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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/13/18  (215)
What's the best example of revenge in history?    12/13/18  (19)
gays? weve got all the gays: azn gays, black gays, skinny gays, fat gays, str8 g    12/13/18  (5)
Has anyone here never received a flu shot before?    12/13/18  (11)
ITT I rate you as an 80s or early 90s CRPG    12/13/18  (11)
Robinhood trotting out 3% no fee no minimum checking acct    12/13/18  (2)
Over/Under on how many BLACK cocks Michael COHEN will take in PRISON?    12/13/18  (8)
which US city name is most at odds with its namesake?    12/13/18  (92)
Forbes: what women should do w men who avoid them    12/13/18  (32)
Buy a Tesla 3 before year end?    12/13/18  (13)
Saw black girl at the gym squat 265 for sets of 4-5.    12/13/18  (1)
Obeezy aka Deep State8 is a 110 IQ poseur who regurgitates inane talking points    12/13/18  (6)
How the fuck have Media Shitlibs not landed on AutoAdmit yet?    12/13/18  (26)
6'3" HYPS UG, M7 MBA, 200k+ salary, not a single bumble date    12/13/18  (10)
Best stock tickers    12/13/18  (1)
Wilbur how are you holding up man    12/13/18  (10)
Anyone get like a 24-48 hour sickness every winter?    12/13/18  (10)
Deep State is so incredibly mind-blowingly perplexed that Trump is 100% clean    12/13/18  (75)
Because man has made laws he subsequently comes to think that he exists for the    12/13/18  (1)
Most suicidal state: Montana. Least suicidal state: New Jersey    12/13/18  (34)
What's Newt Gingrich's IQ?    12/13/18  (4)
Boihole fatigue    12/13/18  (1)
RATE these “EU Citizens”    12/13/18  (5)
What is the most unprestigious sports team?    12/13/18  (117)
OIG: Mueller's office scrubbed Strzok's & Page's phones then factory reset them    12/13/18  (27)
Today, I lost all willpower. I wound up at a Fogo de Chao    12/13/18  (31)
Fogo De Chao: Underrated Spot    12/13/18  (2)
Robinhood to offer non-FDIC insured 3% interest savings and checking    12/13/18  (2)
odd how "liberals" are the ones trying to brainwash everyone constantly    12/13/18  (3)
Hold on mom! Autoadmit is making fun of me again! (luis)    12/13/18  (3)
autistic shut-in incels are like Guild Navigators    12/13/18  (4)
Boy Scouts Considering Bankruptcy    12/13/18  (85)
How many monitors does uspo use in order to simultaneously run 50-100 alts?    12/13/18  (12)
lawman8 writing to Ted K: "You're right about the pipe bomb, it's definitely pow    12/13/18  (2)
The movie of the year will be released tomorrow: Clint Eastwood's The Mule    12/13/18  (2)
Be there in a minute, mom. I’m reading a thread of incomprehensible chink symb    12/13/18  (2)
How many miles do u walk ur dogdood per day on avg?    12/13/18  (38)
New band name: Syndrome of a Down    12/13/18  (7)
Millennial biker gets pwned for acting like a fag    12/13/18  (2)
Dune quotes thread    12/13/18  (9)
bloodacre, I've been listening to Trey's acoustic shows    12/13/18  (7)
best Saves the Day song?    12/13/18  (14)
which posters, if any, would you not piss on even if they were on fire?    12/13/18  (4)
Me: MFH, rimjobs, cheating TMF: South Orange, unlicked hold, banged 3 girls ever    12/13/18  (10)
I don't understand people who don't cheat.    12/13/18  (40)
dodgers are going to buttfuck the Red sox 4-1 in WS, hth    12/13/18  (29)
Pre-Victorian Christmas was a bacchanalian festival of misrule, now it's for    12/13/18  (48)
Who is the most narcissistic poaster?    12/13/18  (4)
I hope colt dies too    12/13/18  (10)
Recent pic of Carly Rae Jepsen    12/13/18  (12)
Hispanic alphas can just end any convo saying "Ya". Which means "already"    12/13/18  (2)
RATE this clip of Alejandro Jodorowsky discussing when he watched Lynch's Dune    12/13/18  (4)
