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ITT: I post well known xo monikers and you post emoji that comes to mind first    06/26/22  (224)
Turn famous book titles shitlib.    06/25/22  (222)
SCOTUS decides on Breun    06/26/22  (171)
POLL: Did SCOTUS make the right decision in overturning Roe v Wade?    06/25/22  (168)
The Christian take on abortion is proof their brains are utterly scrambled    06/26/22  (167)
You guys are such gross losers. Feel dirty having any association to this place.    06/25/22  (161)
Ukraine is turning into a straight up Russian massacre of Ukrainian troops    06/24/22  (141)
US HIMARS have arrived to Ukraine    06/25/22  (136)
Titus refused a victory garland after exterminating Jews & destroying Temple    06/22/22  (136)
WaPo: Texas secession sounds like a good idea    06/23/22  (134)
Most iconic sports events in your lifetime?    06/26/22  (130)
Armed robber killed by armed clerk. Family says, NOT FAIR!    06/23/22  (124)
Old white men in Florida caught on camera attacking black kid in gated community    06/22/22  (124)
Pretty sure this Roe v Wade shit is a turning point    06/26/22  (123)
This country is falling apart very rapidly now    06/23/22  (115)
5 yo left unattended in a Porsche in 100 degree Houston heat dies    06/22/22  (112)
Towns with prole names ITT    06/24/22  (112)
So is the US/Ukraine losing the war against Russia? truth, not media bs please    06/24/22  (111)
Taking POOL/LAKESIDE Q’s from amazing hotel on Lake Lucerne (RSF)    06/25/22  (109)
Who else do you want if you fags hate DeSantis so much    06/23/22  (106)
ROE OVERTURNED. THANK YOU JESUS. πŸ’–    06/24/22  (104)
Jared Fogle got his ass beat in prison.    06/24/22  (104)
Could you have been a special operator if you had really tried?    06/25/22  (99)
Anyone else really awkward in bar/social situations?    06/24/22  (89)
RSF has been demoted from “member” of his firm to “counsel”    06/26/22  (88)
Is Roe overturning good or bad?    06/25/22  (88)
Most recent movie that might crack top 25 all time    06/22/22  (87)
“She wanted an abortion, thanks to Texas she has twins”    06/21/22  (87)
AOC complains about her $174k salary, says that's poverty wages    06/23/22  (86)
If your wife is fat she doesnt respect you and you don't respect yourself (CSLG)    06/26/22  (85)
What's a good hobby to pick up?    06/25/22  (84)
🚨🚨🚨WE'RE NO LONGER IP BANNED 🚨🚨🚨    06/22/22  (84)
Lots of Boomer couples plan to "travel" in retirement    06/20/22  (82)
So wait Trumpmos, did you actually stop abortions? LOL    06/26/22  (81)
Most scary ghetto/dump/poor place you've been in U.S.?    06/25/22  (79)
Interesting take from a German commentator on Roe decision    06/26/22  (79)
Teen girl (18) on my block literally walks around the block in vagina shorts    06/26/22  (77)
Your top 5 JRPGs?    06/26/22  (76)
Last night’s ** Michelin dinner was INSANE (RSF)    06/24/22  (76)
As you get older, you appreciate how dumb and worthless women are.    06/21/22  (76)
How did Gore lose in 2000 if Clinton’s economy was booming?    06/24/22  (74)
What was your biggest misconception about irl circa age 18    06/26/22  (72)
Texas just announced they want to Secede from the Union    06/20/22  (71)
Why do proles care so much about gas prices?    06/22/22  (70)
which state do you hate the most?    06/23/22  (70)
TSINAH strikes me as a genuine piece of shit    06/24/22  (69)
Russia has begun dropping sea mines in the Baltic to protect Kaliningrad    06/22/22  (68)
Do you know anyone 7+ years out of law school that isn’t making decent money?    06/26/22  (66)
Buzz Lightyear struggles at box office    06/21/22  (65)
Update on Burger/Juice shop    06/24/22  (65)
doesnt roe v wade change literally nothing?    06/25/22  (64)
Starting to feel like Trump will legit face criminal charges    06/20/22  (63)
