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This "longread" about the missing Germans in Death Valley is really incredible    07/30/16  (18)
Why do people eat crabs but not spiders? Basically the same thing    07/30/16  (12)
Fatmos why not Just eat rice, ramen, soy, boba tea like a gook?    07/30/16  (2)
BOOM, it's XO Food Truck guy, let's hang in Omaha tonight    07/30/16  (4)
Remember slap bracelets? There were outrageously cool in 1991    07/30/16  (16)
Played 1st game in over 30 soccer league today it was awesome    07/30/16  (8)
Chilmata you wanna cycle out to Julian and back?    07/30/16  (9)
The Atlantic: Could Bud Ice solve global warming for good? (Link)    07/30/16  (1)
Karl Malone critically injured in hot air balloon accident (link)    07/30/16  (2)
4 out of 12 friends from law school have quit law    07/30/16  (67)
Really pumped about voting FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT in 100 days.    07/30/16  (1)
chilmata has your "broken" toe healed yet?    07/30/16  (6)
The "Panama canal" isnt even real    07/30/16  (1)
Any angry hyperpolitical unemployed blacks on here right now?    07/30/16  (3)
Blasting Haddaway's "What Is Love" to muffle the sounds of my wife's moans.    07/30/16  (1)
Anyone here who spends 99.9% of time alone outside of work?    07/30/16  (45)
"No mom! My start-up!" askav shrieked lispily as she took down his blanket fort    07/30/16  (58)
My brother asked if he and his wife and daughter could move in for 4-6 months.    07/30/16  (207)
pretty crazy how the dregs of humanity post here along with its lights.    07/30/16  (4)
Bob Dylan Fires Gibson Dunn and Orin Snyder    07/30/16  (28)
Martin Luther liked the Jews before he read the Talmud    07/30/16  (6)
Jews have been castigated by God for thousands of years YET    07/30/16  (3)
trump kills last mosquito, places tiny make america great hat on zikahead baby    07/30/16  (85)
Another anti-Semitic tweet by Trump    07/30/16  (3)
"I WANT RESPECT!"    07/30/16  (1)
There are legit favelas springing up in Portland, Seattle etc.    07/29/16  (4)
Farting so loud Stone Cold's entrance music starts playing    07/29/16  (14)
XO Nixon and XO Hoover were QUAKERS?    07/29/16  (6)
Should I get a "Please don't confuse your Google Search with my Law Degree" Mug?    07/29/16  (3)
Remember its super easy to trick faggots into sucking your cock    07/29/16  (7)
SF bros: Would you ever buy a TIC (Tenancy in Common) Unit?    07/29/16  (1)
Who here is broke?    07/29/16  (19)
Im planning on stealing some land via "adverse possession". How do I pay tax on    07/29/16  (73)
2nd cuz: Know where my butt plug went? Shrew GF: Need 2 giv affirmative consent!    07/29/16  (1)
We should be allowed to drown homeless people    07/29/16  (1)
MSM: Hillary's speech totally true; Upenn: uhh, no    07/29/16  (1)
Anyone retiring from Fantasy Football this year?    07/29/16  (6)
Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech    07/29/16  (1)
Compound interest is like magic! he chirped as the nuclear bomb melted his skin    07/29/16  (47)
POLL: do you have chest hair?    07/29/16  (22)
PSA instead of a stamp you can tape 2 quarters to an envelope and they will mail    07/29/16  (1)
if Trump loses the election, he will run for mayor of NYC and beat De Blasio    07/29/16  (15)
what's the best girlfriend keylogger for mac    07/29/16  (15)
Jews divide races of people because    07/29/16  (8)
FACT: most trumpmos will vote HRC bc of PAYE/PSLF    07/29/16  (6)
Large apartment building where water bill is pro-rated for all tenants. WTF?    07/29/16  (8)
How bad is it to not disclose a lawsuit in a real estate sale?    07/29/16  (7)
"Please be advised that I am out of the office until 11/8/16 MAKING AMERICA GREA    07/29/16  (3)
Dr. David Duke releases website    07/29/16  (5)
DBG: thoughts on Orthodox Jews ?    07/29/16  (3)
My wife and her new lover broke her bed.    07/29/16  (44)
