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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/12/18  (197)
Interest rates and Calvinism are my cock connected interests    11/13/18  (1)
Alexandra Ortasia Cortez doesn’t have a month of rent saved up at age 30?    11/13/18  (8)
ITT: Help me think of things to write off for end of the year (CSLG)    11/13/18  (102)
TheAtlantic confirms it: millenials are both sexless and 100% faggots/homosexual    11/13/18  (11)
So ppl in suburbs just blow all their leaves onto neighbors lawn? Then what?    11/13/18  (22)
Porn where the girl starts sobbing uncontrollably    11/13/18  (6)
Spaceporn has 3 monikers: Great Emperor Trump and 2 pumos    11/13/18  (16)
California Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Wichita Swatting Case [DOJ]    11/13/18  (5)
Berkeley student abstains from voting for pro-tranny resolution; libs meltdown    11/13/18  (20)
Crypto has really taken a shit this year wow    11/13/18  (9)
When did German cars lose their prestige?    11/13/18  (1)
anyone know anything about ddlg    11/13/18  (3)
Hahah bros, i had my wife do some translation work w an ethnic client and    11/13/18  (1)
Odd how spaceporn denies the divinity of christ AND that he is spaceporn    11/13/18  (6)
Great twitter exchange on the GOP's collapse in the Midwest    11/13/18  (1)
Give me some books to read    11/13/18  (7)
what is it with GOYIMS and ALCOHOL    11/13/18  (85)
Struggling to find motivation for anything besides fucking my gf    11/13/18  (3)
Fuck it, I'm gonna say it: College really wasn't all that great.    11/13/18  (132)
Real talk: the House of Representatives Should Be Expanded to 1 Rep Per 35k Ppl    11/13/18  (4)
My little kid really wants either 1) to be not Korean, or 2) that I be Korean.    11/13/18  (68)
Spaceporn effortlessly catching new flies in the net    11/13/18  (2)
"..next Kremlin stooge to be indicted," 'uh, are you going to take my order?'    11/13/18  (4)
The "US" 'media" giving cover for Dem voter fraud is insane    11/13/18  (5)
hey spaceporn, while you're here. remember when i gave you change to apologize?    11/13/18  (3)
I called the unemployment office to tell them I am no longer unemployed    11/13/18  (7)
been in a coma for 370 days, has trump made anime real yet?    11/13/18  (15)
ITT 2018 Anime Recommendations    11/13/18  (25)
Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas, you queer    11/13/18  (1)
shrink: So ur gay b/c you... have sex with women? 'ya well in ancient greece the    11/13/18  (10)
Steve Austin to open 'fast-casual' gym : STONE COLD CREAMERY    11/13/18  (17)
I am currently out of the office watching GARNiDELiA - Gokuraku Judo and have no    11/13/18  (6)
https://pornstarbyface.com (Happy divorces guys)    11/13/18  (1)
Stupid to spend 20K on a car if 150K salary in flyover?    11/13/18  (17)
Most prestigious liquor?    11/13/18  (42)
Worse night for GOP: election night 2012 or 2018?    11/13/18  (3)
Announcing a new hawt teen in my life (DDC)    11/13/18  (5)
you are now in a (((pacified state))), enjoy the (((ride)))    11/13/18  (1)
Doobs: "Fuck the Zetas and every other cartel. I dare them to come to Indiana a    11/13/18  (63)
St. Louis has 66 murders per 100K    11/13/18  (15)
fucking a girl gently, telling her you'd make kyoot babies: any1 else do this?    11/13/18  (12)
They were heady times, we spelled it "HODL". Anyway did you want to supersize th    11/13/18  (14)
New Ford commercial juxtaposing rugged trucks with "driver assist tech" ljl    11/13/18  (8)
If you're white and not pretending to be Hispanic you're literally insane    11/13/18  (5)
If I don't kill myself by 40 I will kill myself    11/13/18  (6)
Whoops! Ocasio-Cortez trips on stage, pocket vibrator falls out (NY Post)    11/13/18  (22)
