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Blind girl is now blind gf    01/23/22  (371)
Dude pumped and dumped many NYC girls. They’ve united on TikTok    01/23/22  (298)
Merrill Lynch FIRES top 25 producer because of 'racist tirade' (link)    01/24/22  (273)
MUST SEE video to understand young female Americans (tiktok)    01/22/22  (220)
The economics of moving to these third tier cities don't work for most people    01/20/22  (189)
Who has the highest sexual market value on xo?    01/18/22  (146)
wife suggesting we move "down south". wut do?    01/24/22  (132)
What conspiracy theories do you completely reject?    01/19/22  (126)
Official XO Poll: Should U.S. go to WAR with China if China invades Taiwan?    01/21/22  (120)
Crenshaw: jesus is fake. Crenshaw to 10yr old girl: don't question my faith slut    01/19/22  (116)
** Official Rams v Buccaneers Thread **    01/23/22  (112)
ITT: NOCOINERS GO ON THE RECORD (1/22/22) -- Crypto has hit its ATH's?    01/23/22  (108)
GJR, do you feel bad for your future husband?    01/20/22  (106)
What net worth at 40 to be considered middle class?    01/24/22  (105)
Seeking arrangement?    01/24/22  (100)
Black ppl ruin literally everything it’s absolutely insane    01/20/22  (97)
Lol the red wave in this years election is going to be hilarious    01/24/22  (97)
Murdered LA chick was absolutely gorgeous    01/20/22  (97)
Biden has actually been a pretty good president. Especially considering covid.    01/24/22  (93)
Peloton (PTON) BANKRUPTCY WATCH    01/24/22  (93)
Dumber WW3 scenario: Ukraine or Taiwan ?    01/24/22  (93)
Raising kids is way easier than parents make you believe    01/19/22  (92)
Official Gary Russell Jr vs Mark Magsayo thread    01/23/22  (90)
Fake meat is hilarious and will become emblematic of the decline    01/18/22  (90)
Kind of weird that SCOTUS is about to end AA and no one here cares    01/24/22  (88)
What has absolutely no real reason for being so expensive?    01/21/22  (88)
ITT: I post old travel photos (CSLG)    01/22/22  (88)
Seattle is in decay (Mainlining)    01/24/22  (86)
My sources have confirmed that Ukraine invasion is happening    01/22/22  (86)
TT, you want to be our employment lawyer? (CSLG)    01/24/22  (84)
You know, call me a liberal, but if you're sick I think it's best to stay home.    01/22/22  (84)
Great relationship with xtian gf ended abruptly over my lake of faith in Him    01/22/22  (84)
Dems are gonna gets CRUSHED this year in mid terms and in 2024    01/21/22  (83)
Rate this NYC app date experience    01/23/22  (82)
SoCal bros, rate Camarillo and Ventura    01/21/22  (82)
Cortes’s men wandering Mexico was closest to alien contact humans will get    01/22/22  (81)
XO Alcoholics, withdrawal experiences?    01/23/22  (80)
(((Laurence Tribe))) flipping out about xo Gorsuch's refusal to wear a mask    01/19/22  (80)
Russia is about to invade Ukraine    01/21/22  (79)
My only sexual turn on is large breasts    01/24/22  (79)
BIDEN PRESS CONFERENCE NOW (1/18/22)    01/20/22  (79)
There are really 3 types of people    01/24/22  (77)
NBC: Free Speech threatened by push for schools to post lesson plans online    01/21/22  (76)
9th Cir. judge mocks the circuit's 2A doctrine in "alternative draft" opinion.    01/23/22  (73)
XO conservatives, can you point to 1 thing you think liberals get right?    01/24/22  (73)
rate this KEYFOB video I took of an Asian hooker    01/23/22  (72)
The Covid Vaccine narrative is failing spectacularly, and quickly    01/21/22  (70)
At 33% approval why WOULDNT Biden itch for war over Ukraine?    01/18/22  (69)
Confession from an American lawyer on how shittty the legal system is    01/23/22  (69)
Could this collection of states exist as a country?    01/24/22  (69)
