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Meanest way you've ever broken up with a girl?    09/23/23  (76)
New iPhone 15 Pro is even weaker, easier to crack than 14    09/23/23  (50)
Milley knows what's coming    09/22/23  (42)
I don't fully understand your email. Can I schedule a 30 minute call to discuss?    09/23/23  (42)
.270 or .308?    09/23/23  (42)
karlstack is turning shitlib    09/22/23  (39)
Lmao that there are "musical notation" for drums. Come the fuck on    09/23/23  (38)
what can i expect if i go on pof?    09/22/23  (37)
HLS professor Noah Feldman learns how to "Bring the Squish"    09/23/23  (33)
Black Berkeley Law Student to Heather MacDonald "You're a racist eugenicist"(vid    09/23/23  (32)
Just took some Adderall    09/22/23  (29)
Any logical explanation for why NYC has world’s best pizza?    09/23/23  (28)
Just got a script for xanax to stop drinking at work. Man this stuff is 18000000    09/22/23  (27)
Newsom vetos the bill that removes custody from trans nonaffirming parents    09/23/23  (26)
WaPo: Pizzerias KNOW but don't CARE about Portnoy's misogyny and racism!    09/22/23  (26)
Which Countries have the best Shape Phenotype?    09/23/23  (25)
HOLY FUCK! LMAO at what a disgusting trashy shithole Indiana is LMAO    09/22/23  (25)
"Retirement" is a fraudulent concept    09/23/23  (23)
White Woman wins Miss Zimbabwe 2023, Shitlibs, Jews and Niggas going INSANE    09/23/23  (21)
May my enemies wives tell them a 1 hour work story that should have been 3 mins.    09/22/23  (21)
when did you realize you are truly stupid    09/22/23  (20)
Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson: America’s Cities Need Republicans, & I’m Becoming    09/22/23  (20)
Cuckolding ruined my sex life entirely    09/22/23  (19)
Biden administration considers raising refugee ceiling in next fiscal year    09/23/23  (18)
Meanest way a girl's ever broken up with you?    09/22/23  (17)
why do you guys give a fuck about portnoy    09/23/23  (16)
Virginal 19yo Kate Beckinsale in Branagh’s “Much Ado About Nothing”    09/23/23  (16)
is Kosher wine flame?    09/22/23  (16)
Explain the lib talking point about productivity and wages to me    09/23/23  (15)
Gorgeous Turd CEO cuts own salary to help struggling workers    09/23/23  (15)
Wife called me a “sad and frustrated old man” this am    09/23/23  (15)
May my enemies be held up in Zoom meetings with female speakers    09/22/23  (15)
Two Storm Shadows hit the Black Sea Fleet HQ - here's the second impacting - vid    09/22/23  (15)
seriously who looks @ what's going on in USA now and says we need more refugees    09/22/23  (15)
How do UberEats drivers make any money with gas, depreciation, time    09/23/23  (14)
NO DON'T DELETE THE MY ENEMIES THREADS!!!111 BAD MOD!!!111    09/22/23  (14)
spent entire day reminiscing about late 90s high school    09/22/23  (14)
"Nice phenotype, brother."    09/22/23  (14)
Karma Sushi DESPERATELY needs to lower prices at least 30%    09/23/23  (14)
Best place to stuff your face with pizza in america?    09/23/23  (13)
Half of Dems believe speech should be criminalized, 1/3 say too much freedom    09/22/23  (13)
What is the best vacation spot to take a toddler?    09/22/23  (13)
Should I move to Portland?    09/22/23  (13)
because USA food is poisoned, eat one wrong thing & gain 10 lbs    09/22/23  (12)
Braun shaving ad features trans man with double mastectomy scars (link)    09/22/23  (12)
May my enemies be lured into normie small talk obligations with no escape    09/23/23  (11)
haha he changed a word to be like those awkward legal plurals!    09/22/23  (11)
what is the most tryhard vacation destination in the us in 2023?    09/22/23  (11)
Just got banned from r/conspiracy for talking about the 2020 election    09/22/23  (11)
Why is masculinity not strong enough to win out?    09/22/23  (11)