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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/16/18  (143)
watching DelRay Mckesson interview on PBS Amonpour & Co    10/16/18  (3)
How is there a board for retarded “coins” but not options?    10/16/18  (18)
Former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussing U Mich football on Twitter    10/16/18  (31)
Why do libs claim to fucking love science when in fact they love conjecture/lies    10/16/18  (2)
US is world's most competitive economy in a decade. Thanks Obama! (Link)    10/16/18  (1)
"97% of Climate Scientists Agree" is 100% Wrong (link)    10/16/18  (3)
Any other swagged-out caucasian zef thugs smoke Newports?    10/16/18  (9)
Went for πŸ• with BIGLAW manlets- I got 3 slices as usual    10/16/18  (2)
Put rubber ball through the same metal hoop every day = get millions + be famous    10/16/18  (5)
Something for the night crew (vid)    10/16/18  (33)
Chicago Bros: need a sub for an 830 softball game at Humboldt park tonight    10/16/18  (14)
Stormy: "If I'm a horseface, Trump must love beastiality!..........haha!...&q
   10/16/18  (1)
Biggest loser = Harvard - touting a white woman for diversity, dinging Asians    10/16/18  (4)
Have any of you bros defeated chronic insomnia?    10/16/18  (24)
So when Rs retain House and build lead in Senate libs will do what?    10/16/18  (29)
MY GAY DADDIES LOVE TWErkING and FLexiNG    10/16/18  (3)
The back of my skull is kind of flat.    10/16/18  (4)
🐴 = Stormy Daniels    10/16/18  (1)
keep yukking it up about pocahontas while no wall, exploding debt & entitlements    10/16/18  (40)
hazy memories of fingering highschool gfs' assholes on movie dates    10/16/18  (1)
Literal trickle-down effect: Peterman benefitting from increased trucker wages    10/16/18  (2)
How is corn maze season going for everyone?    10/16/18  (2)
twentynine? more like thirtynine hehehe    10/16/18  (18)
Avenatti says Stormy will be first place for Kentucky Derby in 2020    10/16/18  (3)
Rate my current lifting #’s (Earl)    10/16/18  (71)
we are ALL christ    10/16/18  (1)
Bloomberg: raising wages for truckers surprisingly working to cure driver shorta    10/16/18  (2)
Kabob talks about why he beat the shit out of McGregors team after beating mcgr    10/16/18  (38)
πŸ€·πŸ†πŸ‘±πŸ€°    10/16/18  (1)
Mid levels, seniors, how do you make juniors do stuff?    10/16/18  (2)
Why is Heidkamp tormenting abuse victims    10/16/18  (19)
Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Dismissed, Trump Entitled To Legal Fees    10/16/18  (76)
πŸ€·πŸ™‹    10/16/18  (1)
TMF: "Could you wax my back hair sweetie?" MND: "Do mine first."    10/16/18  (1)
πŸ‘±πŸ†    10/16/18  (1)
xo Farrakhan: jews can't say never again to god bc when he puts you in the ovens    10/16/18  (2)
*CEO looks at talent pool in hicksville* “Well, these people are retards”    10/16/18  (1)
TMF screaming in Ingush as I steal the Christmas carp from his bathtub    10/16/18  (28)
where can i find a community of christ followers?    10/16/18  (1)
whatre u gonna be for HALLOWEEN πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ    10/16/18  (6)
would it be insane to leave Persian wife and kid for literal 10/10 Indian girl?    10/16/18  (1)
Tucker: "But I called him Creepy Porn Lawyer. How is he still attacking Trump?"    10/16/18  (12)
Avenatti is a broken man (vid)    10/16/18  (20)
Remidner: I am more neanderthal than Elizabeth Warren is native american    10/16/18  (1)
Elizabeth Warren has lost SplinterNews    10/16/18  (8)
So a 99.99% white woman was HLS faculty's "first woman of color"?    10/16/18  (5)
anglicans come ITT and explain ur people    10/16/18  (5)
