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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
wild strawberries | sunlight | love | the smell of the country | living | joy    12/12/17  (8)
My aunt made fun of me for living with my parents at 26    12/12/17  (16)
Chaucer's movie recommendations (for Prince and Others):    12/12/17  (1)
Met the perfect girl again.    12/12/17  (9)
"All posts are nothing to me!" screeched the fearful egoist weighed down by all    12/12/17  (3)
xo women: would you let Trump grab you by the pussy?    12/12/17  (1)
Watched the film "Wild Strawberries" - soulless strivers REAMED    12/12/17  (3)
To Live and Die in LA is a very good movie and you should see it    12/12/17  (16)
dvp do you have any things that weigh down on you spiritually    12/12/17  (10)
SAD why are you obsessed w getting a commission in the military ur too short    12/12/17  (2)
Adult temper tantrums    12/12/17  (2)
I imagine the real DVP is throwing a fit at all the comparisons to me (DTP)    12/12/17  (14)
*XO dependents weigh you down spiritually* "....more weight."    12/12/17  (2)
Pat Buchanan blows out Rex Tillerson's hold in latest column:    12/12/17  (1)
John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion).mp3    12/12/17  (1)
Most amazing thing about DTP is his utter lack of empathy for others.    12/12/17  (14)
Will NYT have dial for Alabama race?    12/12/17  (2)
John kerry came surprisingly close in '04 considering his rancid TTT campaign    12/12/17  (7)
I rike a Kilsten Girribland    12/12/17  (9)
Are hotel bars filled with stressed out biz travel shrews looking for dick?    12/12/17  (3)
dat gakk    12/12/17  (30)
ryder, here, taking questions and administering the rating of you're choice    12/12/17  (59)
I hope everyone had a day full of production and consumption.    12/12/17  (8)
LJL at 'men' who haven't seen To Live and Die in LA    12/12/17  (2)
To live and die in XO, it's the place to be    12/12/17  (2)
What's it like to watch To Live and Die in LA?    12/12/17  (6)
What's it like to live and die in L.A.?    12/12/17  (4)
The original Siamese twins did WGWAG, had 21 kids, became Confederates    12/12/17  (9)
ragnus, love you man    12/12/17  (4)
are you, or do you know someone, who suffers from nocoin?    12/12/17  (6)
Reminder: Joi from Blade Runner    12/12/17  (8)
Rate this SoCal chick in her 20s SFW    12/12/17  (3)
U.S. not granting loan relief to defrauded students: inspector general    12/12/17  (2)
Lol Ragnus was born to be the whipping boy / footstool of some woman (DTP)    12/12/17  (1)
Heartburn sufferers get ITT    12/12/17  (12)
Guy I know moved from abroad to NYC for mail order bride    12/12/17  (2)
Why do whites make fun of Mexicans for having Kids at ages 19-21    12/12/17  (6)
What are your election night Trump victory party plans?    12/12/17  (12)
I am gay and can tell you for sure that penis size is extremely important    12/12/17  (6)
Don't drink too much at the holiday party! Expecting 12 billables tomorrow!    12/12/17  (45)
Pretty cool we can get cell phone service from Comcast now.    12/12/17  (3)
Ragnus: "I married her & hoped a miracle would happen. When it didn't.." (DTP)    12/12/17  (4)
Ragnus: "Even tho it was a green card marriage, i thought she'd love me" (DTP)    12/12/17  (3)
her furry crotch was rubbing against him, her nuzzles and nibbles incessant    12/12/17  (1)
Corp Warrior here.    12/12/17  (19)
Ullah fambly releases statement re: their terrorist brother    12/12/17  (36)
which poaster is the "Nickelback" of xo?    12/12/17  (6)
Quit smoking, just passed 1,000 days    12/12/17  (9)
finally withdrew my green card petition for soon-to-be ex-wife    12/12/17  (19)
