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Had no idea the Flying J was a real truck stop    10/21/17  (4)
Trump starts change.prg petition to get nfl players to stand NOT FLAME    10/21/17  (2)
Platoon LT on D-Day "Let's try progressive stacking"    10/21/17  (3)
Whok u watching the Murata vs N'Dam rematch tomorrow?    10/21/17  (6)
Penn State Professor Calls On White Males Last, Is Surprised By Backlash    10/21/17  (60)
Tough day for reptiles: AA upheld, Brexit loses, Trump poll #s look awful    10/21/17  (33)
What kind of outfit should a late 20s dude wear on a date?    10/21/17  (19)
180 ... Trump just promise to release "the JFK files"    10/21/17  (5)
Just taught my Doberman German shepherd how to attack on cammand    10/21/17  (1)
Holy shit turdskin CEO of Vungle tried to suck his 3 year old sons dick    10/21/17  (31)
Construction next door started at 7:30 this AM FMA    10/21/17  (3)
most over-rated actor ever: DeNiro or Pacino?    10/21/17  (10)
Psychology was the third discovery in the continuing downgrade of man    10/21/17  (3)
How many accounts does jinx now have?    10/21/17  (1)
Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President,    10/21/17  (1)
It's normal for UMC families to buy a $90k SUV now    10/21/17  (14)
Halford fired from teaching job (NY Post)    10/21/17  (6)
Latest Doobs Blogpost: Zetas should convert to Islam "since theyre pedo faggots"    10/21/17  (21)
Shrew writes screed about being 37, unemployed, and alone (NYT)    10/21/17  (34)
GOP considering 401k limit of 2400 dollars. If Trump accepts, I'm out.    10/21/17  (81)
Comfortable socialism for the masses, fierce competition for the elite.    10/21/17  (6)
Man, cruiserweight is the most 180 and slept-on division.    10/21/17  (6)
Despicable number of Tom Petty hate threads on this board    10/21/17  (5)
Gassiev vs. Wlodarczyk is going to be fucking 180. bloodacre are you going?    10/21/17  (2)
Why haven't they released the names of the Penn racist hackers?    10/21/17  (9)
Cows are incredibly chill and underrated. Think about it    10/21/17  (73)
lol at twins' catty butthurt whining re: xo liking coldplay fan more than him    10/21/17  (38)
BLS now predicts electrical engineering to have zero job growth    10/21/17  (37)
BLM now predicts African-American Studies to have zero job growth    10/21/17  (1)
Remember that wave of bullshit stories about how inept trump was - like how he s    10/21/17  (6)
"I'm a STEM major!" boasted the biology & pre-med students    10/21/17  (2)
"I do worry that my child may be on the speculum," Julia said    10/21/17  (7)
Watched original blade runner. what a retarded pretentious gasbag movie    10/21/17  (52)
balding wagecucks lusting over marshmallow shaped 24yo office "girls"    10/21/17  (2)
Vox exec canned for sexual misconduct    10/21/17  (9)
Really want IRL Soylent Green trucks to drive up, sweep these homeless bums away    10/21/17  (1)
ETH at 295 lol    10/21/17  (1)
Postnatal abortions would bring about a new Ancient Greece    10/21/17  (2)
sexual harrassment training? no im good. im not attracted to any of my coworkers    10/21/17  (1)
my sister's shitcompany gave the employees a $70 bonus    10/21/17  (161)
"Fix You" plays over a montage of lawman8's many autistic meltdowns    10/21/17  (8)
joe dirte is the Garrison Keillor of Alaskan MILF chronicles    10/21/17  (8)
woman riding bottomless cock carousel to brunch netflix queuing her swipe app &    10/21/17  (8)
An xo poa telling another xo poa to get a life. Strange case    10/21/17  (3)
MPM-related faggotry has reached a truly mind-bogglingly high level this year    10/21/17  (1)
Early 2000s porn idea: 'Hans Blax' inspecting Iraqi woman's ass for WMDs    10/21/17  (4)
The left's groups are all geared toward destroying organizations.    10/21/17  (8)
