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JJC wearing nothing but a small Manziel jersey as Doodikoff pounds his shitter    07/28/16  (3)
Disgusting Hillary email to (((Rothschild))) family member re: Israel    07/28/16  (2)
Neighbor adopted a German Shepherd - fucker bit my puppydood    07/28/16  (39)
19 Disabled people killed in Japan (We Need Knife Control)    07/28/16  (29)
FBI: Why'd u do it? FR bomber: "Islam." FBI: *slams desk* Don't make me ask agai    07/28/16  (89)
Seems like women are attractive from 16-19 then blah til 30 then they're MILFs    07/28/16  (23)
Don't get this "Trump is an unpolished buffoon" shit; the guy seems sophisticate    07/28/16  (48)
JCF WTFuck is this PragerU shit on youtube?    07/28/16  (1)
Aspie POASTER to sell to start SOLO firm (link)    07/28/16  (1)
Shrew GF: "Trump's a buffoon." 2nd cousin: "C'mon, we'll just spoon!"    07/28/16  (19)
Is 650 sq ft too small for a couple?    07/28/16  (15)
I think the new definition of "rape" happened to me.    07/28/16  (1)
Proles live it up, have long vacations, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, etc.    07/28/16  (11)
Look at the picture of this negro and tell me we are part of the same species    07/28/16  (2)
Learning disabled and trying to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu    07/28/16  (2)
Ever fallen asleep while driving?    07/28/16  (23)
Bernie Sanders literally tweets pure platitudes    07/27/16  (2)
Why do you faggot nerds obsess over politics    07/27/16  (5)
Why do Trump supporters think Trump is going to make a great President??    07/27/16  (115)
When XO says "Spicy!"regarding Latinas, anyone else think of DBG's bag of shit?    07/27/16  (1)
Why do ppl enter politics in their 20s???    07/27/16  (14)
PAYE / REPAYE shoutout    07/27/16  (1)
Women: cut it out with the ugly sunglasses you look like fucking dweebs    07/27/16  (10)
The Aquabats sucked    07/27/16  (4)
Benzo describing the mouthfeel and flavor notes of Chevron Techron premium    07/27/16  (47)
Kaine's "believe me" stick is very effective.    07/27/16  (1)
Fucked a random chick at a conference, woke up with runny nose, what std?    07/27/16  (17)
Was in Canada today. People really struggling up there, economy in the shitter    07/27/16  (32)
If you're older than 24 and not married you shouldn't have a gaming console    07/27/16  (10)
How did the human races originate?    07/27/16  (44)
Its funny how the biggest insult on here is to be called Asian    07/27/16  (8)
"....who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," ...    07/27/16  (1)
WaPo fact check: Unclear that clause 7.6 is implicated by clause 9.2    07/27/16  (1)
Buddy's dad owns the Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach. What a life...    07/27/16  (7)
I'd bust a nut inside Dr. Jill Stein    07/27/16  (6)
biz idea: BigLaw firm with BigTech culture    07/27/16  (23)
Just bought moar firearms. Broke as fuck now (earl)    07/27/16  (80)
Patrick Chung: A UVA Tale (part 1)    07/27/16  (100)
"You know mom, 'zozo' sounds a lot less cool when YOU say it," lisped askav    07/27/16  (5)
If being gay is "natural" why arent mens assholes self-lubricating?    07/27/16  (53)
Pro tip: use a SALUTATION as a VALEDICTION in your emails    07/27/16  (19)
Girl I know from HS is now a Law Grad.....uses Esquire in her facebook name    07/27/16  (3)
No one actually enjoys corporate law, its just varying degrees of hate    07/27/16  (10)
u: trapped in alien cocoon wheezing "killl meee"; u: post on xo    07/27/16  (166)
Your 47th President of the United States, Ivanka M. Trump    07/27/16  (4)
squishy foamy cars dominate now. no more steel.    07/27/16  (3)
Do you think Muslim men are jealous over European women?    07/27/16  (22)
Are Bonobos pants worth it brothers?    07/27/16  (11)
Going on year 4 of this broken toe. Its NOT gout damn it    07/27/16  (1)
Nigger. Haha.    07/27/16  (4)
