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Fiancee wants to "travel around a while" after marriage    06/28/16  (51)
Doodikoff and AR'mos - need advice on optics/accessories (Earl)    06/28/16  (5)
Parents are 79 and 73, have a $1.4mm nestegg, should they buy an annuity?    06/28/16  (58)
so XO is in constant swing between gay sex fantasies & hyperpolitical drivel?    06/28/16  (12)
how soon should one have 'the talk' with a potential gf?    06/28/16  (7)
askav's shitpipe is a smoldering crater after damn daddy tp's recent work    06/28/16  (4)
Eduardo Saverin married the MUCH hotter Asian girl (Pics)    06/28/16  (26)
The taste, smell, and texture of semen are all intoxicating    06/28/16  (2)
*logs into community account* *slowly strokes clitdick*    06/28/16  (4)
*Peter North slowly stroking his clitdick*    06/28/16  (6)
Nyuug frantically planning vacation to Roswell, stroking his clitdick    06/28/16  (1)
REMINDER: This is the same guy who played King Leonidas in 300    06/27/16  (1)
Want more proof that The Daily Stormer is the shit now? Check it out!    06/27/16  (4)
"Actually mom, the IPO will be at my weekly lemonade stand," askav lisped    06/27/16  (1)
Rate this 19yo Pomona College chick I fucked last night    06/27/16  (23)
UK: "Rate me as a nation" S&P: "AA"    06/27/16  (1)
Cuckolds have a "look" to them.    06/27/16  (38)
Philly school district ordered to pay $2.3M for bias against white firm    06/27/16  (12)
Black brexit voters wondering when their eggs benedict will arrive    06/27/16  (7)
"But Chaaaaaad...." *teehee*    06/27/16  (16)
A mass shootier at Coachella could kill thousands    06/27/16  (4)
Shitlaw boss ordered two Corns Dog at Sonic today 180^180    06/27/16  (6)
How do you deal with bullies at your firm? Tired of the hazing, wedgies, swirlie    06/27/16  (7)
Retirement must be flame. Get super bored if not busy working    06/27/16  (5)
Is Pennywise - Bro Hymn the best song of all time?    06/27/16  (1)
Techie friend programmed his car to tweet each time he honks    06/27/16  (1)
2022: President Trump nominates Barack Obama for SCOTUS    06/27/16  (9)
Glenn Loury's take-down of Ta-Nehisi Coates    06/27/16  (9)
Rate Mick Foley's daughter (pics)    06/27/16  (23)
Why doesn't the EU or English central government do what US did to Confederacy    06/27/16  (4)
Why do singers/rapper pronounce "my" as "Mah"    06/27/16  (3)
bourdain stirs baby parts "oh yeah u don't get this texture in the 1st trimester    06/27/16  (49)
"No mom! My start-up!" askav shrieked lispily as she took down his blanket fort    06/27/16  (32)
LJL at how Admissions Officers turn to Private Admissions Consulting    06/27/16  (4)
Started calling everyone "daddy." 180    06/27/16  (5)
LJL, partner just sent me an assignment, said he'll look for it first thing Mond    06/27/16  (2)
Rate this ARE country teenager SFW    06/27/16  (32)
"Damn daddy, this wasn't in the contract," lisped CGM as Darnell pumped away    06/27/16  (7)
Fuck it, I'll say it: damn daddy tp is operating at an EXTREMELY high level    06/27/16  (1)
askav smoking a long penis, spurting out the cum like puffing smoke    06/27/16  (3)
"No mom, it's a community account. I share it," askav lisped    06/27/16  (65)
How to get high school girls to stop posting bikini pics like this to the web?    06/27/16  (15)
It's gonna be Trump v. Sanders and Trump will win    06/27/16  (3)
uber everywhere    06/27/16  (1)
u: trapped in alien cocoon wheezing "killl meee"; u: post on xo    06/27/16  (164)
Just went all cash with everything except retirement accounts    06/27/16  (60)
Hollywood isn't too white; it's too Jewish    06/27/16  (105)