McDonald's doing two big macs for $5...how is this legal?    12/12/17  (2)
Summon: Nyuug: how old were you when you lost your virginity?    12/12/17  (19)
FACT: The Clinton campaign colluded with Russia    12/12/17  (2)
moderately chubby cheerful gf says she's gonna be in China 3/4 of her time    12/12/17  (29)
Hypo: the guys from Chainsmokers walk into a bar in NYC/LA    12/12/17  (8)
friends come ITT and chat w me. bored.    12/12/17  (10)
PSA: new Netflix original show "Atypical" is 180. About 18 y/o with autism    12/12/17  (3)
Why does every website have to have embedded video with audio    12/12/17  (3)
less appreciated part of libs implosion is they have no hopeful message of futur    12/12/17  (27)
Help me find a fat camp retreat    12/12/17  (2)
Bold Prediction: Doug Jones by 3.    12/12/17  (3)
Oh look a female poster is taking questions.    12/12/17  (2)
Ive literally watched more than ten Hallmark Christmas movies this month    12/12/17  (5)
A List of All the White Nationalities I Have Fucked in 2017: (NYUUG)    12/12/17  (35)
im bored sad and gassy. someone help    12/12/17  (7)
Rate the bathrooms at Lyft (pic    12/12/17  (8)
San Francisco rent is so expensive that a law firm bought a $3 million plane to    12/12/17  (15)
ljl cardi b calls out lil boosie but it should be boosie bad ass    12/12/17  (1)
taking adderall and playing league of legends all day    12/12/17  (4)
ITT: a gay japanese man makes you an artisan cocktail    12/12/17  (3)
gf won't go to sleep because she's 'worried the bees are dying'    12/12/17  (8)
BOBBY DIGITAL here. I've planned your deluxe tour of Charleston, SC    12/12/17  (25)
Rate this Thai Naval Officer    12/12/17  (6)
wife walks in on you passed out drunk, asmr videos on repeat    12/12/17  (16)
In a Post-Weinstein World, Sex Parties Are the New Safe Spaces    12/12/17  (13)
rate this lil uzi vert music video    12/12/17  (33)
jmaw come ITT and GAKK w me    12/12/17  (5)
kinda getting into black metal lately    12/12/17  (1)
What should i name my solo firm?    12/12/17  (4)
"Part and parcel" is completely insane    12/12/17  (2)
Just copped ~$150,000 from BIG BOUTIQUE LAW, loling at cravath    12/12/17  (30)
I don't know if I can do this anymore    12/12/17  (3)
seems wrong for women to shine shoes    12/12/17  (3)
I wish I was a baller    12/12/17  (6)
I've probably gotten my dick sucked by over 5,300 people.    12/12/17  (4)
2050: the world is made up of bug people, mud people, and turbanheads.Whites MIA    12/12/17  (4)
libs are absolutely insane and must be stopped    12/12/17  (6)
sitting in a dark room chomping addys like pacman    12/12/17  (15)
They think I'm rich. They want my bitch. They want my car. They think I'm a star    12/12/17  (2)
Suggest s book to read pls    12/12/17  (4)
Reminder: Obama asked British Intelligence to spy on Trump    12/12/17  (6)
HoldUp and I naming our first child 'Adolf Luis Faggot'    12/12/17  (9)
*stands outside boner polices window, boombox blasting peter gabriel*    12/12/17  (3)
This new Doug DeMuro vid is pimpin. (link)    12/12/17  (4)
Who here enjoys fucking Latin femboys?    12/12/17  (16)
Kate Steinle killer was overcharged. Lmao. No evidence for murder.    12/12/17  (2)
PROLE TELL: owning less than 40000 ETH    12/12/17  (29)
thoughts on weekend? few remixes are good    12/12/17  (8)
My doc increased my adderrall doseage btw    12/12/17  (14)
So they found Ancient Egyptian porn    12/12/17  (11)
Anyone get really annoyed at your parents sometimes? JFC sometimes these ppl    12/12/17  (3)
does cardi b write her own lyrics? nahhh    12/12/17  (1)
Gatormo how do you avoid ennui/boredom after maeking it    12/12/17  (11)
now that GOP showed its cards to wealthy blue staters    12/12/17  (7)
