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STICKY: If you want to register but don't have an .edu address   05/04/15  (113)
STICKY: *** OFFICIAL XO LSAT PREP THREAD ***   05/02/15  (112)
Public higher education (1795 - 2015)    05/06/15  (2)
sorry not today babe i'm going snorkeling with tucker carlson    05/06/15  (1)
HOLY SHIT, Food truck will be at STURGIS!!    05/06/15  (106)
not flame autoadmit has gotten famous as fuck lately    05/06/15  (3)
Associate just replied, "Will do. Spanx."    05/06/15  (2)
1/4 Through the Year, ITT Nominees for POAST OF THE YEAR '15    05/06/15  (22)
When black/latinos don't vote for Carson, Cruz, Rubio, will CAC    05/06/15  (12)
what do you think of amazon's version of netflix gf    05/06/15  (5)
why is amazon like hey scholarship are you an extrovert    05/06/15  (1)
10 straight days of 2k in the market, how long before I go bust?    05/06/15  (75)
Dani Marrero needs guac stuffed upHerCunt    05/06/15  (1)
top 20 creepiest xo poasts of all time    05/06/15  (72)
Is Johnsmeyer's nickname "Henman"?    05/06/15  (1)
Student Interest Rates to Go Down. U: <><>8.5<><&
   05/06/15  (1)
PAYE finally open to pre-Oct 1, 2007 (now called "REPAYE")    05/06/15  (11)
Hofstra Law Launches New Capstone Course to Train Students    05/06/15  (4)
How do you decide where to apply to schools? I want to apply to    05/06/15  (1)
someone post pics of hot girls who look tired all the time    05/06/15  (63)
"My Name Is Jamaal... I'm White" (link)    05/06/15  (8)
Johnsmeyer filling out his REPAYE forms over morning coffee    05/06/15  (2)
coasting and poasting    05/06/15  (3)
NYU Law: how to take law school exams (link)    05/06/15  (22)
Partner throws documents in your face. What do u do?    05/06/15  (40)
Zaxby's > Chic Fil A    05/06/15  (26)
A Woman-Led Law Firm That Lets Partners Be Parents [NYT]    05/06/15  (2)
Rate the Linkedins of the last two #1 HUG grads, both Korean    05/06/15  (53)
You guys realize that the LGBT movement is just a white male em    05/06/15  (7)
ever read a thread so sad you don't want to read ever again    05/06/15  (4)
top 5 netflix things i must watch right now    05/06/15  (11)
the firs POTUS candidate who talks about the shitlennial menace    05/06/15  (1)
xo posters who sit around drinking $1000 bourbon all day    05/06/15  (4)
prediction: autoadmit churns out more writers than any site ever    05/06/15  (12)
yes it's "school-related" my name is scholarship goddammit    05/06/15  (2)
lol what the fuck does it feel like to be pregnant    05/06/15  (6)
MayPac did 4-4.5 MILLION fucking buys. Mayweather lol to bank    05/05/15  (30)
more cats    05/05/15  (10)
FACT: shitlennials are the most vile, disgusting generation    05/05/15  (3)
y'all about to get crawfished or what    05/05/15  (5)
*wipes tear from blue-eyed drunk girl*    05/05/15  (1)
do you ever look at the pictures on someone else's wifi    05/05/15  (1)
girl wants me to cosign on something is this ok    05/05/15  (9)
do you ever lean ur head back like dang this is the most 180 day    05/05/15  (6)
Old Girlfriend just "liked" n then quickly "unliked" my FB photo    05/05/15  (3)
phi beta cappuccino, loser virgin, better poaster than 99% of u    05/05/15  (19)
Donald Rumsfeld Writes Like a Biglaw Partner    05/05/15  (119)
literally just laughed and sprayed blood all over my computer    05/05/15  (3)
Social stratification in law school    05/05/15  (19)
Stink-o-the-Mayo    05/05/15  (1)
have to rape a ho to get pussy crunchy black leave shit so mushy    05/05/15  (1)
can you tell someone is poor or low iq by his accent    05/05/15  (2)
Prestige isn't everything; it's the only thing    05/05/15  (11)
tan mexican titties    05/05/15  (10)
ur future wife wearing cargo shorts stealing almonds at wholefoo    05/05/15  (1)
mayweather gets ass beat by white boy wearing a sombrero    05/05/15  (1)
Sister wants to do academia in a shitlibby subject CR life?    05/05/15  (18)
Did Dr. Dre and Eazy-E ever reconcile their differences?    05/05/15  (72)
how many times have you been arrested on cinco de mayo    05/05/15  (1)
HALP with Hong Kong, brothers (not azn)    05/05/15  (20)
know what i miss, grandson? I Literally Only Post "Fuck my ass"    05/05/15  (2)
"Yeah mom, I type it before every post..yeah I know." TBF lisped    05/05/15  (11)
17 year old sent to prison for cinco de mayo slur    05/05/15  (2)
Lol School to oilfield    05/05/15  (64)
How hard can someone who is 120 pounds punch?    05/05/15  (13)
better to be a mick on st patty's or a mexican on cinco de mayo    05/05/15  (19)
Rate this awkward interaction with female    05/05/15  (36)
drunk mexican rubs his nose at the bar. blood sprays everywhere    05/05/15  (1)
could you ever marry a girl who fucked you the first day you met    05/05/15  (74)
sorry son but in this country circleheads are fucked for life    05/05/15  (4)
what are some other kinds of racist holidays    05/05/15  (1)
Been eating a lot of hummus lately: cr?    05/05/15  (11)
whos this dumbcunt Josephine Livingstone?    05/05/15  (3)
how are you bros celebrating mexicans today    05/05/15  (4)
job insecurity makes it impossible to buy a house :-/    05/05/15  (91)
