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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
If I drink 1/2 bottle of red wine/night, am I an alcoholic?    06/19/18  (48)
possible to overcome alcoholism?    06/19/18  (1)
Trumpmos: explain how your life has improved since Nov. 2016    06/19/18  (18)
xo doesn't sexualize evan39 nearly enough    06/19/18  (1)
evan39 lets say what we want on this fraud shit site and internet    06/19/18  (2)
I think my nephew might go very far in sport    06/19/18  (13)
Bad news, New Jersey: even MA is more sane than you re: taxes    06/19/18  (2)
guy can only think in rhymes. diagnosed as cerebral solzy    06/19/18  (32)
cot damn dylan mckay was cool    06/19/18  (6)
How old will you be in 2057?    06/19/18  (16)
Rate this pic of my mom and me from 1975    06/19/18  (38)
what is THE most CR major city in the WORLD to live in    06/19/18  (140)
Jason Bourne here, looking for info about treadstone and whokebe    06/19/18  (18)
Letter from the ABA on forced separations of immigrants    06/19/18  (45)
Sweden's greatest cultural icon and soccer player is a taller version of Luis    06/19/18  (4)
Hillary Clinton utterly devastating tweet re: Comey    06/19/18  (32)
Female moralization parables in sitcoms involve Melvin secretly being Chad    06/19/18  (5)
IG re Strzok: relentless biased comments, no proof of bias    06/19/18  (63)
Rate this Lower Middle Market Private Equity STUD - Cleveland->Shanghai    06/19/18  (6)
Mr. Jinx holding emergency press-conference to deny keeping children in cages    06/19/18  (1)
Xos Bourdain death prediction threads stuns 4chan. Now they want to poast (link    06/19/18  (83)
Goodbye Earl!    06/19/18  (2)
I'm white. How much money do I need to move to Asia.    06/19/18  (45)
hey turds not too late. quit investing in hate and downfall of the sociey u envy    06/19/18  (1)
remember when kanye made it cool to have a violinist play in your hip hop song?    06/19/18  (3)
So letting Stephen Miller dictate policy was a bad idea? Go figure.    06/19/18  (76)
The most profound thing woman asks, the question of all questions: "Is it Chad"    06/19/18  (9)
pre-trump there were suicide threads nearly every night. now? only occasionaly    06/19/18  (8)
refunk, i copped 100 shares of dat CBSH today    06/19/18  (23)
Boner Police? never had the makings of a varsity athlete.    06/19/18  (7)
are homosexuals gay?    06/19/18  (9)
Poastradumbass struggling to cop a 320 SAT verbal    06/19/18  (8)
Is it FAKE NEWS that kids are being separated from parents at border?    06/19/18  (19)
Rate this college slut who gets wet as fuck after chad throws a tv on her (video    06/19/18  (157)
Chances any former xo poster has committed suicide?    06/18/18  (9)
So westworld is utter shit now?    06/18/18  (7)
How long would you last if you were dropped off in the 1300's?    06/18/18  (74)
Rumple Foreskin on Jewish amorality:    06/18/18  (3)
(to "Don't Stop Believing") Just a Chaebong Hyung / A coward piece of human dung    06/18/18  (91)
Weve decided to hire a man with blue hair silk pink panties and purple dress    06/18/18  (1)
luis i finally responded to your email (backspace)    06/18/18  (2)
Weve look over your application and decided that move in another direction    06/18/18  (1)
backspace | holdup | arkan | ALL FUCKING RUSSIANS lmao    06/18/18  (33)
Everytime I go to a dive bar, I throw one's into the urinal    06/18/18  (69)
remember the Chad tug? was 180    06/18/18  (11)
LOL @ this story abt Trump WH struggling to find staff, recruiting at job fairs    06/18/18  (23)
Am I a monster? These "child separations" don't shock my conscience.    06/18/18  (11)
videos from Chuck E. Cheese University now on YouTube    06/18/18  (1)
Tucker going off on the virtue signaling hypocrisy of elites.    06/18/18  (38)