officially on disability (TSINAH)    01/23/22  (68)
Have you been in a physical fight as an adult? Be honest    01/19/22  (68)
🚨 Biden writing military orders. WWIII IS HAPPENING 🚨    01/24/22  (66)
i still dont get how the earth can move in space at 30km per second and its fine    01/24/22  (66)
What's the best electric guitar for $500?    01/18/22  (66)
Best pro athlete to never play in the finals/championship?    01/20/22  (65)
military-mo's, how bad is retiring as a Major (O-4) after 20 yrs    01/23/22  (64)
I knew Biden would be bad times, but Jesus fucking christ    01/24/22  (63)
suicide note from Bill Zeller princeton grad student    01/19/22  (63)
Vaxed wife was hospitalized with covid symptoms.    01/21/22  (62)
Rate this house in Livingston, NJ. Should I just buy it?    01/23/22  (62)
SA is the worse thing that could've happened to men with money    01/22/22  (61)
Gay dating is such a nightmare    01/20/22  (61)
Why does society praise people who have kids?    01/21/22  (61)
Canadian journo vacays in FL to escape lockdowns, complains about no lockdown    01/24/22  (61)
Whys xo so enthralled by Glengarry sales speech? Its incredibly low IQ and prole    01/19/22  (60)
NYC police ignore all crime but arrest girl, 9, for not showing vaxx card    01/22/22  (60)
What exactly will US / NATO / west response be to Russian invasion?    01/18/22  (59)
England: "Fuck it, we're removing all COVID restrictions this is all bullshit"    01/20/22  (59)
19 year old mistress destroys 42 yr old doods car    01/20/22  (59)
Spics moved in next door and they are loud as FUCK    01/24/22  (59)
Dems seem like they are truly fucked tbh    01/20/22  (58)
When did it hit you that you're just not good enough to get a good life?    01/24/22  (58)
An update on my political beliefs    01/21/22  (57)
Anyone else Quitting Gaming?    01/22/22  (57)
Go ON RECORD, how does Ukraine situation end?    01/24/22  (57)
things men in their early-to-mid 20s have called me (30) in the last few months    01/21/22  (57)
XO Karlstack is going to get Biden's Fed nominee blocked 180    01/24/22  (57)
what’s the best qualifier for the word “racist?”    01/20/22  (57)
7th Circuit vacates reprimand after lawyer says she's $543k in debt    01/24/22  (56)
ITT we list our Top 5 Action Movies of all time. NO SUPER HERO MOVIES allowed.    01/18/22  (56)
TT, what's the best juice-based alcoholic beverage?    01/24/22  (56)
How would sex with blind gf work if she's a virgin and has never beheld man?    01/20/22  (55)
Kid havers, is 6 years old too young to have video games?    01/19/22  (54)
xo Aaron Rodgers goes after Biden, pro vaxxers, libs (link)    01/22/22  (53)
This video regarding James Franco's "inappropriate behavior" is too much    01/20/22  (53)
JFC - Car dealerships are charging $5,000-$10,000 over MRSP?    01/22/22  (52)
40 year old tight Jewish lady wants to fuck, should I (Mainlining)    01/23/22  (52)
Gibberish how did you get into owning rental properties?    01/24/22  (51)
McKayla Maroney nudes    01/24/22  (51)
Mainlining what booster did you end up getting    01/23/22  (50)
Just did a tour of the local Catholic school for my son (CSLG)    01/21/22  (50)
Non-Jewish Midwest Prole Chad Catholic here. All xo isolationist pussies deserve    01/24/22  (49)
Holy shit @ the stock market    01/21/22  (49)
BOLD PREDICTION: all 4 road teams win in NFL Divisional Playoffs next week    01/24/22  (49)
Say bye to 40k crypto. Will fall like a hot knife to 15k , enjoy    01/21/22  (49)
daily escort thread (1/20/22)    01/22/22  (49)
JFC my puppy is 8473638473636 (RSF)    01/24/22  (49)
Come ITT to receive a thinly veiled threat    01/21/22  (49)
