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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/16/18  (143)
How is there a board for retarded “coins” but not options?    10/16/18  (1)
BoSox Brewers WS will be 180000    10/16/18  (1)
A certain chill kind of 100 yrs of women in public life destroying civilization    10/16/18  (23)
this place sucks. no one even discusses law school prestige anymore.    10/16/18  (1)
New York Times releases article on the NPC meme    10/16/18  (71)
life hack: dont care about what happens to strangers    10/16/18  (16)
there’s literally nothing to gain in the blue pill world    10/16/18  (5)
Are Canali shirts Cr?    10/16/18  (3)
My daddy served in the army    10/16/18  (5)
Women and blacks evolved to be present and in the moment?    10/16/18  (7)
Former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussing U Mich football on Twitter    10/16/18  (20)
Amazon and Target etc are suing to be able to reject CHASE SAPPHIRE RESERVE card    10/16/18  (16)
Does your hard cock reach you bellybutton when you're lying on your back?    10/16/18  (3)
log cabin republicans👨‍👦‍
   10/16/18  (1)
NYCHA tenants' apartments have rats, laundry in units (!)    10/16/18  (2)
Rate my current lifting #’s (Earl)    10/16/18  (47)
honestly, id probably eat the flesh of someone i didn't know/like    10/16/18  (1)
Rate George Lynch circa 1989 just fucking around on guitar in the studio    10/16/18  (1)
can i just have one more moondance with you, my coin    10/16/18  (5)
im the only person here qualified to give life advice    10/16/18  (10)
LOL @ this picture of Stormy Daniels after case tossed    10/16/18  (4)
Luis what do u think of morning in America’s persian wife    10/16/18  (16)
Trump= Lone Ranger Horseface= Silver Warren= Tonto    10/16/18  (2)
Filbert from Rockos modern life, faced w another Monday, runs hose from muffler    10/16/18  (5)
A Saudi killed a Saudi in Turkey oh knows    10/16/18  (14)
Squi had the bone saw.    10/16/18  (1)
Cut my body into pieces/this is my last report (Khsahoggi)    10/16/18  (12)
Rach, when can we change our monikers again? Right now we can't    10/16/18  (1)
Hey tow truck driver fag I want to rearrange your face with a tire iron    10/16/18  (21)
The Origins of Progressive Agony (National Review)    10/16/18  (10)
Air Canada flight misses causing worst aviation disaster in history by mere feet    10/16/18  (17)
Rate what $5000 asking gets you in red oak Iowa    10/16/18  (1)
i basically derealize and disassociate like a prostitute when i walk into office    10/16/18  (26)
卐O卐OHTH!!!    10/16/18  (2)
Two cute Somali teens drown in Minnesota    10/16/18  (10)
How many of your four fingers can touch your thumb when gripping your cock?    10/16/18  (7)
ITT XO is Shark Tank.    10/16/18  (40)
Jfc, too beautiful to be here    10/16/18  (1)
GOP voter on Staten Island to shitlib reporter: go back to Venezuela (link)    10/16/18  (3)
Deposing a cop in 30 min... give me ??s to ask (CSLG)    10/16/18  (59)
Amazing HD video of antifa 'ninjas' getting absolutely annihilated by some bros    10/16/18  (6)
Is Rodgers a better QB than Brady?    10/16/18  (95)
this tweetstorm is BY FAR the best explanation of the NPC meme i've seen    10/16/18  (49)
👱+ ⚖ = 👴    10/16/18  (35)
Listened to Avenatti call into Adam Carolla podcast. He's even dumber than    10/16/18  (10)
Actual centaur taking questions ITT    10/16/18  (6)
Wapo Datelab not even trying anymore... white guy feels unworthy of fat negress    10/16/18  (88)
the details on Hieronymus Bosch paintings are nuts    10/16/18  (12)
How is corn maze season going for everyone?    10/16/18  (1)
Calling it now: missing teen killed her parents    10/16/18  (2)
BIGLAW Partners be like 👺    10/16/18  (14)
