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Associate who made 1.5 billion dollar mistake is black    08/01/15  (40)
It should be illegal to have interracial children.    08/01/15  (1)
Huffington Post: "Yes I'm Pretty and I'm Traveling Alone"    08/01/15  (26)
ITT: I rate you as a member of the 1994 Houston Oilers    08/01/15  (5)
Trump: "Cato institute? Moar like the faggot institute amirite"    08/01/15  (1)
Libs insist that $15 handling fee for 2nd "free" shamwow means it's really free    08/01/15  (1)
TRUMP haters get ITT and answer me    07/31/15  (35)
Investment banking is for idiots.    07/31/15  (5)
Indian dude I know trys to pass himself off as Portuguese    07/31/15  (3)
imanagecat, what are you billables for this month?    07/31/15  (14)
Yay, all of a sudden we have a lot of young attractive girls in our office    07/31/15  (9)
Is Tiger Woods back?    07/31/15  (6)
Biglaw CFO salary?    07/31/15  (4)
JD:MD :: LLM:___?    07/31/15  (9)
Libs: EXPLAIN this proof that blacks have less empathy than whites    07/31/15  (4)
NYT article on fallout of Gravity CEO raising annual salary floor to 70k    07/31/15  (3)
5 Facts: San Franciscos Housing Crisis is NOT Because of Supply    07/31/15  (2)
I follow baseball pretty closely, and I had NO IDEA that Ben Zobrist was good    07/31/15  (1)
what do you wear to go to the bar    07/31/15  (21)
Mediator: "I also need to know the weaknesses in your case." Me: "Fuck you."    07/31/15  (29)
are jews diversity    07/31/15  (7)
one day you'll look back and wish you left work early today and got blackout    07/31/15  (7)
it's weird how all the other internet forums are so curious about us    07/31/15  (2)
explain MPC    07/31/15  (17)
answer this thread if you are literally an irl notary    07/31/15  (10)
ITT: I rate you as a Las Vegas strip Casino Hotel    07/31/15  (28)
My milkshake brings David Boies to the yard    07/31/15  (2)
what are some hilarious group email jokes    07/31/15  (9)
Did a closing for a 41 yo "retired" cop    07/31/15  (40)
what makes someone a shitty lawyer    07/31/15  (4)
shy florida teen gives birth to fully developed notary    07/31/15  (2)
i helplessly watched the flames engulf my child's bedroom a notary kicked down t    07/31/15  (1)
Down in a goryhole, feeling so looo-ow    07/31/15  (1)
purple pussy | floppy choco milk bags | five dollah make u hollah    07/31/15  (1)
"You don't got no powah ovah me officah!" *bang* "Yes, yes I do."    07/31/15  (1)
*BENZO dying on a hospital bed from AIDS, whispering* "p-petumkinnnnn"    07/31/15  (28)
"I AM NOT A SIMPLE NIGGER!" *chimps out* (FATCEPS)    07/31/15  (17)
*benzo hiding in the bushes with a camera at the pumpkin patch*    07/31/15  (2)
How hard to open / run this business ?    07/31/15  (2)
*donates to Hillary 2016 with stolen credit card, applies herpes cream*    07/31/15  (1)
hillary|truvada|laptops    07/31/15  (2)
Can I start buying oil yet?    07/31/15  (32)
"What's that SMELL?" *looks at crotch* "Oh." (rasqie)    07/31/15  (3)
I finally found petumkin's IRL twitter account! (benzo)    07/31/15  (1)
*BENZO getting brutally assfucked* "Slap my ass and call me petumkin!"    07/31/15  (2)
*benzo in a shack, newpapers pinned to wall with PETUMKIN in marker*    07/31/15  (9)
Help me choose an industry. Interested in CRE, Energy, infrastructure    07/31/15  (2)
Just Started Using Standing Desk at Biglaw    07/31/15  (59)
ITT we give tips to current law students re: final exams    07/31/15  (23)
Who puts "Proposed" on the caption of proposed orders?    07/30/15  (38)
Leave Biglaw with 870K    07/30/15  (15)
STUDY: San Francisco has the SHITTIEST ROADS in America.    07/30/15  (2)
Serious question: Could there be another legal boom?    07/30/15  (28)
being nice to people is 180    07/30/15  (11)
Artist takes DNA from gum + cigs found in public, creates portraits of users    07/30/15  (18)
Rate these TLSers having bar exam relationship issues    07/30/15  (3)
Trump: "Hey if the Earth blew up we'd all be in a black hole."    07/30/15  (1)
welp, forbes college rankings are out and its not what you think...    07/30/15  (94)
Bottom of the class @ HYS. How fucked? Martoma?    07/30/15  (86)
ITT: Hilarious TLS reactions to today's MBE    07/30/15  (31)
Oh man, my newborn niece has to get a heart transplant    07/30/15  (45)
Feeling reckless and bold so I Put my dick pic up on tinder moments    07/30/15  (2)
Fuck on notary call tonight    07/30/15  (1)
Should I buy Soul Cycle IPO brothers (Link)    07/30/15  (1)
Trump / Cuban 2016. Make America Great Again    07/30/15  (7)
everyone knows lawyers are faggots but my lawyer bros are somehow the frattiest    07/30/15  (1)
had a dream last nite about Cecil and Trayvon selling loosies    07/30/15  (2)
Height is what makes a woman fundamentally attracted to you    07/30/15  (14)
Thoughts on "INTERESTS" sections on RESUMES?    07/30/15  (179)
Reptile runs IRL xoxo shtick in front of hipster faggots (vid)    07/30/15  (97)
Univ. of NH warns students: "American" is an offensive word    07/30/15  (7)
Hillary gets #fakerape Libyan shrew asylum - shrew gets arrested 4 times in US    07/30/15  (8)
"When I grow up I want to be a stressed out paper pusher"    07/30/15  (23)
