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NYC to require "vaccine passports" for indoor dining, gyms, and shows (link)    08/03/21  (126)
I read a particularly vile TBF poast to some friends, they were genuinely horrif    08/03/21  (110)
“The GOAT got it done. #Bronze”    08/03/21  (89)
Black medalist says she's proud to represent U.S.A. Libs: apoplectic (vid)    08/03/21  (87)
🦴💻 AI can identify race from x-rays 💻🦴    08/03/21  (74)
WSJ: Law School Loses Luster as Debts Mount and Salaries Stagnate    08/03/21  (69)
Just got a fuckin' PS5 (cowshit)    08/03/21  (68)
the liberal worship of #BigPharma is what is so astonishing with all this    08/03/21  (53)
if ur wife is not a milf have u basically failed at life?    08/03/21  (53)
pedude is the worst poaster on the bort and it's not even close    08/03/21  (51)
I have a crush on Emilio Estevez circa 1992 tp    08/03/21  (47)
Britain stole $45 trillion from India    08/03/21  (43)
*** BREAKING: NY AG to make "major announcement" at 11 AM EST ***    08/03/21  (43)
Man DUCT TAPED to seat. Describe airline settlement amount.    08/03/21  (41)
do u think this horseplay between this dad & nanny is appropriate or not?    08/03/21  (37)
Lakers are gonna have the oldest team in history of pro sports    08/03/21  (36)
Just tried ordering groceries. Holy fuck so expensive    08/03/21  (35)
Just watched "Bonfire of the Vanities" movie - holy shit this is more relevant    08/03/21  (34)
Is buying a Toyota Tacoma a life hack? They literally do not depreciate.    08/03/21  (33)
Media is outright lying about cancerjab vaxx rates    08/03/21  (33)
only 33% of NYC blacks are vaccinated    08/03/21  (32)
Delta is the only good legacy carrier    08/03/21  (32)
do you prefer tacos or burritos    08/03/21  (32)
it is becoming increasingly *IMPOSSIBLE* to speak out against blacks    08/03/21  (31)
If you have a kid, does it make you more attractive to women    08/03/21  (30)
This reddit story is brutal: "Misdiagnosed w/ anxiety for years, now in wheelcha    08/03/21  (29)
Archaeologists have discovered ancient giants    08/03/21  (29)
What traits make Trumpmos and Blacks the most vax-hesitant?    08/03/21  (28)
Open fornication in the streets of SF.    08/03/21  (28)
Covid killing kids at an increased rate    08/03/21  (28)
If Trump wins in 2024 will he go nuclear on dems?    08/03/21  (27)
Do you think downstream FBI informant network is as wide as in STAZI Germany?    08/03/21  (26)
If you don’t live in La Jolla, your life is a cruel hellscape    08/03/21  (25)
Best value beach community in USA?    08/03/21  (25)
do you have a creative outlet?    08/03/21  (23)
cousin choosing t100 undergrad ($100k overall debt) over cheap state school    08/03/21  (23)
I'm such a cuck, Metro in DC, black teens jump and don't pay, compliant whites    08/03/21  (22)
‘World’s Sexiest Athlete’ Alica Schmidt’s Olympic debut takes unfortunat    08/03/21  (22)
somehow pedude is a catty gay bitch yet still not at all funny    08/03/21  (22)
Family: Lives in house since 1550. You: What city should I move to? (Link)    08/03/21  (21)
📑 STUDY: Millennials and Zoomers really are socialist; it's not a phase 📑    08/03/21  (20)
USA Airports: no drinks through security, onboard because COVID, at terminal:    08/03/21  (20)
Live debate between CHARLIE KIRK and VAUSH (reaction stream by Nick Fuentes) 8pm    08/03/21  (18)
Perkins Coie evades fed jurisdiction in Carter Page suit with ONE WEIRD TRICK    08/03/21  (18)
remember like 5 years ago when the whole "SJW" movement was beginning?    08/03/21  (18)
"Limited" New Eviction Moratorium Applies to 90% of US population until OCTOBER    08/03/21  (17)
Junior Partner said "your mullet isn't professional, take care of it"    08/03/21  (17)
How is baseball an Olympic sport but not cricket?    08/03/21  (16)
Why are blacks so distrustful of the vax?    08/03/21  (16)
Is it “immature” to not own a car??    08/03/21  (16)