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I name a vehicle and you share your gut impression    06/01/23  (233)
It’s not clear how much of Jesus’s teachings Paul was even aware of    05/28/23  (145)
That drunk kid literally got eaten by a shark. Why do people think ocean is safe    06/03/23  (124)
I don't see any GOP path to Presidential victory in 2024    05/30/23  (117)
IQ scores for 10 year-olds by ethnic background. Hint: White Power! White Power!    05/29/23  (106)
Fuck America    05/27/23  (106)
Where is the next Boise?    06/02/23  (103)
100 DAYS OF SOO CR SUMMER STARTS TODAY! (RSF)    05/31/23  (103)
Rate how my gf broke up with me    06/01/23  (97)
SP lawsuit was filed today at 4:30 est. Spoiler: some people here are fucked.    06/01/23  (96)
Cringey low IQ shit conservatives say    06/02/23  (95)
Today I am 24 years old (FizzKidd)    06/01/23  (88)
Tabibi: Even basic alt-light content is no longer allowed on Twitter    06/02/23  (87)
How in the fuck are people making less than 100K getting by?    06/03/23  (86)
Lawyer DESTROYS Two Cops    05/31/23  (79)
ITT: we make a comprehensive list of stores found in Prolesville, USA    06/01/23  (78)
Lol, my enemies aren't doing too well (epah)    06/01/23  (76)
Rate this abusive husband and father (link)    06/03/23  (75)
Who on XO has the worst diet? There are fats here, time to fess up    05/29/23  (74)
Diablo IV launches in 6 hours    06/02/23  (72)
Would never hit my kids, but parents these days can't control them kids    06/02/23  (72)
Trump and Hegemon have diametrically opposite views on exercise    06/01/23  (71)
california is absolutely beautiful    06/02/23  (69)
In 6 years, my kids will start going to publich HS, this is racial make up    05/29/23  (69)
Elizabeth Holmes is now a federal inmate. We won't see her until the 2030s.    05/31/23  (69)
S.Africa to ban whites from most jobs (link)    06/02/23  (68)
Redditors struggle coming to terms with student loan repayment.    05/29/23  (68)
No beef with lacrosse but why are all the players bad athletes    05/30/23  (68)
Shitlib reasoning: if 9 out of 10 scientists agree about something, ignore the 1    05/29/23  (67)
I think I need to quit weed entirely    06/02/23  (66)
think tonight is the night i kill myself    05/30/23  (66)
Is purchasing a single family home in the suburbs for your family stupid?    06/01/23  (65)
Doctors are disgustingly spoiled - complain that $500k shld be MINIMUM salary    05/29/23  (64)
Nick Fuentes is getting more and more exposure. Might seriously be assassinated    05/31/23  (64)
Arby's manager found dead in a freezer beat on the door until her hands bled    06/02/23  (64)
Are you actively avoiding Target?    06/02/23  (63)
Over 200 explosions in Kiev tonight    05/28/23  (62)
VIVEK without a doubt is the SMARTEST person to ever run for US POTUS    05/28/23  (62)
guy used ChatGPT for filing in federal appeals court - GPT cited fake precedent    06/02/23  (60)
Zelda TOTK has so much content that even if it cost $100 it would be worth it    06/01/23  (57)
India's GORGEOUS new Parliament Building was built in 2.5y for just $125m    05/29/23  (57)
Oakland citizens LIVID - DEMAND action on skyrocketing crime    06/02/23  (56)
DeSantis promises to 'Destroy Leftism' 🙄    05/30/23  (56)
How many women have you fucked?    05/31/23  (54)
Trump goes after Kayleigh McEnany    05/31/23  (53)
Cliffs on why companies are "forced" to support woke nonsense?    06/02/23  (51)
Danny Masterson guilty of rape    06/01/23  (51)
Why are libs freaking out about Taylor Swift's new boyfriend?    05/31/23  (50)
Trump to use an EO to end birthright for illegal children    05/31/23  (50)
