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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
A Younger Jennifer Love Hewitt Playing Tennis In A Bikini (PIC) #tennis    06/21/18  (15)
Is it true French culture is the worlds most refined?    06/21/18  (3)
luis now i'm getting that stupid red linen shirt popping up in sidebar ads    06/21/18  (1)
RATE This Big-Titted Welsh Girl Playing On Red Clay In A Bikini (PICS) #tennis    06/21/18  (4)
Asian Harvard Econ Grad at BCG was on Survivor    06/21/18  (7)
Chinese make the best cell phones in the world now    06/21/18  (19)
Koko the gorilla had a 95 IQ    06/21/18  (22)
Serena Visits Chessington Zoo Before Wimbledon (PIC) #tennis    06/21/18  (2)
sent from pepito's xiaomi    06/21/18  (6)
So many men are cucked by their wives; basically no longer men    06/21/18  (2)
Why are they called "prison camps" when migrants can literally leave whenever    06/21/18  (2)
Reasonable people can disagree on many issues, but one thing we can agree on:    06/21/18  (5)
lonely hearts koko and nigel having terrifying chimera babies in animal heaven    06/21/18  (2)
Sitting in an office all day is torture    06/21/18  (11)
harrison only white guy at gay black fight club in atlanta    06/21/18  (17)
Applying to coding bootcamps (App Academy & Flatiron School). Are they flame?    06/21/18  (6)
Real talk: Koko was ugly as sin    06/21/18  (3)
any math whizzes want to help me?    06/21/18  (14)
Actually takes a lot of brainpower to looksmax. Impressive that 90 IQ teens (DTP    06/21/18  (20)
Koko's final words: "Womp womp bird feces"    06/21/18  (1)
many former DREAMers could qualify to come to Canada, Trudeau told    06/21/18  (13)
Wife making me wear "Happy Wife, Happy Life" t-shirt on upcoming long weekend    06/21/18  (21)
things never said on xo    06/21/18  (1)
NYT: Did Koko the gorilla predict her own death using sign language?    06/21/18  (6)
Why are BIRDSHITS so MAF??    06/21/18  (3)
Bear thwacks his nuts with a wire and acts just like you'd expect    06/21/18  (3)
new GF coming over for thanksgiving, dad won't remove Truck Nutz    06/21/18  (15)
weird how "media" decided to suddenly forcememe "family separation" "crisis    06/21/18  (6)
Hey DTP I saw your bumper sticker "Cowboy's Butts Drive me Nuts"    06/21/18  (5)
Melania wears 'I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?' jacket to immigration hold facility.    06/21/18  (95)
Remember When Koko Got To Hold The Wimbledon Trophy? (PIC) #tennis    06/21/18  (1)
Do you guys know about the Tenerife airport disaster (1977)?    06/21/18  (5)
Newly discovered documents indicate Nazis endorsed open-office plans (NYT)    06/21/18  (3)
~~ Croatia v Argentina OFFICIAL thread ~~    06/21/18  (34)
I only respect woman politicians who come from other countries and took bullets    06/21/18  (1)
Any mathmos here?    06/21/18  (48)
Rate this COMIC of XO poasters and BORDER crisis    06/21/18  (21)
I'm on a plane...with cocaine    06/21/18  (1)
Every house dem voted against e-verify    06/21/18  (6)
Moved to new office, have complete privacy, happiness levels through the roof    06/21/18  (5)
The open office and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race    06/21/18  (1)
Melania Trump BLASTING Icona Pop    06/21/18  (1)
Sitting in my biglaw office with 2 grams of blow, taking Qs    06/21/18  (11)
Does working late nights create a sense of meaning and purpose in life?    06/21/18  (1)
Facing Poverty, Academics Turn To Sex Work and Sleeping in Cars    06/21/18  (29)
Is it cool having work obligations at night, dinners etc?    06/21/18  (15)
TT asked an even dumber math question than Chilmata    06/21/18  (2)
Is academia for fart smellers?    06/21/18  (2)
