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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/16/19  (268)
Trump soaring among Hispanics.    03/18/19  (5)
Many adults not saving    03/18/19  (58)
Well that didn't last long. Go to any MSM right now. Shooting in Europe...Guess    03/18/19  (9)
Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery would for sure have been a poaster    03/18/19  (11)
Shrews all gassed up on Monday from weekend of green beer and cabbage    03/18/19  (3)
Beto modeling his campaign off of PUNK ROCK. Its over, Trumpkins    03/18/19  (3)
Peterman's audition video for Charmin commercial    03/18/19  (1)
$8 trillion saved can I buy a condo (xo poast    03/18/19  (4)
Secretary smeared hummus all over my keyboard because comment about her weight    03/18/19  (1)
please, im a total fucking whore and i will do anything for money.    03/18/19  (1)
XO's new fav Aussie senator punches kid after getting egged    03/18/19  (47)
Jolly Ranchers were the most highly-valued currency at my grade school    03/18/19  (12)
praying the rosary not flame but each bead its “please dont let MPA break up w    03/18/19  (1)
cant stop listening to raggae    03/18/19  (1)
Will there be retaliation for NZ terror attack? If so, what's it likely to be?    03/18/19  (3)
Is it expected that Electricians get shocked often? How badly?    03/18/19  (11)
Max house with 500k HHI, 500k down payment? 2.5M doable or no?    03/18/19  (5)
Started wearing nicotine patches for added alertness    03/18/19  (17)
admit it you were a big tool fan and now youre here    03/18/19  (5)
rate this lobster    03/18/19  (3)
shooting on train in Utrectht    03/18/19  (4)
I hate people who call their cars "my DAILY DRIVER"    03/18/19  (40)
think back to elementary school: they lied to you everyday    03/18/19  (29)
Rate this 53-year-old woman who has an adult crush on you    03/18/19  (1)
Imagine being moneyed European investing in South Beach dindu thunderdome (vids)    03/18/19  (2)
Trumpmos, get ready to be livid    03/18/19  (2)
850k HHI - 1.8M mortgage too high?    03/18/19  (4)
83yo Mick Jagger re-records vocals to all Stones songs, orders return of CDs, LP    03/18/19  (1)
if the person's decent    03/18/19  (1)
Uva instate law tuition: $60,700. Out of state : $63,700    03/18/19  (18)
rate this Ukrainian girl with oafish tits (pic)    03/18/19  (14)
Vile. Amoral. Subhuman. Criminal.    03/18/19  (5)
350k HHI - about to drop $950k on a house - crazy?    03/18/19  (11)
retard tell: having a credit card in 2019    03/18/19  (28)
Back on the Yang Gang by The Pretenders    03/18/19  (8)
My favorite Jolly Rancher flavor used to be Cherry until I discovered Fruit Punc    03/18/19  (2)
new lawsuit claims US Senate inherently violates Equal Protection clause    03/18/19  (10)
Daily reminder: libs are garbage, heads filled with trash, best to ignore    03/18/19  (1)
Your employee's husband constantly telling people you have mental health issues    03/18/19  (3)
Rate this 34yo woman's skin quality    03/18/19  (7)
$250K HHI - about to murder suicide wife and three kids - crazy?    03/18/19  (2)
REMINDER: Men not in the labor force enjoy 8 hours of leisure a day    03/18/19  (47)
evan39 plea$e $pend the $3 on a powerball ticket friend(Boom)    03/18/19  (3)
The Pretenders - Back on the Yang Gang.mp3    03/18/19  (4)
Who’s the gook comma pumo spamming shit this morning?    03/18/19  (2)
"I should get paid more," thought the teacher leaving work at 3PM    03/18/19  (91)
"I work too hard," thought the teacher from home on her "admin day"    03/18/19  (1)
"Folks, dont get met started on this 'Yang' guy" *Trump pulls eyes to a slant*    03/18/19  (3)
Bruce Willis just tweeted: "UBI, yay, motherfucker!" (link)    03/18/19  (2)