Describe people who “buy whiskey” as a hobby    06/01/23  (50)
Ukraine vehemently denies its military intelligence HQ got nuked    05/31/23  (48)
JFC, Just read A Letter to Liberals by RFK Jr. Shit is insane    05/30/23  (47)
"I will DELETE birthright citizenship from the Constitution!" *Trumpmos cheer*    06/02/23  (46)
The teen shot in the back by the AZN store owner? Oh yeah, he was carrying a gun    06/03/23  (45)
how do i realistically make life not horrible    06/01/23  (45)
Third date with a chick and no sex - would you break it off?    06/02/23  (45)
isnt lifting kind of gay?    05/31/23  (44)
Is “walnut plywood” epic flame?    05/29/23  (44)
Biggest prole tell -- not buying your kids a fancy Peg Perego high chair    06/02/23  (44)
200 ultra marathons wreck white woman (pics)    06/02/23  (44)
Nirvana songs if Kurt Cobain was a lawyer.    06/02/23  (44)
What's the smallest city that is widely considered significant?    05/28/23  (43)
Hebrew is a constructed language like Klingon, Esperanto, Dothraki etc.    06/02/23  (43)
How expensive is a decent horse?    06/03/23  (43)
Remember the time Guy Fieri pwned Anthony Bourdain?    05/29/23  (43)
Your kids are going to think Juneteenth is a normal holiday    05/30/23  (43)
Zuckerberg is increasingly looking chadly (pic)    05/31/23  (43)
holy shit apps are full of literal whores now    05/30/23  (42)
who is this Richard Hanania guy?    05/30/23  (42)
welp, Chesa has landed on his feet. guess where?    06/01/23  (42)
Landed in GORGEOUS Kolkata, India 🦎🧃    06/01/23  (42)
Countries with unrestricted birthright citizenship: US, most of South America    06/01/23  (41)
Taking an of counsel position at an Amlaw 350 firm (zurich)    06/02/23  (41)
I killed 4 kittens as a child on a camping trip    05/30/23  (40)
What's the best way to get an Asian girlfriend/wife?    06/01/23  (40)
Here's an idea: stop making fag shit that involves kids    05/29/23  (40)
Hating Chris McCandless seems extremely online    05/31/23  (40)
Zelensky diagnosed with Michael J. Fox Disease    06/02/23  (39)
who are the best senators and why (other than fetterman who is the best)    05/29/23  (39)
Actors who take themselves too seriously    06/01/23  (39)
Criminal records in NY will only go back 3 years for most crimes. Thx libs!    05/30/23  (39)
My dream bf - 6ft - $300-500K total comp - very ambitious & driven - 27-33yo - b    06/02/23  (39)
Karlstack debases himself for w*men in front of Zero HP Lovecraft    05/29/23  (39)
Biden has appointed 97 federal judges, only 2 white men    05/29/23  (38)
Top Gun: Maverick was terrible    06/02/23  (38)
How the fuck is the scam stock market mooning    06/02/23  (38)
Why aren't you ejaculating inside a fertile vagina right now?    05/30/23  (38)
Remember lawman8? What happened to that dood    05/31/23  (38)
Terrible baseball tournament this weekend. Got ass fucked. Might have kid do juj    06/02/23  (38)
Is Emilio posting as “men are 180”    06/02/23  (38)
xo rate my bar exam score (im an 1100 SAT bro)    05/30/23  (37)
** OFFICIAL NBA FINALS GAME 1 THREAD **    06/02/23  (37)
My ex said her best friend is a bitch and she stopped being friends with her    05/31/23  (37)
Do any of you bitch bois want to buy me this    05/31/23  (37)
"And the Russians are dying" "Best money we ever spent" - L. Graham (video)    05/28/23  (36)
Disney lost millions billions because they cast nigger Ariel    05/29/23  (36)
Just got done with a 5 mile hike (TSINAH)    05/28/23  (36)
Having children is essential, central, to a full life. Women know this.    05/30/23  (36)
Trying to find a shrink sucks so much    05/30/23  (35)
Chicago's Black v. migrant divide    06/02/23  (35)
