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Words that are Lib tells    02/06/23  (184)
Taliban: We lived free under the Sun, now we are stuck behind screens in offices    02/07/23  (165)
what's the best book title, regardless of content or quality?    02/04/23  (153)
HOW to lose the last 107.2 pounds—seems impossible    02/07/23  (134)
Anyone here have ZERO tattoos?    02/04/23  (118)
"I can probably compete with MASE's autism" (pumo who absolutely cannot compete)    02/06/23  (112)
do i only like 5 or so xo'ers?    02/06/23  (106)
Pretty proud of my kid today    02/07/23  (103)
FINAL thoughts on the MALDIVES (RSF)    02/05/23  (102)
Every gaming website: "It is evil & unethical to review new Harry Potter game"    02/07/23  (98)
Which musician (non-singer) has the highest ratio of fame:talent?    02/05/23  (97)
What's stopping lawyers from picking up multiple remote law jobs?    02/06/23  (94)
Do Videogames still bring you pleasure? Or is it all Globohomo now?    02/01/23  (94)
The USA finally fights a just war and cons are like “nope we hate war now”    02/01/23  (93)
Athletes who had a perfect opportunity to retire on top & got greedy and didnt    02/01/23  (93)
Top 5 all time QBs now that Brady retired?    02/06/23  (90)
right now, there is NO WAY an outsider could read/understand this bort    02/07/23  (90)
I hate the Philippines with a passion, poasting from mactan airport now    02/05/23  (90)
Anyone in SoCal get solar panels and regret it?    02/04/23  (89)
Please ban this oh you travail loser    02/06/23  (87)
Trumpmos is it fair game for Dems/MSM to air J6 footage ahead of 2024 election?    02/06/23  (86)
Where does Shawn Michaels rank among the all-time greats?    02/05/23  (83)
Biden delivering for Americans on jobs and infrastructure?    02/05/23  (82)
Chinese spy balloon currently hovering over US airspace    02/06/23  (80)
Gunneratt is a stupid fucking faggot    02/03/23  (80)
iPad is the only apple product u should own. The rest of Apple is junk    02/05/23  (80)
What's the most confusing movie you've ever seen?    02/02/23  (79)
Worst NBA MVPs in history?    02/06/23  (76)
Vicious nig beat down of 10 year old girl on schoolbus (vid)    02/05/23  (75)
Which XO poster wifed up this law shrew?    02/04/23  (75)
Britain's decline is unbelievable    02/04/23  (74)
~600k views on AutoAdmit twitter. If only 2% visit this website afterwards..    02/05/23  (73)
PSA: This is what you should order from a "sushi" restaurant    02/05/23  (73)
Christians: what percent of souls go to Hell?    02/01/23  (71)
Libs: how would you rate Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense, scale of 1-10    02/02/23  (71)
Forgot I had $250 gift card from Xmas, what should I buy    02/06/23  (70)
LJFL RATE this MALDIVES hotel room (RSF)    02/05/23  (70)
against better advice, i'm going to make an offer on a condo    02/05/23  (70)
TV shows that succeeded by identifying an A-lister in their first season    02/05/23  (69)
Netflix bans password sharing    02/02/23  (68)
What one consumer item most captures America's decline and fall?    02/04/23  (68)
Welp, laptop has fan problems. Time to replace it.    02/06/23  (67)
So multiple Chinese Spy Balloons crossed US Soil during Trump years, nobody care    02/07/23  (65)
Rate what $1m gets you in suburban Ann Arbor, MI    02/07/23  (64)
ChatGPT: saying "nigger" is worse than nuking a city (link)    02/07/23  (64)
Who was bigger at their peak— Hulk Hogan 1985-1990, or Steve Austin 1997-99?    02/07/23  (63)
Lawyers will be GPTed out of existence within 10 years    02/03/23  (62)
Former FBI Director McCabe: FBI must put Hunter laptop store guy in jail    02/03/23  (62)
Where is the best place to raise a kid?    02/06/23  (62)
Trans freak has two trans kids. What a coincidence.    02/04/23  (61)