I am 5'8" and weigh 179lbs... But I don't look fat    06/27/16  (9)
Who is more 180: El Chapo of Donald J Trump    06/27/16  (4)
look at what the sjw "nazi detector" chrome extension does to autoadmit (pic)    06/27/16  (12)
My friend is rich. Just throws his ipad away when battery runs out.    06/27/16  (7)
Killed a few $tray "dogs" tonight ljl    06/27/16  (9)
Arya in FIRST SEASON of GOT...ungggghhhhhhhh!    06/27/16  (2)
Rate this Jewish kike on facebook    06/27/16  (7)
"yes I CAN grow a startup from my childhood bedroom, mom!" askav lisped    06/27/16  (4)
Explain people who watch/enjoy horror films?    06/27/16  (17)
Wife refuses to cuddle after sex.    06/27/16  (2)
The "firemen" on the $canner are very impressed with my work    06/27/16  (6)
If France had legal pot, broadband, and pornhub, Marie Antoinette would be alive    06/27/16  (4)
lmao libs ur all going to die    06/27/16  (36)
Just doing a startup - cr?    06/27/16  (3)
Askav is a silky soft little bitch. I would bitchslap his cheeks all day    06/27/16  (30)
Let's list the great memes that jefe left for us    06/27/16  (26)
Unsaid truth: Askav is overrated and a dramatic, emo, low IQ little bitch    06/27/16  (31)
Rollin down the street, lookin hindu, sipping on fresh squeezed juice    06/27/16  (26)
BET Awards are on ever Viacom station (Nick, Spike, Com Central).    06/26/16  (6)
"Mom, get me a cup o' joe. Gonna be a long night," askav lisped as WoW loaded    06/26/16  (2)
***CHILE, COPA AMERICA CHAMPIONS***    06/26/16  (2)
Me relentlessly railing Bboom with my fuckpipe    06/26/16  (6)
Why do prole chicks have thin lips?    06/26/16  (3)
People are posting YouTube videos exposing the Jew    06/26/16  (5)
(((Can I speak to your manager?)))    06/26/16  (2)
LJL at getting a mortgage. Buy all cash or RENT    06/26/16  (23)
"No mom, I call him daddy but I don't mean your boyfriend James," askav lisped    06/26/16  (2)
"No mom, being racist makes me fit in here," askav lisped    06/26/16  (2)
Damn daddy! Back at it again with the chunky nutritious semen! (Whokebe to Jinx)    06/26/16  (1)
fuck libs    06/26/16  (19)
"Damn daddy..." lisped askav huskily as Darnell's mushroom head slipped in    06/26/16  (26)
"Give me that daddy dick," grunted askav as the strange man went balls deep    06/26/16  (8)
never knew Indiana U-Bloomington is so beautiful (pics)    06/26/16  (49)
"Give me that daddy dick," Whokebe huskily grunted to Jinx with each thrust    06/26/16  (4)
"Damn daddy..." groaned Whokebe as Mr. Jinx stuffed in the 9th inch    06/26/16  (40)
Darnell yanking at nyuug's bowlcut as he fucks his kimchee chute    06/26/16  (89)
Henceforth, I will call all Jews "lampshades" HTH    06/26/16  (3)
Do women with gummy smiles deserve to be killed?    06/26/16  (12)
Has this been posted yet? Dude makes hundreds of thousands by suing under FRCA:    06/26/16  (8)
Is Finding Dory cr    06/26/16  (3)
Gareth Bale = BALD fraud (pic)    06/26/16  (18)
Chilling in Claremont Village drinking an iced coffee, poasting outdoors    06/26/16  (3)
Damn daddy! It's so big," mewled nyuug as Darnell pillaged his rectum    06/26/16  (7)
POLL: are you grateful to be white?    06/26/16  (18)
United mileage plus-mos come ITT    06/26/16  (1)
Rate this UC Davis Pol Sci chick (Youtube)    06/26/16  (11)
Rate MLB superstar Jose Offerman's daughter (pic)    06/26/16  (8)
edit: lmao    06/26/16  (1)
Siri, blank bump all AssFaggot posts    06/26/16  (11)
Guns are dangerous as hell. Hundreds of people are killed per day at fgun ranges    06/26/16  (1)
ITT: I name a college, you describe the typical shrew who goes there    06/26/16  (31)