Seriously, what's going on in the PN mug shot?    10/16/18  (159)
Women are happier when their partner is less attractive study says    10/16/18  (1)
Autistic Chad thinking "Wow this guys is mentally ill" as DTP sucks his cock    10/16/18  (1)
Blue Smoke, are you clean now? take heed the cautionary tale of Lyric McHenry!    10/16/18  (1)
Earl Could Be On The 9th Circuit Now If He Became A Litigator    10/16/18  (5)
marriage is like heroin    10/16/18  (6)
Libs oust US Gymnatics CEO for anti Nike/Kaepernick tweet (link)    10/16/18  (5)
Am I the only one here whose biglaw partners were all tall ass WASP bros    10/16/18  (3)
Niggerty-Diggity-Do, Naggerty-Daggity-Da, Hitler did nothing wrong, fuck libs    10/16/18  (1)
चाची टच चोकोबार कृपया (Krampusnacht)    10/16/18  (15)
name that BOM thread based entirely on emojis    10/16/18  (109)
Can we stop calling them "liberals" or "progressives"? They aren't.    10/16/18  (99)
💫🐀👉👌    10/16/18  (8)
Partner screamed at me for cc’ing him on an email. FML.    10/16/18  (48)
NPC HERE AMA    10/16/18  (1)
lol at Trump piling up the shitlib body count recently    10/16/18  (16)
fuck crypto    10/16/18  (1)
FUCK! Sister wants to separate from her husband    10/16/18  (288)
{~+~+~} *** !!! *** ===----->>> NIGGER <<<-----=== *** !!! *** {~+~+~}    10/16/18  (17)
Pretty 180 Libs come here to voluntarily experience torture    10/16/18  (7)
Russia talking Pres. Warren out of arms treaty w/ whiskey & sack of beads    10/16/18  (4)
Bluesmoke: "as I was saying" *crushes oxy* "Trump just isn't classy" *snorts it*    10/16/18  (12)
CHAD KAV: lifting weights. football. beers. girls.    10/16/18  (6)
Sen. Elizabeth "Wampus Cat" Warren    10/16/18  (2)
Deys a lotta bad thangs dat dey poastin, dey poastin, dey poastin bout me    10/16/18  (1)
Would this atypical lifting split work?    10/16/18  (6)
how about that pigskin the sport with the pigskin    10/16/18  (12)
If there was no stigma against poopdick how many SBs would Aaron Rodgers have wo    10/16/18  (1)
big time MAGA fan here but this "horseface" thing has me worried    10/16/18  (3)
Konnichiwa, watashi-wa Bonneru Poreesu? desu. Ore wa geida desu.    10/16/18  (4)
Does Nebraska get its first win this week? Experts say yes.    10/16/18  (2)
T R A N S E X U A L I N C O N T I N E N C E    10/16/18  (22)
Chinks ruin everything - can no longer shoot my own ammo at range on weekends    10/16/18  (17)
Lush Rimjob    10/16/18  (5)
Reptile who keeps sabotaging Russias shit space program and why cant shit Russia    10/16/18  (1)
Peterman leaving reservation: "Me? I fucked more Indians than small pox."    10/16/18  (1)
Whether Trump is an entertaining blip or WHF will depend on three issues    10/16/18  (2)
Bob Dylan is TTTrash    10/16/18  (1)
Implicit bias training. Healthy masculinity training. Polyamorous lifestyle trai    10/16/18  (6)
Ukrainian patriot kills evil Yankee USAF pilot during war games in Ukraine    10/16/18  (1)
You're a no-talent! You have no respect! I walked Bob Dylan to the stage!    10/16/18  (1)
How do you know if bartenders etc. arent changing your tip amount on CC?    10/16/18  (34)
Guardian Article: Twins are Creepy    10/16/18  (36)
What is the latest time you've seen someone roll in to work?    10/16/18  (30)
Backspace mailed me a lot of tea. Pretty 180    10/16/18  (41)
getting sick of my nigger tax being used to subsidize LVMH, Kering, and InBev    10/16/18  (1)
Why is Heidkamp tormenting abuse victims    10/16/18  (17)
Best Scientific Analysis of Liz Warren's DNA (Razib Khan - Bengali Conservahero)    10/16/18  (6)
ITT: Your top rock songs all-time    10/16/18  (56)
Luis taught me everything there is to know about getting pussy    10/16/18  (5)