Lib here: and I gotta say, $25B for a wall...    06/21/18  (24)
Bloomberg: People born in the 80's are financially FUCKED FOR LIFE:    06/21/18  (3)
So Trump basically nailed the Appalachian scotch-irish vote, right?    06/21/18  (36)
Anyone take real analysis online?    06/21/18  (2)
REMINDER: There are an estimated 8-10K MS13 members in the US, total.    06/21/18  (84)
NYC poor white trash    06/21/18  (56)
evan39 what are the demographics in Seattle    06/21/18  (1)
Do people here even realize Scott Frost is bringing Nebraska back?    06/21/18  (8)
Housemos: Are shutters worth it for windows?    06/21/18  (57)
dont black people seem evil?    06/21/18  (2)
Insane that it's "normal" to lift heavy weights & get chronic injuries (DTP)    06/21/18  (118)
the most prestigious middle grades math discussion board in the world    06/21/18  (2)
COBRA on the front of the jacket, I REALLY DONT CARE on the back    06/21/18  (2)
booom can u believe huskers ever hired that fraud loser mike riley?    06/21/18  (2)
POTUS Trump endoses tax increase if it trolls Amazon.    06/21/18  (1)
Despite all your rage we've still got the kids in a cage    06/21/18  (1)
ITT: your favorite Steely Dan song    06/21/18  (21)
idea for dealing with undocumented immigrants - let the states each sign up to    06/21/18  (9)
it would be EXTREMELY easy to stop illegal immigration if national will existed    06/21/18  (31)
Stupid Jewfaggot Google keeps saying I'm a suspicious bot    06/21/18  (1)
I'm not for open borders, but I'm against the Wall, E-verify, or    06/21/18  (7)
Yo, ARE Reptile, whats up with tiny Russian cocks dude?    06/21/18  (1)
Bank CEO: "Hows my pitbull doing?" *makes mock karate chop* "Need u 2 sign some    06/21/18  (25)
SCOTT FROST is going to CRUSH tttOSU    06/21/18  (6)
Stephen Miller accosted by homosexual man at another Mexican restaurant    06/21/18  (2)
are reptile: please kill yourself    06/21/18  (1)
TRAVELMOS, been to PAKISTAN?    06/21/18  (38)
PDPD Looks Like A Champion On A Grass Court, Hates Dirty Shitmud #tennis    06/21/18  (3)
Is Scott Frost a CHAD?    06/21/18  (1)
How is tens of thousands of people entering US illegally each month sustainable    06/21/18  (2)
Gees -- I don't understand why Asian girls seem to like White guys...    06/21/18  (35)
I'm a gay black nigger with AIDS and I live in a jungle in Africa    06/21/18  (2)
Absolutely insane that the USA isn't "allowed" to have a border    06/21/18  (2)
Only 100 days until Scott Frost begins leading Nebraska to glory    06/21/18  (2)
Rate Scott Frosts employment contract! Document included ITT    06/21/18  (14)
Sunk German submarines radioed back news of their demise - link    06/21/18  (8)
nebraska will be UNSTOPPABLE once they hire Scott Frost    06/21/18  (57)
Hold your dicks for the SCOTT FROST era of college football    06/21/18  (3)
XO Travelmo Crew Is Much Stronger w TT Back    06/21/18  (2)
Fun Golf Hypo: PICK Spiettth's 3 Majors or Rory's 4 Majors    06/21/18  (126)
Right now eating pastrami rubbed lox sandwich    06/21/18  (1)
House bill to fund Trump's border wall fails 193-231    06/21/18  (5)
Those fraud gofundme bitches got 15 million for separated children    06/21/18  (1)
Have you guys been following #QAnon? extremely important stuff    06/21/18  (2)
Reminder: pic of my body while NEVER lifting more than 135 lb (DTP)    06/21/18  (45)
Finished reading Post Captain last night (5 total in June) Taking ?s (CharlesXII    06/21/18  (5)
American Gigolo reboot starring adjunct english professor who looks like Franzen    06/21/18  (1)
XXXTENTACION was the greatest musical genius of his generation (DTP)    06/21/18  (9)
LA Times: "Crisis Actor Spotted at Texas Child Detention Center" (link)    06/21/18  (10)
