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Friends, my obesity has absolutely gotten out of control.    06/24/24  (172)
Rating poasters as their most likely cause of death    06/24/24  (136)
AITA for refusing to let my sister's kids stay with me after she passed away? I    06/24/24  (109)
Had a 10 hour fuck session with a hot 25 yo Jewess last night, taking qs    06/24/24  (96)
USC student stabs homeless criminal, arrested for murder.    06/24/24  (93)
Trump vows to reinstate all student loan debt that Biden cancelled (link)    06/20/24  (87)
my a/c has died, fuck this gay earth    06/19/24  (85)
Parentmos bigger difference 0 to 1 kids or 1 to 2 kids?    06/24/24  (75)
Does EXERCISE actually work for DEPRESSION or is this flame?    06/20/24  (73)
What is your wife’s record for # of days before cracking screen on new phone?    06/20/24  (70)
What are some rock bands where ALL the members had significant artistic input?    06/23/24  (69)
Matt Stafford’s wife cucked him with his backup QB at Georgia    06/21/24  (68)
rate this child pedo sting (video)    06/25/24  (67)
Public school ranking sites are 100% flame    06/25/24  (67)
Did professor salaries skyrocket w/ cost of higher education in past 20 yrs?    06/22/24  (64)
Upgrading my PC, giving up on Handsome (FizzKidd)    06/24/24  (62)
Rate LAs new luxury high rise homeless Shelter    06/21/24  (62)
Babysitting your kids so your ex wife can go get fucked is so sad    06/24/24  (61)
have 36 hour layover in Doha. Suggestions?    06/20/24  (61)
Goyim Eat Cheesesteaks But Repulsed By Cheese On A Steak. Very Confusing    06/24/24  (60)
Fauci, June 2024: yeah, closing schools was a mistake    06/19/24  (60)
Surgery Tomorrow    06/25/24  (57)
How many trees are on your property?    06/20/24  (56)
Terminator 2 Plot Hole: they literally had no fucking plan to kill the T1000    06/21/24  (56)
Thomas is sole dissenter who think wife beaters should be allowed to keep guns    06/23/24  (53)
Going to XO St. Tropez TOMORROW! Taking Soo CR Qs (RSF)    06/22/24  (53)
RATE Suri Cruise, 18, At Prom (PICS)    06/22/24  (51)
Will Ozempic change American society?    06/23/24  (50)
how much to retire at age 45 w/ wife + 3 kids?    06/22/24  (50)
YouTube getting better at detecting AdBlocker and cucking you    06/18/24  (50)
FUCK! Rapper "Foolio" gunned down, fatally!    06/24/24  (48)
Donald began overfeeding your ornamental fish at 3:31 pm    06/19/24  (47)
Anyone watch the Kendrick "Pop Up" concert last night?    06/24/24  (47)
I'm only spending $16,616 annualized in Vietnam    06/21/24  (47)
Zyn crisis thread 6/20    06/21/24  (46)
Guys I'm retiring from AutoAdmit.com (HATP)    06/20/24  (46)
Sad to report that Los Angeles is still, in fact, 180    06/22/24  (45)
Rate Suri Cruise In An MIT T-Shirt & Shorty Shorts, With Her Cohen BF (PIC)    06/21/24  (45)
Grocery delivery is so CR    06/22/24  (44)
FizzKidd lonely scrote suitor power rankings June 2024    06/19/24  (44)
Columbia first law school to top $80,000 in annual tuition ($81,888)    06/25/24  (43)
Appropriate to ask grandparents to watch 2 kids on a weekday?    06/25/24  (43)
xo has become a complete fucking wasteland. I'm retiring.    06/20/24  (43)
It's nice just how unrelentingly normal being gay is now    06/23/24  (42)
My cousin and I used to have sex back in HS    06/25/24  (42)
retiring from xo (exeunt)    06/19/24  (41)
Gorgeous AZNgirl in Canada gets called "Furking Chinese" by Filthy Pajeeta    06/21/24  (41)
Assange to plead guilty to violation of the Espionage Act (felony)    06/25/24  (41)
35yo white female, single, reasonably attractive, NYC    06/20/24  (40)
What is the purpose of sampling a bottle of wine at a restaurant?    06/21/24  (40)