How do most people resolve being unilaterally dragged into existence    10/21/17  (14)
Ill never forget when J Maw called out my shitty wardrobe on my apartment tour    10/21/17  (1)
CNN: "Deeply Troubling Lack of Diversity in Women Weinstein Targeted."    10/21/17  (21)
RATE this new NRA ad    10/21/17  (1)
Faggotry in Washington DC vs. Faggotry in SF and LA: there's more in DC.    10/21/17  (3)
HARD TRUTH: you'll NEVER make noise as well as this bird    10/21/17  (11)
Interspecies caveman sex between Homo sapiens, Neanderthals must have been nuts    10/21/17  (10)
David Cross's wife throws him under bus after racist joke about asians    10/21/17  (52)
Best dating/gf sim?    10/21/17  (14)
Weinstein: "Vhat? Fondlin' of a schvartze? Ridiculous you're being!"    10/21/17  (3)
rewatched Heat - does NOT hold up well    10/21/17  (8)
Can't concentrate for more than 15m at a shot. Leaden paralysis.    10/21/17  (3)
An unconnected life of vapid short term pleasures and constant internet use    10/21/17  (76)
Coldplay Fan's asshole. My rotten purple hog. A vat of olive oil. Unnngh.    10/21/17  (10)
Really hoping Catalonia secedes...next dem president South will secede too, 180    10/21/17  (4)
Literally every guy lisps in San Fran, wtf is this place    10/21/17  (10)
When you're on the street and you spot that perfect ass, bent over    10/21/17  (6)
Just LOL at molly ringwalds sex abuse stories    10/21/17  (30)
"This ButtCow needs milking on the FuckFarm" Watchmen squealed, wriggling his as    10/21/17  (7)
The vagina cartel is done once sex robots go mainstream    10/21/17  (38)
Pilots of bankrupt airline buzz airport tower on final landing (video)    10/21/17  (17)
open up my EAGER HOLE. for perrod's FUCKPOLE.    10/21/17  (2)
Remember that backpacking trip through Europe you did at age 20? What a disaster    10/21/17  (98)
MEGYN KELLY *DESTROYED* BY TRUMP! (video)    10/21/17  (12)
Just got back from banging a tranny. Q's?    10/21/17  (16)
Got messaged out of the blue by former intern (CharlesXII)    10/21/17  (116)
Just rewatched Suits season 1 - wayyy better than latest season    10/21/17  (3)
Stuck in San Fran overnight, is there a CR diner or 24hr option?    10/21/17  (9)
Jason Sehorn on Fox and Friends now    10/21/17  (1)
Tranny gf stays soft so you don't get embarassed    10/21/17  (6)
http://decisionproblem.com    10/21/17  (1)
Women: "Wah, pay my bills! Suck my COCK!"    10/21/17  (7)
rate this vicious puppydood attack his prey (nsfw)    10/21/17  (16)
Socotoa has the only BJC bigger than David Ben Gurions on XO Apes Tinychat    10/21/17  (4)
open up my EAGER EYES. my wife fucks BLACK GUYS.    10/21/17  (1)
Every girl I meet in dc make some weird political comment on date one    10/21/17  (57)
this is how mexicans deal with the police    10/21/17  (2)
I want to rolll around like a turd in a giant diaper worn by a 30 ft tall woman    10/21/17  (4)
Hypo: would you fuck a Neanderthal? What about an autrolopithecus?    10/21/17  (2)
RATE this pro se motion for post-conviction relief    10/21/17  (14)
Stupidly tan 17 yo girl wriggling out of her tank top beside the pool    10/21/17  (4)
Move to Colorado, killself, get eaten by bears&elk. Cr?    10/21/17  (6)
Rank the races    10/21/17  (3)
the spiritual emptiness that i feel in modern world is same as being caveman    10/21/17  (7)
Latinos are 2nd greatest race. 1st are whites.    10/21/17  (9)
what if everything is worthless?    10/21/17  (1)
so... socatoa spent $30 on Fiverr dj drops to brag about his BJC? lol...    10/21/17  (25)
ass, tits, vagina, cumming on face    10/21/17  (5)
life just abject utter humiliation womb-to-tomb    10/21/17  (3)
tv used to be like the elder statesmen i respected..    10/21/17  (1)
Your experiences with electroconvulsive therapy?    10/21/17  (4)
