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The gate of Minas Tirith had cracked; but then, on the field, we saw Reagan    12/14/17  (2)
to the dude who sent me cock pic w him fucking a chick today    12/14/17  (3)
What will Trump do when Mueller asks to interview him personally?    12/14/17  (34)
Am I The Only Techie Against Net Neutrality?    12/14/17  (6)
Can someone on xo concisely redpill me on net neutrality? TYIA    12/14/17  (23)
Trumpmos, getting ready for GOP bloodbath in 2018 midterms    12/14/17  (7)
Lol, Lil Peep was LOADED on drugs. (link)    12/14/17  (10)
jmaw has a 9 inch BTC    12/14/17  (30)
ive received dick pics from 2/3+ of doodz on xoxo    12/14/17  (34)
rate the interracial pairings in this geico commercial    12/14/17  (3)
What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?    12/14/17  (13)
*sim programmer explaining xoxo* "yea we got the nihilism valve here, the job ad    12/14/17  (7)
Reagan massively expaned the appeal of the GOP, especially with young people    12/14/17  (14)
crazy how obeezy tp went from 5'6 ugly TTT grad to 6'2 "played college ball" HYS    12/14/17  (115)
"If yew hear 'optics', and ain't THINKIN about yer SCOPE, yew might be an MBA."    12/14/17  (74)
Denise richards in her prime = 180    12/14/17  (12)
RSF has probably had over 2 thousands thread made about him here    12/14/17  (129)
This thread is from last week. Why did you post in it? Locked.    12/14/17  (4)
NYT: turns out everything Trump said about Sweden was right.    12/14/17  (13)
Should I pay student debt or buy stocks?    12/14/17  (52)
feat. Ron Jeremy (as "JmaW")    12/14/17  (1)
Amazon Prime growth is slowing down in the US, says Morgan Stanley    12/14/17  (2)
BLM activist DeRay McKesson takes 165K job with Baltimore school system    12/14/17  (64)
The Cryptocurrency Suicides starring Shia LaBeouf (2024)    12/14/17  (6)
Scott Frost going to put a Nebraska on top! Look out!    12/14/17  (10)
Does this Latina teen have big boobs ? Nsfw    12/14/17  (6)
Evan39, when you were young did you like getting suppositories?    12/14/17  (2)
The 2 democractic FCC commissioners that voted against repeal are women    12/14/17  (2)
Why don't Libs want to Make America Great Again?    12/14/17  (1)
I stand with RSF. Some of you are disgusting. RIP RSFs brother    12/14/17  (35)
Las Vegas Sheriff reveals shooter's motive: "He lost a lot of weight in 2015."    12/14/17  (1)
Two laws of the land. 1. No Outing. 2. Can't make fun of RSF's brother    12/14/17  (2)
Blessed Be Skadden Forever    12/14/17  (11)
Moral reasoning is useful only as a guide to behavior (twins)    12/14/17  (11)
NOT FLAME - 2nd largest black precinct had 170% voter turnout (link)    12/14/17  (14)
takin scholarship 2 the disney store. spits up all over the quasimodo toys. gott    12/14/17  (3)
Tax Mo's - Can I prepay California SALT for 2018? 2019?    12/14/17  (37)
Lol 105 IQ redditors are really freaking out today    12/14/17  (3)
J crew suit. Cole Haan. Kirkland socks. Jos a bank shirt. Nautica tie.    12/14/17  (11)
itt: i list the cfb teams gaped more than nebrasshit the last 15 yrs    12/14/17  (4)
"I be look 4 some more inane political news back-and-fo please." 'Sir, step righ    12/14/17  (1)
think of how many people with minor drug habits have now spent >$1m on drugs    12/14/17  (10)
If Trump doesn't fire Mueller, he's insane    12/14/17  (1)
Bro gives RSF a nuggie in the frat house, RSF pulls out a gun "You're NOTHING!"    12/14/17  (73)
The Tragedy of Human Effort (1936 address by 'Social Credit' movement leader):    12/14/17  (2)
Imagine using a looted Buffalo Wild Wings as cover in some internecine US confli    12/14/17  (8)
Does this 22yo white girl look her age? Nsfw    12/14/17  (5)
absentee ballots just gave Moore 967 recount vote lead    12/14/17  (2)
Deranged Tinder Pumo what are your thoughts on this white girl?    12/14/17  (3)
