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Wife's 37 year old friend desperately wants to marry    10/16/21  (363)
GJR here, dead inside. AMA    10/15/21  (230)
Stories of meeting girl and she much fatter than pics?    10/16/21  (193)
VA man arrested at school board meeting after daughter raped by “tranny”    10/15/21  (152)
Secession poll by party affiliation and region    10/14/21  (112)
Do you guys realize how fucking INSANE the 2024 election is going to be?    10/14/21  (111)
Watching boys get destroyed by matriarchy schools in real time (anecdotes)    10/12/21  (110)
NYT: We must destroy the suburbs to stop racism and climate change    10/13/21  (106)
After 1st Bumble date, she writes "I hope you have a great start of your week!"    10/12/21  (105)
Explain why someone who is not a contractor would buy a pickup?    10/14/21  (104)
Taking questions on the No. 2 CFB team, the Iowa Hawkeyes, for a bit    10/14/21  (98)
ITT I post two TikTok teens and you pick your favorite    10/14/21  (97)
Tyson Fury's skinny-fat body has changed my entire perception of fitness    10/12/21  (96)
Redditors discuss whether $200k in LA is "rich"    10/16/21  (89)
The Atlantic: Babylon Bee mocks woke liberals and that is NOT OK    10/16/21  (89)
📧 more Gruden emails 📧    10/12/21  (88)
I'm fucking done with the NFL    10/14/21  (86)
YLS wants to kill 2L b/c he said "trap house," is in Federalist Society    10/14/21  (86)
I'll be 55 when my kid graduates high school    10/15/21  (84)
fun clip of Texas A&M kicker's mom as kicker takes down Alabama    10/16/21  (84)
Wait, why is Gabby Petito actually in that Sandy Hook video?    10/15/21  (83)
bump this thread and i will show you what AI thinks ur moniker looks like    10/11/21  (82)
Rate the accuracy of this sentence from 1989    10/11/21  (81)
date night #2 update (GJR) "pain"    10/15/21  (81)
JPMorgan's Dimon blasts bitcoin as 'worthless'    10/13/21  (78)
It's weird how religious I'm becoming    10/11/21  (77)
AP: Americans quit their jobs at a record pace in August    10/13/21  (76)
Welp, accidentally sent internal email and draft to other side. Polish resume?    10/15/21  (76)
Got pwned by organic 9/10 ex-GF... feel like crying    10/15/21  (73)
Libs now BANNING aspirin because it helps treat COVID.    10/14/21  (73)
Joe Rogan to CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why did your network lie about me?    10/15/21  (73)
RATE Heidi Klum's DAUGHTER (pics)    10/15/21  (72)
Abbott’s texas executive order is brilliant on so many levels. Texas lawyers 1    10/13/21  (71)
Rate this *stunning* Palo Alto home    10/15/21  (71)
Anyone here ever been betrayed by their girlfriend?    10/14/21  (70)
Poast your real first name and first initial of last name ITT    10/12/21  (69)
Child Care Costs Twice as Much as the Mortgage (NYT)    10/13/21  (68)
NYT: DC's new Superman is gay and focused on climate change    10/12/21  (67)
This perfectly explains why fraudvirus and lockdowns are permanent    10/15/21  (67)
Reminder: NOTHING has topped Deadwood.    10/14/21  (65)
I am a new dad. That is my news for the board. Mazel Tovs accepted ITT.    10/15/21  (65)
So lib cities are about to lose 50% of cops due to vax "mandate"?    10/16/21  (63)
What place in the WORLD has the fewest BIRDSHITS?    10/11/21  (63)
Would you still work if you had a 16 million post tax NW? (CSLG)    10/10/21  (63)
seriously though is covid even real    10/11/21  (62)
Katie Couric admits she edited out RBG's anti-kneeling stance (link)    10/14/21  (62)
Libs angry about ski pass privilege (not flame)    10/14/21  (62)
I was raised on the A-Team, tv dinners, a latchkey and R comedies like Porky's.    10/15/21  (61)
David Lat done with shitlibs    10/16/21  (61)
Art Institute of Chicago fires volunteer docents because they're white    10/11/21  (59)