THIS IS WHAT LIBERALS WANT: your child to suffer (link)    03/18/19  (6)
Spaceporn here    03/18/19  (23)
Me and luis listening to the Fruit Bats on road trip, holding hands silently    03/18/19  (15)
that's the sound of the memes working for the Yang.... Gaa-aang    03/18/19  (6)
Statehood for Puerto Rico and DC!!!    03/18/19  (5)
Is there any way to stop Puerto Rico from becoming a state once Dems are in powe    03/18/19  (6)
How exactly does a fucking potato con people into thinking he’s a spic?    03/18/19  (5)
Milk Turk just arrive    03/18/19  (1)
Puerto Rico Statehood Poll: The more the merrier OR it will fuck up our flag??    03/18/19  (24)
Democrats are going to make Puerto Rico a US State by 2021    03/18/19  (93)
State of Virginia experimenting with Agile Scrum in the classroom (WaPo)    03/18/19  (1)
Doctors admit they really have no clue wtf is going on    03/18/19  (5)
Nate Silver endorses Andrew Yang    03/18/19  (11)
Explain lifelong circles of friends where everyone dates, cheats w/ everyone els    03/18/19  (6)
Ben garrison nails Beto’s nose    03/18/19  (2)
Can American Airlines sue Yahoo over today's home page photo?    03/18/19  (5)
"US" dem heroes (bill, hillary, o'rourke) are legit psychos?    03/18/19  (4)
do u all get why me & crazy pills say "US" libs w/ the quotes    03/18/19  (8)
my psychiatrist buddy read some of beto's "poems" & vomited    03/18/19  (2)
LaMarcus you going to Ivy Madness?    03/18/19  (22)
Dem here. Hillary supporters really are vindictive savages    03/18/19  (7)
British Muslims Fear Backlash After Tomorrow's Train Bombing    03/18/19  (171)
This Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot vid is pretty good    03/18/19  (5)
my stepdad just died. massive stroke at 62.    03/18/19  (12)
Humanity fucked: Herpes virus reactivates and goes BUCKWILD when you're in space    03/18/19  (1)
you guys think I'm joking about 7-11 rewards program but I'm not    03/18/19  (26)
You could stay or become single get rich fast.. live off next to nothing    03/18/19  (5)
in nyc until friday if anyone wants to meet up at all (fratty)    03/18/19  (28)
How do people live making less than $200k?    03/18/19  (89)
Evan 39th floor. Evan $3.9 million dollar net worth.    03/18/19  (7)
So Beto posted on anon chatbort in 87 and it’s found now? LJL at XO    03/18/19  (57)
rate this closing argument about a wrongfully killed dog    03/18/19  (45)
why do people on here think that low iq is a curse? seems like a blessing to me    03/18/19  (2)
reddit is starting to have NOT OKAY thoughts    03/18/19  (13)
The Attorney General of Texas reads AutoAdmit.    03/18/19  (129)
your future wife puking up half-digested Lunchables in a Big Lots parking lot    03/18/19  (15)
XO Aussie Sen. Fraser is attacked by protestor, immediately clocks him (VIDEO)    03/18/19  (5)
Panera, over-rated bread?    03/18/19  (6)
feel like BLACKEDRAW sub-series has not been given enough credit on xo    03/18/19  (1)
90% of xo’s non-Asians can’t see their cock without sucking in their gut    03/18/19  (7)
BOM it's all waiting for us but "they" are too weak    03/18/19  (1)
You could have it all but you just don’t get it    03/18/19  (3)
"Draining the grease" from bacon is flame. Ppl ate bacon before paper towels    03/18/19  (3)
Pantera, over-rated band?    03/18/19  (45)
Business idea: laundromat for money    03/18/19  (4)
i would literally never do anything productive without extrinsic pressures    03/18/19  (1)
charles, you should hit up this DC CGWBT "journalist"    03/18/19  (14)
Up In The Air captures 2009 America perfectly    03/18/19  (5)
Will rampant inflation fuck those who have been saving money?    03/18/19  (4)