Konnichiwa, watashi-wa Bonneru Poreesu? desu. Ore wa geida desu.    10/16/18  (5)
"7 ways Elizabeth Warren is just like your enisi" (Warren campaign website)    10/16/18  (13)
cowgod 10/16 megathread    10/16/18  (5)
Just read Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis. Had no idea she was so dumb    10/16/18  (74)
can anybody explain the 2016 election to me w/ emojis?    10/16/18  (1)
o a 99.99% white woman was HLS faculty's "first woman of color"?    10/16/18  (1)
Is twitter still banning npc accounts?    10/16/18  (2)
crazypills, im fed up with this shit    10/16/18  (3)
Avenatti says Stormy will be front row for first Debate in 2020    10/16/18  (2)
lol credit score fell 50 points for paying off student loans    10/16/18  (5)
Journalists seem irate that a journalist got got    10/16/18  (38)
Ray Donovan: any good?    10/16/18  (6)
Anybody, besides journalists, care about this dead journalist?    10/16/18  (2)
cowgod can you give me your review of Farcry 3    10/16/18  (3)
when poon    10/16/18  (1)
could really see myself settling down w my imaginary unattainable boyfriend    10/16/18  (1)
Lifehack: go to the grocery store in the morning    10/16/18  (8)
Rate my current sex with men for money (Luis)    10/16/18  (5)
*earl lifting a twink above head at ice skating practice* "rate my lifting #s"    10/16/18  (5)
ive been monogomaous in all my relationships *bounces on 37 cocks annually*    10/16/18  (1)
πŸ‘Ž looking for πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ (l
   10/16/18  (1)
Emoji-ize your moniker    10/16/18  (115)
Actual centaur taking questions ITT    10/16/18  (11)
Avenatti sounds just like Trump after he sent investigators to Hawaii    10/16/18  (1)
anyone here choose middle seat on plane to maximize odds of sitting next to girl    10/16/18  (1)
How much mortgage will we be approved for?    10/16/18  (13)
ITT: Passive income ideas. Let's make some money!    10/16/18  (9)
Amy Klobuchar is pretty sexy right?    10/16/18  (19)
Kanye put on a minstrel show for trump    10/16/18  (5)
Deposing a cop in 30 min... give me ??s to ask (CSLG)    10/16/18  (61)
Trump says rush to condemn Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi is similar to Kavanaugh    10/16/18  (1)
luis is the baha'i faith the ultimate in persian chillness    10/16/18  (2)
Wapo Datelab not even trying anymore... white guy feels unworthy of fat negress    10/16/18  (95)
Partner telling you he’s looking for some comfort, hand on your leg    10/16/18  (3)
maeking money is actually pretty enjoyable tbh    10/16/18  (6)
im the only person here qualified to give shoelift advice    10/16/18  (2)
Listened to Avenatti call into Adam Carolla podcast. He's even dumber than    10/16/18  (12)
Lindsay Graham going neocon AGAIN: wants to overthrow Saudi over "journalist" d    10/16/18  (21)
lmao at the idea that two dudes can ever get 'married'    10/16/18  (1)
Benzo describing the mouthfeel and flavor notes of Chevron Techron premium    10/16/18  (70)
im the only person here qualified to give life advice    10/16/18  (11)
Told friend today that his wife is a cunt    10/16/18  (6)
Do women seriously ALWAYS orgasm during rape and fuckin RARELY with husbands?    10/16/18  (2)
xo new update support emoji no support chinaji ray xiao list    10/16/18  (1)
Jews in 1920s Berlin hosted "artshows" where hogs deflowered blonde German girls    10/16/18  (15)
Fresh Hopped IPA season officially over, how many did you bros have?    10/16/18  (1)
"We only burn the bad books," writes Google CEO    10/16/18  (73)
You poast on Autoadmit so that means you have a 130 IQ.    10/16/18  (29)
this tweetstorm is BY FAR the best explanation of the NPC meme i've seen    10/16/18  (51)