SA girl I took to firm event kept mispronouncing bona fide in front of partner    06/21/18  (15)
Why do soccer players wear shorts    06/21/18  (5)
backcountry shitlawyer asking waiter for another serving of Brussels sprout    06/21/18  (2)
Is there a chance that one time libs won't take the bait?    06/21/18  (2)
Toy Story 4 to be about kid undergoing transgender process (link)    06/21/18  (3)
assa abloy    06/21/18  (11)
Nude 18 year old girls just aaaaallllmost on the verge of being too chubby    06/21/18  (5)
jfc Sao Paulo is insane    06/21/18  (2)
Reminder: Obama literally made a GAY BAR into a NATIONAL MONUMENT    06/21/18  (4)
David Hogg effect: Smith & Wesson sales, profit UP BIGLY    06/21/18  (15)
Why do wealthy men enjoy urinating and defecating on young blonde white women    06/21/18  (8)
TWIST: Mother of Down Syndrome kid was separate b/c she might be a smuggler lmao    06/21/18  (26)
America 1958: Stonewall Jackson monument. 2018: Stonewall Gay Bar Nat'l Monument    06/21/18  (3)
Do you ever buy those hot pickles in plastic bags they sell    06/21/18  (1)
WOMP WOMP -- WHAT IT DO???    06/21/18  (5)
have 300k in cash - what to invest it in?    06/21/18  (3)
Gave up NFL fandom, literally dont give a shit. Thinking of doing same with pol    06/21/18  (41)
Rate this chubby mulatta (SFW)    06/21/18  (1)
Tt thoughts on this unamerikkkan shit? More fraud taxes    06/21/18  (8)
When exactly is this fucking wall supposed to be built?    06/21/18  (9)
lol @ how much fraud and shitty movie Lincoln was. fucking joke    06/21/18  (1)
What goes into a good homemade ranch dressing?    06/21/18  (2)
TT doesn't really hate America. He hates himself for not being able to compete    06/21/18  (24)
KFCs new pickle juice sanwhich! Sonics new pickle juice slush    06/21/18  (1)
"a clawfoot bathtub? what am i, the fucking great gatsby?"    06/21/18  (10)
flowers for algernon, except Messi shows up for a week.    06/21/18  (1)
TT still over 900k net worth    06/21/18  (21)
Why don't more Americans try to become great at soccer?    06/21/18  (5)
How did Trump get HRC's stolen emails a month before Wikileaks published them?    06/21/18  (8)
TT if you get great at tables or play roulette strategy big money    06/21/18  (7)
Jenna Bush Hager's face keeps getting wider and fatter. Sad!    06/21/18  (5)
"I went to school to learn to think critically" *has $100k in student debt*    06/21/18  (5)
When is the right going to sack up and start boycotting    06/21/18  (22)
POTUS Trump nominates our own Michael Doodikoff tp as Secretary of Dressings    06/21/18  (2)
Libs losing their shit over Trump preferring RANCH dressing.    06/21/18  (26)
evan39 should we "punish" whores with giant nigger cocks    06/21/18  (65)
30% of South Koreans eat dogs - link    06/21/18  (2)
ljl at opiates - don't even touch my knee pain    06/21/18  (2)
Chinese American advertising "Dog Wokking" services on craigslist    06/21/18  (4)
LOL ARGENTINA    06/21/18  (6)
Trump GAPES the Market    06/21/18  (1)
Trump GAPES Merkel    06/21/18  (1)
Tony Soprano doesnt have a lot of chintzy stuff in his house    06/21/18  (5)
"Ugh 120," damn daddy lisped as another nosebleed drips all over his keyboard o    06/21/18  (1)
Your future wife adding unicorn emoji to tinder profile. Why?    06/21/18  (1)
I will never forget the Trump starbursts story for the rest of my life    06/21/18  (3)
"Yo soy refugee"    06/21/18  (2)
Help! I need to solve X + 2 = 4 (chilmata)    06/21/18  (1)
Can MURICANS do independent travel to Saudi yet?    06/21/18  (23)
penis    06/21/18  (1)
Senor you diagnosis es Falkland War level prolapse    06/21/18  (1)
new gf types "b" on ur computer, autocomplete suggests "Big gassy shrew butts"    06/21/18  (8)

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