Greenwald: Media suffered its most embarrassing debacle in ages (link)    12/12/17  (67)
Rate this cover of Escape (if you like pina coladas) - actually pretty neat    12/12/17  (5)
McCabe can run but he can't hide    12/12/17  (3)
Had you killed urself 5 years ago you'd be no longer suffering on this earth :)    12/12/17  (5)
Wealth really does beget wealth. Richmos have it good.    12/12/17  (7)
Pitchfork's song of 2017 is.........BODAK YELLOW by Cardi B!    12/12/17  (4)
FATMOS: Do Lyle Mcdonald's Rapid Fat Loss and change ur life    12/12/17  (189)
Wait a second, everybody here, I'm the ghetto Oprah. You know what that mean?    12/12/17  (1)
Asian support for Democrats is much more pathetic than blacks support for Democr    12/12/17  (51)
Remind e: a tiny $25,000 investment in ETH in March, you'd be a millionaire now    12/12/17  (20)
my dream: riding around like a baby kangaroo in vulva of 30 ft tall giantess    12/12/17  (4)
Had you bought $25k worth of Bitcoin 5 years ago you'd be worth $20mm    12/12/17  (9)
Reminder: a little less autism in ur youth, you'd be off xoxo enjoying life now    12/12/17  (1)
Is tinychat fun should I do it next time    12/12/17  (4)
So the "Roy Moore mysteriously missing" stories were fake news?    12/12/17  (3)
I wish Luis were here to blank bump me    12/12/17  (1)
What is the economy of a state like ALABAMA driven by?    12/12/17  (25)
I wish I was a better person    12/12/17  (5)
There is only one credited place to live in the United States, Name it ITT    12/12/17  (75)
I've probably gotten my dick sucked by over 300 people.    12/12/17  (37)
The most psychedelic claymation I've ever seen    12/12/17  (6)
Asian confederates have only this shitty YouTube video as a memorial    12/12/17  (1)
hypothesis: incest fetish is response to atomized individualism, a need for a re    12/12/17  (4)
ITT we discuss the unsustainability of the American military industrial complex    12/12/17  (13)
So FPLB = gay muslim apologist?    12/12/17  (1)
Would anyone here fuck Lori from Shark Tank?    12/12/17  (11)
Breaking: Roy Moore turned down opportunity to fuck underage girls in Vietnam    12/12/17  (2)
Are STRAIGHT MEN actually being convinced that FUCKING TRANNIES ISN'T GAY??!!?!?    12/12/17  (32)
lmao @ manlet Robert Herjavek getting cucked every night on Shark Tank    12/12/17  (7)
PSA: it's not gay if you close your eyes during the blowjob    12/12/17  (2)
reminder: you literally sucked your mom's nipples for months on end you perv    12/12/17  (14)
We are moving toward a ONE WORLD SATANIC GOVERNMENT    12/12/17  (3)
Wish all my friends were here instead of degermately trading crypto    12/12/17  (2)
cute college boys with tiny flaccid penises poking out    12/12/17  (1)
1. Height, 2. Weight, 3. Favorite TV Channel, 4. Do u wear glasses, 5. Do u have    12/12/17  (2)
Breaking News: Sen. Gillibrand Calls on Trumo to Resign!    12/12/17  (45)
Copped # from a hot as FUCK 19 year old UMiami UG last night    12/12/17  (61)
nyuug, ever got into a fist fight?    12/12/17  (1)
Bump this thread and pray for Roy Moore    12/12/17  (5)
so at start of Civil War jr US officers instantly ranked up to CSA generals?    12/12/17  (4)
Am I the only guy here who would rather fuck Barbara than Lori on Shark Tank?    12/12/17  (6)
ITT: we discuss how fucking fat you are    12/12/17  (9)
Anyone else here SMALL?    12/12/17  (10)
Im watching this Belichic interview and its awkward as fuck    12/12/17  (5)
Whole milk. Zinc. Cigarettes. Whiskey. Oysters. Brazil Nuts. Coconut Water. AIDS    12/12/17  (2)
2011 Craigslist: "legal associate, 30K, no benefits" *gets 134 applicants*    12/12/17  (13)

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