Rate this 21 year old German student sexually harrased by Migrants (SFW)    07/27/16  (12)
TWTR great investment    07/27/16  (4)
look at the thread some candy game retweeted because it said watermelon    07/27/16  (7)
Jfc everyday is a struggle not to walk out at lunch and never come back    07/27/16  (15)
protestors outside DNC burn an Israeli flag    07/27/16  (10)
Hillary August 2016: "Given how Mr. Trump behaves at debates, I will not partici    07/27/16  (18)
Lol at askav's self reinvention from his 2011 era persona    07/27/16  (23)
Hillary promises to add 3 persons of color to Mount Rushmore    07/27/16  (6)
Michael Jordan (Born Avi Rabinowitz) was an American basketball player and    07/27/16  (12)
Wesley Johnson (born Yog-Sothoth) is an American corporate attorney    07/27/16  (2)
Wesley, dressed like Wez from Mad Max 2, hissing at opposing counsel    07/27/16  (1)
XO poaster describing Boltzmann brain to stunned brunch party    07/27/16  (32)
Armodafinil and others, need you to rate my mashup of the Jones Day video    07/27/16  (7)
How does Jones Day stay competitive with no bonuses?    07/27/16  (45)
This is my TRIAL SONG, 5th year at WEIL SONG    07/27/16  (7)
"Together in Electric Dreams" plays as you return Blackberry on last day of big    07/27/16  (1)
devastating insight re Bolshevism from Gulag survivor    07/27/16  (1)
Trump is bringing back Zyzz as his Oct. surprise he's been alive all along    07/27/16  (11)
Vice-Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve is an Israeli    07/27/16  (4)
DBG - rate this insight from a Jewish anti-Zionist    07/27/16  (1)
Jews are dumber on average than Finns, English, German, Dutch, etc    07/27/16  (4)
Tons of parties, people getting blasted every night    07/27/16  (64)
Woodrow Wilson = WORST president ever    07/27/16  (4)
Is Simon Cowell Jewish???    07/27/16  (1)
ON BALANCE, IN BALANCE.    07/27/16  (8)
I was just selected out of 550 people to interview for a job with one of biggest    07/27/16  (13)
POLL: 74 percent of Louisiana residents said they'd vote for Dr David Duke for    07/27/16  (3)
In-House Counsel, working late again, taking Qs...    07/27/16  (35)
Bill Clinton's speech was boring...    07/27/16  (2)
"Mr. Meseeks, how does Section 7.6 interact with Section 9.2?"    07/27/16  (1)
"Not now chief, I'm in the zone." (Wesley Johnson)    07/26/16  (2)
one of Bill CLinton's rape victims tweets her side of the story    07/26/16  (1)
Trump bets down 2cents on Predictit, buying $300 now, CR???    07/26/16  (1)
"This is not your pussy, tree man."    07/26/16  (8)
did anyone in your family go to litchfield law school    07/26/16  (1)
Been searching all day for pictures of a dog riding a horse    07/26/16  (1)
The pain reflected in this hot pocket is a fraction of what I feel inside    07/26/16  (1)
When will the DNC be putting a male underwear model up on stage?    07/26/16  (1)
XO Book Club: "The Birthday Party" (nebbish MFH biglawyer kidnapped by nigs)    07/26/16  (5)
FUCK LENA DUNHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!    07/26/16  (2)
where did cons get the idea the US is all of a sudden so dangerous?    07/26/16  (29)
Thanks to XO i thought "mewled" was a real word    07/26/16  (22)
Gen-Xers sound very intelligent & knowledgeable - but why they let boomers pwn    07/26/16  (19)
Ljl at millennials and their "tiny house" shit its worse than a doublewide trail    07/26/16  (12)
Maeve Reston on CNN? Would you hit?    07/26/16  (3)
"Super Nintendo" was crap the NES has better games    07/26/16  (65)
Ive always lied to chicks that my dick is huge they don't know any better    07/26/16  (3)
Hollywood is churning out box office bombs because they trick chinks into financ    07/26/16  (1)
You could train yourself to do yoga as you sleep and get fit and healthy easy    07/26/16  (1)
Sex with women looks and sounds cr i might Need to try this    07/26/16  (3)
