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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Are you guys seriously going to miss the 2018 crypto bull run?? (DTP)    07/17/18  (4)
Honestly, it should be illegal to be a billionaire. 100% taxation after $1B.    07/17/18  (19)
At a DUI arraignment for 6.5 hours today. 12 voicemails and 37 text messages    07/17/18  (51)
xo poa "makes" 250K a year, but he's factoring in BONUS and 401K match    07/17/18  (1)
the worms crawl in. the worms crawl out. the worms blank bump colt on your snout    07/17/18  (1)
About to watch Hunt for Red October    07/17/18  (13)
100K salary in flyover, buy a house in ghetto for 40K...CR?    07/17/18  (6)
Donald Trump has a pathetic digit ratio. He must be low T    07/17/18  (2)
Trial is starting Friday now    07/17/18  (1)
The crypto MOON RUN is occuring right now. What are u doing about it? (DTP)    07/17/18  (4)
29 y/o russian spy story is bonkers    07/17/18  (1)
My wife is FURIOUS with me. Absolutely FURIOUS.    07/17/18  (5)
Early 30's pulling $280k/year. How far am I from not being poor anymore?    07/17/18  (9)
The Last Stand of the Diaper Brigade: On Mowmouth Hill they gathered, each man d    07/17/18  (1)
I will show you fear in an armful of diapers    07/17/18  (11)
swan diving into endless, rippling sea of pinworms    07/17/18  (1)
dear scholarship tp, i am so sorry i cant be home right now, but The Firm    07/17/18  (3)
XO LA MEETUP #2    07/17/18  (96)
So Shitlibism is based on misguided compassion and resentment. Seems imprudent.    07/17/18  (1)
Wht did Putin agree to this interview w/ Chris Wallace?    07/17/18  (30)
multiple properties to suck and fuck    07/17/18  (6)
I will show you fear in a mouthful of pinworms    07/17/18  (15)
Comey: just vote Democrat this fall (link)    07/17/18  (9)
Gay coddled men- women    07/17/18  (1)
luis waking up to find all his hair has turned into pinworms    07/17/18  (1)
*looks at gdax chart* Ugh ugghhhh unghhhghhfhhf "IM MOONING DADDY!!!!!!!!!"    07/17/18  (2)
Not sure why guys still get into serious relationships with women.    07/17/18  (12)
multiple properties to suck and fuck    07/17/18  (4)
Reminder: "Upset Jew" is the typical Israel-first Neo-Con kike    07/17/18  (44)
guy in "I'll Bottom For Hillary" shirt leading charge in WW3 against Russia    07/17/18  (3)
boner police can make $300k out of college, any job he wants    07/17/18  (1)
The indicted Russian girl is still in custody    07/17/18  (4)
Guys, u need to buy cypto NOW. $270 B market cap is a JOKE. $27 T incoming. (DTP    07/17/18  (27)
Odd real estate fact: Brokers must tell u if place is haunted    07/17/18  (1)
the person's clean, the unit is affordable    07/17/18  (3)
scholarship don't worry abt passing the bar on first try - even Hillary failed    07/17/18  (4)
libs: sit down and shut the fuck up    07/17/18  (8)
200K in checks today - Thanks Farmers! (CSLG)    07/17/18  (30)
Pick two: skinny, big tits, sane    07/17/18  (56)
Anyone have experience buying rentals and using property management companies?    07/17/18  (2)
Politico: It is time to go to Nuclear War with Russia    07/17/18  (128)
I still don't get what libs and XO are freaking out about    07/17/18  (5)
Can anyone deny that we live in a simulation    07/17/18  (5)
exactly how did 4chan find that AOC link? and why isn't it viral yet    07/17/18  (6)
Heard this AMAZING Joel Osteen sermon today - tailormade for XO and poasting    07/17/18  (2)
scholarship 2 yrs from now u'll be cramming for the bar    07/17/18  (2)
Anyone regret their lateral move?    07/17/18  (36)
"My father was.. an interesting man" says Barron as stars stream by viewport    07/17/18  (7)
Can you send around your notes after this call? Thanks.    07/17/18  (22)