(((Mark Cuban))) and (((Bloomberg))) are most outspoken antiTrump billionaires    07/29/16  (6)
Professor Nancy Leong weighs in on 2016 election w a pic    07/29/16  (3)
DBG - rate these Palestinians during WW2    07/29/16  (2)
Don't get this "Trump is an unpolished buffoon" shit; the guy seems sophisticate    07/29/16  (56)
Why do Trump supporters think Trump is going to make a great President??    07/29/16  (118)
Armodafinil stretches and yawns, psyching himself up for another 18 hr posting s    07/28/16  (20)
Deal? Me in! (Wesley Johnson Jr)    07/28/16  (1)
We need to close registration til we figure out what the hell is going on (rach)    07/28/16  (2)
I think the new definition of "rape" happened to me.    07/28/16  (20)
Anyone know any libarts shitheads who weren't HYPSM who got good jobs??    07/28/16  (1)
Rate this 21 year old German student sexually harrased by Migrants (SFW)    07/28/16  (19)
Is 650 sq ft too small for a couple?    07/28/16  (20)
Got my LSAT results back, is 159 good? (Peterman)    07/28/16  (8)
Been really rude to pumos lately. Calling them faggots etc for no reason    07/28/16  (4)
In biglaw do you get to shout "objection" if your boss gives you work?    07/28/16  (2)
When XO says "Spicy!"regarding Latinas, anyone else think of DBG's bag of shit?    07/28/16  (3)
is Trapt - Headstrong the best song of all time?    07/28/16  (11)
Why do you faggot nerds obsess over politics    07/28/16  (8)
Are female judges wearing anything under their robes or is the pussy just free    07/28/16  (2)
Does Rasmussen (+1 Clinton) just like to be contrarian?    07/28/16  (1)
a lot of lawyers sound like they're about to cry when they argue lol    07/28/16  (1)
List your top 10 favorite songs by Trapt    07/28/16  (1)
Just like nutella my brother got a 180 in house job as litigator    07/28/16  (24)
What is the most plausible WWIII scenario today?    07/28/16  (87)
how long do i have to last in biglaw to make law school worth it    07/28/16  (26)
PSA you can own a mining claim for $1 per acre / year    07/28/16  (1)
"Prole goy" the rat faced man typed while shitting in a ziplock bag    07/28/16  (1)
Was in Canada today. People really struggling up there, economy in the shitter    07/28/16  (34)
Tons of parties, people getting blasted every night    07/28/16  (65)
From EIP to DIP: How to get the Bankruptcy Law job of your dreams    07/28/16  (1)
From OCI to ECI: How to Get the Tax Law job of Your Dreams    07/28/16  (1)
Pregnant Mexican lady killed by pack of wild dogs (vid)    07/28/16  (1)
Buddy of mine left biglaw with only 400K saved    07/28/16  (18)
Hypo: How would other countries tolerate Muslim migrants?    07/28/16  (6)
Lifehack: Set up a birdfeeder behind your picture window. Free meal$ forever    07/28/16  (4)
Bought a ton of those Healthy Choice type Frozen meals    07/28/16  (3)
So this board exists so Asian "men" can pretend to be Chads?    07/28/16  (1)
Rate this old lady beating up a millennial dude at a hair salon (vid)    07/28/16  (9)
"Give me your spunk, daddy!" Doodikoff shrieked as JJC pulled out    07/28/16  (2)
*wakes up and catches shrew laying moist egg clusters on his back*    07/28/16  (35)
a trio of tiny birds land on your windowsill, tapping the pane as they whisper:    07/28/16  (16)
Dyson sphere | Boltzmann brain | Kaczynski manifesto    07/28/16  (15)
Weight loss pro tip Greek Yogurt Ice Cream    07/28/16  (1)
Reminder: Pam Karlan is the next Obama SCOTUS nominee    07/28/16  (48)
Heh, I know so many hip-hop lyrics. Surely I'm cool. (askav)    07/28/16  (5)
"I never nutted like that before," Doodikoff panted as JJC went balls deep    07/28/16  (1)
proles stream their entire lives to the web now. having sex, dinner etc    07/28/16  (4)
Every prole has a brand new truck that costs more than their home    07/28/16  (13)
Jimmy Johns now has more stores than McDonalds and Taco Bell combined. WTF    07/28/16  (28)