Michigan "men" MAF Scott Frost is coming back to finish the job from 97    12/14/17  (1)
Mignon Clyburn, Dem FCC commish, presented two accordion folders of letters    12/14/17  (1)
Eminem's new album is so bad it made me lol when it came on the radio (link)    12/14/17  (50)
won't Google Fiber just make this whole net neutrality debate go away?    12/14/17  (13)
Chinese women are so direct about finding a husband    12/14/17  (16)
when you see a young girl so hot you just start laughing    12/14/17  (1)
Don Jr. furiously hitting "delete" on keyboard as Mueller rings doorbell    12/14/17  (8)
nebrasshit fans, does poop fall out of your ass while walking?    12/14/17  (2)
Chaebong Hyung, won't you cum? You haven't even paid! (Black hole sun)    12/14/17  (5)
Kurt Vile is my favorite current artist    12/14/17  (13)
Tight Teens Tumblr    12/14/17  (33)
Whipping up and selling crack and bragging abt in xo is 280    12/14/17  (1)
why did you even give him your number anyway haha    12/14/17  (2)
i care only about dollar amounts    12/14/17  (2)
"Entropy is winning, haha" *downs Guinness as 40 TVs blare deat at Buffalo Wild    12/14/17  (8)
DUAL CITIZEN here. Taking questions on obtaining dat DUAL CITIZENSHIP ITT.    12/14/17  (165)
Trump on Net Neutrality in 2014 (link)    12/14/17  (1)
So is Vox gonna get shutdown over this union?    12/14/17  (1)
has net neutrality helped anyone in the past 2 years?    12/14/17  (2)
lib dads send their daughters off to new york like cattle to slaughter    12/14/17  (3)
CNN: End of the Internet As We Know It (link)    12/14/17  (70)
Can you collect W9s in a non-standard format? Our devs want to know.    12/14/17  (3)
Rate this 17yo teenager in her underwear NSFW    12/14/17  (10)
firm just gave me year-end bonus that is 2.5x what I was expecting. I felt nothi    12/14/17  (11)
Ryan Gosling snapchatted this pic of his erect penis to an instagram teen    12/14/17  (12)
A flower that blossoms in the desert air....WILTS DIES PUTRIFIES MEANS NOTHING    12/14/17  (3)
Search RSF on google images and you wont see him with any attractive females    12/14/17  (9)
Stringer Bell to Don Jr.: Nigga is you emailing on criminal fucking conspiracy?!    12/14/17  (3)
What accounts for the depth of RSF hate? I don't get it    12/14/17  (120)
the repeal of net neutrality is an attack on marginalized communities    12/14/17  (1)
Just got a nuru massage from a fake titted Japanese milf. Was 180 AF.    12/14/17  (10)
'abortion, sodomy, and materialism have taken place of life, liberty, pursuit of    12/14/17  (1)
Mueller is using classified truth detection tech in his investigation    12/14/17  (2)
i want to be a prole, screaming in the price is right audience    12/14/17  (5)
Wasnt rach implementing a smart search function? What happened to that    12/14/17  (9)
Trump voters found to be DIVERSE    12/14/17  (10)
gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang guc    12/14/17  (23)
military vote count brings Moore within 700 votes    12/14/17  (2)
"Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley/Postal Service) destroys bathroom" #JamesJoyceJr #JJJR    12/14/17  (1)
ITT: I make up hypothetical girls. CharlesXII says if he'd date them.    12/14/17  (128)
JCM is 180 even though she plays games with poasters hearts :-(    12/14/17  (7)
Tried to use Netflix; all I see is the NBC peacock.    12/14/17  (1)
screaming endlessly into the void of xo's subthreads    12/14/17  (4)
Couldn't we just reinstate net neutrality if the ISPs abuse their power    12/14/17  (8)
lawman's moniker reflects his literalminded earnesty    12/14/17  (14)
Does this rule change hurt or help the kikes?    12/14/17  (4)
should i start a thread recognizing the best COCKS on xoxo?    12/14/17  (4)
If my dad paid me a liveable allowance I'd spend 95% of my time arguing on xo    12/14/17  (3)
Lol at Trumpcucks not realizing implications of Ryan retirement for Mueller/impe    12/14/17  (3)
