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STICKY: New account requests   04/24/18  (205)
Ironside - you excited for the US Open this weekend    04/25/18  (5)
east area rapist / original night stalker arrested last night btw    04/25/18  (13)
SUCKING | AND | FUCKING    04/25/18  (6)
big 10 only has 1 baseball team (indiana) in t25    04/25/18  (1)
rate this NJ woman trash talking cops    04/25/18  (35)
Cheap Jews At Shabbat Lunch Starved Us Like Goyim. Really Bizarre.    04/25/18  (39)
Both Feeling Threatened, American Muslims and Jews Join Hands (NY Times)    04/25/18  (15)
Violence against incels is de facto self-defense    04/25/18  (1)
UWS parents upset about school diversity push    04/25/18  (10)
Turdcock Brings Me Nothing but Pure JOY (PDDJ)    04/25/18  (4)
biglaw is a true brotherhood-- lifetime bond of excellence    04/25/18  (2)
Peterman stupefied after witnessing PDDJ performance in back of Gujarati buffet    04/25/18  (25)
This is how pathetic America really is and we bitch here    04/25/18  (1)
If you google "chaebong hyung", nearly half of results relate directly to Nyuug    04/25/18  (1)
Kenny what's your favorite way to partake in weed??    04/25/18  (3)
If a fat woman wants to have sex with you, u MUST have sex with her    04/25/18  (6)
Weird Crazy Girl At Shul Saturday Said 6 Million Holocaust # Is Big Exaggeration    04/25/18  (23)
Why Was There A MENORAH At The White House State Dinner? (PIC)    04/25/18  (12)
Hot 24yo Ortho Girl At Shul Went On Antisemitic Rant re Jew Spacial Reasoning    04/25/18  (87)
RIP my wife's career: 2018-2018    04/25/18  (94)
Why Does This Faggot Capitalize Every Word?    04/25/18  (6)
Rating poasters as kooky tourist attractions in the USA    04/25/18  (17)
Vox: Incel, the misogynist ideology that inspired the deadly Toronto attack, exp    04/25/18  (10)
President Hillary Rodham Clinton    04/25/18  (17)
More thoughts on anti-semitism, hot take ITT    04/25/18  (27)
Nyuug, do you also poast on Reddit under the name Nyuug?    04/25/18  (1)
Googling TSINAH's irl name is like saying "candyman" 5 times facing a mirror    04/25/18  (8)
If you see any incels contact the police immediately    04/25/18  (3)
Flamingo tell: having pink feathers    04/25/18  (1)
Thoughts on this article about POOR JEWS    04/25/18  (10)
How My Hindu Husband Became the Favorite Jewish Grandchild    04/25/18  (12)
i'm officially moving back in with parents and starting a small business    04/25/18  (2)
The correct view actually is that its all bullshit    04/25/18  (1)
This guy may have driven Rodger to it    04/25/18  (69)
Do You Think The Food Good At White House State Dinners?    04/25/18  (32)
Xo Community > MGTOW > Incels.me    04/25/18  (4)
The Most Powerful Man in Real Estate Is In Our Conference Room    04/25/18  (1)
PDDJ instantly spotting PauliePorsches pumo from a mile away    04/25/18  (3)
GOD I hope we're in the version of the universe where trump wins. Wld be 180    04/25/18  (5)
my theories on the universe & evolution    04/25/18  (7)
PP"--pddj's pussy as it queefs out a glob of turd cum
   04/25/18  (11)
FBI claims theyve captured the Golden State killer after 40+years    04/25/18  (3)
Microsoft Surface Pro vs Laptop vs Book    04/25/18  (42)
Does jacking off increases risk of prostate cancer?    04/25/18  (15)
Can You Elaborate About 'Incel'?    04/25/18  (1)
NBC Bet $69 Million on Megyn KellyThen Viewers Vanished [WSJ]    04/25/18  (42)
mulling various cosplay options for CharlesXII meetup. XO's opinions?    04/25/18  (10)
Meet the autistic, non-binary, queer, law student fighting 4 disability justice    04/25/18  (41)
Popular childrens books but they are about XO poasters    04/25/18  (111)
I make NORTH of 6-figures and have many investments    04/25/18  (1)
just do no work at work for a week then be like holy shit I have to actually WOR    04/25/18  (3)
