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Bottom of the class @ HYS. How fucked? Martoma?    06/30/15  (65)
Poll when was the last time you went to atm and got hit w dat insufficient funds    06/30/15  (7)
lol why did Greek people leave their money in the bank    06/30/15  (3)
is Greece fucked now    06/30/15  (5)
SCOTUS to rehear Fisher v UTexas. Chances Scalia croaks by June'16?    06/30/15  (44)
The greatest flame the devil ever pulled    06/30/15  (3)
TD2 is unwatchable, htfh    06/29/15  (6)
retttaking CA bar, you tell me how to pass in 3 weeks    06/29/15  (38)
post a pic of your lawn itt    06/29/15  (1)
why are republicans even running for president    06/29/15  (1)
lol looks like we're getting attacked on july 4th. it's been fun brothers    06/29/15  (46)
man wearing only boots and a gun saves black baby with rebel flag tourniquet    06/29/15  (2)
Adderall victims: Has it socially isolated you; you don't even WANT to go out?    06/29/15  (12)
ITT: We EXPOSE Adderall & Vyvanse's Drawbacks    06/29/15  (33)
Anyone's psychiatrist ever actually help them?    06/29/15  (13)
it's crazy how people with a cheap shitty tv don't realize what they're missing    06/29/15  (1)
an xo poaster rolls a giant ball of shredded cheese down your driveway    06/29/15  (2)
what movies had the sharpest decline in quality    06/29/15  (5)
Every single character in Jurassic World (2015) was fucking intolerable    06/29/15  (14)
is medical marijuana complete flame    06/29/15  (10)
the internet really turned into a complete piece of shit fast    06/29/15  (16)
have you ever caught your boss doing something illegal    06/29/15  (9)
wish i could go back and be in the big tymers - get your roll on video    06/29/15  (33)
BROS: list your favorite asian (female) pornstars    06/29/15  (12)
will women go buckwild and start looting when hillary becomes president of us    06/29/15  (1)
a giant bulldozer pushing the bodies of xo poasters into a massive pit    06/29/15  (2)
Taking the Bar for my 2nd Jurisdiction next week    06/29/15  (34)
don lemon is an xo poaster (pic)    06/29/15  (7)
XOXO Food Truck: Family Bonfire; Hans Lights Fireworks    06/29/15  (1)
i like it when people have numbers at the end of their moniker    06/29/15  (17)
do any of you still use a vcr like people who still use record players    06/29/15  (10)
i've spent more than a week trying to delete rebel flags from my facebook pics    06/29/15  (1)
FUCK! Big-titted girl sent goodbye email to group, I replied-all "thanks for the    06/29/15  (3)
if you're white are you better off not having tinted car windows    06/29/15  (1)
Stock market fuct    06/29/15  (24)
Now's the Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions    06/29/15  (29)
john quinn announces the end of summer associate programs    06/29/15  (19)
REMINDER: This is water    06/29/15  (66)
Rate the MPC's new definition of rape/sexual assault:    06/29/15  (40)
ITT: Caption & Explain this WG w BBC on an MFH subway    06/29/15  (11)
Rate this Irish model that bangs black dudes (Daily Mail)    06/29/15  (75)
Imanagecat about to lose his deposit on his new house (link)    06/29/15  (5)
I get off work and spend 3hrs catatonic, normal?    06/29/15  (3)
Doing JDMBA because I'm obsessed w prestige LOL    06/29/15  (17)
ITT: Song you play during your murderous shooting rampage    06/29/15  (15)
Indiana-Bloomington among America's most gay-friendly law schools    06/29/15  (1)
How did shitlibs take over the university?    06/29/15  (123)
Is the Indian girl from New Girl only Half Indian?    06/29/15  (3)
Jesus, even Whitey Bulger is an agent of the law school industrial complex    06/29/15  (1)
Right now, people in Greece should just do Bitcoin, bro    06/29/15  (1)
Religious folks are right of course    06/29/15  (124)
Was Jennifer Rubin underground for the past 8 years?    06/29/15  (1)
The hand that reaches from the grave and grabs    06/29/15  (1)
I heard Latham just Lathamed a summer    06/29/15  (7)
   06/29/15  (1)
Considering divorcing my wife and proposing to my brother.    06/29/15  (5)
it's crazy how all these new posters keep showing up    06/29/15  (4)
Supervised race war is imminent    06/29/15  (14)
XOXO Food Truck: Sale on Pork Sandwiches in Honor of Ramadan?    06/29/15  (17)
Lawyer SHOT AND KILLED by deponent during deposition:    06/29/15  (6)
Cumskin-Americans: the niggas of the white race    06/29/15  (16)
In one hour I am getting mega wasted and hitting on bitches    06/29/15  (9)
how many people have to go to work tomorrow    06/29/15  (7)
Anyone willing to summarize the first 12 minutes of true detective?    06/28/15  (1)
what would happen if you put a shit talking pumo in a cage with halford    06/28/15  (3)
Anyone here work for Finra???    06/28/15  (14)
i really miss nature of the assignment threading    06/28/15  (3)
Good luck this week bros    06/28/15  (8)
this is the last week before bar studying starts    06/28/15  (1)
is true detective good    06/28/15  (3)
Conservatives: what's your exit plan?    06/28/15  (9)
TBF won; luis lost    06/28/15  (21)
SUMMON: Moshe Blumstein. Need help with dat PYTHON (not flame)    06/28/15  (4)
you guys ever think about starting/joining a commune?    06/28/15  (42)
