/24/24  (12)
Forgot I decided to give up internet forums for 2nd Sunday of Lent (FizzKidd)    02/25/24  (12)
Ukraine begging on hands and knees for F-16s, not Apaches; WHY?    02/25/24  (12)
Kikes are trying to murder me    02/25/24  (12)
The Disappearance of Middle school boys with broken arm in cast    02/24/24  (11)
Korean "man" visits India, Gorgeous prajeet immediately tries to rape him    02/24/24  (10)
What is Russia's victory scenario?    02/24/24  (10)
WSJ: Two Years into War, Ukraine Seeks Compromise (link)    02/25/24  (10)
LOL USA is paying the salaries of the LEBANESE Army    02/25/24  (10)
I was a hardcore Zionist on Oct 7, now having severe doubts    02/25/24  (10)
Hair transplants infected, fall out. What do? (boor)    02/25/24  (10)
So furking BORED in NIGGALAND, can't wait to leave    02/25/24  (9)
What happens if I prompt AI image generator with: “tight Asian pussy”?    02/24/24  (9)
Some Japanese porn sluts are rebelling against the blur - nsfw    02/24/24  (9)
VRBO commercial: Dumb white people v. Savvy fat black guy    02/25/24  (9)
Sucks that going to the movies is no longer an option anymore    02/24/24  (9)
Does a court ruling have less legitimacy when issued by a Hawaii judge?    02/25/24  (9)
Donald Trump has won every US presidential election since 2012. Libs?    02/25/24  (9)
'Thread needs more cowgod..' *halting chrisopher walken voice*    02/24/24  (8)
How did antisemitism spread in 1930s Germany before the internet?    02/24/24  (8)
Someone was Power Shitting in gym locker room today    02/24/24  (8)
the "hoods" in some US cities like Baltimore, Philly, Chicago are just insane    02/25/24  (8)
rate this college hockey fight (video)    02/24/24  (8)
Getting a dog was the single greatest decision I made in 2024 (TSINAH)    02/24/24  (8)
Have Dems considered subbing in most qualified POTUS candidate in herstory?    02/24/24  (8)
cowshit posts with a helmet on to protect from CTE from getting blown out so muc    02/24/24  (7)
Who are “Lizard People”?    02/25/24  (7)