ITT: I have a conversation with nyuug without any memes/tropes/etc    06/18/18  (8)
Joba Fraud chamberlain shot I head outside Lincoln bar thrown in dumpster    06/18/18  (4)
Wife cheated and is pregnant. Need advice.    06/18/18  (17)
die NOWAG, shut up kike, dumb nigger, risten, spin rat fuck, OH MALK!    06/18/18  (1)
If you don't like what we tell you to believe in, we'll kill ya. *guitar music*    06/18/18  (4)
libs love destroying/'splitting' white nuclear families, but suddenly the 'famil    06/18/18  (4)
JFC, 9-2 window to wait for aircon repair people    06/18/18  (63)
Going out with a POASTER tonight in Paris, taking Qs    06/18/18  (23)
Have all the anal sex you want!    06/18/18  (8)
evan39 its hilarious how bullshit and ignorant people are    06/18/18  (1)
Sodomy of the ass is fun    06/18/18  (2)
boner police my band needs a recorder player are you in    06/18/18  (4)
Im moving on up In life you fucking haters! You can all move down    06/18/18  (4)
if no one would ever know, would you rawdog this colombian mtf girl?    06/18/18  (7)
Asian bug people are incompatible with U.S. society    06/18/18  (81)
TT interviews President Trump (transcript)    06/18/18  (27)
What Do White People Want?    06/18/18  (23)
Avocado Toast is actually really good    06/18/18  (17)
WaPo: Deport Republicans and let illegals come into the US    06/18/18  (15)
Michael Cohen indictment and arrest coming this Friday    06/18/18  (7)
night crew is crazy    06/18/18  (1)
Hyped that we can finally be rid of that nerd Chris Hardwick    06/18/18  (35)
When did TT suddenly start posting like an unhinged drunk retard?    06/18/18  (47)
ITT: I call out Tommy Turdskin in the form of a battle rap (NYUUG)    06/18/18  (37)
Explain how what Chris Hardwick did is "assault"    06/18/18  (30)
did TT just retire?    06/18/18  (10)
Did TT make a goodbye post? I wasn't around for the election    06/18/18  (11)
"media" propaganda campaign isn't working    06/18/18  (1)
fat fag boom drowning in nigger kike cum. joba swimming in pu$$y    06/18/18  (5)
No, my firm didnt match haha. Maybe the following Saturday then?    06/18/18  (10)
if you don't like what we tell you to believe in, we'll kill ya *guitar riff*    06/18/18  (4)
If you don't like what we tell you to believe, we'll kill ya    06/18/18  (3)
TT if u ever THINK about unretiring you best put some RESPEKT on my name nigga    06/18/18  (20)
if you don't like what we tell you to believe in, we'll kill you.    06/18/18  (2)
WMTP drives a shitty hyundai -- not flame    06/18/18  (6)
Ex-CIA Chief: We're slowly turning into nazis    06/18/18  (11)
"Ruthless," time-traveling nyuug whispered as the Jap soldier raped his grandma    06/18/18  (9)
Nyuug, why is South Korea's GDP per capita lower than Israel?    06/18/18  (1)
SPLC apologizes inside bros    06/18/18  (20)
are trannies gay?    06/18/18  (4)
Creampie Cathy has died    06/18/18  (9)
Homosexual tell: casually uses the term "way, shape or form"    06/18/18  (1)
chana massala recipe?    06/18/18  (4)
Look I'm sorry but I'm easily one of the most intelligent people here.    06/18/18  (4)
Trump threatens additional tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods    06/18/18  (1)
The Jew wants to molest. He wants to steal your money. He must be stopped    06/18/18  (10)
Xo is lying fraud no one and nothing is same! Shut up    06/18/18  (3)
ITT we estimate the %age of Japanese blood from war rapes in nyuug    06/18/18  (32)
joba richer younger better looking than old fat fraud boooom    06/18/18  (4)
xo 'hottest mom' vintage photo contest    06/18/18  (1)
The entire internet and nearly all frauds irl are lying frauds to be ignored    06/18/18  (1)
Boom Im so OLD    06/18/18  (6)
HBO licensing Wheel of Time, Showtime Belgariad / Malloreon    06/18/18  (2)