Taking Qs on the travel I have autistically planned from Dec-Sept    10/15/21  (58)
***what advice do you have for a NEW DAD***    10/16/21  (58)
SouthWest just hit 1105 cancled flights    10/12/21  (57)
Have you ever slept outside overnight without a tent? Using tarp or nothing at    10/10/21  (57)
Hyperinflation will be 180 for mortgagemos    10/13/21  (57)
Biden's FDA now wants to remove salt from food (link)    10/13/21  (57)
To aggressive to go on a fake work trip and actually go to Mexico City?    10/15/21  (56)
Rating posters as Luis themed movies for Halloween    10/16/21  (55)
Florida just passed NY for COVID-19 deaths. FL was 18,000 behind NY in Sep 2020.    10/14/21  (55)
Treasonous navy couple caught selling secrets are found to be avid Trump support    10/13/21  (55)
Is life better in England than America?    10/15/21  (53)
Ricky how has life improved since u moved from Walnut Creek to Scottsdale    10/13/21  (53)
Is $900K and 600 Solana enough to retire in 6 years in Thailand?    10/14/21  (53)
Vegas MFE, how is the Cosmo Hotel?    10/13/21  (53)
Is SOL still the best risk/reward opportunity in crypto?    10/14/21  (52)
Calabasas High 1994 v. 2021 (CSLG)    10/14/21  (52)
🤣 HILARIOUS pro-CRT comic! You'll love the last panel! 🤣    10/14/21  (52)
My buddy (35) embarrassed the shit out of himself last night    10/15/21  (51)
Things xo has forever altered your thoughts on.    10/15/21  (51)
OldHLSDude, things have gotten objectively worse during your lifetime, CR?    10/14/21  (51)
Every aspect of life in Biden's America is worse than in Trump's, hth    10/11/21  (50)
If living room TV = prole, where exactly should TV go    10/15/21  (50)
Is it a prole tell if the Nextdoor in your neighborhood is totally inactive?    10/13/21  (50)
So a black CEO confesses to murder and libs applaud his "bravery" ?    10/14/21  (49)
What is xo theory on why Chappelle special is allowed to remain on Netflix?    10/16/21  (49)
Does anyone here meditate? Is it flame?    10/15/21  (49)
Everyone is buying a tesla    10/12/21  (49)
China will invade Taiwan suddenly without warning sooner than anyone expects    10/15/21  (49)
What’s the most cowboy, redneck, white trash part of montana?    10/11/21  (49)
just paid $6K to break my lease.    10/13/21  (49)
See below. Prepare a draft response by Monday. Thanks.    10/16/21  (48)
Just watched Sopranos for the first time. Tony is an evil piece of shit    10/16/21  (48)
Is the Jewish position in America stronger than ever?    10/14/21  (48)
proles in the trades really overvalue experience    10/11/21  (47)
Scientific study from 1951 showing effects of different RACES on PROPERTY VALUES    10/15/21  (47)
Going to put in an offer on this house (chandler)    10/16/21  (47)
Do you like to make people laugh IRL?    10/14/21  (47)
Energy switched up when asked girl to be my monogamous gf. Go back to dating?    10/16/21  (46)
So chicks who have had lots of guys before marriage might pass dna from    10/15/21  (46)
rewatched fury/wilder III. not a great fight.    10/14/21  (46)
Just received an OUTRAGEOUS bid for our backyard remodel/reno    10/14/21  (46)
Autopsy of vaxxed: every organ infected with spike proteins    10/12/21  (46)
Black teen that killed Tessa Majors in Morningside Park sentenced to 9 years    10/15/21  (46)
Captured Russian soldiers got triple fucked in WW2    10/15/21  (45)
Tommy Turdskin, what was your favourite European country, man?    10/13/21  (45)
ELI5. WHY THE FUCK is the National Guard not helping with "supply chain shortage    10/11/21  (45)
Notre Dame student writes scathing article about ND's faggotry    10/15/21  (45)
Largest American town with no sushi restaurant?    10/13/21  (44)
What's it like having an objective 8/10 gf?    10/14/21  (43)
Should I have Subway or Popeyes for lunch?    10/15/21  (43)