US-China War Confirmed Inevitable (Taiwan Strait)    06/24/22  (63)
artur beterbiev, you on this rungvisai rodriguez fight tonight    06/26/22  (63)
"We should reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell"    06/26/22  (62)
jfc the instruction cards they give Biden.    06/26/22  (62)
DeSantis should defer to hierarchy, accept VP spot    06/23/22  (60)
RATE this view of LAKE GENEVA (RSF)    06/25/22  (60)
I’m a “made guy” in the Mafia, taking qs    06/24/22  (60)
If you were Putin, how would you play this Kaliningrad/Ukraine situation?    06/24/22  (60)
Traveling with a gun for the first time. What should I know?    06/20/22  (60)
CITADEL moves HQ from Chicago to Miami. Griffin: Chicago is a complete SHITHOLE    06/24/22  (59)
Father's Day. My wife watched Netflix all day while I cooked and cared for kids.    06/20/22  (59)
POLITICO article about DATING in DC - full of XO catnip (link)    06/26/22  (58)
Am I wrong to be mad?    06/20/22  (58)
Texas state investigation says Uvalde Police response was an "abject failure"    06/22/22  (57)
My hot organic gf and I are in Buffalo, NY and taking q’s (TSINAH)    06/25/22  (57)
Moldbug: the Lithuania action is scary as fuck & potentially starts ww3    06/21/22  (56)
Rank golf brands from prestigious tier to TTT itt    06/22/22  (56)
Which is more prestigious for a white man - light skin black or Asian?    06/26/22  (56)
Three Ugliest Posters on xoxo: CSLG, Kenny, and TSINAH    06/25/22  (55)
i would never date GJR because she smokes marijuana.    06/25/22  (55)
US needs to split in two    06/25/22  (54)
Murder rate for US Whites is lower than murder rate in Finland.    06/26/22  (54)
Any libs have an update on how taking our guns is going ?    06/25/22  (54)
Jeff Bezos signs Obamas to HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR PODCAST DEAL    06/22/22  (54)
Gov. Hochul EVISCERATES SCOTUS decision on 2nd Amd (link)    06/24/22  (53)
Putin is losing the war over Ukraine, on and off the battlefield    06/21/22  (53)
SCOTUS will now overturn Griggs to allow IQ tests for jobs. Do you want this?    06/25/22  (53)
Xo Utah IMMEDIATELY bans abortion, tells women to "control intake of semen"    06/26/22  (53)
Rambo LARPing Hegemon would get smoked within 10 mins in a live civil war    06/24/22  (53)
U.S. tech companies yank job offers, leaving college grads scrambling    06/23/22  (52)
My blood lipid numbers after 7 weeks on a low fat vegan diet    06/25/22  (52)
What is the most prole salad dressing?    06/21/22  (52)
Chandler - what will you make this year?    06/25/22  (52)
You'll all be shocked when I actually retire at 40 with 20 million+ (CSLG)    06/25/22  (51)
Wait...do ppl on this Bort that think China could take & HOLD Taiwan?    06/24/22  (51)
hot take: if you get jumped by niggers it’s your fault    06/22/22  (50)
Specific phrases permanently lodged in your brain    06/22/22  (50)
There will never again be a TV "event" like we used to regularly have    06/21/22  (50)
Would you still "quarantine" if you got COVID today?    06/22/22  (50)
Where in NYC can I get great non-spicy, regular food?    06/23/22  (50)
You're condemned to purgatory & have to pick 1 American diner meal to eat foreve    06/26/22  (49)
INDIAN wives make 180 LUNCHES for their IT husbands. Every day.    06/23/22  (49)
How much time required to complete CLE before end of month?    06/23/22  (49)
The most fucked up thing about the Roe overuling is the concurring opinion    06/25/22  (49)
Which one of Elon Musk's 18-year-old twins is trans?    06/22/22  (49)
US 'conservatives' will line up, surrender guns to woman, just like New Zealand    06/22/22  (48)
Tucker’s monologue tonight was utter 180. He’s been reading the greatbort    06/24/22  (48)
Want to name son David. Wife LIVID. Wants "Jaxon." Lmao not flame.    06/21/22  (48)