SUMMON: Subtle Hipster Troll. We can just check the Google Wallet History    06/28/15  (1)
INSTAGRAM IS LAME (BOOR)    06/28/15  (5)
Hypo: $10 Million dollars (You are in Raqqa Capital of Islamic State)    06/28/15  (50)
Hitler Speeches with accurate English subtitles    06/28/15  (8)
he Young Turks: if a woman BELIEVES she got raped, then she did IN FACT get rape    06/28/15  (7)
Bar-studiers, how are you spending your last 8 days of vacation before studying?    06/28/15  (2)
Earl shorting LULU as hedge against his buy of 4 lulu yoga pants    06/28/15  (8)
Obama: You want to relieve cis white male guilt? Buy my indulgences. (link)    06/28/15  (3)
Photo Essay on young men living at home with parents (Link)    06/28/15  (23)
Mad Men mastermen: worth getting into to learn about men-women relations?    06/28/15  (7)
When did America commence its decline: post-9/11 or post-2008    06/28/15  (32)
XOXO Food Truck: Smoking Meat All Night    06/28/15  (43)
Turdskins- why such pigs?    06/28/15  (1)
Hypo: West goes Total War against Muslim nations    06/28/15  (3)
Can you tell whether you have legit ADHD by Adderall's effects on you?    06/28/15  (5)
Anyone constantly flooded by one bad memory after another?    06/28/15  (3)
McGuireWoods - Midlevel Salaries    06/28/15  (6)
drank margaritas blended with jalapenos until i blacked out. shitting fire today    06/28/15  (6)
IBR means never getting married    06/28/15  (6)
best tv upgrade: 4:4:4 chroma subsampling    06/28/15  (1)
Got damn, how badly did GWB out-alpha Dem Jim Webb?    06/28/15  (59)
it's funny how autoadmit became the site with all the successful funny poasters    06/28/15  (5)
played the rollback game at a stop light today    06/28/15  (3)
you can make thousands of dollars selling alcohol and adderall to teens    06/28/15  (1)
ALPHA EXERCISE (BOOR)    06/28/15  (2)
Is heartiste blogger bro from xoxo? I noticed he says shitlib a lot    06/28/15  (2)
Is there any value to being introspective?    06/28/15  (14)
Holy Fuark, Roberts' dissent is stellar writing. What qualities do you see in it    06/28/15  (75)
does your webcam gf know you poast    06/28/15  (1)
I was raised in the Inland Empire (909) Taking Q's    06/28/15  (34)
The Young Turks pwn Scalia and Roberts in lengthy screed    06/28/15  (14)
Tommy T: can you tell us stories about your law school days    06/28/15  (4)
Marrying a chick you met in law school seems CR    06/27/15  (19)
Expense like $5K a year in biglaw summer lunches    06/27/15  (2)
rate Brian Leiter's commentary re: Scalia's and Robert's dissent    06/27/15  (13)
Comparing Google vs Amazon Inhouse    06/27/15  (65)
SCOTUS will eventually have to determine level of scrutiny for gays    06/27/15  (9)
Question for Tommy T    06/27/15  (3)
GOP will now spend entire primary talking about amending consitution    06/27/15  (23)
INSTAGRAM EXPLAIN (BOOR)    06/27/15  (5)
Variable rate student loan refinance through SoFi: shrewd or decadent?    06/27/15  (5)
Rate this WGWAG blog    06/27/15  (1)
Bar takers: Just write "dignity" on the essays and you get full points    06/27/15  (7)
FLorida Bar Exam    06/27/15  (1)
Adderall masterbros, esp Sarah Hyland. How does it make you socially WITHDRAWN?    06/27/15  (7)
bros, tell me about the background check to become an AUSA    06/27/15  (4)
Worth enrolling in law school just to get an organic gf?    06/27/15  (9)
Killer Deposition Qs    06/27/15  (77)
what do u do if you shit yourself during a deposition    06/27/15  (2)
About to finish The West Wing (Need another show)    06/27/15  (8)
Energy bars are flame same calories as candy bars LJL    06/27/15  (7)
Rate this law professor's law school exam tips    06/27/15  (9)
PSA: If Uniqlo shirts fit you well you are a twink    06/27/15  (3)
i should have listened to xo before going to law school    06/27/15  (8)
Muslim Dad kills Mom. Mom's family adopts Kid. But wait. There's more.    06/27/15  (1)
rate this hot jewess studying for the LSAT    06/27/15  (24)
I just got an unconventional job offer...tell me if I should take it or not    06/27/15  (15)
ITT: I post pictures of the GAY RAINBOW WHITEHOUSE    06/27/15  (15)
Would Scalia survive if another conservative were replaced with a liberal?    06/27/15  (20)
Bros who moved to new city: How do you find bros to hit bars with?    06/27/15  (17)
extraterritoriality    06/27/15  (7)
I bet Chick-fil-A is pissed.    06/27/15  (2)
the internet is scary    06/26/15  (4)
know what i miss, grandson? I Literally Only Post "Fuck my ass"    06/26/15  (33)
ITT: metaphysics is gay vs. philosophy major how to think    06/26/15  (174)
Hipsters in Public with Typewriters    06/26/15  (1)
100k in debt for Oxford PhD?    06/26/15  (44)
ITT predict law review article titles re: this scotus term    06/26/15  (14)
SOLOS: do you use AVVO and do you get clients from it?    06/26/15  (37)
RATE this video of brave Germans defending their Fatherland from Soviet hordes    06/26/15  (5)
Shitty quality video of my NYPD friend protecting the community    06/26/15  (5)
rate this cute millennial chick who is studying for the LSAT (sfw)    06/26/15  (9)
"Your LFTs are now higher than your IQ" (IGWC's doctor)    06/26/15  (33)
2019: briefing cultural appropriation cases for property exam    06/26/15  (5)

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