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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
so spaceporn bragged to xo for years about his HOT son, never offered to share?    02/17/19  (5)
Girls in my sorority would get publicly shamed if they stank up the bathroom    02/17/19  (7)
Women really do care about height a lot    02/17/19  (15)
Consuela screeching like a retarded baboon as I rape him in a Flying J bathroom    02/17/19  (4)
Wait, so Henry Aaron is just a lowly    02/17/19  (47)
Matt Damon is now 2 yrs older than Robin Williams was in Good Will Hunting    02/17/19  (7)
when i see Lena Chen's crotch I want to put my hand there and go SQUANCH SQUANCH    02/17/19  (6)
Lena Chen documents harassment from spaceporn2525    02/17/19  (91)
Panel of entertainment industry execs discuss Jussie's Hollywood comeback    02/17/19  (1)
"Yeah, we're kind of like the NFL of lawyers" (biglawyer to disinterested 22yo)    02/17/19  (9)
Protip: Don't pay your loans back.    02/17/19  (79)
Why is Chicago so affordable compared to NYC/DC/LA/SF?    02/17/19  (3)
CONFIRMED: Nigerian brothers REHEARSED hoax attack with Smollett (Link)    02/17/19  (1)
watching a turd female flirt and fail with a white guy right now    02/17/19  (6)
Libs think it's an "emergency" if no one can just walk into the USA    02/17/19  (9)
Did you guys see that a 22 y/o (male) HR intern was among those killed in Aurora    02/17/19  (3)
AOC's accomplishments so far: eliminating 25K jobs, promoting Smollett hoax    02/17/19  (20)
Henry Aaron is amazing, said Henry Aaron posting as Voodoo Child    02/17/19  (6)
we're never getting our high-trust society back    02/17/19  (37)
Pervert Alert!    02/17/19  (4)
PREDICTION: Susan thread will bring about new round of lawsuits here    02/17/19  (4)
prediction: trump ultimately reaches compromise on wall, but cucks on syria    02/17/19  (23)
Just decided to buy a performance SUV, taking Qs & advice ITT    02/17/19  (32)
So Trump already doomed his "national emergency"?    02/17/19  (17)
Serious Q: who is the hottest Susman Godfrey Associate?    02/17/19  (14)
WLMAS: working in non-JD fedgov position forever; kenny/chandler 7 figs    02/17/19  (2)
throwback: spaceporn tells his shitlaw co-workers sp jr has a big dick (link)    02/17/19  (51)
Serious Q: who is the hottest Kenny Chandler & CSLG LLP Associate?    02/17/19  (3)
I wish I had Jussie’s gall!    02/17/19  (1)
PhilosopherKing did you buttfuck your kid today?    02/17/19  (4)
steve spurrier vs mike riley (4pm, CBS Sports)    02/17/19  (2)
I have an idea to pay down student debt: Take it out of boomers' 401ks.    02/17/19  (1)
"US" libs' "goal" is to destroy America via open borders    02/17/19  (7)
Government will soon directly deduct your student loans from your paychecks    02/17/19  (22)
Don’t escort users fear being black mailed?    02/17/19  (14)
Dozens of Mexican gas thieves turned into human torches when gas guyeser ignites    02/17/19  (34)
Navy SEAL friend asked if I'd like to go on some secret missions    02/17/19  (10)
What wld happen if a plate of KFC was served at a medieval royal king's banquet?    02/17/19  (19)
I've seen lawyers get disbarred for much less than Spaceporn has done    02/17/19  (8)
Henry Aaron, does your father avoid your calls or have you stopped trying?    02/17/19  (36)
󠀠💣    02/17/19  (48)
New study reveals nothing sexier than a chem girl in a labcoat (link)    02/17/19  (2)
chronically sleep-deprived lawyer bragging about his LSAT while brain rots    02/17/19  (5)
Are you bumps truly blank?    02/17/19  (8)
🥒🥒🥒🧓🧓🧓 🇨🇳👲😭🥒😍    02/17/19  (9)
what's Ragnus been up to?    02/17/19  (8)
🌟 And the Oscar goes to... 🌟    02/17/19  (3)
does SUSMAN GODFREY pay as much as WLRK?    02/17/19  (3)
There are 9 declared candidates. Only one is a straight white male LJL    02/17/19  (3)
Plz describe the orthodontic apparatus upon this nig murderer    02/17/19  (2)
