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About to get fired or paranoid?    07/23/15  (4)
*benzo in a shack, newpapers pinned to wall with PETUMKIN in marker*    07/23/15  (7)
ImanagecaT do you like Zara clothes    07/23/15  (1)
Just found my client a buyer for their $175mm property w/ no broker    07/23/15  (12)
#olivesmatter    07/22/15  (2)
know what i miss, grandson? I Literally Only Post "Fuck my ass"    07/22/15  (39)
Professor blasts 'dirty Jewish' thugs, 'homo' uprising, 'sluts'    07/22/15  (12)
how do asians act when they get arrested. never witnessed this    07/22/15  (14)
NYUUG. My COCK. You know what I'm talking about.    07/22/15  (1)
why do girls always dress like shit at work    07/22/15  (35)
status update on FB for new job/new city?    07/22/15  (4)
lifehack: give homeless people beer when you're tailgating and make them dance    07/22/15  (1)
explain what gook means on xo    07/22/15  (6)
didn't drink last weekend and lost 12 pounds    07/22/15  (1)
"Hillary ith gonna kick Trumpth athhh!", he lisped    07/22/15  (5)
Why do some law students liken law school to going to war?    07/22/15  (15)
Unsaid truth: nyuug is a twink bitch w/ an alien countenance and a tight asshole    07/22/15  (6)
did earl buy a volt    07/22/15  (1)
have you ever had your car hacked while you were driving    07/22/15  (2)
is 35 too old to go get a phd in psychology?    07/22/15  (4)
i went to jail and didn't kill myself with a trash bag #WhitePrivilege    07/22/15  (6)
Bloomberg: Taxpayers Could Lose Billions If Students Walk Away From Loans    07/22/15  (9)
Video of dood clowning James Harden    07/22/15  (3)
Best hotel in Bangkok?    07/22/15  (14)
Me and CJ lubing up for the "ass-to-ass" portion of bar exam    07/22/15  (4)
The McCain fuckup is Exhibit A as to why Trump can't be President    07/22/15  (113)
NEW PLAN FOR LIFE (BOOR)    07/22/15  (8)
My Russian love's father takes her photos in a restaurant(boor)    07/22/15  (1)
Buy apple stock?    07/22/15  (8)
treeman outs self to NY Mag.    07/22/15  (6)
Unemployed Law dude: Going to one of those coding bootcamps (taking Q's)    07/22/15  (13)
*President Trump touring the newly-built fortified wall on the border*    07/22/15  (3)
*President Trump billing Mexico for cost of the Mexican FINAL SOLUTION*    07/22/15  (1)
I can't wait until the blacks try to riot in Texas over SANDRA BLAND    07/22/15  (1)
Gone all weekend - Sandra Bland killedself and shitlibs think she was murdered?    07/22/15  (28)
Seems like a lot of the bar exam is just thinly veiled court cases    07/22/15  (6)
Scholarship tp is a little bitch teasing me with his tight rump    07/22/15  (135)
Tommy Turd, rate my retirement plan @ 45 if I don't have kids (Earl)    07/22/15  (48)
Donald Trump is our only hope to MAKE ARE COUNTRY GRATE AGAIN    07/22/15  (1)
treeman's wife used to be a brunette.    07/22/15  (2)
Blagojevich: the most charismatic person of all time    07/21/15  (4)
Can someone, preferable a Barmo, explain facially neutral dicrim laws under EP    07/21/15  (6)
ITT: I rate you as a stop of the Boston T Red Line    07/21/15  (33)
Pension option: which one to take (lump sum or annual pension)    07/21/15  (11)
I Print out Drafts of Pleadings Etc. then throw away: PROBLEM?    07/21/15  (6)
rate this cute millennial chick who is studying for the LSAT (sfw)    07/21/15  (12)
POLL - which test did you study for the most: LSAT or Bar Exam    07/21/15  (3)
