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call your family    08/24/15  (1)
just put in orders on all my stocks. selling car and condo. moving back home    08/24/15  (4)
sell everything. now    08/24/15  (7)
why is everyone talking about a new recession    08/24/15  (29)
we're fucked    08/24/15  (1)
do any of you have slave braids    08/24/15  (1)
i love when i get on xo and there's just a ton of ketamine threads    08/23/15  (3)
whoever runs the nordic boy twitter is a living art gallery    08/23/15  (13)
this music video makes me feel high as fuck    08/23/15  (1)
what's the longest you've ever had the fear    08/23/15  (6)
now that the ragnus tracker is back is something bad going to happen    08/23/15  (3)
do u ever wake up and find little pieces of evidence of going completely insane    08/23/15  (1)
25yo woman named judge in South Carolina, guess race    08/23/15  (5)
TWA Flight 800    08/23/15  (27)
LMAO MBA applications are 70% INTERNATIONAL ADMIT RATE FOR AMERICANS IS <75%    08/23/15  (33)
ITT: I Rate you as a Dress Shirt Brand    08/23/15  (35)
all my friends from high school/shitjobs in TTT state are actually doing well    08/23/15  (4)
Holy fuck stock market apocalypse...    08/23/15  (21)
DOLPHINS are so CUTE.    08/23/15  (3)
Systemic Risk from Emerging Market Bonds    08/23/15  (11)
Trump doesn't give a shit about the presidency, you fucking morons    08/23/15  (19)
How much would an E. Euro Teen sugar baby cost?    08/23/15  (6)
do doobs's classmates think these doobs threads are 180 as fuck    08/23/15  (9)
Board oldmo here, aided in Cuban Revolution, now supporting Trump    08/23/15  (5)
"Israel? I love Israel! But they need to go back."    08/23/15  (3)
This is how the jews used the federal reserve to create WW2    08/23/15  (5)
Is Tiger Woods back?    08/23/15  (13)
The Truth Regarding Jews and Germany WWII    08/23/15  (97)
Jews think gay marriage is only for the goys    08/23/15  (14)
What are the good firms in Denver?    08/23/15  (6)
Anyone ever go Plaintiff -> BS corporate job?    08/23/15  (1)
my in laws are prestige whores    08/23/15  (8)
Is there anyway I can donate my HYP sperm and earn money    08/23/15  (7)
the fear    08/23/15  (1)
it's weird how most people at my law school love it and have a great time but xo    08/23/15  (13)
Are Macs considered toys in the business world?    08/23/15  (7)
Supercunt 4: Cry of the Valium    08/23/15  (2)
NEXT PAGE PLEASE never ceases to make me lol    08/23/15  (4)
jfc just got the fear real bad    08/23/15  (38)
Rate Tess & Sarah Instagram famous Twin sisters (Instagram Pics)    08/22/15  (8)
I'm Jewish and a race realist - Taking questions    08/22/15  (22)
CRISCO | BARDOL | VAGISIL    08/22/15  (1)
2016 Best Colleges Rankings - Usnews Sep 9th.    08/22/15  (4)
Is it EVER acceptable to live in New Jersey in Biglaw???    08/22/15  (25)
Is Yale on decline?    08/22/15  (8)
New Law Students better pray the recession happens this year    08/22/15  (5)
one to da two da three da four dem dirty red dogs done hit the door    08/22/15  (2)
Johnsmeyer makes his Sept 2015 IBR payment    08/22/15  (1)
fagkav. fagkebe. carl fagler. fagacre. the septic faggot clique.    08/22/15  (8)
What will happen with Trump?    08/22/15  (7)
"first of all mom, they're called monikers," askav lisped    08/22/15  (15)
the fear    08/22/15  (3)
scholarship is in your town    08/22/15  (11)
what are the best 90s songs    08/22/15  (1)
Spackler aka Fagler is a spastic faggot geek    08/22/15  (47)
MBA application bros assemble    08/22/15  (27)
Has Tiger Woods just been running elaborate flame this whole time?    08/22/15  (7)
TRUMP vets gen mcchrystal for VP nominee (WSJ)    08/22/15  (2)
Rich prep school kids get sentenced for armed theft of bike Pics (Daily Mail)    08/22/15  (34)
Former Assistant DA says it's okay to shoplift - guess race?    08/21/15  (9)
Ever notice benzo only posts under his sudo when he thinks he has a zinger?    08/21/15  (9)
Why do ordinary, white conservatives worship Israel so much?    08/21/15  (5)
Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump    08/21/15  (7)
Trump is unelectable, Hillary a bore. Who will be the next POTUS of US?    08/21/15  (73)
BigLaw is just as clique-y as any XYZ Corp.    08/21/15  (1)
Some paraleGALS and billing staff make more than lawyers?    08/21/15  (1)
Is JONES WALKER Midlaw or Shitlaw?    08/21/15  (5)
Well fuck, just realized I get a $175k refund on my taxes for 2014    08/21/15  (18)
Rate Sophie the JP Morgan Intern (Link)    08/21/15  (30)
Law firm partners on market days like today    08/21/15  (1)
Anyone have experience with fee dispute arbitration in NY?    08/21/15  (7)
NOOOOOOOO DONT B MEAN 2 JARED!!!! (xo pedos)    08/21/15  (4)
Trump 2016: rejects Nobel Peace Prize "It's for losers, right Obama?"    08/21/15  (1)
Who is the Trump blood poaster? Benzo or Alia?    08/21/15  (1)
just downloaded ashley madison leak. what do i do with it    08/21/15  (33)
Sim Glitch: Vietnamese washed up in Louisiana decades ago    08/21/15  (1)
