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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/14/18  (216)
Jose Canseco predicted crypto crash over 1 year ago (link)    12/17/18  (2)
Video for RSF!    12/17/18  (63)
No, BOYS have periods! And girls are BADASSES and better at MATH!    12/17/18  (6)
It's bonus season    12/17/18  (1)
Passive income bros: REITs or own investment properties yourself?    12/17/18  (13)
🅝🅘🅖🅖🅔🅡    12/17/18  (4)
lawman8, what are your top Brawl Stars tips?    12/17/18  (30)
ITT you poast weird autistic shit you do    12/17/18  (123)
ITT: You make your e-mail tag your favorite poaster    12/17/18  (8)
Russian backed Houthis getting gaped in Yemen    12/17/18  (3)
Remember when some of you faggots called yourselves “Whokebians?”    12/17/18  (7)
Rate my CABINET when elected POTUS in 2020    12/17/18  (8)
How much $ do you need to generate 3K a month in passive income ?    12/17/18  (63)
CA Gov Brown picks a UGLY BIRDSHIT to replace CA Supreme Court Judge    12/17/18  (2)
Singles cruises    12/17/18  (83)
would it be weird for a 38yo lawyer to go on an old row spring break cruise?    12/17/18  (5)
If you have kids & you're not creating inheritable passive income, you've failed    12/17/18  (7)
Bold suggestion for MPM 2018: "baby goldstein" should be seeded as competitor    12/17/18  (2)
i fart into every pair of pants i try on    12/17/18  (5)
why have government forces united to suppress Garfield the Cat?    12/17/18  (1)
Oooooh what are we cheersing?    12/17/18  (5)
just wrote a book on how to write a book about generating a passive income    12/17/18  (4)
Came here for LSAT info, stayed for the drugs gay sex loss of life savings trann    12/17/18  (9)
This NCAA volleyball semifinal has been great    12/17/18  (24)
Transactional autism    12/17/18  (8)
does anyone play cod bo4 zombies?    12/17/18  (2)
OMG GATSBY PARTY!!!!!!    12/17/18  (5)
I also call peterman's asshole "Little Mogadishu"    12/17/18  (5)
Peterman: “I’ma need to see that etherscan tx first, sugar.” *pulls out ch    12/17/18  (1)
if i hear my neighbor getting railed i stop everything and get completely silent    12/17/18  (27)
Uspo taking questions abuse and life advice for 30 minites    12/17/18  (6)
Real talk: Trumptards should be sent to Guantanamo Bay for diversity training    12/17/18  (9)
Remember arkan in tinychat? Sounded exactly like Latka    12/17/18  (1)
PSA from SHARKLASERS about ARKAN (aka clean white glory, francis)    12/17/18  (184)
*Blue Smoke arriving high at ur mother's funeral* "and if she hadn't been white?    12/17/18  (22)
"Spin, rat fuck!" bellowed the priest as he punctured 6 y/o arkan's sphincter    12/17/18  (3)
Got THE FEAR    12/17/18  (1)
6yo arkan's mom grounding him for his body betrayal orgasms    12/17/18  (16)
Arkan, you ready for those padded rooms? For your mind to escape into darkness?    12/17/18  (5)
Asian Child Was Punched by Han Ding, Her Uncle (DTP totally not DVP)    12/17/18  (28)
guy charges old nokia 3310 with 1 million volts and it still works afterwards (l    12/17/18  (3)
uspo is so dumb he goes to an even WORSE school than Rice?    12/17/18  (4)
China built the entire city of Paris IN China    12/17/18  (26)
Xo loves to shit on JDs. Do you know any MBA grads working shit jerbs?    12/17/18  (10)
Epsn should just rename themselves LeBron.com 24/7 LBJ coverage!    12/17/18  (4)
LMAO lebron just got blown out by worst team in the NBA    12/17/18  (3)
Breaking point: NPR declares Russia investigation a rigged witch hunt.    12/17/18  (1)
Pathetic birdshits cannot take responsibility for their shit lives    12/17/18  (3)
Rate this idiot biker    12/17/18  (4)