These new Police body cams really are enlightening    07/30/15  (8)
Interviewing black dude whose resume is littered with typos    07/30/15  (7)
Hypo: ISIL captures Beirut move into Golan Heights    07/30/15  (14)
Interviewing Asian guy who listed "Sudoku" as an interest    07/30/15  (2)
"I like to eat men's poop. That's my thing." (benzo)    07/30/15  (8)
*BENZO in Uganda* "Yeah, I wanna eat da poo poo"    07/30/15  (15)
a tiny newborn nordic child admiring his beautiful white skin    07/30/15  (2)
people who get excited waking up in the morning    07/30/15  (1)
LGBT groups killing ENDA because of Hobby Lobby    07/30/15  (23)
hey MM who was that one german rap aritst you posted a while ago    07/30/15  (13)
Cincinnati cop Ray Tensing is INNOCENT -- the car was GOING TO SUCK HIM UNDER    07/29/15  (8)
guy who is currently and literally homeless, takin q's for a bit    07/29/15  (125)
Sanders/HAHAURFUCKED 2016    07/29/15  (3)
****official FUCKLAW back to solvency watch****    07/29/15  (15)
Kelly Rohrbach is basically a perfect woman    07/29/15  (2)
"But I studied all summer," I muttered, as my MBE score collapsed    07/29/15  (6)
Film Idea: Die Hard but at the bar exam    07/29/15  (2)
Rate this hot and wondeful tan line. Ungh.    07/29/15  (18)
You know how you can tell Cincy cop is completely fucked - xo O'Mara    07/29/15  (21)
WSJ: Mom Throws Party for Personal Injury Lawyer-Obsessed Toddler    07/29/15  (1)
lol, turdskin SJW prof Minati Roychoudhuri arrested for fake bias claim    07/29/15  (5)
commercial real estate appears credited    07/29/15  (3)
STUDY: Young people now are poorer than young people in the past.    07/29/15  (7)
estimate mark o'mara's income    07/29/15  (6)
cecil's federal bigcat presidential lion refuge opening in florida    07/29/15  (1)
obama leaving office: "i was born in kenya, faggots."    07/29/15  (35)
bros i am a lion and i think poaching all the cool animals is pretty bad    07/29/15  (6)
Do people in the Special Olympics know that they aren't in the real Olympics?    07/29/15  (3)
REMINDER: gays are clinically mentally ill.    07/29/15  (1)
Anyone ever reach their climate from a sensation feeling?    07/29/15  (1)
REMEMBER UR JD TRAINING    07/29/15  (124)
Knocked out another kid playing bball last night (Earl)    07/29/15  (135)
Jews less than 2% of US population but 48% of billionaires? Must be white privil    07/28/15  (9)
Which poster's RUMP is most appealing to you,& describe what you'd do to it    07/28/15  (6)
Why does DLA Piper have *two* offices in Baltimore?    07/28/15  (52)
DRUDGE SIREN: reptile shoots other reptile (via deer) stopping OBAMA NEGRO GAYS    07/28/15  (7)
Why do Trump supporters think Trump is going to make a great President??    07/28/15  (97)
"a certain..." let's LAUD this 180 construction    07/28/15  (8)
what can mods do?    07/28/15  (5)
Nasdaq up 5.2% on the day, led by a surge in XOXO    07/28/15  (5)
Cerrano: Hats for bats. Dorn: Yeah. Whats your handicap? Cerrano: Keep bats warm    07/28/15  (1)
Baker McKenzie, wiping the dirt from its hands as it walks from your grave    07/28/15  (7)
Non-lawyers flip out when you tell them the bar exam is curved lolol    07/28/15  (1)
Holy fuck, do housewives with small kids basically turn to MLM as careers?    07/28/15  (16)
ITT: Greusome tank battle footage (Syria)    07/28/15  (15)
(Sits down at pattaya bar in 2045) "Any you bros ever cop PAYE?"    07/28/15  (38)
B. Sanders: "It is not truth that matters, but victory. "    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice."    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "USA will either be a world power or will not be at all."    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "Anyone who paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilize    07/28/15  (1)
Bernie Sanders: "BITE THE CURB!"    07/28/15  (2)
Do you ever just want to cry when you are too busy with work??    07/28/15  (28)
How is it that ann FUCKING coulter is the sane voice on immigration?    07/28/15  (55)
Earl's girlfriend taking questions for 20 minutes.    07/28/15  (114)
Rate Syllvester Stallone Daughters (SFW)    07/28/15  (5)
FUCK applying to grad schools holy shit this is nerve wracking    07/28/15  (51)
Is Intermittent Fasting Creditited or Nonsense?    07/28/15  (1)
Do we have any young bucks taking the bar today and poasting from the shitter?    07/28/15  (1)
NYT article on Penn suicides. Would've been at 338 replies by lunch in 2004.    07/28/15  (26)
Drink lots of coffee ... only eat sugary foods ... don't shower    07/28/15  (2)
BAR TAKERS WAKE UP!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! IT'S TIME!!!    07/28/15  (6)
Have you chosen what shtick/character you're using for the bar essays?    07/28/15  (29)
No pressure, guys. Just your whole life is based on the next three days.    07/28/15  (1)
Why do posters use the adjective "septic" to modify queer?    07/28/15  (8)
Landed a lunch presentation at a F100 - thanks NeumannMorgenste    07/28/15  (21)
Legal assistants    07/28/15  (6)
Seal--Kiss from a Proskauer Rose.mp3    07/27/15  (4)
Greta Van Susteren will discuss shortporch murder on Fox News tonight    07/27/15  (2)

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