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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/16/18  (141)
Biden topped poll of 2020 Dem nominee field with 33 percent support    10/16/18  (42)
Long time lib here. I have to say, conservative agenda seem to benefit me much    10/16/18  (7)
Going to LAS VEGAS this weekend. What should I do?    10/16/18  (21)
Scandal as JD Power reveals Jeep Grand Cherokee only 1/256 native    10/16/18  (2)
Rate Elizabeth warrens family tree (pic)    10/16/18  (1)
Pocahontas (the bad version)    10/16/18  (5)
Rate Kylie Irving's $755k home in WESTLAKE, OH (down from $1.7M)    10/16/18  (7)
rural asians are done at Harvard    10/16/18  (40)
What if Harvard moved from SAT/GPA/ECs/essay to a rigorous in-person interview    10/16/18  (2)
Lindsey Graham offers to take DNA test, promises to beat Warren like war drum    10/16/18  (24)
Anyone else seeing an UNPRECENDENTED level of rage from FB/Twitter libs?    10/16/18  (70)
everything "US" media tries backfires & now Trump's approval is 51%    10/16/18  (3)
do you know any dominant women that have feminized their BFs IRL?    10/16/18  (1)
keep yukking it up about pocahontas while no wall, exploding debt & entitlements    10/16/18  (13)
Can we stop calling them "liberals" or "progressives"? They aren't.    10/16/18  (95)
Mr. Jinx terrorizing Thailand like Toecutter and the boys    10/16/18  (2)
"My life is not market" you say as you jump from 32nd story of your law office    10/16/18  (7)
Call me ASAP. Just saw the draft you sent of the SPA (the bad version)    10/16/18  (3)
GARBAGEMAN | EARN | PAY    10/16/18  (3)
Trump UNLOADS on Liz Warren 😀😀😀😀😀    10/16/18  (84)
@realdonaldtrump Jeff Bridges starred in The Vanishing (the bad version)    10/16/18  (1)
echoes of reggae comin' through my bedroom walls.    10/16/18  (6)
Warren: Not Even Trump Can Take Away My American Indian Heritage    10/16/18  (4)
Dry cleaner inflation - let’s bash this TTT    10/16/18  (3)
RATE this cute vegas brunette who needs implants    10/16/18  (5)
Comprehensive list of RSF's lifetime of accomplishments with unlimited resources    10/16/18  (22)
Charity functions are the best way for UMC/Upper class people to socialize    10/16/18  (57)
Need a goood responde to a message on Hinge    10/16/18  (8)
Kavanaugh pwnage + NPC meme is a devastating 1-2 punch to libs    10/16/18  (17)
Is Mike Pence still VP? Hardly see or hear of him    10/16/18  (2)
Up all night watching SAM CHUI videos    10/16/18  (2)
Trump to CNN: now turn around so i can finish on your face    10/16/18  (7)
I identify as both a Cherokee and a toaster oven    10/16/18  (2)
I'm about to eat an eclair, fuck    10/16/18  (1)
So Liz Warren's big announcement is that she's 99.998% white?    10/16/18  (4)
Fun Legal Hypo (From Talmud Law Class) - Dingfagged From Jerb    10/16/18  (48)
Hey tow truck driver fag I want to rearrange your face with a tire iron    10/16/18  (16)
deconstructing whokebe    10/16/18  (1)
Dems keep losing, can't figure out ppl are turned off by whitey hate + socialism    10/16/18  (1)
Tolstoy completely pwning lawyers in death of Ivan illiych    10/16/18  (29)
WLMAS and other law fags- will Carter Page win this lawsuit??    10/16/18  (1)
Randomly think about the gorgon’s poasts shitting on McCain and lol    10/16/18  (4)
lmao "US" dem party's plan to run Warren 2020 lasted a single day    10/16/18  (3)
All Thai governmental travel warning website has the word JINX seven times    10/16/18  (19)
Anyplace where u can talk w creepy sexpat losers fucking trannies n bugs?    10/16/18  (3)
Incel gorilla becomes serial killer (Daily Mail)    10/16/18  (53)