Twinkubus--Nice to Blow You (IFNB)    11/13/18  (7)
Girlfriend's ass smells like oven cleaner    11/13/18  (2)
XO should check out an anime called "Boku no Pico." it has strong XO themes    11/13/18  (4)
Boku no Pico: last truly great anime allowed to be made    11/13/18  (17)
Had nightmares about burning in the fires of hell last night    11/13/18  (4)
TCtp officially a wagecuck now :(    11/13/18  (14)
I'm unemployed and I pay strange men dozens of pesos to fuck my ass    11/13/18  (3)
California firefighters are the highest paid in America. Cant even put out a fir    11/13/18  (10)
My sales manager told me to be aggressive and to be a SHARK    11/13/18  (1)
Minimum income to buy a porsche cayman or 911?    11/13/18  (12)
google starbucks tp    11/13/18  (4)
LOL@ARE REPTILE and Russians: Merkel calls for REAL and TRUE European Army!    11/13/18  (4)
GTTR, why are you married to a rancid shitlib?    11/13/18  (38)
I make $200k a year and I pay other people to play video games with me    11/13/18  (10)
Why do people still invest in mutual funds?    11/13/18  (21)
**Amazon HQ2 announcement to come Monday or Tuesday**    11/13/18  (87)
How many Sissybois on Autoadmit like wearing women's underwear?    11/13/18  (8)
Guy in front of me just ordered his coffee "hot enough to sterilize a needle"    11/13/18  (17)
Evil Dead battling hand not to vote lib after sniffing Ocasio pussy pheromones    11/13/18  (1)
what are some Cr documentaries (no npc garbage)    11/13/18  (21)
Lol Starbucks to lay off 5% of corporate workforce due to bum bathroom debacle    11/13/18  (6)
I want to suck Ocasio's tits    11/13/18  (6)
"I'm HANGRY!!" bellowed the perpetually MAF fat woman    11/13/18  (15)
Donny, consider this a cease and desist. Although i was clear in the past i am r    11/13/18  (72)
/*BREAKING/* Caravan members arrive with thousands of votes for Beto!!!    11/13/18  (2)
St. Peter blocking your path to the pearly gates, tapping book of your xo poasts    11/13/18  (1)
Most prestigious companies to work for in L.A.?    11/13/18  (8)
Why did Melania call for firing the deputy nat sec advisor?    11/13/18  (2)
So they guy without a dick found college "overrated"?    11/13/18  (13)
i introduce myself to people irl as "google starbucks" not flame    11/13/18  (5)
Spaceporn furrowing brow over McDonald's placemat maze as pumos advance on son    11/13/18  (1)
"Pradeep in a thong," sung to the tune of How Deep is Your Love (Beegees)    11/13/18  (10)
Ur lexapro prescription: “get back in”    11/13/18  (2)
Is it better to date down or not date at all?    11/13/18  (19)
Devils thread: Hosting "Penguins"    11/13/18  (1)
Lawman8 is "Of Consuela" here    11/13/18  (13)
Are any fat ugly bitches complaining about the success of hot girls in politics?    11/13/18  (1)
haha i cant sto pposting    11/13/18  (13)
Lutheran Missouri Synod cr?    11/13/18  (23)
Is this Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in her PRIME? 2010 BU vid    11/13/18  (127)
Remember when you always had to update adobe and java shit all the time?    11/13/18  (1)
Anyone have prole in-laws? How do I deal with these people    11/13/18  (5)
Tom's Diner except its "Stu-pid Nig-ger" instead of "Do do do do"    11/13/18  (2)
Anyone else play ESO on XboxOne?    11/13/18  (2)
DILLY DILLY    11/13/18  (5)
manchild in minivan with bumpersticker "happy wife happy life"    11/13/18  (7)
Anthony Bourdain dead from suspected overdose (CNN)    11/13/18  (307)
durrrrrrr biglaw is so stoopid! (j shad)    11/13/18  (76)
Roman Empire on Netflix is like old school dramatized History ch. doc but w/tits    11/13/18  (4)
Simply amazing presidents kept to Washington’s 2 term precedent until FDR    11/13/18  (3)