Jews: You realize your days are numbered, right?    04/25/18  (78)
Seeing DBG's capitalized thread titles is like crossing street 2 avoid black guy    04/25/18  (26)
"be gentle, this is my first time" (PDDJ lied as the marathis entered both holes    04/25/18  (19)
Shaker Heights was carefully planned over a period of years    04/25/18  (11)
jewish high verbal IQ masterman here    04/25/18  (7)
"Liberals" become more unhinged whether they "win" or lose    04/25/18  (1)
So looking back to any ancient law text, they all specifically had laws for Jews    04/25/18  (6)
Retard Trump: "Cohen won't 'flip' on me," implying there's something to flip abt    04/25/18  (16)
Reminder - if you arent making your age * $15k/year, ur a failure    04/25/18  (17)
How many selfbumps should you do on a thread before acknowledging it just sucks?    04/25/18  (1073)
Hitler may be alive - link    04/25/18  (4)
somebody poast crazy ass serial killer scholarship on here    04/25/18  (151)
DTP should be chained to an obese aging white slut & forced to marry her    04/25/18  (16)
"incel rebellion has already begun. We will overthrow all the Chads and the Stac    04/25/18  (7)
Jews: "Okay, so you're Jesus and Mohammed. That don't impress me much"    04/25/18  (1)
Have u ever watched a show on Animal Planet?    04/25/18  (1)
woman: I am looking for a mind at work    04/25/18  (1)
How did Halford die?    04/25/18  (25)
a donation has been made in your name to the CharlesXII paid OKC account fund    04/25/18  (3)
Incel - Tainted Love.mp3    04/25/18  (1)
Wait so Toronto van driver was actually an Elliot Rodger INCEL?    04/25/18  (45)
Dr Seus book about country that 'bans' everything except the Muslims causing the    04/25/18  (4)
'I understand you have a bone to pick with me...'    04/25/18  (1)
XOs various feuds are like WWE storylines    04/25/18  (8)
other than Hitler & 2018 "US" libs, who else suppressed free speech    04/25/18  (1)
NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY LIFTS: tallmenshoes.com 50% off the store    04/25/18  (2)
Happy Administrative Professional Day, Peterman!    04/25/18  (1)
PDDJ's Mom Wants APOLOGY re "Mean & Vindictive" Dyke Wedding Planner Review    04/25/18  (11)
cops wearing short-pants with little spiky haircuts and polo shirts    04/25/18  (1)
Do Poasters Get Concepts Like Grooming, Bathing, etc?    04/25/18  (3)
*guy living with Johnny Football at the big apartment in CLE*    04/25/18  (1)
Prole Tell: Notch Lapel Tuxedo (Mike Pence PIC)    04/25/18  (18)
Rate these TOLEDO, OHIO ELITES    04/25/18  (31)
TTToledo ain't shit next to xo Cleveland, a world class city    04/25/18  (4)
SPIN | RAT | FUCKS    04/25/18  (1)
katie holmes is from toledo    04/25/18  (1)
180 article on gender imbalance in India and China    04/25/18  (1)
Spaceporn, how's it going w/ ur Kallman's syndrome    04/25/18  (6)
Toledo: Working at Shumaker Loop, kid going to St. Johns, daughter St. Ursula    04/25/18  (1)
Well, it's 2pm, probably time to start doing some actual "work"...    04/25/18  (1)
Should I never leave my 10-4pm, limited stress, 175K job?    04/25/18  (48)
"spin, rat fucks" will go down as the GOAT 2018 XO meme    04/25/18  (18)
when I see kenny's name on xo I read it like the south park mom    04/25/18  (1)
Do Puppydoods Get Concepts Like Us Grooming Them, Humans Bathing, etc?    04/25/18  (4)
Kenny    04/25/18  (5)
paralegal just handed me a letter to sign and it had cookie chocolate on it    04/25/18  (3)
Observation: Losers stay losers    04/25/18  (18)
lawman8, Henry Ford was smarter and richer than you and changed nothing    04/25/18  (11)
Americans taking their political cues from Kanye and Tom Arnold    04/25/18  (2)
Video of mother bitching out cops for pulling over her daughter and friends    04/25/18  (1)
Hey soccermos great FOOTY game on soon. BAYERN MUNCHEN vs REAL MADRID    04/25/18  (1)
