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Redditors discuss whether $200k in LA is "rich"    10/16/21  (90)
The Atlantic: Babylon Bee mocks woke liberals and that is NOT OK    10/16/21  (89)
Welp, accidentally sent internal email and draft to other side. Polish resume?    10/15/21  (76)
Rate this *stunning* Palo Alto home    10/15/21  (71)
***what advice do you have for a NEW DAD***    10/16/21  (58)
See below. Prepare a draft response by Monday. Thanks.    10/16/21  (48)
Just watched Sopranos for the first time. Tony is an evil piece of shit    10/16/21  (48)
Going to put in an offer on this house (chandler)    10/16/21  (47)
Captured Russian soldiers got triple fucked in WW2    10/15/21  (45)
Dave Chappelle’s Brittle Ego (NYT)    10/16/21  (44)
Pfizer reinvents ivermectin, claims breakthrough victory (link)    10/15/21  (42)
GJR here, last post, scrambling PW    10/15/21  (39)
rate these 2 yale law school girls on tiktok    10/16/21  (37)
Sports trivia: what's the only team named used in 3 different pro sports leagues    10/16/21  (33)
Guess smallest 3 independent countries without land borders    10/15/21  (28)
Biden's chief of staff: inflation & supply chain are "high class problems"    10/16/21  (28)
Do Putin or Xi even worry about the US anymore?    10/15/21  (28)
What is your go to for biz casual work pants    10/16/21  (27)
ITT: I define "rich" for the edification of all of you.    10/15/21  (25)
VW Tiguan vs Volvo XC40. which would you choose    10/15/21  (25)
Cleaning lady ruined $2,000 stove by spraying it with oven cleaner    10/15/21  (24)
I thought the TikTok videos linked on XO were the "bad" ones    10/15/21  (24)
Rate Biden admitting US is not a “democracy” (link)    10/16/21  (23)
In light of this GJR stuff I think it's high time to ban women from this site    10/15/21  (22)
What's a good moonshot CRYPTO trade right now with $25k? Am a NOCOINER    10/15/21  (22)
Browsing Visalia Zillow    10/15/21  (22)
Is life worth living if you have a wife with big juggs?    10/15/21  (21)
Never told IRS shit about my crypto. Fuckage incoming?    10/16/21  (21)
Gab full of absolutely INSANE anti-vax propaganda now    10/16/21  (20)
most prestigious winter domestic travel locations?    10/16/21  (20)
You have to read the British press to know the MP attacker is Somali Muslim    10/15/21  (20)
Can anyone here show the boart something concrete they bought w crypto earnings?    10/15/21  (20)
Hooters girls take to TikTok to "protest" new gstring shorts by showing them off    10/16/21  (19)
Why should labor in X country be worth less than Y country?    10/16/21  (18)
I'm depressed by a DEARTH of Asian pussy recently    10/15/21  (18)
Absolutely retarded not to move to BIGTAMPA these days    10/15/21  (17)
Philip Roth is actually 180    10/15/21  (17)
It is insane that nurses etc. are being fired for not getting the vaccine    10/16/21  (17)
ketamine & ibogaine mastermen - cum ITT to discuss    10/15/21  (16)
/*/* Court bars Chicago police union head from public comments on vax requirem    10/15/21  (16)
Fun weekend with mistress coming up    10/15/21  (16)
Biden Regime to force Navy SEALS to pay back training costs if not vaxed    10/16/21  (16)
Swisha House - Lil' Ron , Lil' Flip : Live At The Kappa Beach Party 2002' (vid)    10/16/21  (16)
awesome thank you    10/16/21  (16)
Talk black to black people, talk white to white people    10/15/21  (16)
Is this GJR stuff flame? I hope so    10/15/21  (15)
Shipping container disaster is entirely due to California communism    10/16/21  (15)
Company X just demanded a privilege log by COB Monday. Can you help?    10/15/21  (15)
has xo ever made u cry?    10/16/21  (15)
Taking Qs about CHYNA VIRUS recovery, CFB, etc...(RSF)    10/16/21  (15)