Dismaland: inside Banksys dystopian playground    08/21/15  (1)
started watching msnbc. lots of snark    08/21/15  (2)
Awkward when a friend's ambitions/dreams don't match their talent    08/21/15  (5)
My Secretary smells wonderful.    08/21/15  (1)
XO UKIP invites Trump to speak in London    08/21/15  (1)
REALTALK: We would all line up to bang the Paki out of Huma    08/21/15  (14)
What's the best MBA program for real estate???    08/21/15  (47)
Most CR Law Firm in MFH?    08/21/15  (43)
Got a 161 on my first diag...averaging 177 1 month later.    08/21/15  (19)
ITT: We reminisce about Stores that have gone out of business    08/21/15  (45)
HuffPo: Immigration constitutional amendment would be unconstitutional    08/21/15  (77)
lol have you seen johnsmeyer's latest twitter art    08/21/15  (19)
former attorney, 41, founded LegalZoom, ShoeDazzle and The Honest Co    08/21/15  (9)
Will Bruce err Caitlann go to male or female prison?    08/20/15  (1)
Why is the law dominated by olds; and tech dominated by youngs    08/20/15  (10)
falconer at my law school got permission to bring his bird to class this year    08/20/15  (74)
i always lol when i see a woman pumping gas    08/20/15  (44)
Main partner I work for keeps bugging me to work for other people    08/20/15  (16)
"At [firm-name], our Louisiana LLC litigation lawyers are prepared to help"    08/20/15  (3)
silent majortiy:ed norton in fight club :: TRUMP:tyler durden    08/20/15  (5)
the deepest and most toxic flame on xo is pessimism about the law job market    08/20/15  (68)
What is considered outing in post-rasqie xo?    08/20/15  (18)
now that the law job market recovered and we get paye life is going to be 180    08/20/15  (9)
wtf colt retired too    08/20/15  (10)
caitlyn Jenner is proof that women can't drive    08/20/15  (1)
Trump: "Who needs peak oil when you have peak TRUMP?"    08/20/15  (1)
jfc just found somebody's dog and don't want to deal with it    08/20/15  (5)
HOLY SHIT RON PAUL JUST CROAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link)    08/20/15  (1)
10 straight days of 2k in the market, how long before I go bust?    08/20/15  (117)
*chops off trump's head* *2 grow in its place, each with make america great hat*    08/20/15  (38)
India to employ Eunuchs to combat public defecation Not Flame (Link)    08/20/15  (2)
Makes sense to go to T14 w/ $$$?    08/20/15  (29)
*george20 breaks down your door* HEY DID YOU KNOW I FUCK MEN    08/20/15  (13)
Someone who dropped out of LS: LBJ; someone who pwned it: Ted Cruz    08/20/15  (3)
should have just done academia    08/20/15  (1)
Yes, my name really is Glory Johnson    08/20/15  (1)
Patent Litigation = DEAD    08/20/15  (3)
Adjunct Law Professor $$    08/20/15  (13)
benzo rolling tootsie rolls into turds and masturbating    08/20/15  (1)
quit v30 to be an independent film producer?    08/20/15  (52)
ATL: LSAT takers down 34% since 2010    08/20/15  (3)
Has rasqie been banned yet?    08/20/15  (36)
How do I get a job at Slaugher & May?    08/20/15  (1)
Most 180 Dog: The Xoxo English Labrador    08/20/15  (1)
What happened to Circuit City Special?    08/20/15  (6)
What firm is repping Hilldog in emailgate?    08/20/15  (21)
Marketmos: What is wrong with the stock market??    08/20/15  (8)
so if you made it to 5th year at a V5 (M&A)    08/20/15  (9)
Someone please explain this AAPL strategy to me    08/20/15  (3)
what are best new albums to download right now    08/20/15  (3)
*benzo in a shack, newpapers pinned to wall with PETUMKIN in marker*    08/20/15  (11)
*BENZO in Uganda* "Yeah, I wanna eat da poo poo"    08/20/15  (17)
trump has inspired me to eat a bunch of klonopin and be chill and alpha as fuck    08/20/15  (1)
trump's campaign speeches are the best ones since teddy roosevelt getting shot    08/20/15  (1)
Stand-up comedy from newest SNL WEEKEND UPDATE anchor    08/20/15  (35)
Does Black Mass look 180 as fark, or is it me??    08/20/15  (1)
what's the very least a man should be able to bench press    08/20/15  (50)
trump    08/19/15  (1)
why do people listen to unions    08/19/15  (3)
realized i hadn't taken a breath in several minutes thinking about donald trump    08/19/15  (1)
(In today's economy) Makes sense to go to T14 w/ $$$?    08/19/15  (1)
how many law students actually end up unemployed or underemployed    08/19/15  (51)
Can someone rank the T14 by Ashley Madison users    08/19/15  (2)
Locked in 5 x 5 cage with a hunny badger for 30 minutes for 3 billion    08/19/15  (44)
CYCLING AND RURAL LIVING    08/19/15  (15)
if trump offered to adopt you and become your legal dad would you do it    08/19/15  (11)
Why do nerds still exist?    08/19/15  (11)
Friend just flunked out of Carribbean MD school    08/19/15  (11)
Why is the average age of incoming law students @ T14 going up    08/19/15  (1)
What, no Jared Fogle jokes?    08/19/15  (10)
Jadakiss is as hard as it gets. why?    08/19/15  (2)
i literally can't wait for a post PC america run by donald trump    08/19/15  (6)

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