Andrew Yang entering debate stage to "Money for Nothing"    03/18/19  (1)
Quarterly meeting of GC overlords determining the fate of the global economy    03/18/19  (2)
Can’t believe this moniker was still available    03/18/19  (5)
These Professors Make More Than a Thousand Bucks an Hour Peddling Mega-Mergers    03/18/19  (6)
Yang subtly pandering to white nationalists    03/18/19  (5)
The US lacks necessary social and political institutions    03/18/19  (7)
Remember when GWB got elected and the gas prices promptly went to almost $4/gal    03/18/19  (3)
If you guys had a choice would you pick UBI or student loan forgiveness?    03/18/19  (18)
Intellect/Imagination - 96 Conscientiousness - 3    03/18/19  (1)
libs are big gay    03/18/19  (1)
race realist andy griffith    03/18/19  (1)
Pick your wife’s weight. It’s now your IQ.    03/18/19  (6)
60 minutes/hour, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 31/days month, etc    03/18/19  (3)
Affirmative autism    03/18/19  (2)
BIZ IDEA: act like an absolute fucking retard    03/18/19  (4)
Many adults not worth saving    03/18/19  (3)
There is nothing worse for a society— not even nuclear war— than libs' prese    03/18/19  (3)
Perils of Inhouse- Bonus tied to market's performance    03/18/19  (4)
what networking events do biglawyers go to in the dc area    03/18/19  (8)
Your future wife's internal monologue: the looney toons theme, endlessly looping    03/18/19  (39)
Spaceprawn! You get warranty for kid dis time?    03/18/19  (2)
“Upon death, nude peterman floated into the all-knowing anus” (Truckers 2:12    03/18/19  (37)
Why do I need to “save for retirement” when I’ll be nearly dead by the    03/18/19  (10)
King of Cryptp DTP/Gatormo tell us what happens to crypto next    03/18/19  (7)
Rating you as interactions between nubile young women and CharlesXII    03/18/19  (31)
"Sysco Truck Just Arrive", say local kids as they see Dupa coming    03/18/19  (3)
Grace Rubenstein-Chen-Goldberg    03/18/19  (6)
Inspired by DTP, here is Big 5 Personality Test. What are your results?    03/18/19  (16)
Anyone know what a black hole is    03/18/19  (21)
The 2020 Dem nominee will be Sanders, Yang, or a long shot.    03/18/19  (2)
Hey, Kids, Chill. Your Elders Know a Little Bit    03/18/19  (4)
How does water go "up" a dry paper towel touching water?    03/18/19  (12)
Estimated HHI of Huxtable family on "The Cosby Show"?    03/18/19  (4)
Rica mami    03/18/19  (1)
Why do nigs and spics always say "nah wha I mean" after everything they say    03/18/19  (1)
Need at least $10M to retire, or is $8M enough?    03/18/19  (1)
Legit lol how lawman and upset jew vacilate between vitriol and adoration    03/18/19  (2)
Lmao HBO has a special about Adnan Syed    03/18/19  (16)
The West is one big meta death cult    03/18/19  (24)
Reminder that living in city leads to measurable increase in anxiety, depression    03/18/19  (6)
Fever dropping; revolutionary SubComs coalescing into new syndicates    03/18/19  (1)
"I'm so in control that I'm out of control" (GC)    03/18/19  (3)
Haha I'm teh motherfuckin Soetoro! Love diversity! USA's fuckhole is a disaster    03/18/19  (17)
ARISE WAGECUCKS! Another week of service to your ratfaced masters awaits!    03/18/19  (48)
Gavin Newsom says the most dangerous words today are “Be A Man” (the view)    03/18/19  (7)
*hikes up dad jeans* *poasts*    03/18/19  (4)
lmao don't think i'll be doing any adulting today!    03/18/19  (2)
2020 Employment Package: cubicle trough constantly filled w nutrition pellets    03/18/19  (6)
Sysco truck delivering your bland, pesticide-ridden feed for the week    03/18/19  (5)
Apps | Tattoos | Capitalist nightmares    03/18/19  (3)

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