** U.S. Pier for Gaza Aid Is Failing **    06/19/24  (40)
I know why media created for children is terrible now    06/20/24  (40)
If you had to name your child after a US state, which state which sex of child?    06/22/24  (39)
Tonight I totally failed at cooking—“Fiesta Steak”    06/25/24  (39)
Who the fuck puts cheese on steak    06/22/24  (39)
Fox News caught editing another clip to try to make Biden look senile    06/19/24  (39)
Russian Soldier requests his Comrade Murder him after Drone Hit    06/23/24  (39)
XO poaster ROASTED on Twitter:    06/20/24  (39)
why did fat fuck disco fries lie about having cancer?    06/25/24  (39)
If you thought kids' names were awful in 2024 LJL at the pipeline (link)    06/22/24  (39)
Marrieds, how do you cope with only fucking ONE PUSSY?    06/20/24  (38)
AOC Twitter war with AIPAC    06/23/24  (38)
Craziest aspect of German law- politicians can sue citizens for insulting them    06/20/24  (38)
What is your student loan debt balance in June 2024?    06/19/24  (37)
Housing Prices Plummeting (link)    06/22/24  (37)
Invented a new recipe today. I call it “Disco Steak” (pics)    06/23/24  (37)
My wife was finally turned on. Just not by me. (NYT)    06/24/24  (36)
Texted former marriage counselor pic of wife and me and Hawaii to make mad    06/20/24  (36)
Sad reddit thread. 37-yr-old women looking to "meet single men her age"    06/21/24  (36)
Why are HOMELESS people walking around with PIT BULLS unleashed?    06/25/24  (35)
Cons seething over today’s Doonesbury    06/24/24  (35)
US needs to DIE just for what it did to VIETNAM    06/23/24  (35)
Serious Q: What is THE BEST Dave Matthews Band song/performance combo?    06/22/24  (34)
Hyatt Globalists Have To Wait For Breakfast While Other Guests Served First    06/20/24  (34)
It's so depressing working on a Friday evening    06/22/24  (34)
Protestors Ruin STONEHENGE (vid)    06/19/24  (34)
Who dates chicks like this? (Tiktok)    06/22/24  (34)
Thoughts on this offer? (Lynn Conway)    06/20/24  (34)
Middle aged guy has 38k followers making videos complaining about life (link)    06/23/24  (33)
ITT: We list POSITIVE aspects of jewish people in America    06/23/24  (33)
Legal expert taking questions (Candy Ride)    06/21/24  (32)
74% of Deaths Directly Linked to COVID-19 Shot    06/24/24  (32)
My dad is going to live to 100 and stiff me and my sibs    06/21/24  (32)
Lol if you own any stocks or crypto you’re about to be homeless lmaooo    06/24/24  (32)
i am gravely concerned about society    06/24/24  (30)
Golfer Tony Finau (age 34, 0 major wins) has $51 million career earnings    06/20/24  (30)
Know so many bros getting hair transplants    06/21/24  (29)
Boarding flight to XO Beijing in 5 mins…sayonara birdshits!!!    06/25/24  (29)
Why is Biden suddenly dominating in all these polls?    06/18/24  (29)
When India was under British Rule, Indian Railways had no TOILETS on Trains    06/22/24  (29)
I miss blowout POTUS elections where you knew who was gonna win    06/25/24  (29)
Japanese game franchises you've heard of but know nothing about    06/24/24  (29)
After His Arrest, Justin Timberlake Is the Talk of Sag Harbor (NYT)    06/23/24  (29)
rumor is it may be Vivek (link)    06/24/24  (28)
Holy shit Charlie Kirk is grifting the fuck out of Trump, con voters    06/21/24  (28)
Israeli SCOTUS Unanimously Strikes Down Ultraortho IDF Exemption; Defund Yeshiva    06/25/24  (28)
Wisconsin SCOTUS: Sidewalks are not "pedestrian ways"    06/21/24  (27)
dark energy discovered to have changed over time    06/22/24  (27)
RATE my Sunday (TSINAH)    06/24/24  (27)
let's talk about P Y O N G Y A N G    06/21/24  (27)
What's a legit place to buy a gun?    06/22/24  (27)