Is anyone even still wiping their ass in 2016? Do we need to be doing this?    07/26/16  (1)
4 out of 12 friends from law school have quit law    07/26/16  (65)
After 23 years Scientists have conclusively proven that Rhythm IS a dancer (lin    07/26/16  (1)
Libs are spinning too many plates at once. Trying to coddle blacks, feminists,    07/26/16  (1)
Can you name all the countries Russia shares a land border with?    07/26/16  (15)
LOL Romney DESTROYING bam bam in latest Virginia poll    07/26/16  (46)
Funny how they settle African refugees far from any American blacks    07/26/16  (6)
NUTELLA: does your husband have an AR-15?    07/26/16  (4)
Reminder: Trump sold his daughter to jews for RE debts    07/26/16  (4)
ISIS terrorists release hungry wolves on a school playground (vid)    07/26/16  (1)
"No mom! My start-up!" askav shrieked lispily as she took down his blanket fort    07/26/16  (56)
A college student asks you, "is law school worth the investment"    07/26/16  (40)
unemployed bros: how do you not just get drunk all day every day???    07/26/16  (24)
If Europe decided to deport all their muslims where could they send them?    07/26/16  (4)
One set of clauses: 9.2 incorporated 7.6 by reference    07/26/16  (3)
Clauses 7.6 and 9.2 working together every 45 mins like Old Faithful; crowd chee    07/26/16  (14)
"I am in the office, but reading Richard Laymon novels and may be unable to resp    07/26/16  (3)
Reminder: Pam Karlan is the next Obama SCOTUS nominee    07/26/16  (47)
Boner Police calling you a faggot on Xbox Live    07/26/16  (15)
Real talk: Sandy Hook truther WLMAS makes the board unreadable, should be banned    07/26/16  (16)
CK Obsession for Men - HATE THIS SHIT    07/26/16  (3)
There is an alternate timeline where blacks are intelligent and peaceful    07/26/16  (8)
PSA if you order an ice cream sandwich at Subway they have to make it for you    07/26/16  (10)
ITT: the difference between Jewish communist & a gentile communist    07/26/16  (18)
What's the moral wrong in banning immigration from a certain country?    07/26/16  (6)
"No mom, I call him daddy but I don't mean your boyfriend James," askav lisped    07/26/16  (4)
Herschel Walker (nee Waldman) is an American retired athlete who    07/25/16  (1)
Built a $35 RasPi to play old video games -- recommend games I should get    07/25/16  (14)
Henry Ford, known previously as Herschel Firestein, was an American inventor    07/25/16  (2)
What's so bad about leaving NATo?    07/25/16  (6)
Judge Franklin Van Antwerpen of the 3rd circuit died    07/25/16  (2)
November 2015: Obama dismissed the Trump campaign as a jayvee squad.    07/25/16  (6)
Most Hollywood stars don't "poop". They have the money to take care of it    07/25/16  (2)
Tony Hawk (born Noah Rothstein) is an American skateboarder and    07/25/16  (12)
This Barbie Pubes N' Periods playset is going too far    07/25/16  (2)
Sanders: "It was a literary reference. Did you even read The Merchant of Venice?    07/25/16  (37)
"biglaw lives matter" is a great poster    07/25/16  (6)
Have 7 old iPhones sitting on my desk (3S, 4S and 5 and 5S'). How to make $ off?    07/25/16  (4)
Trump DESTROYS Hillary with this tweet    07/25/16  (16)
Are we sure deer arent just rebellious dogs living off the grid?    07/25/16  (1)
Ljl at watching politics, WWE Raw just had the best action of all time    07/25/16  (3)
(((Rabbi Julie Shonfeld)))    07/25/16  (3)
Scribbled itinerary in Sanders' diary: D.C.-Balt.-Phila.-Hymtwn-Hrtfrd-
   07/25/16  (37)
will they BOO BErnie Sanderss    07/25/16  (9)
really don't understand how we can avoid voter fraud without requiring ID    07/25/16  (3)
Armodafinil, totally normal guy, makes 32nd thread today about "liberals"    07/25/16  (44)
I'm a cucky sports nut short and fat. Here is my craft beer here is my hat    07/25/16  (33)

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