Pearl Habor | World Trade Center | John Podesta's Emails    07/17/18  (1)
ICYMI: Putin accused Hillary of taking $400M donation from Russian businessman    07/17/18  (15)
Just woke up from 24hr coma: How did trump get libs to demand war with Russia?    07/17/18  (1)
Saw a bag of Fabolous (the rapper) branded potato chips at a 7-Eleven. Wtf?    07/17/18  (8)
We should all get pie and coffee at a local diner    07/17/18  (4)
Anyone else crush a big breakfast for lunch at the local diner once a month    07/17/18  (5)
So collusion now rests on Trump admin coordinating with Wikileaks to leak docs    07/17/18  (92)
is TSINAH still a weird austistic friendless loser shitlaw freak from a TTT?    07/17/18  (1)
Roll coal too prole, shoot flames in your McClaren    07/17/18  (1)
Peterman is dead.    07/17/18  (2)
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is an identitarian! *Attacks her identity*    07/17/18  (12)
Prole tell: Having a favorite local diner and ordering the "usual"    07/17/18  (220)
IFNB Songbook Request: IFNB version of "Video Killed the Radio Star"    07/17/18  (58)
Which one of these 27865 Republican quotes bashing Trump/Putin is the worst?    07/17/18  (54)
Emperor Barron cutting ribbon on joint Space Force / JSDF mecha    07/17/18  (2)
Sweet video of Vegas police chasing murder suspects, shootout (vid)    07/17/18  (40)
You: About to cum like a firehose. Casey Anthony: Looking up at you w/ dead eyes    07/17/18  (1)
mainlining it's like avril lavigne says-- so much for my happy ending    07/17/18  (1)
Utility of gas piston $2K rifle vs. direct impingement $1K rifle?    07/17/18  (20)
Just watched Tucker. Standing O for Charles, that was 190    07/17/18  (120)
Now why on Earth would Trump do this?    07/17/18  (1)
Farting so loud you have to check your diaper just in case.    07/17/18  (2)
AOC seems to have a 180 pair of titties. Internet, get to work!    07/17/18  (2)
what should i have for breakfast tomorrow?    07/17/18  (10)
rich xo poas why do u poa here? do u like the time suck?    07/17/18  (9)
Im 86 its 1979 and 1996 is 17 years from now(Xo po    07/17/18  (6)
I don't understand a single "space time" article about this shit    07/17/18  (1)
Rawman8 ITT    07/17/18  (3)
just got a standup heavy punching bag for my home. Pretty excited    07/17/18  (24)
The only good revenge against insane Libs and media would be Trump 2020 win    07/17/18  (2)
McDonalds is an incredible organization    07/17/18  (2)
What xo meme is the third base coach from?    07/17/18  (6)
Farting so loud your neighbor's diaper blows off    07/17/18  (26)
Xoxo poaster whines" but mommmm I can't clean my room I'm self actualzing rn!"    07/17/18  (1)
like to observe the fluid dynamics of strands of hair being pulled down into the    07/17/18  (2)
Did Mexico pay for the wall yet?    07/17/18  (1)
Time is a social construct and an illusion    07/17/18  (3)
Donald trump has no clue how many people OD last year    07/17/18  (1)
Pissing you're Diaper at the beginning of the movie    07/17/18  (1)
DOOBS getting BAZOOGA!'d off dat SNUFFLUFFUGUS    07/17/18  (2)
On par to make 4M this year in PI    07/17/18  (5)
If Rach said I need money to keep up XO how much could we raise    07/17/18  (15)
REMINDER:. all of obama's 2nd term toes in the water->head first dives come 2020    07/17/18  (16)
Megapoaster madness cause by "7.2/9.6 imbalance"    07/17/18  (2)
Planned Parenthood commercial: protect your right to fuck anyone anytime! (Liter    07/17/18  (155)
Megapoaster madness cause by "blank bump I'm balance"    07/17/18  (1)
Mental illness caused by a "chemical imbalance"    07/17/18  (24)
BOBBY DIJINDAL    07/17/18  (5)
Brain Fever    07/17/18  (2)
I post pics of 14-17 y/o girls. You rate which is the hottest. FUCK LIBS.    07/17/18  (192)