Having to pay $10.99 for 6-pack of "MBE PENCILS" is such bullshit    07/21/15  (5)
How the June 2015 increase in LSAT takers will affect future cycles    07/21/15  (4)
Bar Bros: Did you remember to reserve your Attorney Medallion?    07/21/15  (2)
CA bar bros: Deval Patrick failed the bar there TWICE no flame    07/21/15  (1)
146/200 on final MBE practice set    07/21/15  (2)
NEVER FORGET: petumkin got benzo's MOD POWER revoked    07/21/15  (2)
ur ancestors: Battle of Hastings. u: shitcanned from Paul Hastings    07/21/15  (1)
KONY? More like KOONI (luis)    07/21/15  (1)
Failing the bar is honorable. Someone must do it. The profession thanks you.    07/21/15  (2)
Petumkin here, taking questions and giving head    07/21/15  (7)
is is possible that pn=petumkin=doobs?    07/21/15  (10)
Healthy countries don't celebrate "POWs" as war heroes.    07/21/15  (7)
I spend $3000/mo on food.. is that too much? (imanagecat)    07/21/15  (6)
how to build rapport w/ girl    07/21/15  (6)
Starting a law firm    07/21/15  (21)
Rate this WGWAG blog    07/21/15  (2)
Number of AGWWG on upper west side today was mind boggling    07/21/15  (9)
Putting on full-court press to save friend from law school    07/21/15  (23)
How is it that ann FUCKING coulter is the sane voice on immigration?    07/21/15  (50)
sharklasers, adding a DeVry Cybersecurity degree to his LinkedIn    07/21/15  (2)
Chances his hero was ite pwned    07/21/15  (8)
just had a baby    07/20/15  (11)
Describe your ten year high school reunion    07/20/15  (78)
*** JULY 2015 BAR EXAM THREAD ***    07/20/15  (62)
Tufts bans student wearing "Triggering and Mean" Harvard sweatshirt    07/20/15  (5)
why can't we joke about POWs getting captured    07/20/15  (3)
Darnell yanking at nyuug's bowlcut as he fucks his kimchee chute    07/20/15  (30)
Messy bachelor pads: what is this flame?    07/20/15  (69)
Is MPC a higher IQ forum than XO?    07/20/15  (7)
Ayo Master Purchase Agmt H c/o 15: U gon be on after your bar exam?    07/20/15  (2)
DVP here. Statute of Limitations has run. You mad, XO?    07/20/15  (80)
Fuck forgot to order my Sharia Law supplement for the bar exam    07/20/15  (12)
Remember to include "#blacklivesmatter" on each page of the essay section    07/20/15  (3)
Just transferred to CLS, pumped as FUCK!    07/20/15  (7)
Remember: Some firms revoke offer if you pass on the first try    07/20/15  (8)
My cum running down scholarships RUMP like chocolate running down a lava cake    07/20/15  (1)
Just mailed in the C&F urine sample.    07/20/15  (5)
Leaving big law with 700k    07/20/15  (1)
Jordan Spieth's caddy: $780k in 2015 for carrying a golf bag; You: Poast    07/20/15  (23)
Trump/Comacho 2016    07/20/15  (3)
Karma whipsawed me brutally    07/20/15  (3)
Im like really really smart okay? I graduated from the Wharton Univ. of finance.    07/20/15  (2)
*wakes up and catches shrew laying moist egg clusters on his back*    07/20/15  (24)
Who is petumkin? (petumkin)    07/20/15  (2)
running own business is insanely stressful    07/20/15  (20)
Trump: Spieth only won the first two legs of the grand slam. Kind of a loser    07/20/15  (1)
Prof. Jennifer Sambito spits on your dick as she tells you why C was best answer    07/20/15  (1)
Bored with Firm Life, thinking about joining the Reserves / Guard    07/20/15  (6)
your NJ tax dollars pay for this woman to teach women's studies    07/20/15  (33)
McCain is not a war hero.    07/20/15  (2)
Gap between Luxury and Economy cars has lessened?    07/20/15  (4)