We can't make fun of proles on here anymore.    02/04/23  (60)
have you ever seen a poisonous snake IRL while hiking or walking?    02/07/23  (60)
February Net Worth Check-In: $1,745,907    02/02/23  (60)
Black brains have less grey matter but it's because of racism (CNN)    02/07/23  (59)
Is it weird to meet your wife on a "dating app"?    02/03/23  (59)
Obesity will be a thing of the past after Ozempic goes mainstream    02/06/23  (58)
Eastbound and Down is legitimately a top 5 TV show of all time    02/05/23  (58)
it's absurd how much of our paychecks get whittled away by taxes    02/04/23  (58)
Biglawyers 10+ years in: how is your life?    02/02/23  (57)
Unspoken truth: the Red Hot Chili Peppers fucking suck    02/07/23  (57)
BAM! You have to choose a WWF wrestler to give your eulogy. Who is it?    02/05/23  (56)
This girl's a good example of wife material - video    02/03/23  (56)
GJR stomping into room, yanking headset off FizzKidd, streaming to make rent    02/02/23  (55)
Very few trilogies where entry #3 is the best entry    02/02/23  (55)
Demi Moore was the only bad casting in "Margin Call"    02/02/23  (55)
If my wife divorces my I'm poast some killer sex tapes    02/04/23  (54)
chad kills himself after putting wife in her place    02/03/23  (54)
Post ITT and I will assign you a recreational activity    02/04/23  (54)
I give a little grudging respect to RSF for visiting some non-glamour travel    02/05/23  (53)
Jobs report blowout. SELL! SELL!    02/03/23  (53)
Should wife's 38 year old friend ask guy out on second date?    02/07/23  (52)
STEM seniors create app showing which classes have hot girls, professor seethes    02/02/23  (51)
Is sending 2 yr old kid to grandparents Sun night - Thurs night bad for kid?    02/02/23  (51)
Which POTUS got the most pussy over his lifetime?    02/03/23  (50)
This place is dying    02/01/23  (49)
Not flame. Poaster died in the Thailand home of another poaster.    02/03/23  (49)
Would you pay off a 3.99% auto loan right now?    02/07/23  (49)
RATE this Korean girl rejected from Filipino university two times    02/07/23  (48)
ChatGPT gets jailbroken into removing its filters (link)    02/07/23  (48)
I Can't Handle the Antisemitism This Year (r/Teachers)    02/02/23  (48)
nigger runs over a random white ER doctor cyclist on PCH then stabs him to death    02/03/23  (47)
Could you handle this thicc powerlifting white girl?    02/06/23  (47)
ChatGPT discusses AutoAdmit.com    02/07/23  (47)
re: chinese "spy balloon", you realize they have 1,000 spy satellites right?    02/07/23  (47)
might move out to salt lake city for new job, anybody have experience there?    02/07/23  (47)
I fucked a hooker for the first time last night. Taking Qs    02/05/23  (46)
Any way to make your ass NOT smell like shit at night?    02/07/23  (46)
"But I don't like nullo spam," opined poster who makes no contribution to bort    02/06/23  (46)
What was the first video game you ever played?    02/02/23  (46)
Recently learned chess and have passed the duning Krueger effect    02/07/23  (45)
Poasters who had a perfect opportunity to retire on top & got greedy and didnt    02/02/23  (45)
Rate our new intern Ammad (CSLG)    02/05/23  (45)
Huge understated benefit of WFH: Healthy, cheap home-cooked meals    02/07/23  (44)
HHI/NW threads make me hate myself and want to die.    02/03/23  (44)
Is Trump a lock in 2024?    02/05/23  (44)
Putin saw Trump as "vain, easily distracted, and stupid"    02/06/23  (44)
Remember when every NYC venue made you show your vax card to get in?    02/01/23  (44)
Guy spends 5 years in Philippines for FALSE rape charge    02/06/23  (44)
Blinken: Ukraine must fend for itself    02/02/23  (44)
Newsweek: "Scientists fucked up on COVID and killed people. Sorry!"    02/01/23  (43)