still loling at arkan - cruelly, brutally cyberbullied, then HE was banned    12/17/18  (12)
People who had LASIK are flooding their eyes with eye drops right now.    12/17/18  (2)
Glenn Loury absolutely CRUSHING Affirmative Action in this Podcast    12/17/18  (1)
Spaceporn jr & my crypto portfolio: Both under 10 yrs old, both getting fucked    12/17/18  (46)
spaceporn committed a crime and had the evidence destroyed    12/17/18  (9)
Muslim Amazon workers don’t have enough time to pray. Now they’re fighting f    12/17/18  (16)
libs have quietly started deleting all chronological references to "AD" and BC"    12/17/18  (5)
Rate me as a poster.    12/17/18  (1)
Rate this slut who started taking dbol    12/17/18  (12)
Biden is almost 80. How is this fucker going to run for POTUS?    12/17/18  (10)
Rate this children's book    12/17/18  (6)
Charles how is the march to 100 books going    12/17/18  (31)
Protip: Russia has Kompromat on Trump    12/17/18  (371)
If you could have the answer to one historical mystery, which would it be?    12/17/18  (111)
predictit Trump impeachment, good time to buy?    12/17/18  (26)
Im cool, edgy, and 14 years old. Here are my thots (boner police)    12/17/18  (29)
LOL @ boner police's pathetic existence    12/17/18  (1)
evan39 goes to the basketball court (pic)    12/17/18  (47)
Uspo is like an IRL Chapelle joins KKK schtick    12/17/18  (24)
“Uspo” - who is this potbellied Sri Lankan idiot?    12/17/18  (9)
Do ppl like boner police take Trump insults personally because    12/17/18  (7)
nyuug is my hero <3    12/17/18  (3)
What type of person does volunteer customer service for megacorps? They exist    12/17/18  (21)
Alexa make sure my home is NOT my last refuge from glocap dystopian nightmares    12/17/18  (11)
Lsd microdosing is flame. Don’t see the point    12/17/18  (14)
GENETIC FEMALE TAKING Q's    12/17/18  (2)
My working thesis is that DBG and evan39 are the same guy    12/17/18  (7)
"Insurance" is flame for beta cucks who are afraid of taking risks    12/17/18  (9)
I am white, I am beady-eyed, I do have sex with my butt    12/17/18  (5)
Should I quit my job and hie to Silicon Valley??    12/17/18  (22)
Rate Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend (pics)    12/17/18  (21)
advantage of GloCap: hard to worry about penis size with Civ6, black mirror frid    12/17/18  (7)
GloCap Tuna singing Pink Floyd "Money" a la Big Mouth Billy Bass    12/17/18  (33)
Is Trump done here? Or merely a faint as he flanks GloCap for final pincer movem    12/17/18  (23)
Local press have referred to Minneapolis as “little Mogadishu”    12/17/18  (1)
Fuckin lib hipsters who walk against walk light in mfh    12/17/18  (8)
All Alex Jones did was bring wrestling shtick to news and it broke libs brains    12/17/18  (9)
LOL@ John McCain's mom outliving him    12/17/18  (8)
Through the years we all will poast together, if Rachmiel allows    12/17/18  (1)
God Alien Covenant is a shitty fucking movie. Who thought Kenny powers would be    12/17/18  (9)
CATFISH SHOW: storylines are getting more and more absurd    12/17/18  (10)
How are iPhones slower than android now?    12/17/18  (5)
tsinahworkoutplan@jasonmraz.com    12/17/18  (7)
Real Talk - The Redskins probably should've worked out Kaepernick    12/17/18  (8)
Why doesn’t that retard Trump do something about healthcare costs?    12/17/18  (20)
the scary thing about living in Tokyo is the constant fear of Godzilla    12/17/18  (5)
lol, I just assumed this "Roma" movie was about Gypsies    12/17/18  (6)
Are there any comedians out there today you'd consider important?    12/17/18  (12)
Mike Pence looks like he hates life. Surprised he isn’t more proactive    12/17/18  (20)
Yo Mama is so fat she thinks "cardio" is cardi-b's" less successful sister    12/17/18  (15)