realizing u forgot the ebrake and ur car rolled across 8 lanes    05/05/15  (1)
Pensive tp taking on SV tech culture menace once again (link)    05/05/15  (53)
Here's a helpful reminder for you all when you feel deep regret    05/05/15  (90)
Just served a jalepeno/pepperjack/bacon burger    05/05/15  (6)
Oilfield EXPLOSION (XO food-trucker) PICS    05/05/15  (13)
Things XO dweebs don't understand at all    05/05/15  (35)
Things Aspie Law Dweebs Have Complexes About    05/05/15  (14)
ATTN dweebs: intentional misuse of 'POTUS' isnt funny at all    05/05/15  (49)
This board trolls for MBAs    05/05/15  (3)
TEXAS LAW vs DUKE LAW    05/05/15  (13)
Lawyer bros. Is this a conflict of interest????    05/05/15  (5)
20,000 days left. Spending another in biglaw    05/05/15  (6)
Just visited San Francisco and did NOT like it...    05/05/15  (90)
Minorities, Millennials, dropouts, and women HATE FREE SPEECH.    05/05/15  (1)
I have a legit 9-5 chill job, taking ?s    05/05/15  (23)
LOL at that little faggot tommy turdskin saying he's retiring    05/05/15  (1)
I used to be a black sheep, but now I'm just a G.O.A.T.    05/05/15  (1)
explain 433 for a new person    05/05/15  (23)
How many ppl in F500s make >1mm/yr? How hard to get those jobs?    05/05/15  (85)
hand got caught in my new Honda lawnmower    05/05/15  (10)
sharing meals with people in hiding because of political choices    05/05/15  (3)
*walks into reunion* *nobody recognizes him after the accident*    05/05/15  (1)
ISO: headphone recs for ~$300?    05/05/15  (92)
*marble of poop rolls from girl's ass* *hides it before u return    05/05/15  (7)
lol my fridge keeps making this knocking on my door sound    05/04/15  (15)
america used to be so cool    05/04/15  (8)
"i feel like i can fly" *is literally torn apart by birds*    05/04/15  (1)
tiny blonde orphan girl clinging ur leg crying screaming mommaa    05/04/15  (2)
jesus christ well i have completely gone insane    05/04/15  (2)
i feel like doing autoadmit made me a better public speaker    05/04/15  (2)
are the people on drunk history really drunk    05/04/15  (1)
*rach's lifeless body explodes through your computer monitor*    05/04/15  (1)
any serious bendermos posting right now    05/04/15  (7)
what the fuck since when can you triple click to preview threads    05/04/15  (2)
Good running shoes are something that sound like flame but r not    05/04/15  (11)
who's getting ready for cinco de mayo right now    05/04/15  (8)
Investing bros - opinions on managed futures?    05/04/15  (1)
Lateral to Chicago (Kirkland/Sidley/Latham etc)    05/04/15  (18)
Chalmers is getting more and more irate. the next prestigewhore    05/04/15  (5)
Rate the Girl that my brother in law is dating    05/04/15  (7)
Net worth up to 670K    05/04/15  (1)
Johnsmeyer, on one knee, cries out for PAYE    05/04/15  (1)
Explosion in the oilfield. I got there maybe 30 minutes after.    05/04/15  (1)
v5 corporate assoc taking qs    05/04/15  (59)
High School rival just got promoted to Director at Big 4 firm    05/04/15  (6)
how do you check someone's dna for purity    05/04/15  (3)
Need you bros to rate this chick for me (pics)    05/04/15  (34)
*gives birth to a baby with a disease* (women)    05/04/15  (3)
Scanning and typing onto pdfs for an application    05/04/15  (17)
Wife demanding I call her vagina "Baltimore CVS."    05/04/15  (25)
Rate PLANKS as a fat-burning / ab building exercise?    05/04/15  (10)
have you ever tried to ghost ride your lawnmower    05/04/15  (1)
I think you mean Honda LAWmower?    05/04/15  (2)
fully nude. fully erect. sound of lawnmower. wide open throttle    05/04/15  (1)
what's the best lawnmower for scanning and typing into pdfs    05/04/15  (2)
just laughed at a thread and pissed all over the bathroom    05/04/15  (10)
just tied Honda lawnmower to bike rack at law library    05/04/15  (5)
STUDY: SCOTUS opinions now longer, easier to read, and GRUMPIER.    05/04/15  (1)
lol look at the link in this website    05/04/15  (8)
I lose my boner every time I check this boart    05/04/15  (2)
when you realize you spent all summer looking for your keys    05/04/15  (1)
Alameda County Civil Litigators Get ITT    05/04/15  (9)
Oilfield to food truck    05/04/15  (8)
is the tv show danger 5 on netflix accurate re australians    05/04/15  (1)
Food Truck outfitted with Riot Protection!    05/04/15  (64)
Rate this 9 minute video produced by Chicago Law faculty    05/04/15  (9)
ever file your nails and go all the way through one of them    05/04/15  (3)
did anyone watch that fight. lol what a fraud. bbooom was right    05/04/15  (8)
Whats better 100 likes or 100 post thread    05/04/15  (4)
Sonos Pair for 12x24 Room?    05/04/15  (6)
"OMG stop controllin are bodies!" chad: "gonna blowout ya pussy"    05/04/15  (4)
accidentally started drinking and had to reschedule an exam    05/04/15  (1)
NYU vs DUKE vs BERKELEY MBA for MBB?    05/04/15  (4)
Were ur parents old as fuck when u graduated from law school?    05/04/15  (1)
Dude working @Subway @ 43yo is one of world's best mathematician    05/04/15  (53)

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