Imagine waiting until your career is established to start dating then Tinder com    10/16/18  (35)
🎡🎡🎡Hiiiiighwaaaay tooooo theeee NIGGER zone🎡🎡🎡    10/16/18  (2)
Australia votes against "Its OK to be white" motion    10/16/18  (10)
“I’m white!” *entire identity is based on descent from a tribe of sand ape    10/16/18  (4)
Trump UNLOADS in Liz Warren 😀😀😀😀😀    10/16/18  (3)
Huge anthropomorphic yarmulke the villain of new Studio Ghibli film    10/16/18  (8)
Rate this Idaho politician posing with BABY BABOON he kilt    10/16/18  (10)
Devils thread: undefeated devils host "Stars" at 7 tonight    10/16/18  (1)
Worst parts about living in Colorado?    10/16/18  (3)
How do you "deconstruct" whokebe?    10/16/18  (3)
Daily Stoic, 10/16/18    10/16/18  (3)
Rest of candidates, cowering, make pact to announce at same time?    10/16/18  (3)
Trump is just preparing his tweet cannon to blast warren and end her    10/16/18  (4)
Trump rips on "disgusting" Barney Frank [old]    10/16/18  (14)
DBG, where do you buy goy blood to mix into cream cheese? Preferred brand?    10/16/18  (1)
Sollace and Wallace works on Warren’s staff. Right?    10/16/18  (3)
Liz Warren vindicated!    10/16/18  (184)
Nancy Pelosi has some of the most fuckable tits in the house    10/16/18  (8)
$1M/1,024 = $976.56.    10/16/18  (1)
my client is going to rehab for coke (zurich)    10/16/18  (41)
It’s really shocking how overwhelmingly Jewish American culture has become.    10/16/18  (6)
Liz Warren only using 1/1024 of buffalo    10/16/18  (26)
Not now dear, I'm talking to a man named "Bom" on the lawyer forum. Yes, "Bom".    10/16/18  (7)
"We only burn the bad books," writes Google CEO    10/16/18  (72)
rate this video of BOM taking out the fraud trash (vid)    10/16/18  (7)
Trump is almost like a political battle rapper    10/16/18  (1)
For the record, I have no financial interests in Saudi Arabia (or Russia, for    10/16/18  (2)
u thought Trump was being hard on Warren? rate this Honduras tweet    10/16/18  (11)
Hello sir, I'm LtDanCaffey, I'm here for the..." *briefcase full of πŸ”ŒπŸ”Œs fa    10/16/18  (2)
White House Fellows program becomes mostly male and military under Trump    10/16/18  (8)
been a very bad few weeks for libs    10/16/18  (4)
Thank you to the Cherokee Nation!    10/16/18  (3)
XO Cherokee Nation to Warren: ding, fag!    10/16/18  (1)
"Probably some Jew knocked something over" said Boner Police heading to aisle 5    10/16/18  (4)
Elizabeth Warren: "A genetics was performed.”    10/16/18  (5)
(((23andMe)))    10/16/18  (7)
GF called me a “fucking loser.” ATD?    10/16/18  (12)
libs really upset about NPC meme    10/16/18  (209)
Pocahontas (Disambiguation)    10/16/18  (12)
Fox & Friends Ainsley Earheardt divorcing Chad husband who cheated on her    10/16/18  (9)
🚨🚨🚨 Pocahontas is in a current tweet storm🚨🚨🚨    10/16/18  (51)
RegularCars guy - Balding?    10/16/18  (16)
Sticky: Petition to BAN NYUUG    10/16/18  (29)
So 180 to be back in PARIS    10/16/18  (13)
Controversial film "First Man" (which removed US flag) blows away expectations    10/16/18  (26)
Pocahontas (the bad version), sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Warren    10/16/18  (6)
Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Dismissed, Trump Entitled To Legal Fees    10/16/18  (68)
2020: 50 Hot Pot Restaurants around Harvard Yard    10/16/18  (2)
our president was given a Stone Cold Stunner on live tv    10/16/18  (1)
Hillary Clinton was accustomed to the viciousness. Liz Warren =πŸ’‘ 🦌    10/16/18  (7)
So the Saudi "journalist" was some deep state arms dealer w/ties to terrorists?    10/16/18  (20)