Gained 10 pounds in a month fma    10/16/18  (8)
Air Canada flight misses causing worst aviation disaster in history by mere feet    10/16/18  (19)
Benzo is a felon who drinks xl soda cups from 7-11    10/16/18  (1)
is sharklasers on? my abs are glistening today.    10/16/18  (10)
Is Rodgers a better QB than Brady?    10/16/18  (96)
sharklasers encourages same sex experimentation    10/16/18  (3)
sharklasers is my blue haired cyber punk buddy who likes to hack jstor    10/16/18  (11)
this guys a homo right?    10/16/18  (6)
卐O卐OHTH!!!    10/16/18  (8)
my dad was such a badass solider when military needed him they sent a helicopter    10/16/18  (203)
Rowan. Niggers.    10/16/18  (70)
i think you should kill yourself dilbert    10/16/18  (16)
Credit card awards mastermen: what card should I get and when to cancel?    10/16/18  (3)
man o' wars bj lips should be a moniker    10/16/18  (4)
i basically derealize and disassociate like a prostitute when i walk into office    10/16/18  (33)
how about that pigskin the sport with the pigskin    10/16/18  (15)
Women are happier when their partner is less attractive study says    10/16/18  (8)
RegularCars guy - Balding?    10/16/18  (17)
Deutsche Bank allegations against Trump look serious bros    10/16/18  (78)
πŸ’«πŸ€πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ    10/16/18  (9)
what should be the minimum net worth to vote?    10/16/18  (6)
Refunk: Why is OZK such a shit box?    10/16/18  (5)
Is this Kate Spade bag worth $350???    10/16/18  (31)
What do you imagine is going on in the XO parking lot?    10/16/18  (2)
MY text message history. MY cell phone records. MY sniffles.    10/16/18  (4)
MY yearbooks. MY beer.    10/16/18  (8)
Hey tow truck driver fag I want to rearrange your face with a tire iron    10/16/18  (23)
Let’s Get Donald and Stormy Back Together Again! [POLITICO]    10/16/18  (1)
Amazon and Target etc are suing to be able to reject CHASE SAPPHIRE RESERVE card    10/16/18  (20)
Rate Cazzie David    10/16/18  (8)
New York Times releases article on the NPC meme    10/16/18  (74)
Rate what $5000 asking gets you in red oak Iowa    10/16/18  (3)
BIGLAW Partners be like πŸ‘Ί    10/16/18  (15)
Rate George Lynch circa 1989 just fucking around on guitar in the studio    10/16/18  (3)
DrakeMallard: Predict how OZK does after earnings this week    10/16/18  (2)
shorter and fewer outbreaks    10/16/18  (1)
Ahmadinejad issues fatwa against USNWR for "demoting Sixigan to lower T14"    10/16/18  (1)
Is the Bill Clinton Slow Burn podcast any good?    10/16/18  (3)
Bboooom pointing his rifle at you from the clocktower, asking    10/16/18  (187)
Bibi Condemns Ahmadenijad's UM Support, Endorses tOSU    10/16/18  (1)
fuck jews    10/16/18  (1)
this place sucks. no one even discusses law school prestige anymore.    10/16/18  (3)
BoSox Brewers WS will be 180000    10/16/18  (1)
A certain chill kind of 100 yrs of women in public life destroying civilization    10/16/18  (23)
life hack: dont care about what happens to strangers    10/16/18  (16)
there’s literally nothing to gain in the blue pill world    10/16/18  (5)
Are Canali shirts Cr?    10/16/18  (3)
My daddy served in the army    10/16/18  (5)
Women and blacks evolved to be present and in the moment?    10/16/18  (7)
Does your hard cock reach you bellybutton when you're lying on your back?    10/16/18  (3)
log cabin republicansπŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘¦‍πŸ‘
   10/16/18  (1)
NYCHA tenants' apartments have rats, laundry in units (!)    10/16/18  (2)
honestly, id probably eat the flesh of someone i didn't know/like    10/16/18  (1)

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