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What would modern day Europe do to Europe in the 19th century?    08/30/15  (3)
Why is the LSAT easier to game than the SAT?    08/30/15  (3)
Interesting stat for Bschool bros: 770+ GMAT = INSEAD autoadmit    08/30/15  (30)
2017: President Clinton announces hiring of TT as Race Relations Czar    08/30/15  (4)
have u ever wanted to make a thread but u can't because another poster was there    08/29/15  (3)
BIGLAW BROS: dont know how you guys do this...200 hour month is actually brutal    08/29/15  (56)
What are sound reasons to become a lawyer?    08/29/15  (34)
When SHOULD you go to MBA?    08/29/15  (18)
flyfisher-you start writing your essays yet?    08/29/15  (6)
Sim Glitch: High School Girls Fully Sexualized, Government Wont Let You Sex Them    08/29/15  (1)
At what net worth do you just get up and leave biglaw?    08/29/15  (3)
26 yo woman shocked that Florida State Theater degree left her unemployed (Link)    08/29/15  (4)
3.2/170 How much $ can I get from T14?    08/29/15  (30)
What non-law fields actually value a JD?    08/29/15  (27)
How much money do you save per month?    08/29/15  (118)
How fucked is Owen Labrie (The Prep School "rapist")    08/29/15  (28)
is Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP considered biglaw/prestigious?    08/29/15  (9)
UPenn is #1 college in America    08/29/15  (2)
fuck starting to get voicemails and texts accusing me of shit and asking questio    08/29/15  (9)
listening to bubba sparxxx on repeat    08/29/15  (4)
ND now allows POLICE to use WEAPONIZED DRONES    08/29/15  (41)
bros we're famous again    08/29/15  (57)
what happened to beau the poaster    08/29/15  (3)
the fear    08/29/15  (9)
realizing you've been on a phone saying "lol" and "cr" for 6 hours    08/29/15  (13)
ACR any non trads in your summer analyst class?    08/29/15  (1)
Is northwestern or non-Wharton penn more prestigious?    08/29/15  (3)
devil: i will give you *unimaginable* wealth but u must give me a male heir...    08/29/15  (5)
melissa harris-perry is a bona fide retard    08/29/15  (2)
scholarship is in your town    08/29/15  (12)
CCN at sticker -> 3 yrs biglaw -> 3 yrs boutique -> 250K inhouse    08/29/15  (1)
Rate this Catd00d who saved toddler dude from bullies (Pics)    08/29/15  (1)
Sanders should just start realtalking about Jews, BLM    08/29/15  (4)
Biden: "ALL MAKE WAY FOR THE IMPERIAL NEGRO!"    08/29/15  (1)
SSM finding bull for his wife, using fairness as only criterion    08/29/15  (3)
2072: XO poaster wheeled by grandson to the Pres. Obama memorial    08/29/15  (29)
Is this an accurate description of Williams & Connolly?    08/29/15  (54)
Is there anyone on this GREAT BOARD that might wear a DORITOS VEST?    08/28/15  (6)
most of my ex girlfriends are dead and i never made a photo album or went on cnn    08/28/15  (4)
i feel like i'm going to be fear threading in the morning    08/28/15  (14)
do you ever go out and ur like ok i'm definitely about to go completely insane    08/28/15  (3)
it's friday. *cracks knuckles* time to post about libs all night    08/28/15  (46)
uh oh it's friday motherfuckers    08/28/15  (7)
*chops off trump's head* *2 grow in its place, each with make america great hat*    08/28/15  (39)
lol this place is completely insane it's time to retire *puts on panties and    08/28/15  (19)
Poll: Do you think Trump is faithful to Melania??    08/28/15  (1)
LJL @ Cravath PARTNER on Ashley Madison    08/28/15  (10)
180 quote from Greek philosopher re: adulthood and growing up    08/28/15  (100)