*millenium falcon zipping through the dark threads xoxo heart is spitting out*    12/14/17  (6)
Here's why Obama's FCC regulations don't really protect net neutrality (link)    12/14/17  (1)
IAN, FREEZE!!!    12/14/17  (1)
RSF: take a deep breath.    12/14/17  (3)
FCC: Federal Comcast Cocksuckers    12/14/17  (1)
5K ETH 5K BTC 5K LTC 1K spread over 5 shitcoins: CR?    12/14/17  (4)
Welcome to the House of Mouse, teehee!    12/14/17  (1)
Kushner is the one that wants to fire Sessions.    12/14/17  (28)
Hawaii judge in scuba gear cutting iron chains of GC off ocean internet wires    12/14/17  (1)
Trump ally Roger Stone: "Its obvious Mueller will charge Trump with obstruction"    12/14/17  (2)
Indians, you better hope this Pai guy made the right decision on net neutrality    12/14/17  (1)
Sessions revealed as a little bottom bitch who takes endless abuse & humiliation    12/14/17  (10)
Shitlaw All-Stars: what do you do when somebody spazzes on Yelp/FB/Avvo?    12/14/17  (8)
Max IQ to believe the fear mongering over net neutrality going away?    12/14/17  (1)
Comcast better not throttle my crypto trading    12/14/17  (1)
rate this 180 shitlaw ad    12/14/17  (2)
GOP Alabama primary winner will drop out is Sessions enters race.    12/14/17  (4)
you guys better be getting your fill of 4k 1080p hi-def porn while it lasts    12/14/17  (3)
Teva cancelled 2017 bonuses    12/14/17  (12)
Would you date this illegal Mexican teen or deport her?    12/14/17  (47)
Comcast live tuna $peed internet: 999999gbit a second enjoy it only on Facebook    12/14/17  (3)
Will be 180 when dems just re-implement net neutrality in 3 years    12/14/17  (1)
How slow will search be now that net neutrality is gone??    12/14/17  (2)
Small biznesses are fucked. Only Facebook AMAZON will be able to pay for fa$t sp    12/14/17  (1)
Net neutrality just went away, were fucked    12/14/17  (9)
carson wentz is such a bible thumper he makes tebow seem like bill maher    12/14/17  (3)
Nobel Prize Winner Thinks A $75,000 Salary Makes You Happy    12/14/17  (19)
Rate my outfit for my sales job TEDCRUZTP    12/14/17  (9)
Would you rather date a subjective 10 but objective 7, or reverse?    12/14/17  (11)
Trump's lukewarm 'endorsement' of Moore was disgraceful    12/14/17  (8)
Sessions: "He's drinking water. I'm 60% water. I regret I must recuse myself."    12/14/17  (1)
Ayyyyyo thats mad straight mayne. U straight or something? Da fuckkk    12/14/17  (2)
Trump was baffled when Sessions recused without asking him    12/14/17  (55)
I keep 100% of my crypto in coins outside the top-100 (DTP)    12/14/17  (6)
How insane if its Omarosa, not Mueller/Russia, who finally brings down Trump?    12/14/17  (23)
Sessions spars with shitlib DOJ interns (video)    12/14/17  (6)
Latinos are the GOPs only hope    12/14/17  (45)
Real talk: future of Congress will be decided by 20-30 sex abuse allegations com    12/14/17  (5)
First 48 is 180 show    12/14/17  (11)
So libs got uppity bcos the won a close race against a pedo?    12/14/17  (4)
Shitlib prof: Jingle Bells is racist    12/14/17  (6)
*read meter* "Thank goodness he's still young, we need to train him in force"    12/14/17  (6)
I hope I die of a heart attack doing what I love, arguing on a messageboard    12/14/17  (17)
Official jmaw vs RSF poll for known sudos only ITT - which side are you on?    12/14/17  (3)
Is RSF completely retarded? Does he not realize how bad this makes him look    12/14/17  (20)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders offers some pecan pie to April Ryan (link)    12/14/17  (2)
At what age did you realize you're not young anymore and that time really is    12/14/17  (28)
jMaw & RSF rn    12/14/17  (1)
So FPLB==TBF and we are supposed to act as if we haven't noticed this?    12/14/17  (6)
RSF: Father, one is a transgender named 'j-maw'    12/14/17  (6)
Charles XII, how did the date with the intern go?    12/14/17  (57)

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