When did Pence first promise Giuliani Veep nod?    12/13/18  (1)
family came over on the mayflower (uspo)    12/13/18  (8)
why are jewish journos trying to destroy some Russian weightlifter?    12/13/18  (1)
wish Giuliani had defended James Alex Fields    12/13/18  (8)
Son of nig martyr ALTON STERLING accused of raping 8 year old child.    12/13/18  (3)
Andrew McMahon is a self important bitchboy    12/13/18  (3)
DTP practicing for Luis fight on his baby cousin    12/13/18  (5)
The daily stormer stands with brown princess ocasio-cortez    12/13/18  (7)
What is the most sickening example of GC?    12/13/18  (116)
That one time uspo said he was a "caucasian"    12/13/18  (9)
So uspo is some kind of shitpoasting savant with skin the color of literal shit?    12/13/18  (3)
jfc how many people on this faggotbort are uspo?    12/13/18  (5)
he dunk ball! he good at basketball!    12/13/18  (1)
The Gaslighting of Lawman8 by the Coward Coldplayfan    12/13/18  (25)
Giuliani says Mueller is wrapping up investigation    12/13/18  (15)
Off duty lifeguard has to rescue Congolese "Olympic" swimmer during meet (vid)    12/13/18  (2)
Uncomfortable truth: Through Being Cool is bottom-tier Saves The Day album    12/13/18  (1)
It is by will alone I set my mind in motion    12/13/18  (3)
Norwegian warship accident raises questions on women in armed forces    12/13/18  (24)
You ever think how fortunate it is that lightning only happens when it's raining    12/13/18  (1)
Who was most responsible for 08 recession: Reagan, GHWB, Clinton, or GWB?    12/13/18  (1)
your female coworkers are taking nude selfies in the bathroom stalls everyday    12/13/18  (3)
"Mostly anal, yeah." (Doobs during Flying J interview)    12/13/18  (1)
Is it odd that both whites and other races find whites most aesthetically pleasi    12/13/18  (2)
ITT: uspo alts    12/13/18  (22)
Giuliani: “We will unload on him [Mueller] like a ton of bricks” (not flame)    12/13/18  (6)
Guy charged w/HATE CRIMES for putting up FLYERS - how is this constitutional?    12/13/18  (98)
"My uber is here hehe" I said in monotone being escorted into Bellevue ambulance    12/13/18  (1)
Thick, full eyebrows    12/13/18  (4)
Is there any country South Korea could beat in a war? Maybe Micronesia?    12/13/18  (19)
Everyone who has ever prefaced a taking Qs thread with “AMA” should be banne    12/13/18  (4)
Japanese guy calmly explains how Japanese worship white people    12/13/18  (1)
arghhh cant believe libs did that friggin hate those guys lol grrr    12/13/18  (57)
Is ETH stuck in the 80s?    12/13/18  (6)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/13/18  (278)
Are Russians the only half white/half Asian race?    12/13/18  (15)
Pretty neat that incels' genes will be purged in just one generation    12/13/18  (29)
was losing all my friends, was losing them to drinking and to driving    12/13/18  (1)
can't change moniker to Third stage Guild Navigator    12/13/18  (1)
Charles, do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era?    12/13/18  (10)
Best Something Corporate Song?    12/13/18  (12)
Many machines on Ix    12/13/18  (4)
Back when Claire Comfort was to be fair. This is how we used    12/13/18  (4)
Think I'm going to purchase the Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Edition    12/13/18  (8)
It’s really funny when chinks and turds on XO armflap about (((racism)))    12/13/18  (1)
Andrew McMahon from Something Corporate is the best Millennial musician an. Dis    12/13/18  (1)
Saves the Day released an EP in October    12/13/18  (1)
I'm lifting weights in here, so take off all your clothes    12/13/18  (70)
ATL: Paul Weiss promoting white people to partner is NOT OK    12/13/18  (30)