boner police and me walk into this thread and only one of us leaves alive    04/25/18  (7)
just yelled at secretary to stop making so many mistakes she's not misty copelan    04/25/18  (4)
The greatest compliment a girl ever gave me, and she never knew what it meant.    04/25/18  (30)
When u absolutely need someone to ravish ur fuckhold...choose damn daddy    04/25/18  (1)
"there are many stable and loving homosexual couples who are great parents"    04/25/18  (33)
Had to go to DMV. 2 loud nigger DMV employees were yelling at each other    04/25/18  (5)
C12: "haha just ghosted another bitch, guy in a first world country, sup?"    04/25/18  (1)
Spoke to rach just now. He's agreed to deny any account requests from BLACKS.    04/25/18  (1)
Majority opposes gay marriage in just two U.S. states, guess which two?    04/25/18  (32)
i am woke as fuck (lisped the big-nosed kike as she was raped by a NIGGER gang)    04/25/18  (2)
Are headhunters mentally ill?    04/25/18  (5)
you know the new TRL on MTV is hosted by a black dude w/a tattoo between his eye    04/25/18  (1)
I can see it in your eyes. You can't do a single fucking fouette.    04/25/18  (15)
What is "the sunken place"? A lot of black ppl on twitter reference this    04/25/18  (2)
PSA: if you want to fund CharlesXII's premium OKC account, cum here    04/25/18  (38)
well ill let you know i voted for Hilary Rodham Clinton so i have tons of sex    04/25/18  (3)
the whole idea of advanced economies was to AVOID labor    04/25/18  (22)
Luis and I pregaming before New Found Glory concert at Staples Center with Coors    04/25/18  (2)
Massage my prostate while I donkey punch your mother, YOU GODDAMN NIGGER    04/25/18  (1)
Any black posters left? Just want to be sure you know that you are NOT WELCOME    04/25/18  (19)
Predictions: Does Trump Rip Up Iran Deal On May 12, Or Bend The Knee To Merkel?    04/25/18  (8)
wait, the toronto terrorist was a MAF incel? holy fuck that's 180    04/25/18  (10)
I am out of the office contemplating the genius of Kanye West    04/25/18  (1)
Do you even fouette?    04/25/18  (1)
Macron's wife is 65yo    04/25/18  (1)
Economist: "Positive signs" for Germany include more divorces, fewer marriages    04/25/18  (35)
Collective Soul Wednesdays    04/25/18  (105)
Would you consider this tattoo "prole"?    04/25/18  (4)
Misty Copeland's cringeworthy lazy performance    04/25/18  (25)
I am literally XO's leading participant in the INCEL economy    04/25/18  (52)
American Ballet Theatre's principal dancer can't do 32 fouettes. LOL    04/25/18  (52)
Literally impossible to be unemployed as a lawyer - tons of court appted shit    04/25/18  (3)
Days after MC final Nishikori retires in his first match in Barcelona #tennis    04/25/18  (3)
Rach, does TSINAH have some real bad shit on you or something?    04/25/18  (3)
Happy Miss Congeniality Day    04/25/18  (1)
Misty Copeland doing dizzy bat at field day and falling over after 3 spins    04/25/18  (2)
UTexas mens sports considering "all FCS and D3 options" (Forbes)    04/25/18  (12)
my prediction is that alberich is a female, b/c a guy running flame would take    04/25/18  (6)
at the top of a list of things I don't care about: 'Kanye West'    04/25/18  (8)
no one here is really mentally ill at all honestly to be honest    04/25/18  (13)
Bobby McFerrin is the New Darling of the Alt-Right (huffpo    04/25/18  (1)
Just wanna give a shoutout to all my haters    04/25/18  (2)
Study: watching interracial porn dramatically reduces prostate cancer risk (link    04/25/18  (4)
Its not too late to maek it: Misty Copeland didnt start dancing until 13    04/25/18  (1)
Libs are trying to make Nebraska stop playing Sirius for the Tunnel Walk.    04/25/18  (1)
reminder: CharlesXII's OKC profile pic=him lecturing tourists on Warren Harding    04/25/18  (1)

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