Definitive ranking: McDonald's vs Burger King vs Wendy's    10/21/17  (41)
You just finished a day of blacksmithing. Heading to the local tavern    10/21/17  (155)
Kaori Miyazono looks back at you, dripping sweat, ecstatic at your performance    10/21/17  (36)
Married people, is your life better married, worse, or just different?    10/21/17  (4)
my body is just an interface module for tech, sugar, intermittent humiliation    10/21/17  (5)
INTERPRET these two sexual dreams I had last night    10/21/17  (12)
holdupwhat and I went to a gay tinychat hangout yesterday    10/21/17  (23)
2017 net to date is 1.1 million - Calishitlawguru (taking ?s)    10/21/17  (30)
John Kelly and the Language of the Military Coup (NYT)    10/21/17  (57)
do most start-ups not do shit but just live off of seed funding?    10/21/17  (3)
Florida dingbat accuses Kelly of being RACIS    10/21/17  (4)
Alcohol, carbs, porn = reasons to poison yourself    10/21/17  (6)
Just jerked off to this august ames handjob video    10/21/17  (2)
Indians in USA boast about how successful they are YET...    10/21/17  (1)
i really REALLY dislike Indians. and there are 1 billion of them in the world!    10/21/17  (2)
need a bloodacre hot take: waffles or pancakes?    10/21/17  (4)
Hysterical libs at New Yorker: John Kelly = military coup    10/21/17  (6)
are you a game changer?    10/21/17  (3)
A PrairieXO companion: lmao at these kooky stories from lake Woe Betide Us    10/21/17  (1)
Garrison Keillor is fucking your gf/wife    10/21/17  (1)
Uh, no, george20, that's not what happens in a bear market    10/21/17  (65)
Cute Utah HS cheerleaders engage in XO approved activity (video)    10/21/17  (40)
Fewest jobless claims since 1973. Odd case    10/21/17  (1)
Bought new set of skis. .. Head Monster TI's 108's in 177. YNY    10/21/17  (1)
If WMTP sucked down enough helium to die, would you follow ( here's y u should)    10/21/17  (1)
What's the difference between US fiat scamdollars we print out of air and crypto    10/21/17  (9)
Odor of the Queef is the grosses moniker since eye level w/ dads junk    10/21/17  (9)
Be the meat you want to eat    10/21/17  (2)
Odor of The Queef TP is a fucking CHINK!?    10/21/17  (2)
Meat is murder and that's okay (we all deserve to die)    10/21/17  (1)
feel like "career" is stuck in quicksand, hopeless    10/21/17  (2)
*george20's ass perks up when CME trader says he's "bearish on pigs and hogs"*    10/21/17  (14)
best meals of my life itt    10/21/17  (5)
Bears respond well to chum and frankly y not go ahead and grind urself in2 chum?    10/21/17  (1)
Any Alaska poasters interested in KILLING ME and using my remains as bear bait?    10/21/17  (3)
poasting with luis sleeping on my shoulder.    10/21/17  (2)
I got a micropenis but I sucked enough dick on the streets to get where I am    10/21/17  (1)
Rach it is ABSURD that WMTP is a mod; bort is totally illegitimate w him    10/21/17  (85)
Itt we role play the conversation about race libs want to have    10/21/17  (36)
we tinychatting or what tonight bros    10/21/17  (47)
poasting with my girl sleeping on my shoulder.    10/21/17  (4)
me n Luis n spack shaking our tanned, tight rumps to inspector norse,    10/21/17  (8)
Sea 1 Ep 2 of Sopranos is some of the best shit ever    10/21/17  (9)
2011 vid of Scalia making Sen. Feinstein look like a fucking moron (link)    10/21/17  (31)
RATE this Chinese chick    10/21/17  (1)
Are these "Nazis" and "protesters" real?    10/21/17  (3)
how the fuck do you learn to cook?    10/21/17  (9)
the rumps and the men who love them    10/21/17  (1)
ending it all tonight    10/21/17  (9)
zozo handsome.    10/21/17  (3)
i've been eating a lot of diapers lately    10/21/17  (1)

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