An all-time great movie scene - video    12/17/18  (2)
As a Northeasterner, we tend to look down on the South, but question--    12/17/18  (33)
Lol San Fran millionaire boomers literally renting out their low income apartmen    12/17/18  (3)
Ellis Island, secularism, the enlightenment. Pretty much whatever we want.    12/17/18  (1)
still trying to wrap my head around why "US" libs loathe America so much    12/17/18  (5)
Should I watch this "1983" show on Netflix?    12/17/18  (3)
I'm a teacher, not a boxer. Teacher complains about students beating him up.    12/17/18  (68)
This would be a 180 prank phone call - video    12/17/18  (1)
pee pee and doo doo    12/17/18  (1)
Reminder: Ugly/fat chicks want dick. Hot ones want money    12/17/18  (32)
Does anyone remember Heathcliff?    12/17/18  (36)
Indians burn girl alive for loving jesus    12/17/18  (4)
🧐 What's the most prestigious brand of bottled water?    12/17/18  (18)
Has XO commented on the Patreon controversy yet? They banned a bunch of conserva    12/17/18  (13)
What do they know that Autoadmit doesn't? Law School enrollment goes up!!!!!!!    12/17/18  (2)
You'll never have a woman look at you like this - video    12/17/18  (1)
Hung out with Charles at The Fireplace this weekend    12/17/18  (1)
youtube suggested 1968 dean martin xmas special for me this is great!    12/17/18  (11)
Hard to believe doobs is a real lawyer now    12/17/18  (1)
Girl told me she hooked up w/ multipl guys who asked her to finger their asshold    12/17/18  (15)
Arugula is 180 on sandwiches    12/17/18  (3)
Rate Artie Lange's nose in his most recent court appearance.    12/17/18  (27)
AutoAdmit is a judgment-free zone    12/17/18  (8)
Upset Jew is an antisemitic, anti-MFH false flag troll    12/17/18  (7)
The Doobs “ibanker invited me on his plane” thread    12/17/18  (1)
I've got a BBA! Should I try moving to Silicon Valley?    12/17/18  (1)
Elite Jews lying to you about everything    12/17/18  (2)
Chill black Harvard race realist economist gets MeToo PWNED    12/17/18  (28)
"honey what's wrong?" "colt retired." "ur online buddy?" "yeah    12/17/18  (63)
Come ITT if u have complex nuanced views on history, politics, law, and God    12/17/18  (10)
so was Garfield a real cat or not    12/17/18  (6)
Mr and MrsEdinburgh and little buggers #1 and #2 and bark bark bugger and meow m    12/17/18  (14)
"Does that look like enough mayonnaise? Send it back. Actually, get the manager.    12/17/18  (2)
Douton & Picard, fully nude, at Mr Alpha    12/16/18  (8)
Proud Parent of Two Doggo Puppers :) :)    12/16/18  (7)
non-stop ass rape    12/16/18  (4)
"...yes extra cheese--white American--and your finest cup of ranch as well."    12/16/18  (5)
How Fucked are the Washington Redskins???    12/16/18  (9)
Every white woman I know says white guys are obsessed with black dicks    12/16/18  (3)
PSA if you are 35+ eat arugula every night before bed    12/16/18  (8)
Richard Nixon on Trump: “haha wow holy shit”    12/16/18  (4)
You’re old: Trae Young’s dad is younger than Vince Carter    12/16/18  (1)
I’m ready to use the term “inshallah” IRL. How to proceed?    12/16/18  (10)
baker mayfield is pretty alpha    12/16/18  (7)
Explain how it's biologically possible for Lindsay Lohan to look 50    12/16/18  (12)
what's the point of carson wentz?    12/16/18  (1)
2008 Edgy XO: sued for harassing YLS chicks. 2018: "Guys Marvel movies are gay!"    12/16/18  (2)
* Eagles will upset Rams tonight *    12/16/18  (17)
Kind of shocking with a disloyal piece of shit Michael Cohen is.    12/16/18  (5)
What round will Baker Mayfield be drafted in?    12/16/18  (13)

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