After exiting Paris Accords, US leads world in decreasing carbon emissions (link    07/17/18  (3)
Pat Buchanan: Trump Ended Cold War II    07/17/18  (29)
ITT: Trump's solution to reunited illegal families trying to skip court date    07/17/18  (7)
Shrew gf: Makes life hell, stinky. 2nd Cuz: "What's 'Helsinki'?"    07/17/18  (7)
*guy fucking your wife* You: "Haha whoa, that's a lateral move alright!"    07/17/18  (1)
neoliberalism corrupting culture: Girl Scouts unveils 30 new STEM-related badges    07/17/18  (6)
WLMAS gets "overworked" at his 35 hr/week government job    07/17/18  (6)
Sniffed my Russian maid's pussy this morning    07/17/18  (1)
I've talked with a lot of strippers and most think men are "simple minded"    07/17/18  (6)
pumos are just flaming to get people riled up right?    07/17/18  (5)
Spaceporn is truly stupid    07/17/18  (9)
Watching Annihilation on Amazon Prime    07/17/18  (1)
So basically, libs are just anti white    07/17/18  (1)
Nothing literally matters unless it has an effect on you... people are crazy her    07/17/18  (3)
*J. Edgar Hoover in a dress looking at 2018 FBI* "Haha wow holy shit"    07/17/18  (12)
Armor Mounting Issues During Human Female Menstruation: Special Considerations &    07/17/18  (1)
"Traurig" of Greenberg Traurig (1925-2018)    07/17/18  (10)
Chipotle v. bowl of gulag gruel    07/17/18  (2)
NFLX is going to be back at 300 post ER    07/17/18  (9)
"So I'm a race realist" said Lawman8 unironically to his Tinder date    07/17/18  (2)
Russia is not our enemy. Libs are our enemy.    07/17/18  (26)
Gay couple just sauntered into an all beer dive & asked for margaritas    07/17/18  (1)
*thunder crack, lightning flash above dark castle on hill* LLLLIIIIIIIIIBBBSSSSS    07/17/18  (6)
white power!    07/17/18  (1)
So liberals literally support a Mexican invasion of the USA?    07/17/18  (16)
Which do you prefer?    07/17/18  (5)
should these "immigration activists" be "indicted" ?    07/17/18  (1)
instagrams from hot jewish girls with BIG TITS (MUST HAVE BIG TITS)    07/17/18  (116)
I want to please spritezero    07/17/18  (5)
Analysis of In-Armor Defecation Frequency Under Varying Levels of Battle Stress:    07/17/18  (4)
DRUMPF fuck DRUMPF hands off my BOOBS reprodutive RIGHTS!!! DRUMPF FUCKKKKK    07/17/18  (1)
TMF and MND drive beamers and sleep on a futon what the hell    07/17/18  (53)
3...... 2...... 1...... FART/CUM BLAST!    07/17/18  (1)
European Jacobin writers disgusted with American libs.    07/17/18  (19)
You're either eating Trader Joe's frozen chocolate bananas or you're wrong    07/17/18  (3)
I was a White House stenographer. Trump wasn't a fan    07/17/18  (5)
PSA: Salem, MA, was not "backward" in dealing with BPD witches    07/17/18  (4)
Solid Waste Recycled Macronutrients: Minimizing Power Expenditure While Preservi    07/17/18  (1)
arghhh cant believe libs did that friggin hate those guys lol grrr    07/17/18  (28)
XO is a complete embarrassment now.    07/17/18  (70)
libs made me so mad i shit in my hand and smeared it on my pee pee and masturbat    07/17/18  (12)
On Human Biodiversity, the Male Physique, and the Necessity of Authoritarianism    07/17/18  (1)
*Idris Elba and LibArmy air-lifting Spaceporn out of Nuke War thread*    07/17/18  (3)
Yo Muscadine Wine--how'd your trial go?    07/17/18  (56)
RANK The Possible Orders Of Hitting For The Cycle #baseball #ironside    07/17/18  (1)
crotchless mormon underwear    07/17/18  (2)
Bronze Age Pervert book is worth reading bros    07/17/18  (21)
Any JRPG fans planning on buying Octopath Traveler?    07/17/18  (73)
fucked an app chick on first date. she told me she has BPD and IBS.    07/17/18  (19)
lots of cute chubby little bpd-suffering nymphomaniac sex-addict paralegals here    07/17/18  (5)

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