Jews: civilized, assimilated, get holocausted. Muslims: violent, crazy, celebrat    06/18/18  (129)
whats w all these old.fucks on here!? jfc. go back to yr amber screens!    06/18/18  (2)
Libs turned the dialogue to a couple hundred fake asylum seekers, while millions    06/18/18  (2)
Drinking a beer, who outted him? (Opera)    06/18/18  (28)
40 y/o uncle made babies with 35 y/o shrew. Kids are all FUCKED UP.    06/18/18  (5)
Do libs forget that any time a single parent is arrested the same shit happens?    06/18/18  (25)
I dumped a packet of red pepper on my fish instead of a packet of parmesan    06/18/18  (10)
I'm seriously disgusted by the poasters who've been hating on wmtp lately.    06/18/18  (2)
Tinder is getting annoying with all the political shit (pics)    06/18/18  (14)
Nyuug is 100 percent Korean, gets odd cravings for Yakitori. why?    06/18/18  (2)
Shocking that watchmen is a chubby little paki who lives with his parents    06/18/18  (7)
Im going to bash damn daddy lying frauds face in    06/18/18  (3)
boom what should i do    06/18/18  (1)
They said Trump would never be POTUS. They say HRC could never be tried and exec    06/18/18  (2)
every night I have a single dark chocolate square and a glass of milk    06/18/18  (5)
Nyuug: Shut the haters down and take my Ancestry DNA challenge    06/18/18  (2)
is tsinah ok after last night? did he get psychiatric help?    06/18/18  (7)
What kind of freak is still a lib today    06/18/18  (4)
Goy Tell: Getting Lox On Your Bagel.    06/18/18  (83)
Charles, what are you benching/squating? Any progress pics?    06/18/18  (12)
Elon Musk w wojack face hissing "I ((know)) who did this!" @ terrified employee    06/18/18  (1)
I want to have grIZZLY ANAL SEX WITH EVERY XO PAOSTER    06/18/18  (1)
nyuug bowing, saying "konnichiwa" to his real grandfather    06/18/18  (3)
White people slowly reappearing in photo from future    06/18/18  (215)
Damn daddy am I autistic?    06/18/18  (6)
Removing a large, crusty booger from nostril    06/18/18  (4)
Damn daddy and I love each other lets suck each other off    06/18/18  (2)
Bagel: "I feel a hole inside me." Bialy: "I'm just a little depressed."    06/18/18  (2)
The Senate needs to start IMPEACHING these faggot federal "judges"    06/18/18  (11)
Here's some 8mm footage of me, dad, and my young son from 1946, after the war:    06/18/18  (1)
At the end of the night I want damn daddy to make at least 10 threads about me.    06/18/18  (3)
Going to fuck damn daddys ass with dildo made out of razorblades    06/18/18  (1)
If this board were any good at all, nyuug's forced moniker would be GYOPO    06/18/18  (9)
I just bought ten more shares of AMZN. Will it be at 3000 by Christmas?    06/18/18  (1)
damn daddy is a fucking monster    06/18/18  (6)
Lol at co poasters that have 40-50+ years left calling themselves old    06/18/18  (5)
"met chilmata at WH this morning. not chill at all. very angry! sad!" (@realdona    06/18/18  (4)
I said maybeeeee, Trump will be the one who saves meeeee    06/18/18  (11)
Chris Pratt gives pro Christian acceptance speech at MTV awards    06/18/18  (1)
Guy who lives in a PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY here, taking questions.    06/18/18  (67)
Rate this pic of my mom and me from 1984    06/18/18  (27)
roided up Chad faggot cops taking Freaks&Geeks lunch money shoving em in lockers    06/18/18  (1)
Damn Daddy I'll keep making the smokey bones reservations. Next yr maybe?    06/18/18  (2)
Trump's "Space Force" proposed uniforms invoke Nazi themes, imagery (WaPost)    06/18/18  (2)
Damn daddy & Boner Police? spitting each other's loaded on each other    06/18/18  (2)
Hillary: is a moral and humanitarian crisis    06/18/18  (1)

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