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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/21/18  (153)
Delpo Injured Again, Out Of WTF #tennis    10/22/18  (3)
check out this anti-white male PSA airing nonstop    10/22/18  (2)
Jim Beam is some nasty shit    10/22/18  (13)
Reminder that god is a transcendental person    10/22/18  (3)
doctor strongly recommended i get an HIV test, said it was just on his list...    10/22/18  (7)
kyoot MSNBC host has CUCKOLDRY on the brain (vid)    10/22/18  (18)
NOTRE FUCKING DAME    10/22/18  (1)
Golf Bros: Please Help Colt and Me Prepare Draw in Ryder Cup Style Matches    10/22/18  (15)
180 line from Joel Osteen: “I’m too blessed to be stressed.”    10/22/18  (14)
Prole Tell: An "Engagement Shoot"    10/22/18  (5)
Anyone here excited for tonight's football game?    10/22/18  (8)
ancient greeks carving marble into trans, disabled teens    10/22/18  (4)
Rate this former porn star's instagram    10/22/18  (12)
Mom Refusing To Hold Thanksgiving For Ultraortho Slut's Bitch Sister & Dork BF    10/22/18  (1)
would you wear this sweater?    10/22/18  (5)
MY bald spot. MY South Orange. MY used SUV. MY train tracks. (TMF)    10/22/18  (11)
Summoning all tower defense mastermen. We're assembling our own border caravan    10/22/18  (2)
Trump rally in Texas LIVE    10/22/18  (35)
today in black crime in the Bay area, II    10/22/18  (208)
Woah! Looks like you're trying to block sex. That's cool, we get it.    10/22/18  (2)
Art 4 § 4: US protects against "Invasion." Remedy for failure to perform?    10/22/18  (1)
mirk a too spicy fol a non white peopre    10/22/18  (1)
How to adapt my "XO persona" to wider internet audience?    10/22/18  (7)
Art IV §4 makes very clear states guaranteed "Republican" govt, capital "R"    10/22/18  (2)
RATE This Bitchy Brunette (PIC) #ironside    10/22/18  (1)
We should have xo roasts. Rent out some hitel ballroom, have a buffet etc.    10/22/18  (49)
Is this law teen dressed appropriately for hanging out in the quad    10/22/18  (10)
Wait, so does engaging in sex acts with a tranny classify a man as gay/bi?    10/22/18  (20)
NYUUG: stay out of threads by real human beings or I will ruin all your threads    10/22/18  (88)
XO Limbaugh: Me & Trump Have Connection w People. Lib Heros Don't. #ironside    10/22/18  (1)
Prefer the Blonde or the Brunette (PIC)    10/22/18  (71)
Watching Deadpool 2. Mentions Rush Limbaugh and Fox and Friends in first 20 mins    10/22/18  (4)
thank you for your service anti nyuug spammer    10/22/18  (3)
Golf: boomerboat, histrionic, Wohlers, golf pumo, please help    10/22/18  (3)
This "caravan" would be irrelevant IF WE HAD A GODDAMN FUCKING BORDER WALL    10/22/18  (8)
Make no mistake, life is absolute fucking hell    10/22/18  (117)
Cold Sensitivemos, get ITT    10/22/18  (25)
How To Hotel Booking Sites Make Money If You Pay Hotels Directly?    10/22/18  (43)
Fleshlight here -- making my official retirement poast....    10/22/18  (83)
jobs vs mobs...lollercaust    10/22/18  (9)
Insane that "US" libs care more about "immigrants" than American citizens    10/22/18  (6)
Spritezero and I can agree on one thing -- FUCK LIBS    10/22/18  (1)
lol u would never hear a "USA" chant at a lib rally    10/22/18  (3)
*Caravan horde climbing up wall like Wortld War Z*    10/22/18  (5)
Best place to raise children in the U.S.?    10/22/18  (83)
Any other office bros work out during lunch?    10/22/18  (11)
what is the single most iconic moment of all time?    10/22/18  (72)
trying to be very charitable here libs but wat exactly is ur position on caravan    10/22/18  (101)
trump has the vitality and energy of a 25yo    10/22/18  (5)