I don't smoke, drink alcohol or have sex with prostitutes.    06/20/24  (26)
I still LOL that U.S. had a covert muslim POTUS for 8 years    06/25/24  (26)
Did 3 miles and 10 flights of stairs in the airport terminal waiting on flight    06/19/24  (26)
People who want "friends", why?    06/23/24  (26)
Bands that critics hate but are actually good.    06/19/24  (26)
My pregnant wife fell in the ocean while we were in Bali last week    06/24/24  (26)
ITT is a list of items i buy at COSTCO -- what else should i be buying there?    06/25/24  (26)
How people feel about Jews is the big elephant in the room in 2024    06/25/24  (26)
5'10.5" and 232 lb. Snoot here taking questions.    06/22/24  (26)
HARVARD undergrad alums--what was it like socially, academically?    06/19/24  (26)
Redhead pussy is seriously undervalued    06/22/24  (26)
Trump widens lead in 538 polling average    06/20/24  (25)
Can't believe a $27.36 trillion economy shuts its STOCK MARKET cause of NIGGAS    06/19/24  (25)
Seriously don't understand where the furk BIRDSHITS are SMART came from?    06/19/24  (25)
most prestigious web browser in 2024?    06/22/24  (25)
ITT a list of Marxist courses at a typical LAC (Occidental College)    06/24/24  (25)
Which poaster's Kia Soul is this? (pic)    06/24/24  (24)
Once dated a Chinese girl who would orgasm immediately upon insertion.    06/19/24  (24)
Will ((Hollywood)) adapt to streamers / youtubers / tiktokers    06/25/24  (24)
Problem with right wing politics is and remains the same    06/25/24  (24)
When rach fixes the server there's going to be a MASSIVE AutoAdmit Revival    06/24/24  (24)
Reminder: David Spade gets lots of premium pussy    06/23/24  (24)
Babe wake up Jewish media is manufacturing consent to invade Lebanon (link)    06/24/24  (24)
It’s insane how Costco’s just encourages you to consume more and more    06/25/24  (24)
What was Trump’s thought process when he orangely overfed the Japanese koi?    06/19/24  (24)
Which practice area has the hottest biological female attorneys?    06/20/24  (24)
Loling ar disco fries “I had the salad bar, loaded bake potato, steak, cheese    06/22/24  (23)
Does anyone actually have the day off today    06/19/24  (23)
haha, seriously tho. wtf are u supposed to do after litigation career in biglaw    06/20/24  (23)
Tommy: This Birdshit NYU Prof with $100m+ NW reminds me of you    06/24/24  (23)
Lmao Putin & Kim Jong Un do 'comedians in cars w coffee' & bash Biden (link)    06/20/24  (23)
I Broke Up With Her Because She’s White (NYT)    06/24/24  (23)
Why does this site stop working every day. This place is dying    06/20/24  (23)
California 1099 taxes qurstion    06/20/24  (23)
do the savings in gas from an EV outweigh the electric bill?    06/21/24  (23)
it's probably insanely easy to kill someone & get away w/ it these days    06/23/24  (22)
Jennifer Connelly is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy    06/23/24  (22)
Trump has picked his VP    06/23/24  (22)
"THAT'S A SHRAMP FORK MEEMAW! FOR SHRAMPS!!" (jd vance)    06/25/24  (22)
Game 7 Stanley Cup final tonight - sorry libs    06/24/24  (22)
For Biden and Trump, a Debate Rematch With Even Greater Risks and Rewards (NYT)    06/24/24  (22)
cowshit 6/23 megathread    06/23/24  (22)
Why is crime down so much nationwide?    06/18/24  (22)
RATE Reese Witherspoon, 48, In A One-Piece Swimsuit (PICS)    06/21/24  (21)
Kyoto azn mayor of Oakland’s home being raided by FBI right now    06/22/24  (21)
so BAP is a skinnyfat swivel wristed potbellied romanian jew, kinda bleak    06/23/24  (21)
Once you understand the evo psych of female mating behavior    06/24/24  (21)
The Fit to Fat subreddit is a literal nightmare    06/22/24  (21)
Elon Musk is fucked up    06/25/24  (21)