Why don’t blacks just comply with the cops? How hard is it?    02/01/23  (43)
Schizophrenia really fucked up my life    02/05/23  (43)
99 Chink Spyballons...    02/04/23  (43)
Guy who has had sex with over 1000+ women and 75+ men taking questions    02/06/23  (43)
Why aren’t con’s defending the Tyre Nichols murder like the George Floyd mur    02/01/23  (42)
Duke Nukem creator peaced our to Thailand 25 years ago    02/05/23  (42)
TSINAH applying for email girl jobs with the stink of old age, overeducation,    02/07/23  (42)
Rating posters as balloons    02/05/23  (42)
Black women increasingly leaving corporate america leaving holes    02/07/23  (41)
Who is Crazier: GJR or Arkan?    02/02/23  (41)
Ukrainian military intelligence still doesn't realize Russia has begun an offens    02/05/23  (41)
As an older guy, do you ever stop falling for much younger women?    02/03/23  (41)
Wife cooking up some pork ribs for dinner    02/05/23  (40)
Michigan seems like an awful place the more I've been investigating    02/06/23  (40)
Guess which state is covered by highest % of forest    02/07/23  (39)
Welp. Need to meet with HR tomorrow about question I asked at diversity forum.    02/03/23  (39)
i'm glad my mom called to relitigate a 2 hour argument about real estate    02/06/23  (39)
Joe Rogan doesn't seem very "based"    02/06/23  (38)
RSF, any tips for aspiring book writers (sincere question)    02/06/23  (38)
Gin is the most underrated liquor in America    02/07/23  (38)
Ukrainecucks: guess which city Russia has designs on in the next 60 days    02/04/23  (38)
Joe Rogan censoring Randall Carlson, refusing to air episode    02/06/23  (38)
Blacks are a musical people! *puts on monotonous, tone deaf rap*    02/05/23  (38)
This board was complete garbage until about mid-2015    02/07/23  (37)
Gap year 19 yr old HS grad here with college vs trade apprenticeship dilemma    02/04/23  (37)
Democrat runs over chadly MD cyclist & stabs him to death in DANA POINT    02/06/23  (37)
HS senior year with prom date dilemma    02/05/23  (37)
Why has "property crime" been going down consistently for 30 years?    02/07/23  (36)
Did the board break? What happened?    02/06/23  (36)
AI proves women age quickly    02/06/23  (36)
Anyone here date a filipina? Both Azn American version + native    02/07/23  (36)
Solo here. How do I hire an associate?    02/03/23  (36)
Thought about when gyms reopened but kept bathrooms/showers closed for Covid    02/04/23  (36)
Thinking about opening a Chinese restaurant with my Asian wife    02/01/23  (35)
Biden rightly blames inflation in Trump    02/03/23  (35)
Ppl who think AI generated porn is going to ruin Onlyfans have misunderstanding    02/02/23  (35)
George Santos already sexually harassing guys on his staff    02/06/23  (35)
Tonight, I had my dad over for dinner, he got to meet my three youngest kids    02/05/23  (34)
Our entire purpose in life is just to jizz in a pussy. That's it.    02/06/23  (34)
why does it seem like our government places its law abiding citzens last?    02/01/23  (34)
not flame, i dated a neo-nazi filipina back in college    02/06/23  (34)
What is the LEADING shitcon conspiracy theory re: China balloon? 🎈    02/06/23  (34)
have a chill 9-6 $500k job. just coast for next 20 years?    02/03/23  (34)
Rate Post Malone's GORGEOUS AZNgirlfriend    02/01/23  (34)
How sweatshoppy is Israeli BIGLAW?    02/06/23  (34)
Name the best towns in California starting with "Santa"    02/03/23  (34)
Trump calls for the US/NATO to let Russia invade Europe unopposed    02/01/23  (34)
Rate this gay piss party in a Sam Smith music video    02/05/23  (34)
Dunkin Donuts is the #1 best GC franchise ime    02/02/23  (33)
Hey cons, the Grammys went full Satanic    02/06/23  (33)