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*scrolls to old facebook posts* *ctrl-f "faggot"* *delete, delet    01/27/15  (4)
Day 27 of "Special Eating Plan" (Not a Cleanse).    01/27/15  (21)
Why do elite white shitlibs pretend to care about the poor& URMs    01/27/15  (24)
Hitler reacts to Grateful Dead announcement    01/27/15  (2)
DRB Education Refinance for loans?    01/27/15  (1)
When I was in biglaw, I'd fantasize about trading jobs    01/27/15  (59)
Now that I'm a Partner, holy fuck these people are catty.    01/27/15  (24)
Day 13 of "Special Eating Plan" (Not a Cleanse) Dang,I feel good    01/27/15  (53)
Which Rutgers shitlaw prof is the slutty one?    01/27/15  (15)
Girl goes from BIGLAW to BIGPainter    01/27/15  (4)
Surprised: NYC Women > Las Vegas Women    01/27/15  (13)
NYT black columnist fuming b/c son stopped by Yale police w/guns    01/27/15  (29)
No booze January.... Ugh    01/27/15  (17)
Mark Anthony (CBS Analyst) busted for prostitution    01/27/15  (37)
Besides me what poasters have the most prestigious physique    01/27/15  (268)
What jobs/careers DON'T suck and still pay decently well?    01/27/15  (47)
Admin Law: What the fuck is this shit?    01/27/15  (22)
unhinged mentally ill pumo sitting behind me in class right now    01/27/15  (9)
Anyone quit big law with huge loans and no backup plan?    01/27/15  (39)
birdman best picture upset brewing?>    01/26/15  (21)
is this HBS WGWAG? or is he sumn else    01/26/15  (8)
Biglaw is awesome, just do 6 yrs / save $1M -> retire early    01/26/15  (1)
JFC just dropped melon ball and it rolled into partner's office    01/26/15  (9)
Lawyer faces $1M sanction b/c her physician client fucked up    01/26/15  (45)
your own... personal... dooberstein    01/26/15  (72)
I got lunch cancer from drinking boiling water    01/26/15  (10)
JJC vomiting blood at HBS interview    01/26/15  (1)
Best cheap hot tub scene in vail?    01/26/15  (9)
RSF's dad singing him "The Wreck of the Cantor Fitzgerald"    01/26/15  (135)
lib arts/failed T14 biglaw burnout ... How to get in tech?    01/26/15  (8)
who has the best car on xo. what do you drive    01/26/15  (83)
Just checked out "the red pill." What a bunch of losers    01/26/15  (25)
*DARE officer responds to fender bender and shoots your dog*    01/26/15  (12)
*makes a bloody mary and crawls inside blanket fort to poast*    01/26/15  (4)
what's the best overall race of human. please settle this    01/26/15  (36)
Econ PhD--> law school cr?    01/26/15  (27)
"It's j shad, but YOU can call me Gay Fag," he lisped to Darnell    01/25/15  (21)
bank finance v. ip lit    01/25/15  (21)
Some NYC universities are already closed Monday & Tuesday    01/25/15  (2)
Just ordered UNPRECEDENTED, taking ?s    01/25/15  (2)
Gays outlaw the Boy Scouts in California    01/25/15  (6)
do blonde blue eyed girls stay hot longer than other white women    01/25/15  (19)
Become a Dentist or Lawyer?    01/25/15  (19)
This biglaw partner pwns senate over Citizens United    01/25/15  (56)
Do you need to register a copyright w USPTO to sell a license?    01/25/15  (29)
what's good on netflix right at this moment    01/25/15  (11)
ever see someone snort shit and just spray nose blood everywhere    01/25/15  (3)
Gun brehs: pistol grip 18" mossberg for home defense?    01/25/15  (1)
what's up with people spontaneously turning gay on netflix shows    01/25/15  (8)
"Christy, don't just stand there. Eat it!"    01/25/15  (1)
mcdonalds would not make me a hamburger no matter how much i beg    01/25/15  (14)
is there ever a situation where it's ok to trust a cop    01/25/15  (8)
PMP cert: TTT or worthwhile?    01/25/15  (11)
local cops spotted using dog targets at police shooting range    01/25/15  (2)
Can you make a lot of money in advertising?    01/25/15  (3)
real talk: TLSers have weak writing skills. But why?    01/25/15  (12)
Crazy how badly Spotify pwns Pandora    01/25/15  (3)
ITT: we diagnose RSF's mental illness    01/25/15  (102)
Justices to Hear Case Over Drugs Used in Executions    01/25/15  (24)
Cicero eloquently explains why xo poasters are miserable    01/25/15  (28)
Shrew's BIGLAW Departure Memo    01/25/15  (265)
ive been doing the SHMONEY dance since before bobby SHMURDAD    01/25/15  (1)
ITT: Subjectively Perfect Female Body    01/24/15  (28)
shitlawprof makes factual error in Serial defense in NYT    01/24/15  (1)
Shitlibs, explain why hanging criminals is always wrong.    01/24/15  (2)
RSF, tell us about your finances. How much do you get per month?    01/24/15  (3)
Koreans    01/24/15  (1)
HLS gf to me: "I'll maek you magna CUM laude" ;)    01/24/15  (3)
ITT you post ways of how to make lots of money    01/24/15  (15)
watch in woman's figure skating national champs right now    01/24/15  (1)
Best online diagnostic LSAT?    01/24/15  (2)
I can't imagine how weird it is to hang out with XO peeps IRL    01/24/15  (6)
Reminder: addy is not dangerous if only if...    01/24/15  (5)
Is law really dying ?    01/24/15  (32)