Ran into dude from my high school who "day trades"    07/20/15  (85)
PSA: Trump is the smartest GOP candidate    07/20/15  (24)
i hope trump gets potus    07/20/15  (1)
(Obama's America) x (de Blasio) = THIS (pic)    07/20/15  (29)
8 minute documentary on guy living alone on a (chat) bort    07/20/15  (5)
Liberal definition of heroism: quietly enduring torture, wearing a dress, etc.    07/20/15  (1)
this azngirl ceo found her ginger handsome    07/20/15  (6)
XOXO Food Truck: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2 Weeks    07/20/15  (23)
Anyone else waking up early to watch the British Open?    07/20/15  (3)
Every single character in Jurassic World (2015) was fucking intolerable    07/19/15  (17)
I have decided to take the mcat... Mostly for no reason    07/19/15  (12)
Drunk driver slams into Limo carrying bridesmaids kills 4 (Daily Mail)    07/19/15  (32)
Be sure to get to test center 5 hours early to ensure you get English test    07/19/15  (6)
Been having bar exam dreams where proctor is burned man in fedora. Anyone else?    07/19/15  (1)
Snoop Dogg roasts Donald Trump on Comedy Central (video)    07/19/15  (6)
Bar Bros: Bring a machete for the "Law of the Jungle" section of test    07/19/15  (1)
XOXO Food Truck: Treating Hans Right    07/19/15  (40)
Remember: If you bar exam test site is a Pounder's, you MUST be NUDE    07/19/15  (1)
are there still tiger woods video games    07/19/15  (9)
Marrying a chick you met in law school seems CR    07/19/15  (24)
Poastradamus stop whining about bar flame and study    07/19/15  (2)
The cold hard truth is that Johnsmeyer is a TTT shitlaw faggot    07/19/15  (5)
Dammit, wife is back to pre-pregnancy weight, but stomach isn't flat    07/19/15  (16)
Deep down, you know you're going to fail the bar. Accept it.    07/19/15  (5)
ITT: Your most 180 moment from your youth (ages 16-24)    07/19/15  (30)
Is Tempurpedic credited?    07/19/15  (19)
Bar Bros: You remembered the personal statement, right?    07/19/15  (2)
BOX check yo email    07/19/15  (1)
rasquatch get ITT    07/19/15  (36)
q for bar exam essays    07/19/15  (1)
who was that girl who was always posting her tits on autoadmit    07/19/15  (18)
Should I Try To Fuck Friend's Wife?    07/19/15  (223)
how good are exit opps for a V30 private equity dude?    07/19/15  (34)
Actually a good Harrison Barnes Article re: partnership    07/19/15  (1)
Why did DL Hughley kill someone? Seems like such a happy dude.    07/19/15  (4)
SMU prof slams REPAYE    07/19/15  (3)
"I, Turdskin" by Mario Maserati & WhitePride    07/19/15  (2)
RIP George H. W. Bush    07/19/15  (14)
Conservatism is prole.    07/19/15  (184)
anyone here have parents that said "we'll support you whatever you do"?    07/19/15  (21)
ITT post stereotypes about prosecutors.    07/19/15  (13)
Pretty sure I just heard a millennial remake of 'Hey Jealousy'    07/19/15  (1)
Remember: Firms are using bar passage rates as hassle-free Lathaming    07/18/15  (4)
explain people who go bald in their 20s    07/18/15  (40)
rate this argument by a Stanford PhD re college sexual assault    07/18/15  (10)
Bar-takers: you pretty much have to start studying now    07/18/15  (3)
Romney enters GOP Convention to "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto"    07/18/15  (17)
Rate this cute light skinned black girl (SFW)    07/18/15  (15)
Googles algorithm shows prestigious job ads to men, but not to women. Libs MAF.    07/18/15  (13)

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