Hilarious how (((DWS))) and the (((media))) colluded to rig against (((Bernie)))    07/28/16  (2)
This "country" is a corporation and all the elite$ should be killed    07/28/16  (3)
Documentary: The Rise of Putin & the Fall of Jewish Oligarchs    07/28/16  (7)
Trump bro rolls coal all over people in line for DNC (vid)    07/28/16  (3)
Noam Chomsky on the Warriors signing of Durant (link)    07/28/16  (1)
DBG at the gym, asking personal trainer proper form for the "protein shake" exer    07/28/16  (2)
Why not emigrate to the Faroe Islands. Beautiful, clean and cheap (pic)    07/28/16  (4)
Why do Finnish people make the best race car drivers?    07/28/16  (3)
Why don't bank robbers wear roller blades?    07/28/16  (1)
There's a lot to unpack here,    07/28/16  (5)
Why do people buy "dog food" huge scam. Leave dog outside it will eat bugs etc    07/28/16  (5)
Proles live it up, have long vacations, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, etc.    07/28/16  (16)
Hyperpolitical clitdick powerless faggots    07/28/16  (67)
Reminder: Jews did the Bolshevik Revolution cause Russians oppressed them    07/28/16  (2)
JJC wearing nothing but a small Manziel jersey as Doodikoff pounds his shitter    07/28/16  (3)
Disgusting Hillary email to (((Rothschild))) family member re: Israel    07/28/16  (2)
Neighbor adopted a German Shepherd - fucker bit my puppydood    07/28/16  (39)
19 Disabled people killed in Japan (We Need Knife Control)    07/28/16  (29)
FBI: Why'd u do it? FR bomber: "Islam." FBI: *slams desk* Don't make me ask agai    07/28/16  (89)
Seems like women are attractive from 16-19 then blah til 30 then they're MILFs    07/28/16  (23)
JCF WTFuck is this PragerU shit on youtube?    07/28/16  (1)
Aspie POASTER to sell to start SOLO firm (link)    07/28/16  (1)
Shrew GF: "Trump's a buffoon." 2nd cousin: "C'mon, we'll just spoon!"    07/28/16  (19)
Look at the picture of this negro and tell me we are part of the same species    07/28/16  (2)
Learning disabled and trying to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu    07/28/16  (2)
Ever fallen asleep while driving?    07/28/16  (23)
Bernie Sanders literally tweets pure platitudes    07/27/16  (2)
Why do ppl enter politics in their 20s???    07/27/16  (14)
PAYE / REPAYE shoutout    07/27/16  (1)
Women: cut it out with the ugly sunglasses you look like fucking dweebs    07/27/16  (10)
The Aquabats sucked    07/27/16  (4)
Benzo describing the mouthfeel and flavor notes of Chevron Techron premium    07/27/16  (47)
Kaine's "believe me" stick is very effective.    07/27/16  (1)
Fucked a random chick at a conference, woke up with runny nose, what std?    07/27/16  (17)
If you're older than 24 and not married you shouldn't have a gaming console    07/27/16  (10)
How did the human races originate?    07/27/16  (44)
Its funny how the biggest insult on here is to be called Asian    07/27/16  (8)
"....who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," ...    07/27/16  (1)
WaPo fact check: Unclear that clause 7.6 is implicated by clause 9.2    07/27/16  (1)
Buddy's dad owns the Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach. What a life...    07/27/16  (7)
I'd bust a nut inside Dr. Jill Stein    07/27/16  (6)
biz idea: BigLaw firm with BigTech culture    07/27/16  (23)
Just bought moar firearms. Broke as fuck now (earl)    07/27/16  (80)
Patrick Chung: A UVA Tale (part 1)    07/27/16  (100)
"You know mom, 'zozo' sounds a lot less cool when YOU say it," lisped askav    07/27/16  (5)
If being gay is "natural" why arent mens assholes self-lubricating?    07/27/16  (53)
Pro tip: use a SALUTATION as a VALEDICTION in your emails    07/27/16  (19)
Girl I know from HS is now a Law Grad.....uses Esquire in her facebook name    07/27/16  (3)
No one actually enjoys corporate law, its just varying degrees of hate    07/27/16  (10)

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