RDR2 most overrated game in the past 20 years?    11/13/18  (5)
Speaking of prestigious liquor, for u Chicago bros, Pappy Van Winkle is 50% off    11/13/18  (5)
get comfy stay comfy be comfy    11/13/18  (4)
backspace, MPA & myself playing MGSV w racing wheel & 2 wiimotes    11/13/18  (7)
'Big Law Killed My Husband': An Open Letter From a Sidley Partner's Widow    11/13/18  (566)
RDR2 looks like Oregon Trail 2018    11/13/18  (7)
grrr she’s so hottt brb shoots self in face lol grrr    11/13/18  (2)
arghhh cant believe libs did that friggin hate those guys lol grrr    11/13/18  (46)
haha yeah libs are terrible grrr i hate libs lol    11/13/18  (38)
UC Hastings transactional law panel    11/13/18  (10)
Why don't burned out xoxo lawyers become FBI Special Agents?    11/13/18  (26)
so everyone completely forgot about the Strzok text messages    11/13/18  (4)
rate this Chechen Chad    11/13/18  (2)
Guys I'm really fucked on crypto. Might lose my house and my daughter    11/13/18  (24)
If XO was broken down into eras, what would they be called    11/13/18  (6)
Is the FBI not as competent as it used to be?    11/13/18  (47)
I had so much sex in college. Now: nothing    11/13/18  (6)
He was an active shooter but an inactive sex-haver    11/13/18  (7)
God damn pregnant women are sexy as fuck    11/13/18  (15)
dad told me "show me a woman and ill show you the man who's tired of fucking her    11/13/18  (7)
People joke about facesitting around here but it's a damn good time    11/13/18  (1)
Go buy a KRINGLE from TRADER JOE'S. You're welcome.    11/13/18  (1)
Anyone download the Xvideos app? Worth having or just use browser?    11/13/18  (1)
RSF’s unbridled childlike enthusiasm for Medieval Times makes me lmao every ti    11/13/18  (30)
XO Dosunmu bout to get up in Hoya ass tonight    11/13/18  (1)
Got hit on by a 40 year old whitey..does that mean i look 40    11/13/18  (4)
The most successful relationships are ones where you fully submit to the wife    11/13/18  (7)
Charles XII: most surprising results in 2018 midterms?    11/13/18  (1)
Just ate a couple cinnamon buns    11/13/18  (5)
Reconsidering buying a house....because I'm lazy AF    11/13/18  (9)
Californians, describe Los Angeles in the early-90's    11/13/18  (6)
I can see why men are into cars now....    11/13/18  (3)
RATE the complaint in CNN v Trump    11/13/18  (121)
Le'Veon Bell fails to show up for the Steelers -- sits out season.    11/13/18  (19)
holy shit why are filipina chicks all fucking nuts?    11/13/18  (32)
I fought biglaw and big--law won. I fought biglaw and biglaw won.    11/13/18  (1)
The crypto insiders told you to "HODL" as they cashed out billions (DTP)    11/13/18  (2)
imagine meek lib NOWAG seeing CharlesXII wearing his Chinese-Ams for Trump shirt    11/13/18  (10)
Was white working class turnout in midterms as high as 2016?    11/13/18  (1)
*lawman8 sweeping osteen DVDs into trash, replacing with QAnon tweet flow chart*    11/13/18  (15)
the USA would be 14% healthier if every DOJ&FBI member was thrown into prison    11/13/18  (2)
Trump renamed NAFTA and declared victory?    11/13/18  (20)
Miami NYE Reccos    11/13/18  (11)
avg house prices in LA didn't go up even a penny from 1987-2000    11/13/18  (3)
Kind of insane how many pple abandoned their pets in CA fires    11/13/18  (1)
% chance that Trump will win these states in 2020?    11/13/18  (14)
Rate this rich elite white woman who only dates white guys    11/13/18  (6)
when is the new brazil president throwing libs on trains?    11/13/18  (1)
RATE this pic of my Puppydoodette from 4 yrs ago    11/13/18  (43)
There is no real freedom of speech on the internet    11/13/18  (3)
literally this close to getting a puppydood    11/13/18  (1)

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