I spin around a iPad Square CC reader thing when colleagues enter my office    10/22/18  (4)
women are LITERALLY organic sexbot NPCs    10/22/18  (5)
It’s crazy to know that ur in on the ground floor of XRP/Ripple    10/22/18  (7)
me & assfaggot in applebees booth, TONS of apps, dr pprs, talkin SHIT bout NIGS    10/22/18  (47)
Rate this big titted white trash single mom from Kentucky    10/22/18  (24)
STICKY: (sponsored) CHABAD LUBAVITCH OF XO    10/22/18  (5)
Sound in my TV cuts out for 2-3 seconds all the time. Insignia.    10/22/18  (1)
Carnegie Mellon now dominating Putnam with white bros    10/22/18  (25)
trump wouldn't be potussy if obama's dad stuck around    10/22/18  (5)
Bad news: one-man caravan composed of TCtp is already in the US    10/22/18  (1)
"In a Move Long Overdue, Westminster Dog Show Abandons Concept of 'Breed'" (NYT)    10/22/18  (3)
Bad news: caravan of Reddit users heading toward XO.    10/22/18  (17)
Rate this wide shot of the entire migrant caravan    10/22/18  (12)
Libs: "We're not for open borders but hey if you show up you should be let in"    10/22/18  (19)
Mark Mark Mark    10/22/18  (2)
study: 95% of MNF viewers are business travelers watching from Holiday Inn bar    10/22/18  (2)
FEMALE Marine completed level 2 of MARSOC (pics inside)    10/22/18  (64)
so 18 students were shot and killed at a college in Crimea    10/22/18  (8)
James Woods brings up a good point about these migrants (link)    10/22/18  (6)
anything more depressing than MNF?    10/22/18  (3)
Any guesses for 2020 October surprises?    10/22/18  (4)
RATE the daily routine of this SV banking exec. (us: poasting)    10/22/18  (3)
Just been taking uber everywhere, pretty chill actually    10/22/18  (57)
CNN SUCKS, CNN SUCKS    10/22/18  (10)
So fucking sick of seeing Obama talk about the "dangers to our democracy"    10/22/18  (2)
I like black people.    10/22/18  (12)
Fleshlight here -- making my official goodbye writing    10/22/18  (3)
obeezy outed (pic)    10/22/18  (5)
White Supremacists chugging milk, triggering everyone else    10/22/18  (4)
Does it automatically create Tension with one's Bossprick if you're competent?    10/22/18  (5)
Giants are about to get badly spanked!    10/22/18  (2)
we are called the democrats so when we lose its threat to democracy ok!    10/22/18  (1)
They're out there talking and laughing    10/22/18  (1)
Hillary unveils 2020 campaign slogan: Stronger Together God Damnit    10/22/18  (1)
kooky night ahead; just slammed three AFTABs of PUREVAL    10/22/18  (1)
Is Hillary REALLY going to run in 2020? How insane would she be to do that?    10/22/18  (41)
What do my Nebraskamos know about chili and cinnamon rolls?    10/22/18  (12)
Mueller investigation is playing out like Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! (1987) so far    10/22/18  (40)
Trump barely mentions half assed "middle income" tax break just b4 election?    10/22/18  (9)
Rate Mitt Romney's sons    10/22/18  (3)
Ron Unz's Latest Article is 180, Asians, jews, it is xoxo catnip    10/22/18  (89)
So only white guys capable of getting through your current home security system?    10/22/18  (2)
Saw pic of fat chick from before fat. She was atleast a 9.    10/22/18  (15)
emily blunt in The Great Buck Howard    10/22/18  (1)
and as critiques of establishment grow more Orwellian, we do need to censor    10/22/18  (32)
lamarcus i see your bitchass posting now. remember how i pwn3d you    10/22/18  (17)
i was to live somewhere rural and snowy and eat hearty foods    10/22/18  (2)
Damn my boyish good looks.    10/22/18  (6)
depressing UrbanBaby thread from mom with 30 ACT daughter    10/22/18  (67)
Daily Beast digs into Avenatti's shady bus. dealings, bankruptcies, etc. (link)    10/22/18  (27)