Ever notice benzo only posts under his sudo when he thinks he has a zinger?    08/28/15  (11)
imagine how 180 xo bryce must have felt popping that cameraman bitch    08/28/15  (15)
Non-lawyers will never understand the bond that forms between a deal team    08/28/15  (38)
once you retire you really see xo for what it is    08/28/15  (32)
Thinking of deleting my facebook and twitter, living just on xo    08/28/15  (11)
130 iq. predict my LSAT on 6 months of vyvanse studying.    08/28/15  (12)
Everytime I walk by my secretary's desk, I knock all her shit on the floor    08/28/15  (1)
ITT: little victories    08/28/15  (21)
Stupid fucking nignogs on the train WON'T STFU    08/28/15  (2)
REMINDER: gays are clinically mentally ill.    08/28/15  (34)
narcos on imdb already has a 9.7    08/28/15  (4)
i be swangin at a bitch like a nigga tryna hit a pinata    08/28/15  (1)
Mazda Cars seem underrated brothers (Should I cop one?)    08/28/15  (12)
J. Isbell "Southeastern" = best album since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot    08/28/15  (18)
Holy shit donald trump was in home alone 2 not flame    08/27/15  (21)
We're all Kevin maccalisters in this mfh city of life    08/27/15  (2)
watched a democrat jump off a balcony today    08/27/15  (1)
jfc the va news girl's bf is a serious creep    08/27/15  (49)
Nasdaq up 5.2% on the day, led by a surge in XOXO    08/27/15  (6)
do you ever take a break from adderall and become extremely outgoing    08/27/15  (5)
Xo Robbie lawler    08/27/15  (1)
Serious Q: What are Odds Trump is the GOP nominee in 2016    08/27/15  (8)
Rate the 29 year old Bloomingdales Heiress (Daily Mail)    08/27/15  (22)
fter Much Deliberation, Scholars Add Butthurt to Dictionary (THANKS OBAMA)    08/27/15  (2)
In stattte court today, judge is a juggalo    08/27/15  (3)
Interviewing abject morons from obscure law schools    08/27/15  (41)
REMINDER: Brian Leiter is NOT a philosophy professor.    08/27/15  (20)
unsaid truth below surface Trayvon = bitchass nigger who got got    08/27/15  (158)
ITT: I rate you as a brand of Greek Yogurt    08/27/15  (12)
Cute girl I know is trying to MLM scam me (How to proceed)    08/27/15  (31)
Can't Trump just pack the supreme court like Roosevelt to re-do the 14th amendme    08/27/15  (8)
Guess who bought $5000 of S&P index funds 2 hours ago?    08/27/15  (46)
This 30 year old dude runs a solo $1.2 billion Hedge Fund (Link)    08/27/15  (3)
teddy roosevelt: 90 min speech w/ bullet stuck in his chest; obama: tranny tweet    08/27/15  (24)
How do Asians view the Asian hierarchy?    08/27/15  (7)
lol trump just called bernie sanders a baby on cnn    08/27/15  (4)
are all the things asians say on here real?    08/27/15  (15)
Guys should I do a PRE mba internship?    08/27/15  (6)
ITT I post public FB messages from insane #fakerape shrew accusing her husband    08/27/15  (62)
How do I teach my puppydood to fetch?    08/27/15  (7)
Should I become a Barbri campus rep?    08/27/15  (4)
Good news. Figured it out. Just going to do sales.    08/26/15  (3)
Went out with feminist woman's studies major    08/26/15  (31)
what happened to NeumannMorgenste the poster    08/26/15  (20)
What is Trump's stance on PAYE?    08/26/15  (6)
What do you think next week's overblown "tragedy" will be?    08/26/15  (2)
Down $50,000 before today - lol    08/26/15  (12)
What will we call our Hitler youth??? Trump scouts???    08/26/15  (13)
Why is the economy so terrible for young people:(    08/26/15  (43)
Blacks reverting back to true nature    08/26/15  (4)
No, you cannot COPYRIGHT A CHICKEN SANDWICH.    08/26/15  (4)