Twitter has doubled in value since Elon bought it. Sorry libs.    06/02/23  (35)
Japan shows what a society looks like that never saw a communist movement    06/03/23  (35)
Ironically Math depts @ US univs have the HOTTIEST girls cause all FOREIGN    06/02/23  (35)
Mainlinings posting style is really gay . Seems like hes a lonely druggie degen    05/31/23  (34)
some chick drained every drop of cum out of me last night jfc    05/29/23  (34)
Explain how Epstein's assassins got away with it    06/01/23  (34)
No one leave San Diego for LA because LA fucking sucks shit    06/02/23  (34)
Bboooooooooom is mainlining and evan39? Whom else?    06/02/23  (34)
State Farm exits California, cites “too many personal injury auto claims”    06/02/23  (34)
40 "teens" beat up 3 Marines on Memorial day    05/31/23  (33)
RSF is a childless 45 year old TRAVELSHREW with a FURBABY    05/28/23  (33)
Tomorrow starts 100 days of summer, Soo CR (RSF)    05/29/23  (33)
Ukraine attacks another Russian town, Russian bloggers seem nervous - link    06/01/23  (33)
Study: Being funny makes men seem much taller than they really are    06/02/23  (32)
NYC associate lawyer pulls wig of negress’s head, loses job (link)    05/31/23  (32)
new little mermaid has worst music I've ever heard    06/02/23  (32)
HYPO - you can ban one thing forever.    06/02/23  (32)
Painkiller for broken rib - not sure why ppl would want to get addicted to this    06/02/23  (31)
How did Jared Fogle become so beloved and popular    06/02/23  (30)
Why do libs love immigration?    06/01/23  (30)
Just got absolutely owned by a group of taller guys    05/28/23  (30)
no problem with 'juneteenth' in theory but the stupid fucking name    06/01/23  (30)
Porsche cayenne against macan??    05/31/23  (30)
80% of men bring condoms to a funeral    06/02/23  (29)
HBO Max to "Max" fuking reTTTarded    06/02/23  (29)
Why don't Christians follow the Talmud?    06/02/23  (29)
All the people I know who are still in the military are weird lib fags    05/31/23  (29)
Wasting "Womens" Fertile years is such an INEFFICIENT allocation of resources    06/03/23  (29)
Do you guys all own gold/ precious metals?    05/31/23  (28)
Jamie Foxx Paralyzed & Blind Due to COVID-19 Vaccine (link)    06/02/23  (28)
Lori Lightfoot to become a Harvard Professor teaching health policy    06/02/23  (28)
Stocks ripping. 180.    06/02/23  (28)
Hey! Wait! I'll file an Amended Complaint.    06/03/23  (28)
Once you realize that we already lost the white majority, you can chill    06/01/23  (28)
should i fuck an escort just to do it    06/01/23  (28)
CSLG looks like Eduardo Saverin's younger brother but with downs syndrome    05/30/23  (28)
EMPLOYMENT LAW Question ITT    06/03/23  (28)
State the highest possible IQ of someone who believes Dems "stole" PA, AZ & GA    06/03/23  (28)
Bus Light has lost $30B in market cap because it wouldn’t apologize & risk ESG    05/31/23  (27)
Korean man opens emergency exit door on Airbus 321, “needed some fresh air”    05/27/23  (27)
My wife is sour towards me most of the time and it makes my life suck    06/02/23  (27)
Ricky im going camping tomorrow    05/31/23  (27)
Korean women are evolutionarily unfit. It's genetic, not cultural    05/27/23  (27)
DeSantis announces FULL PAY ONLY student loan reform    06/02/23  (27)
Why are they not sending 10 busses a day to Martha’s Vineyard and Manhattan?    06/01/23  (27)
Are there any BIGLAW posters left    05/30/23  (26)
Kohl’s now being targeted for boycott by the reptile mob    05/30/23  (26)
DeSantis to weird FURRIES: "Stop fucking up our kids."    05/31/23  (26)
"Women" not having BABBY is really DISASTEROUS for Humanity    05/28/23  (26)