"Gimme cat nut..gimme dat nut," whokebe chanted to Jinx while on his knees    06/26/16  (2)
$ucce$$ is ea$y i have never known anyone who put in the work and DIDN'T win    06/26/16  (1)
Peterman dude is facemo?    06/25/16  (7)
People hate moths but love butterflies crazy    06/25/16  (5)
Former Co-worker Quit Biglaw w/ $150k Debt    06/25/16  (25)
So 180 to be prestigious and alpha and have a huge cock ljl    06/25/16  (1)
Ban on transgender troops to be lifted July 1    06/25/16  (1)
"UMC" moms using their kids as props on social media ljl    06/25/16  (2)
Ghandi: the worst form of violence is poverty    06/25/16  (1)
holy shit not flame Cameron RESIGNS    06/25/16  (32)
16 year-old girls is the PEAK of attractiveness    06/25/16  (14)
People who "jog" are just running from something inside themselves. Sad    06/25/16  (5)
Pretty clever and 180 how elites tricked libs into becoming globalists via    06/25/16  (8)
Rate my plan to get out of crippling depression    06/25/16  (11)
Entrepreneur: timing beats talent every time    06/25/16  (23)
NYC is a patheic city and the "High Line" is a sick joke    06/25/16  (50)
Can't believe the Rio Olympics are half over. Seems like they just started    06/25/16  (1)
James Joyce your thoughts on the recent WPFL draft?    06/25/16  (5)
Rate these Nazi soldiers breaking into Jewish homes in Germany    06/25/16  (151)
ITT: Describe life as a single dude making $120k in Houston/Dallas/Austin    06/25/16  (5)
The Movie Zootopia is 90 minutes of Progressive Propaganda    06/25/16  (53)
boys boys all kinds of boys! black white puerto rican chinese boys! (askav)    06/25/16  (5)
Warren Buffett totally shit on Trump    06/25/16  (1)
Investor: in light of Brexit, don't buy stocks - buy apartment complexes    06/25/16  (18)
Hypo: 50k/yr but some middle school teen girls follow you around and bully you    06/25/16  (5)
So yeah, *dips beignet in cappucino* as I was saying, he violently raped me    06/25/16  (5)
Rate this cute Blonde at the beach (SFW)    06/25/16  (11)
do HS chicks literally dress like this now? JFC 2016    06/25/16  (38)
Portland shrew gets hit on by a guy and calls police and goes viral on FB    06/25/16  (16)
Shrew Teacher Rapes Student, Gets Pregnant    06/25/16  (3)
Ted Cruz DESTROYS Anti-Gun filibuster    06/25/16  (3)
Jews are literally harming minorities via immigration    06/25/16  (1)
2012 debates: Obama pwns Romney re Hillary/Benghazi    06/25/16  (1)
EU you faggot lol!    06/25/16  (11)
millenials aged 22-26 w/ college degrees literally only make $40k-$55k    06/25/16  (8)
First non-controversial Republican with this platform will transform country    06/25/16  (97)
Disco music is fucking awesome    06/25/16  (8)
rank the famous philosophers based on iq    06/25/16  (6)
opened my mcdonald's bag and couldn't believe what i found inside (pic)    06/25/16  (16)
Libs controlled western world for 8 years. Result: tranny bathrooms and ISIS    06/25/16  (22)
WSJ: 29.4% of US households are upper middle class    06/24/16  (107)
SJWs are getting school dress codes removed. Girls can be as slutty as they want    06/24/16  (3)
Working on car in my garage, drinking a beer, AC/DC on stereo, weaing panties    06/24/16  (4)
Why do tourists all dress a certain way and stand out?    06/24/16  (11)
I am dying of AIDS. Here's why.    06/24/16  (9)
Help rachmiel out for his birthday    06/24/16  (186)
Enjoy DLA Piper.......    06/24/16  (1)
autoadmit invented the term "brexit"    06/24/16  (31)
"I Fucking Love Science" BLOCKS access from all UK ip addresses (link)    06/24/16  (1)

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