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What kind of shampoo do you pussys use?    12/14/17  (33)
Holiday message for XO    12/14/17  (2)
Heroin is truly the most 180 substance on God's green earth    12/14/17  (7)
POLL: whjat do you think happens to you after you die    12/14/17  (39)
Latinos are the GOPs only hope    12/14/17  (12)
Most underrated aspect of having a liberal arts education: using allusions    12/14/17  (21)
I'm really sick today and just spent an hour on the phone with a client    12/14/17  (20)
Is there a better short-story than Bartleby The Scrivener?    12/14/17  (9)
Kenny went solo and I've already sent him 10 cases (CSLG)    12/14/17  (71)
chandler is a top 5 poaster    12/14/17  (3)
Remember BAT tokens? Lol    12/14/17  (1)
where do they even find southerners like Mitch McConnell and 'Doug Jones'?    12/14/17  (1)
Looper on Kansas City    12/14/17  (1)
lol @ that emaciated polar bear all over facebook.    12/14/17  (9)
Thank you to whoever recommended going all in on LTC @ $30. Best purchase ever.    12/14/17  (2)
Wife is pregnant. Insists on taking benzos since she can't drink. Bad for baby?    12/14/17  (5)
Why does Taco Bell put so much mayo in its Mexican food    12/14/17  (27)
Want to spend about 60k on a truck with crypto. How do I avoid getting taxed?    12/14/17  (7)
chandler's wife at calishitlaw meeting, "I can do the firm's social media"    12/14/17  (7)
Chandler is bringing his WIFE to a business meeting. Lmao.    12/14/17  (30)
Chandler turned CSG down because his wife told him NO    12/14/17  (15)
Chandler's wife raising a hand mid sentence, "I'm not done talking"    12/14/17  (5)
board is ttt    12/14/17  (4)
Wait the corn at chipotle is a salsa?    12/14/17  (5)
You need to bill more. This isn't a charity. (service partner averaging 40hr/mo)    12/14/17  (1)
Imagine using a looted Buffalo Wild Wings as cover in some internecine US confli    12/14/17  (4)
Crypto Crash Incoming. You've been warned.    12/14/17  (9)
Volokh -- the University has a Code of Conduct.    12/14/17  (433)
By eliminating illegal labor, Trump is killing Americans    12/14/17  (5)
Just find a niche and specialize in it! (gen lit boomer who inherited $10mm book    12/14/17  (3)
US agriculture 'on brink of collapse' due to labor shortage. Thanks Trumptards!    12/14/17  (116)
Why does xo glamorize moving to hometown so much?    12/14/17  (27)
How come women don't go bald?    12/14/17  (4)
How to make your Chipotle burrito 86% bigger, for free (no guac trick    12/14/17  (30)
Where do you even find jobs that require a college degree?    12/14/17  (3)
NYPD launches program allowing JDs to join as detectives immediately    12/14/17  (68)
The rural Midwest is incredibly depressing, so isolated, lots of druggies    12/14/17  (30)
of counsel at my firm is also the OC for a DIII football team    12/14/17  (1)
Rate this Oxford undergrad    12/14/17  (20)
My posting career on xo    12/14/17  (17)
outside of an actual crypto board, i wonder if xo has the most gainz by volume    12/14/17  (2)
Guac trick for buying crypto (link)    12/14/17  (2)
Democrats really could annihlate the current iteration of the GOP    12/14/17  (47)
"Entropy is winning, haha" *downs Guinness as 40 TVs blare deat at Buffalo Wild    12/14/17  (4)
"entropies the white race and the United States into nothingness*    12/14/17  (1)
date: "But what are you PASSIONATE about?" u: *panic attack*    12/14/17  (32)
Did you guys know there is a Spanish LSAT?    12/14/17  (2)
Moving back to my hometown with my LTC money. Will basically be a god.    12/14/17  (1)