Pepito is the only person on this gay nigger website that deserves respect    10/22/18  (16)
so is there gonna be a red wave or what?    10/22/18  (4)
Is GoodReads app credited? Social network over books    10/22/18  (2)
LA people, DESCRIBE these following areas:    10/22/18  (6)
Do you know former college sluts that have "settled down" now & found happiness?    10/22/18  (20)
74 year old West Virginia man lives with 5 bears, takes them for walks    10/22/18  (27)
is there any sort of official count on how many times jinx has buttfucked whok?    10/22/18  (13)
Reminder: There's a "man" on this site who made his moniker "obeezy"    10/22/18  (68)
Don't care about alma mater school's football anymore. ONLy Nebraska now.    10/22/18  (2)
Nebraska! Purdue! Washington state! Exposed sport fraud today    10/22/18  (3)
This is Nebraska’s turning point!!! Nebraska now beating minne by more than tO    10/22/18  (3)
"Dahnald, you're a sniveling coward and leave Heidi the hell alone!" - Ted Cruz    10/22/18  (1)
Nebraska never gave time Bo Pelini beat Dabo in bowl game    10/22/18  (2)
El Rato vs. Beto    10/22/18  (1)
Pwned my ex-girlfriend by giving her a babby that looks just like me    10/22/18  (16)
SRS Q: How high up in military do you need to go to get leadership skills equal    10/22/18  (34)
Saturn Mini    10/22/18  (2)
Lawman8 I respect how you're dealing with your haters. But play it cool. (WMTP)    10/22/18  (117)
Bye bye Ms American Pie / Drove my Chevy to the levee libs ur all gonna die    10/22/18  (177)
so we're all straight as fuck neo nazis who want to fuck upset jew    10/22/18  (3)
Pam Beasley at her best (pic)    10/22/18  (29)
Trump: "He's not Lying Ted anymore, he's Beautiful Ted"    10/22/18  (8)
BOOM = πŸ‘΄    10/22/18  (6)
I just want to breed into an elite bloodline    10/22/18  (29)
alzabo have you been watching/reading goblin slayer    10/22/18  (2)
Any bort olds have a mullet in the 80s/early 90s?    10/22/18  (4)
ragnus remember when some asian girl gave you a math problem to solve    10/22/18  (8)
good wsj (!) op-ed abt trump v idiot libs by yale computer scientist    10/22/18  (7)
WSJ: the real reason (((They))) hate Trump (link)    10/22/18  (50)
white job applicants receive 26% more callbacks than latinos    10/22/18  (16)
mega millions now at $1.6B    10/22/18  (46)
Jared Kushner: fuck cucks, we're doing $1T infrastructure.    10/22/18  (12)
Rate San Diego as a place to live.    10/22/18  (36)
TRUMP proposes MAJOR infrastructure bill - 180 (link)    10/22/18  (41)
Trump approval rating now at 47%. 1 point higher than Obama at this point    10/22/18  (8)
Would be hillarious if GOP somehow kept House    10/22/18  (6)
My cat has a little red irritated bald spot above her right eye    10/22/18  (11)
Interview today    10/22/18  (29)
Kavanaugh: SCOTUS for life. Avenatti: bankrupt, fading into obscurity    10/22/18  (9)
real talk: dinaric alpine alphas run xo    10/22/18  (9)
*receives standing ovation as I check myself into Bellevue*    10/22/18  (8)
🚨🚨🚨THE BOARD HAS A VIRUS not flame details inside    10/22/18  (23)
have huge tits but can't stop drinking craft beer    10/22/18  (4)
Jim Acosta: most depressing part of my job is covering Trump rallies (link)    10/22/18  (4)
Bort Jews & Ppl who grew up in Jew Towns    10/22/18  (3)
So Upset Jew, you basically chose homosexuality?    10/22/18  (8)
LINK has been quietly going up for the past 4 months    10/22/18  (4)
u: sipping beer, IPA tits. lamarcus: literally fighting every fan in the stadium    10/22/18  (3)
Just watched three pudgy box-shaped female cops chase down the street.    10/22/18  (3)

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