Austria and France pass mandatory vaxx & vaxx passports. This isn’t ending goy    01/21/22  (49)
Jimi Hendrix was unlistenable trash, total boomer flame    01/19/22  (48)
South Africa destroying nukes moments before blacks took over    01/23/22  (48)
PREDICTION: Russia sinks a US carrier, our response?    01/24/22  (46)
Christians just stole like 4000 years of Jewish mythology    01/19/22  (46)
Are home prices finally going to drop    01/24/22  (46)
What impression do you get from a girl who dresses mostly boho?    01/22/22  (45)
The #1 potus goat life hack of all is psyllium husk fiber every day not flame    01/22/22  (45)
Insight into why asian women go for white men    01/20/22  (45)
why is Putin so motivated to invade Ukraine? Lebensraum?    01/20/22  (45)
4 of the Top 10 all time greatest men's tennis players were American. Name them.    01/23/22  (45)
Marriage is the biggest scam for a man and no man should do it period    01/24/22  (44)
Went to Walmart today. All out off all raw chicken & beef products.    01/18/22  (44)
Random attractive teen chicks will have 100K plus followers on TikTok    01/24/22  (44)
AP FACT CHECK: Misleading to say Hospitals use race to prioritize treatment    01/24/22  (43)
Black women in Georgia will receive $850/month to combat racial wealth gap    01/19/22  (43)
Just JFC @ people who don’t like soaking in the bath    01/21/22  (43)
So majority of tennis fans are ok with Djokovic banned from every Grand Slam?    01/18/22  (43)
How’s everyone weathering the crash brothers    01/24/22  (43)
RSF, where should I take my wife/kids in Oct? (CSLG)    01/19/22  (43)
Had to rush out of the dog park today (TMF)    01/20/22  (43)
Didn’t lose virginity until I was late 21. Anyone heard of worse?    01/20/22  (42)
Why hasn’t DS9 been HD remastered    01/23/22  (42)
What are the chances this is just a small correction like 2011 or 2015?    01/23/22  (41)
how do you define a "high value woman" (i.e. marriage quality)?    01/19/22  (41)
Best piece of advice I can give if you walk around Seattle ITT (Mainlining)    01/23/22  (41)
FBI says Brian Laundrie admitted killing Gabby Petito in his notebook    01/23/22  (41)
CNN claims 40% of households by a car EVERY YEAR. This has to be flame right?    01/21/22  (41)
DESCRIBE life in franklin, tn    01/19/22  (41)
Zoom Hearings are both 180 & 120.    01/21/22  (41)
So phenibut is over - talk to me about PREGABALIN    01/22/22  (41)
TikTok star says he was sexually assaulted by 18 yo female TikTok star    01/23/22  (41)
Bad anxiety is hellish.    01/24/22  (40)
Chancellor of Germany no longer taking Biden’s calls 🗣    01/21/22  (40)
Do any poasters personally know anyone who got RAVAGED by covid?    01/24/22  (40)
Who here bought SOL at $250?    01/23/22  (40)
writing 5k word emails to parents, rehashing childhood grievances: alpha?    01/22/22  (39)
Calling it now, that was the low in SOL ($115.55)    01/22/22  (39)
GJR can't name 3 interesting facts about her home city or state    01/22/22  (39)
Got J&J last year, debating getting Pfizer booster today - thoughts?    01/20/22  (39)
anyone else notice CSLG trying to emulate RSF?    01/21/22  (39)
Chamath: “Nobody gives a fuck about Uighers” NBA: We agree    01/18/22  (38)
black gf: I can't breathe, shrew gf: I can't breed, blind gf: I can't see    01/23/22  (38)
Official XO Poll: Should U.S. go to WAR with Russia if Russia invades Ukraine?    01/20/22  (38)
Article: The Dallas Mavericks are consistently white in a black league. Why?    01/21/22  (37)
Anti-Vaxmos will no doubt ignore this news story - link    01/22/22  (37)
Take this childhood trauma quiz and poast your scores 🤠    01/20/22  (37)
New NFL overtime rule . . .    01/24/22  (37)
In search of old Julia pics    01/18/22  (37)