TSINAH what happened here exactly?    10/15/21  (43)
Home Alone gets a reboot (trailer)    10/16/21  (43)
Dave Chappelle’s Brittle Ego (NYT)    10/16/21  (43)
This religious exemption seems pretty easy if ur a legit devout christian/cathol    10/11/21  (42)
Conlaw bros: how do these state (FL/TX) vax mandate bans interact w fed mandates    10/13/21  (42)
Pfizer reinvents ivermectin, claims breakthrough victory (link)    10/15/21  (42)
Need a witty reply to a girl that I've been hooking up with    10/14/21  (42)
Is it possible to reduce your offer for a house?    10/10/21  (42)
📈 NYT: Shitty service is shadow inflation 📈    10/12/21  (42)
App dating sounds like hell on earth    10/15/21  (42)
RESOLVED: this is THE credited fall/winter casual footwear    10/13/21  (42)
Friend got picked up for 2nd and 3rd strike in CA. Looking at a life sentence    10/15/21  (42)
Weird but true: More you HATE Tesla, the less likely you are to have driven one.    10/13/21  (42)
How was inflation caused by Biden?    10/14/21  (40)
lol bucs removing gruden's name from the stadium ('ring of honor')    10/13/21  (40)
Really "getting" the Monty Hall problem is subject to a maximum IQ.    10/12/21  (40)
Biglaw partners arguing on call abt changing straight " to curly in quoted text    10/15/21  (40)
NYC man goes on brunch date wearing $4 million in accessories, is robbed    10/13/21  (40)
180 side effect of The Hoax: You can no longer get injections of any kind    10/09/21  (39)
More proof that Chads can have whoever they want    10/11/21  (39)
Asian women pens screed about asian men.    10/12/21  (39)
GJR here, last post, scrambling PW    10/15/21  (39)
wife won't fuck regularly, going insane, want to fuck everything that walks    10/15/21  (39)
holy shit just filled up my gas tank for the first time in months WHAT THE FUCK    10/15/21  (39)
Largest city without a major pro sports franchise? Phoenix?    10/13/21  (38)
Trumpmos is it possible that Trump just lost?    10/13/21  (38)
Rottentomatoes disables Audience Score on critical darling FAUCI documentary    10/11/21  (38)
AZN immigration to US should be banned    10/10/21  (38)
how many times have you had meatballs for dinner this year    10/13/21  (38)
NYT: Inmates are in charge at Rikers, control multiple buildings    10/11/21  (37)
she desperately wants to marry but shes not that desperate    10/11/21  (37)
rate these 2 yale law school girls on tiktok    10/16/21  (37)
Klain: Most economic probs we're facing (inflation/supply etc)=high class probs    10/15/21  (37)
Allen West RIP    10/10/21  (37)
Iceland BANS Moderna vaccine    10/10/21  (37)
Biden to install “WINDMILLS” along entire US coastline (NYT)    10/15/21  (37)
Poll: how do you heat your house in the winter    10/14/21  (36)
LOL Tucker went after the Federal Reserve tonight? The Jews are gonna be pissed    10/13/21  (36)
Going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise next month - taking questions (CSLG)    10/12/21  (36)
1 in 6 black kids “homeschooled” haha wow    10/12/21  (36)
How did Libs get Gruden’s private emails anyway    10/13/21  (36)
Signed 55 cases so far this month... (CSLG)    10/14/21  (36)
gatormo how much LIQ do you have?    10/13/21  (36)
I'm a woman and I'm helping this younger guy who's an incel and angry at women    10/11/21  (36)
if u arent destroying ur brain w powerful neurotoxic agents ur fucking retarded    10/10/21  (36)
Screwtape Letters + ISAIF explain everything about our current age    10/10/21  (35)
10/13 update: benzo picked up NEW charge: violating no contact order re DV victi    10/14/21  (35)
This guy is married w kid & owns 2 McDonalds Franchisees @ 23 yrs. U? poast    10/14/21  (35)
Things Jews love    10/14/21  (34)
What’s the single trashiest domestic flight (Airline and route)??    10/14/21  (34)