Mario Bros just "Two Bros With Huge Mushrooms Having Some Consensual Fun"?    08/26/15  (1)
Shitlaw boss having a "lunch and learn" for the firm at McDonald's    08/26/15  (34)
Rate this Female Skadden partner    08/26/15  (176)
Flanagan IS a TERRIBLE SHOT - Failed to killself - not an hero yet!    08/26/15  (1)
Pussy killer just became an hero    08/26/15  (2)
"Renowned Austrian economist Salma Hayek--" (Julia)    08/26/15  (21)
i was watching the news this morning. i'm ok everyone. thoughts and prayers    08/26/15  (3)
sucks that summer is almost over and winter is coming    08/26/15  (14)
RSF's dad singing him "The Wreck of the Cantor Fitzgerald"    08/26/15  (150)
Realtors = the most incompetent "profession"?    08/26/15  (160)
massive attack happening in virginia right now    08/26/15  (1)
What's french biglawl like?    08/26/15  (24)
I got BODY LICE from assfucking a filthy nigger--how to get rid of them?    08/26/15  (5)
T/F: Energy >>> Intelligence    08/26/15  (23)
Should I adopt a baby from an ex-homeless ex-addict prison inmate?    08/26/15  (16)
Why are "educated" bros the first to shame ppl for having unusual opinions?    08/26/15  (5)
Girl let me read her Hinge, Tinder messages and texts. My god.    08/26/15  (52)
TIME magazine: Stop Calling Student Loans a 'Bubble'!    08/26/15  (9)
Victoria Soto, a rare breed of women, killed in shootings    08/25/15  (11)
The U.S. gives more money to Israel than to any other country LJL    08/25/15  (30)
riding around in an uber cab. feel like a tiny child looking out the back window    08/25/15  (1)
that moment when half your favorite posters die    08/25/15  (3)
fucking burnt out(boor)    08/25/15  (5)
Advice on Good Grades    08/25/15  (57)
TRUMP operating at another level. How long can this last?    08/25/15  (6)
Reminder: SJW/BLMs created TRUMP    08/25/15  (1)
Turn on Fox News Trump is absolutely KILLING IT on the stage in Iowa    08/25/15  (4)
Saw handsome Nordstrom employee (How much $$)    08/25/15  (144)
any anti sjw places to work?    08/25/15  (9)
Donald Trumps Face Miraculously Appeared in Butter [link]    08/25/15  (4)
ITT: xo mob name generator    08/25/15  (2)
Hypo: Black man knocks on your door    08/25/15  (6)
Attractive couple shot during Atlanta Home Invasion (Pics)    08/25/15  (21)
True or False: consistent work > hard work for maeking it    08/25/15  (1)
Ran into dude from my high school who "day trades"    08/25/15  (125)
Earl and Imanagecat, sick of stock market losses, making our own luck (link)    08/25/15  (5)
ARE police forces suck because we give preference to "veterans"    08/25/15  (15)
Boston is the POTUS of E. Coast cities for 1 simple reason    08/25/15  (7)
no debt, how much on rent on 150k salary in nyc?    08/25/15  (12)
remember when rsf got MAF that diesel doesn't work?    08/25/15  (5)
ITT: we diagnose RSF's mental illness    08/25/15  (115)
Israel is responsible for 9/11    08/25/15  (1)
whats the point of boarding school if not m4m frottage    08/25/15  (1)
Reminder: Jared Fagle was a fucking JEW KIKE    08/25/15  (2)
NM disappears mere days before major stock mkt crash... coincidence?    08/25/15  (3)
Sex with 2nd Cousin?    08/25/15  (12)
You don't have to be lonely at    08/25/15  (2)
throwing a huge party tonight. i finally made it. tons of cash. no more school    08/25/15  (4)
Rate this Ultra-Orthodox Jewess (PIC)    08/25/15  (9)
WHOKEBE appreciation thread    08/25/15  (9)
which jobs have the most people who care about you as a person    08/24/15  (11)

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