Rate this Beavis and Butthead scene    10/16/18  (5)
Lindsay Graham causing trouble again    10/16/18  (5)
The Origins of Progressive Agony (National Review)    10/16/18  (2)
backspace doing the rounds of poaster, sucking cocks one by one    10/16/18  (20)
reggae seems like the last music form that is overtly anti GC and pro family    10/16/18  (2)
Poll: should i take my woman to see Book of Mormon?    10/16/18  (11)
Harvard counsel: Your honor, I call the ghost of Albert Einstein to the stand.    10/16/18  (1)
Trump thinks "rogue killers" killed the journalist?    10/16/18  (30)
Is the Liz Warren thing the biggest selfpwn in recent memory?    10/16/18  (67)
Why did Warren's DNA test use Utah as a baseline for white    10/16/18  (7)
4chan diagram showing how Warren's ancestry    10/16/18  (11)
CNN is literally acting like Warren really pwned Trump today    10/16/18  (7)
they wanted our great nation to lose. but the people have now tasted victory.    10/16/18  (1)
So 1023/1024 of Liz Warren's ancestors are white?    10/16/18  (9)
DEMS DONE: Dem 538 House Projection in steep decline since Kav nomination!    10/16/18  (12)
Trump just demolished the top Dem 2020 contender in 3 tweets    10/16/18  (1)
RATE this new game: World of LawCraft    10/16/18  (1)
PDDG on the phone with a DNA scientist, turns out she may be 1/1096 Jewish!    10/16/18  (1)
Vox: there are too many black people in Africa    10/16/18  (7)
have you guys read the 2019 xo business plan? rach is bringing in embedded gifs    10/16/18  (2)
Prole tell: having opinions and experiences in fucking Thailand ljl    10/16/18  (1)
Israel first america second?    10/16/18  (2)
liz warren thought she could walk up to the biggest guy on the prison yard    10/16/18  (1)
BANNON ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE!    10/16/18  (138)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    10/16/18  (737)
I will miss the hell out of Trump whenever this all ends    10/16/18  (4)
Do Terence Crawford trolls realize he dies vs. Spence or Thurman?    10/16/18  (10)
Oscar Peterson - Over the Rainbow    10/16/18  (12)
ragnus remember when some asian girl gave you a math problem to solve    10/16/18  (1)
CNN this morning was running with the Pocahontas flame    10/16/18  (1)
If you lie about being Indian you shouldn't get to be President imo    10/16/18  (1)
name that BOM thread based entirely on emojis    10/16/18  (105)
rach, add latex math support so that we can make cool graphics & talk about math    10/16/18  (12)
Meta-analysis of Warren's retarded blunder    10/16/18  (35)
Jews Read Tower Of Babel Torah On Saturday. Rach Turned XO Into Tower Of Babel    10/16/18  (6)
How big will the Trump deficit get?    10/16/18  (8)
Remember when Romney was like: "I was born a poor black child"    10/16/18  (13)
Trump deficit at record levels to fund tax breaks for millionaires?    10/16/18  (24)
I was born a poor black child.    10/16/18  (6)
Trump foreign policy is decided by (((israel)))?    10/16/18  (2)
leather jackets: cr?    10/16/18  (7)
Framing things as kooky makes them more bearable    10/16/18  (2)
A day in the life of Donald Trump's America.    10/16/18  (176)
have never used an "emoji" in my life    10/16/18  (5)
Let's see Paul Allen's grave    10/16/18  (7)
Which emoji represents mr jinx?    10/16/18  (8)
Really want to hear more about whokebes life    10/16/18  (4)
holy shit we can poast in HEBREW now!    10/16/18  (11)
What is the latest time you've seen someone roll in to work?    10/16/18  (28)
Today I meet my energetic teenger gf (TT6) (video)    10/16/18  (17)

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