The only way to withstand SJWism is increasing net worth    12/14/17  (4)
''We are indeed in a struggle to preserve our republic''    12/14/17  (6)
Paid off 225k worth of law school loans with BTC gains. Buying first home w/ ETH    12/14/17  (7)
pictures from a dogecoin meetup    12/14/17  (64)
The Next Eth    12/14/17  (3)
xo psychoanalyzing me    12/14/17  (11)
im beginning to understand the importance of WMTP, need order on a chaotic board    12/14/17  (9)
At what age did you realize you're not young anymore and that time really is    12/14/17  (8)
service partner shedding his outer skin, screaming, returning to the ground    12/14/17  (2)
All the ACP's plz stand up, plz stand up    12/14/17  (1)
Just bought 55 ETH. Lol at all you sellcucks. You'll be sorry.    12/14/17  (9)
I'm a famous poster on My Posting Career. I steal xo memes.    12/14/17  (2)
I'm an ACP btw    12/14/17  (1)
Hey! Sellcucks! Leave them ETH alone!    12/14/17  (24)
Never understood rich parents wanting their kids to strive in a profession    12/14/17  (57)
So is dirte retired nao?    12/14/17  (4)
ETH TANKING to $222. LJL @ Buycucks    12/14/17  (1)
*rings town bell* BUYING ETH FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR *sellcucks pop out window    12/14/17  (12)
Cart driver: "Bring out your ETH!" *sellcucks run to cart*    12/14/17  (5)
Think any Docs will get PWNED in crypto crash?    12/14/17  (1)
*roy moore shows up to senate on day 1* "I won. There was a recount."    12/14/17  (2)
100s of service partners die every year from colons perforated by horse penises    12/14/17  (2)
More dentists killself than even lawyers - why?    12/14/17  (8)
Another 5 inches...    12/14/17  (8)
ETH MOONING to $222. LJL @ Sellcucks    12/14/17  (6)
Asian women: whores Asian men: sniveling cowards    12/14/17  (7)
Kenny and CW sprinting to the top of a mountain, "The Cave" playing in backgroun    12/14/17  (8)
Salecuckolds    12/14/17  (1)
So Omarosa was physically dragged from the White House?    12/14/17  (5)
sellcucks    12/14/17  (3)
why shouldnt i buy 20k worth of cardano @ $0.13 and forget it?    12/14/17  (19)
Moore: I lost because of Russian interference    12/14/17  (1)
LJL @ sellcucks    12/14/17  (8)
REMINDER: Peterman said if ETH reaches 700 he would be set for life    12/14/17  (8)
Tax reform will not pass due to Jones, and Trump will not    12/14/17  (3)
Sellcucks    12/14/17  (3)
Hey 90 IQ Trumptards, I told you that Jones was going to win    12/14/17  (5)
went to a party last year where half the people sang carols and half yelled    12/14/17  (2)
Fucking LOL @ this Litecoin price chart!    12/14/17  (12)
Real talk: LTC is the biggest flame crypto of all    12/14/17  (6)
Just logged into an old BTC mining account from undergrad. I have 13 BTC lol    12/14/17  (3)
Black leftist here: the demonization of whites really disturbs.    12/14/17  (84)
BUMP when Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore    12/14/17  (11)
Zero doubt that Jones beats Moore    12/14/17  (5)
If ACP had done crypto earlier, he could poast all day    12/14/17  (5)
Friend sent me DOGECOIN. Is this some secret signal that he wants to wife swap?    12/14/17  (1)
Missing Bitcoin is going to be one of my life's regrets    12/14/17  (68)
the crypto discussions on worldstarhiphop.com are hilarious    12/14/17  (36)
Ball brothers new coach in Lithuania sells meat out of his truck after games    12/14/17  (10)
Litecoin LTC might hit $15 in next few days, not flame    12/14/17  (50)
Alcoholic, gonna die from it, drinking tonight, taking Qs    12/14/17  (44)
Like every post on my Facebook is an Alabama victory post    12/14/17  (7)