Yesterday, I witnessed my 40 y/o cousin's 22 y/o gf pay for their dinner.    12/13/18  (32)
Whats the REAL TRUTH about that youtube "bought an item or 2 or 10 for yourself"    12/13/18  (2)
double eyelid surgery    12/13/18  (2)
so many Asian women with blonde hair, blue contacts and tattooed eyebrows    12/13/18  (3)
GF singing "I Want It Now" (Willy Wonka f/ Veruca Salt) as she browses Tinder    12/13/18  (3)
Saves the day - at your funeral.mp3    12/13/18  (3)
Saves the day - At your funeral.mp3    12/13/18  (5)
XO Piers Morgan interviewing as next WH Chief of Staff    12/13/18  (2)
Wouldn’t a ton of Muslim/Jewish/Hindu doctors be a good thing on Christmas    12/13/18  (1)
Saves the Day album In Reverie. Any fans?    12/13/18  (4)
Oh, Im a naked lifter, and thats just what I am. And for your faggot posers,    12/13/18  (2)
Why the fuck is Assange still a free man? He should be in supermax by now    12/13/18  (16)
ITT we list QUALITY brands and products which stand out in DURABILITY and VALUE    12/13/18  (149)
2027: "Would you like to buy some Zherscout cookies?"    12/13/18  (1)
16 year old virgin wins trip to Sex Island hooker orgy with unlimited sex    12/13/18  (54)
"donald" quickly climbing the rankgs of the most influential passwords in Americ    12/13/18  (1)
I can keep my doctor? I love open borders now!    12/13/18  (1)
le tigre, is this pianists dress even appropriate for a classical concert?    12/13/18  (1)
I've changed my mind about illegal mexicans    12/13/18  (99)
Why is Brexit so difficult?    12/13/18  (17)
Go search "Vlad the Impaler" on xvideos.com    12/13/18  (11)
The Economist: Collapsing European fertility rates are no big deal. In fact they    12/13/18  (32)
Are the Rothschilds still world's most prestigious or are they TTT in decline?    12/13/18  (16)
bump this thread when you have diarrhea    12/13/18  (14)
   12/13/18  (1)
cant believe tommmy got a hot chick like claire comfort    12/13/18  (3)
For men in the #MeToo era, the 'Mike Pence rule' is the easy way out    12/13/18  (22)
Putting the BIRDSHITS meme on hiatus    12/13/18  (37)
Anti semitic NY board of attempts to force Hasidic Jews to educate they're kids    12/13/18  (6)
How can pro basketball players be so bad at basketball?    12/13/18  (40)
The FBI needs to regard NRA membership the same as any other terrorist org    12/13/18  (21)
the incredible healing power of nigger doo doo & wee wee    12/13/18  (1)
Humans nurse bear cub back to health after its paws burned in wildfire    12/13/18  (1)
Reminder: NRA is literally a Russian puppet organization    12/13/18  (54)
Friend said FTSV was a good buy. Thoughts?    12/13/18  (8)
What's it cost to live in a trailer home?    12/13/18  (18)
"Collusion is bullshit. It's not even a crime..." (Rudy Giuliani)    12/13/18  (16)
Maria Butina pleads GUILTY in plot to infiltrate Republican party via the NRA    12/13/18  (1)
i really miss the chunky nutritious semen spammer    12/13/18  (3)
I kind of liked the birdshits meme    12/13/18  (20)
jingle bells, jingle bells, Beef Boy all the way    12/13/18  (2)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/13/18  (197)
thunder collins screeching about GC while employing illegal nannies and    12/13/18  (4)
180 Leading Dems propose taxing share buybacks    12/13/18  (13)
Youtube channel surveys Korean attitudes toward military service    12/13/18  (53)
Xo Dersh: Trump is gone. Might as well swear Pence in now    12/13/18  (3)
Nyuug, do u get mad when people call your country the Korean "peninsula"?    12/13/18  (1)
Thi$ mu$t $um up the $cam of your life(Video included)(sfw)    12/13/18  (1)
Xo believes devry when he says nyuugs Korean sux but not when he says    12/13/18  (10)

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