Cons what happened to that one leader of yours Richard Spencer?    06/23/22  (47)
Jews vs. Chinks will be the showdown of the century. Who do you got?    06/22/22  (47)
Adult men used to hang out with friends 4-5 nights per week    06/26/22  (47)
I’m extremely lonely and have no friends    06/25/22  (47)
How braindead do you have to be to think DeSantis can win?    06/23/22  (47)
Too late to learn how to flirt with women at age 36?    06/23/22  (47)
No one likes black ppl, but everyone has to secretly pretend they LOVE black ppl    06/22/22  (47)
GOP really gonna blow it by running Trump again?    06/22/22  (47)
Are ashkenazi Levantine or Khazar?    06/22/22  (46)
Come ITT if you are my friend (Mainlining)    06/26/22  (46)
Today is a DARK day for Chads living in reptile states.    06/25/22  (46)
Republicucks cuck on guns (surprising no one)    06/24/22  (45)
I'm keeping an open mind about DeSantis, but he's got a long way to win me over    06/23/22  (45)
Gary Marcus reply to SSC on scaling hypothesis    06/26/22  (45)
Do middle aged men ever stop fantasizing about sex with barely legal teen girls?    06/23/22  (45)
22 yo Woman Slams Her Gyno for refusing to sterilize her (video)    06/24/22  (45)
MASS-SHOOTING RIGHT IN MANHATTAN - libs/Democrats, explain:    06/20/22  (44)
Rate this loving dinner my wife prepared for me    06/26/22  (43)
I admit defeat (cowshit)    06/26/22  (43)
Lib to Trumpmo, back to Lib now. FUCK anti-abortion religious lunatics    06/25/22  (43)
Why do people think DNC killed Seth Rich again?    06/21/22  (43)
Watched No Time to Die back to back with Goldfinger    06/26/22  (43)
“Youths” on dirt bikes, ATVs take over the National Mall (link)    06/22/22  (42)
Why is the US so full of hyper political dorks    06/24/22  (42)
NYT: Trump Privately Called Roe Reversal Bad For His Party    06/24/22  (42)
"Piotr Nicolau," Gloostick, FLW, Trump Did Nothing Wrong all fucking suck    06/22/22  (42)
About to pull the trigger on a WSJ paper subscription    06/20/22  (41)
The 3 Trump Justices all lied their asses off when asked about Roe under oath    06/26/22  (41)
Paid someone to manage my dating profile, I’ve gotten dozens of matches    06/26/22  (41)
Thats what this country needs; more unwanted kids    06/25/22  (41)
So if Biden replaces Thomas next, SCOTUS could reinstate Roe with 5-4 reverse?    06/26/22  (41)
So many xo posters deserve to be in prison    06/25/22  (41)
hyuuuuge social experiment coming. AZ will fund students, not schools.    06/26/22  (40)
Pentagon: HIMARS basically a 70KM+ sniper rifle/rocket, that's why only 4 sent    06/25/22  (40)
Anyone else here have no emotional reaction to ROE?    06/24/22  (40)
At the airport taking q's (TSINAH)    06/23/22  (40)
What even happens in "Yonkers"? Who lives there?    06/24/22  (40)
Hypo: U can be sent back to 1919 age 25 w/ $100m NW but will be destitute by '30    06/20/22  (39)
Man Escapes Encounter With Black Bear by Using Bear Spray    06/25/22  (39)
Anyone else find it hilarious that TBF is so anti-overturning Roe?    06/22/22  (39)
Just sold my house for $2.5m. Lmao at RE bagholders    06/22/22  (39)
If SCOTUS has balls to overturn roe imagine what’s coming for affirmative acti    06/26/22  (39)
Is there a name for this new "icon" tattoo trend?    06/20/22  (39)
Former senior CIA analyst: Some hard thoughts about post Ukraine    06/21/22  (39)
all dudes who post about fucking whores/mongering on XO are one shot killable    06/23/22  (39)
Whites had 100% control of this country and completely fucked it up    06/21/22  (38)
best war movies ever: Where Eagles Dare vs Siege of Firebase Gloria    06/26/22  (37)
bad software dev trend: replacing desktop apps with less functional web apps    06/21/22  (37)
Best country for having a care free life lunchtime sex with whores?    06/26/22  (37)