Rach has $4 mil contract with gov. to keep mentally insane people on here    02/17/19  (2)
Trump using emergency system: PERV ALERT: WEINER IS OUT OF PRISON    02/17/19  (1)
Henry Aaron tp is a 180 dude    02/17/19  (15)
you cant teach a - - - - - - new tricks    02/17/19  (4)
possibly OD'ed on adderall (4x30mg in 24 hours)    02/17/19  (3)
Boner police is the illegitimate son of the mighty mighty bosstones singer    02/17/19  (3)
How can you tell whether an Insta THOT escorts?    02/17/19  (6)
Japan just wanted to be left alone and we went and forced GC upon them    02/17/19  (14)
restricted immigration is downright un-American, unheard of in our leg. history    02/17/19  (12)
"we've got godsmack, tremendous band. scott stapp, amazing singer"    02/17/19  (11)
ggtp you're done here    02/17/19  (5)
now Jussie is a friend, he's always been a good friend of mine..    02/17/19  (3)
GGTP what if Scott Stapp was ur supervising biglaw partner    02/17/19  (24)
Ivanka going to jail would be the best possible outcome if the Mueller probe.    02/17/19  (7)
All Dupa monikers please cum in this thread.    02/17/19  (2)
Travelmos: anyone been to LISBON and taken TRAM 28?    02/17/19  (3)
i need help    02/17/19  (3)
only 1 lib atrocity against America brings me to tears: they ruined California    02/17/19  (129)
TRUMP bitchslapped by Hawaii Judge, (((Pelosi))), reality in general    02/17/19  (1)
Man plays prank on owl. Owl gets MAD AS FUCKKKKK    02/17/19  (23)
It seems like virtually every nig who voted for Trump is a talking head or has a    02/17/19  (2)
If you want to change the world, start off by blank bumping your poast    02/17/19  (9)
Notice anything about this biglaw chick's firm profile picture?    02/17/19  (26)
To save America, we absorb half the population of Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Sa    02/17/19  (2)
Catherine Kieu-Becker (born 1962)[1] is a Vietnamese-American woman who was conv    02/17/19  (3)
Don the Con, bamboozling the rubes    02/17/19  (5)
"It puts the acorn in its mouth or pickle rick explores down south"    02/17/19  (3)
Slick (((Donny))) from Manhattan    02/17/19  (1)
Friendly game of "Guess the Poaster" ITT    02/17/19  (11)
2020 should be winnable for Dems, but you can see the self-pwn from a mile away    02/17/19  (38)
"Some people call it human trafficking, I called it adoption." (Spaceporn)    02/17/19  (7)
We really get the leaders we deserve in this country.    02/17/19  (3)
ITT we post pictures of dumbfounded CHINGCHONGS staring at STOCK CHARTS    02/17/19  (248)
"Crisis in Levittown" - 1957 documentary about black family moving to town    02/17/19  (4)
Trumpmos, plz react to this Nancy Pelosi tweet    02/17/19  (12)
Hi Obeezy, how are things with the wife?    02/17/19  (1)
got a mild concussion skiing, taking qs from the lodge bar    02/17/19  (35)
Biden has had two cerebral aneurysms    02/17/19  (16)
Somali airport employees pushing old Jewish women between terminals on wheelchai    02/17/19  (1)
ITT we post pictures of dumbfounded NECKBEARDS staring at CRYPTO CHARTS    02/17/19  (1)
carl weathers (Agent Man): worthy adversary for The Predator..his dying bellow..    02/17/19  (1)
jfc american women suck shit    02/17/19  (13)
Boomer Partner Whistling Dire Straits "Walk of Life"    02/17/19  (37)
Has the DEA investigated Henry Aaron for diverting adderall and dilaudid yet?    02/17/19  (8)
Rate this 1897 quote on American conservatism    02/17/19  (49)
In Lib Club film group of libs chant "He was black and openly gay" over and over    02/17/19  (2)
Jerry Phillabaum, public figure. Wonder what his kids are up to    02/17/19  (3)
"hey, faggot Empire nigger, this is MAGA country" said the Nigerians who knew hi    02/17/19  (3)
Is the general public more or less liberal now compared to 2013    02/17/19  (12)