My Mom Noticed Rush Hasn't Talked About 2 If By Tea / Rush Revere #ironside    10/16/18  (11)
Tucker: "But I called him Creepy Porn Lawyer. How is he still attacking Trump?"    10/16/18  (8)
Every Single Woman In Senate Is A Huge Buffoon    10/16/18  (4)
canvassers coming to CUCK your gf    10/16/18  (1)
Not now dear, I'm talking to a man named "Bom" on the lawyer forum. Yes, "Bom".    10/16/18  (8)
rate this video of BOM taking out the fraud trash (vid)    10/16/18  (8)
Backspace learned everything there is to know about getting pussy from trex    10/16/18  (1)
Dr. Fraud | Liberian Rape Shrew | Pocahontas    10/16/18  (1)
President Jeb Bush Appoints Garland, Says will Help Country Heal    10/16/18  (4)
Outcry as Lawman8 creates Jewish group in German far-right party    10/16/18  (1)
Teflon Don will win reelection    10/16/18  (1)
Sessions is getting fired day after midterms correct?    10/16/18  (2)
is there some kind of Bat Signal equivalent we can put up to summon the gorgon    10/16/18  (1)
Paul Simon SNL performance    10/16/18  (6)
cowgod loggin into xo after retail shift searching balding, flat earth, gamecube    10/16/18  (11)
Giant rats spinning at NYCHA housing complex    10/16/18  (2)
Here's what stark gender disparity among top orchestra musicians looks like    10/16/18  (17)
OH Malk! Jeff Bezo has 130 birrion? I thought Jew smart, Jew good with money!    10/16/18  (1)
Grandma's house always smelled like Pine-Sol and Diego the old bean she was bang    10/16/18  (3)
I'm MAF at the fact that lower humans exist    10/16/18  (24)
so, what's Mueller up to, as Trump racks up multiple wins?    10/16/18  (3)
Now that Bluesmoke is old she thinks it's "weird" for women to date 5+ yrs older    10/16/18  (98)
You know, Rick and Morty has really profound stuff if you pay close attention    10/16/18  (1)
piano coming home to wife fucking an organ 40-50x more powerful    10/16/18  (8)
will GC keep 26-0 UCF out of playoffs again?    10/16/18  (11)
Are you odysseus or telemachys?    10/16/18  (4)
Did you know Alec Baldwin has a new talk show on ABC?    10/16/18  (4)
When did libs start referring to Islamic terrorists as "dissidents"?    10/16/18  (4)
Have any of you bros defeated chronic insomnia?    10/16/18  (20)
LOL @ how classy Obama is compared to Trump    10/16/18  (107)
Could an Ex-Convict Become an Attorney? I Intended to Find Out [NYT]    10/16/18  (2)
The Avenatti lawsuit (Stormy Daniels) is retarded. Why has no one mentioned this    10/16/18  (32)
Here is a poem from a friend of mine. It's really pretty good.    10/16/18  (6)
Stormy Daniels / Cohen / NDA litigation - seems like it's moot, right?    10/16/18  (4)
Anyone a fan of Caspar Friedrich?    10/16/18  (1)
Hi I'm Scott Frost, welcome to Jackass.    10/16/18  (4)
keep yukking it up about pocahontas while no wall, exploding debt & entitlements    10/16/18  (35)
UPDATE: PDDJ Considering Skipping Prole Goy Tattoo Best HS Friend's Wedding    10/16/18  (2)
Winless Nebraska still has a chance to make the playoffs. Here's how. (Deadspin)    10/16/18  (1)
What Trumpmos dont get about Liz Warren's DNA is that there are different ways    10/16/18  (4)
Please welcome, the new virtuous virgin teen pop sensations, The Os-Teens!    10/16/18  (1)
Could an Ex-Convict Become an Attorney? I Intended to Find Out (benzo)    10/16/18  (1)
Lots Of Goyishe Names In Lifting: Smith Machine, Pendlay Rows, etc    10/16/18  (3)
So 180 to be back in PARIS    10/16/18  (17)
Any recommendations for sources on re law firm office process design?    10/16/18  (11)
Graham: I went under cover as a gay man to experience their struggles    10/16/18  (2)
Bros, I'm getting DNA tested. I picked MyHeritage because my brother used it    10/16/18  (3)

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