UCI students strip down for Undie Run    12/14/17  (2)
any xo pos knock a girl up and leave, never looking back?    12/14/17  (3)
"Comedians" need to cut the political crap and make with the laughs    12/14/17  (1)
~10 xo poasters, due to crypto, can retire    12/14/17  (3)
Reminders: STEM will be oversaturated within 10 years.......    12/14/17  (3)
Nigs chimp out over AA Harvard acceptance    12/14/17  (62)
What happened to the phineasgage food truck    12/14/17  (17)
The next crypto crash is about to catch us all off guard. Selling my ETH at 800    12/14/17  (5)
GQ, Esquire, faggy 'men's magazines' running essays abt how 'cool' Obama was    12/14/17  (22)
twin sisters fool around with eachother all the time?    12/14/17  (5)
i literally owe my life to exeunt    12/14/17  (27)
Obama's former speechwriter can get any girl he wants    12/14/17  (31)
XO is almost unreadable b/c I'm reminded of crypto MISSES    12/14/17  (4)
Cash out all my LTC right now and quit my job?    12/14/17  (2)
This past week I've made almost 150k on crypto. Lol at ppl saying it's too late    12/14/17  (6)
When did everyone on xo trade alcohol for benzos?    12/14/17  (18)
Watchmen, rate my brand new moniker.    12/14/17  (1)
non-property owners, congrats on tax cuts, we're gonna save like 4K    12/14/17  (1)
evan39 running lamest schtick on xo, morons here spend hours talking about it    12/13/17  (2)
FLASHBACK: Spackler vs diesel at the 2013 Barrister Boy finals    12/13/17  (69)
I think I have mild delirium tremens    12/13/17  (9)
I can't button the top button on most of my dress shirts :(    12/13/17  (6)
The original Siamese twins did WGWAG, had 21 kids, became Confederates    12/13/17  (24)
I pwned some chick at work who made fun of my corduroy jacket    12/13/17  (16)
Naw, naw, naw, not God BLESS XO ...    12/13/17  (1)
"Halford touched me in more ways than I could point out on a doll"    12/13/17  (1)
Peterman may now have 1MM in crypto    12/13/17  (11)
If exeunt hadn't chosen to post here none of us would be crypto rich    12/13/17  (7)
What kind of shampoo do your pussys use?    12/13/17  (2)
so now board trumpmos say they didn't support Moore, thought he'd lose!? ljl    12/13/17  (1)
"Well, it's complicated, I'm an atheist but I'm culturally Jewish" (Pope Francis    12/13/17  (18)
lol Democrats won in ALABAMA and Hillary couldn't win WISCONSIN    12/13/17  (30)
STEM is unappealing    12/13/17  (5)
fuck bros! i cant eat spicy food any more! i will shit myself within 10 minutes    12/13/17  (23)
Bannon is a fag, Trump's a fag, Spencers a fag - I am taking over the right wing    12/13/17  (5)
Is EPAH low T? explain his rancid shitlibbery    12/13/17  (44)
Happy Hanukkah! Love & Light to all    12/13/17  (1)
If you wore a shirt that said "NOT FLAME" in a HYS library, how many ppl would    12/13/17  (5)
Don me now my gay apparel (Earl)    12/13/17  (30)
the gatormo philanthropic organization, XOXO ORG is financing...    12/13/17  (1)
what do you think being a cop in New Orleans is like    12/13/17  (1)
I'm a tall Asian guy with a BAC. How do I get girls?    12/13/17  (13)
Lib tendency for betrayal found to be inherited in an "autosomal dominant" patte    12/13/17  (4)
Did anyone make $ on Dogecoin?    12/13/17  (5)
Any XO tinychat bros    12/13/17  (17)
"If yew hear 'optics', and ain't THINKIN about yer SCOPE, yew might be an MBA."    12/13/17  (3)
the autoadmit dream is over    12/13/17  (13)
Watch how much this lawyer bleeds out of mouth/nose after being shot with arrow    12/13/17  (13)

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