Smollett hoax is a devastating blow to libs chances in 2020    02/17/19  (59)
Reminder: Bart 100% supported the railroading of the Covington kids    02/17/19  (6)
The Original Monkey Island (The Secret of Monkey Island) was the GOAT game    02/17/19  (5)
Sold for sex for the second time. Taking Qs.    02/17/19  (29)
Reminder: not even James Mattis could stand Trump    02/17/19  (3)
This Birmingham, AL in-house job seeking litigators looks 180    02/17/19  (3)
He savagely rammed it up my ass... whispered whok to the nurse    02/17/19  (5)
Sold sex for the second time. Taking Qs    02/17/19  (32)
What mental illnesses does Charlie Brown TP suffer from? (top 3)    02/17/19  (3)
Signed 8 cases today (CSLG)    02/17/19  (1)
fun parody forum for sad lawyer friends    02/17/19  (7)
ISIS can't take the wheel soon enough    02/17/19  (1)
California government pensioners earn more as retired than when they worked    02/17/19  (11)
Which is a bigger waste of time.....CFA or below t14 JD?    02/17/19  (2)
India's new high speed train breaks down on first trip    02/17/19  (3)
Best CSLG thread, where he brags about buying extra large drinks    02/17/19  (13)
Possibly dumb ? - why were the 2 Nigerians released if part of hoax?    02/17/19  (23)
Most wealthy people in California are retired government workers on pensions    02/17/19  (1)
Lot of black people didnt believe Jussie...Seems like the only people that    02/17/19  (2)
Epic twitter thread on all the famous idiots who got Smollett shit wrong    02/17/19  (6)
Do parents really let their 3 year olds watch YouTube?    02/17/19  (33)
"Modern day lynching" doesn't refer to the crime, it refers to the investigation    02/17/19  (1)
Going on a tinder date with an objective chubby 3.5/10 for valentines day    02/17/19  (76)
"Nooses made from 'facts' are the preferred weapons of modern white supremacy    02/17/19  (7)
crazy how flat-earth-ism of the medievals is a MYTH    02/17/19  (2)
"And what made you think these 'poasts' were funny?"    02/17/19  (2)
Mulvaney sabotaged Trump hearing about Angel Moms in DC until too late    02/17/19  (2)
Smollett didn't lie, he only told his truth    02/17/19  (7)
"i don't want my kids to become SJWs...homeschool?! naw they'll be weird lol"    02/17/19  (8)
explain how amy adams was picked as Cavill's love interest in Superman    02/17/19  (92)
Black woman on train refuses to move bag so others can sit (vid)    02/17/19  (49)
prof arrested in Beer Summit controversy reveals Marco Rubio is 5% native americ    02/17/19  (29)
I squanched the sherriff, then I took my sons virginity    02/17/19  (11)
and it was SQUANCH SQUANCH SQUANCH til CPS took the asian away    02/17/19  (61)
So “Obeezy” = Fat circle headed Dravidian "standing tall" at 5'4?    02/17/19  (3)
Does this 24yo white girl look older than she is?    02/17/19  (23)
Two White Nigerian buck negroid Mandingos    02/17/19  (6)
Wife pissed at me for tickling my kid's wiener and going "goochie goochie goo!"    02/17/19  (47)
lol nobody respects Trump    02/17/19  (10)
So “Henry Aaron” = doctor who regularly prescribes himself Schedule 2/3 dru    02/17/19  (2)
ITT: Rate my wife's 37yo tits    02/17/19  (26)
Who's excited about the Daytona 500?    02/17/19  (6)
Living in a tropical paradise is overrated    02/17/19  (2)
Stop whitesplaining racism to me, faggot    02/17/19  (1)
Father of the Bride - great film abt spending all ur $ on stupid jew bullshit    02/17/19  (12)
Just watched Jussie Smollet’s GMA interview - how sociopathic    02/17/19  (64)
University of Texas now offering an Online MSCS    02/17/19  (5)
Redditor making Pickle Rick joke as Darnell plows his fat wife    02/17/19  (21)
I was surprised to find out Cory Booker is not gay.    02/17/19  (35)
GC thoughts like "Get a sleeve tattoo!" bubbling up in your 10/10 teen daughters    02/17/19  (25)

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