Can't stop laughing about Johnsmeyer's pre-Oct 1, 2007 loans    01/24/15  (21)
What it takes to land a SUPREME COURT clerkship    01/24/15  (5)
Reminder: Pats Harbored a Murderer    01/24/15  (1)
Black Mirror just got real    01/24/15  (1)
is 25 too old to start LS?    01/24/15  (1)
*prints document, scans it, files it electronically*    01/24/15  (15)
What's the best career path in law?    01/24/15  (31)
confirmed: IP Lit market is DEAD    01/24/15  (23)
HOLY SHIT: Boyhood is 12:1 odds to win for Best Picture at Oscar    01/24/15  (7)
Jezebel: We MUST liberate PILLOW GFs from Azn Rapist Males- link    01/24/15  (28)
I Bet the Pats Really Miss A. Hernandez Now    01/24/15  (9)
Paul Weiss is #1 in BIGFOOTBALLDEFLATION law.    01/24/15  (10)
do you ever wake up craving m&ms what the fuck    01/24/15  (6)
ITT: tell me about BANK FINANCE PRACTICE    01/24/15  (7)
More prestigious: Rhodes scholarship or SCOTUS clerkship    01/24/15  (86)
Biglawyers: Did you fall for the whole life insurance scam?    01/24/15  (125)
How prestigious is a clerkship @ a State Supreme Court?    01/23/15  (5)
ITT: a scholar analyzes the impetus of modern shitlib movement    01/23/15  (5)
just hopped out of the tanning bed and ate 2.5 doughnuts    01/23/15  (3)
HIGH | FRUCTOSE | CORN | SYRUP    01/23/15  (1)
chugged a cherry coke zero and rotated my tires w/o any tools    01/23/15  (1)
Can office landlords in MFH take a cash security deposit    01/23/15  (2)
Is leaving biglaw with just 700K saved considered risky?    01/23/15  (18)
merry christmas kids here's a puppy *cops bust in and shoot him    01/23/15  (2)
any of you use a DE razor?    01/23/15  (1)
If it Moves, Tax it. If it Keeps Moving, Regulate it.    01/23/15  (4)
is a gallon of gas cheaper than a dollop of guac yet    01/23/15  (1)
HS kid who had 3some w/ two teachers feels bad..about bragging    01/23/15  (1)
SCOTUSs are all either YLS or HLS. LJL @ TTT SLS!!!!!!!!!!    01/23/15  (5)
Just Took 1st Lexapro - What Should I Expect?    01/23/15  (63)
Is Scalia the best justice to clerk for?    01/23/15  (4)
Soccer fags/betting bros: MCFC +200 v Barca, good bet?    01/23/15  (10)
it's friday    01/23/15  (7)
4 credited law schools: Hawaii, San Diego, Pepperdine, Miami    01/23/15  (3)
Can you make lots of money in shitlaw?    01/23/15  (1)
25 year old virgin poasting 50 ways to leave your lunch date.    01/23/15  (10)
your worst biglaw fuckup ever?    01/23/15  (166)
Love taking a nice long shower and cleaning my cock    01/23/15  (1)
Does this federal judge give an accurate account of BIGLAW?    01/23/15  (51)
How I Brightened My Bank Job with Crystal Meth    01/22/15  (6)
what do you bill to when you don't have c/m yet?    01/22/15  (2)
Rate this Lebanese Arab Teen Porn Star (SFW-Newsweek)    01/22/15  (46)
people keep saying poasters are actually women acting like men    01/22/15  (2)
Harrison: pale fivehead dullard with a TTT job/degree    01/22/15  (53)
dreamt the crazy pumo in my class saw my moniker and outed me    01/22/15  (1)
Wait what did Obama say about Johnsmeyer's PAYE?    01/22/15  (1)
thats probably because i won both of them    01/22/15  (18)
3 yrs gen commercial lit -> 9-5 200K inhouse    01/22/15  (3)
A Retiring Chief Justice Reflects on his Term, Legacy    01/22/15  (54)
Guy at my firm billed 2700 hrs, got 30K bonus    01/22/15  (3)
Two beers is perfect and appropriate.    01/22/15  (17)
does anyone here test out xo threads on yik yak    01/22/15  (2)
why the eff is everyone on reddit so bad at managing their $$$?    01/22/15  (2)
rate this 35y/o BIGLAWYER who is BALD (LJL!))    01/22/15  (19)
what do u do if you shit yourself during a deposition    01/22/15  (1)
SOTU speachwriter is a 34-year old bro    01/22/15  (46)
do you ever have so much fun in one class you miss the next one    01/22/15  (4)
ever get so tired you don't even try to pee in the toilet    01/22/15  (1)
just bought my first admiral shares    01/22/15  (3)
Fucked three dudes at Steamworks last night, taking q's    01/22/15  (119)
Belichick wears "Stop Snitchin" shirt to meeting w/ video staff    01/22/15  (1)
how many girls have your dna in their brain w/ microchimerism    01/22/15  (1)
wtf creamlie is real pumping girls with cum causes breast cancer    01/22/15  (1)
Why does this board bitch so much about big law?    01/22/15  (40)
Businessmen w diverse affairs or all specialized?    01/22/15  (2)
MOST CR: commercial real estate vs energy/mining vs sth else?    01/22/15  (3)
Do CRE firms like tishman, Hines, BX buy land for energy/mining    01/22/15  (10)
ITT List your top three favorite Simpsons episodes of all time    01/22/15  (96)
any reason not to use unredacted brief for writing sample?    01/22/15  (8)
Rate this 1996 description of the rise of shitlib baby boomers    01/22/15  (4)
football fans who didn't go to college there and never played    01/22/15  (4)
people who say not a flame instead of not flame    01/21/15  (2)

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