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This is what Karlstack supports    09/29/22  (1)
Amazing how Asian people escape systemic racism somehow    09/29/22  (9)
Chandler taking qs from Alaska    09/29/22  (23)
realizing i'm becoming like an older colleague over time    09/29/22  (10)
Hey whok I'm sorry about what happened to you on that bike, man. (link)    09/29/22  (2)
im skeptical that anyone actually died in those huge sword battles before guns    09/29/22  (22)
I don’t have big boobz. :/    09/29/22  (58)
Chick I've known since college abruptly posted pics with new husband    09/29/22  (3)
6 glasses of wine and she's keeping her croissant    09/29/22  (38)
rate my new tv purchase    09/29/22  (22)
ZZZ looks like the guy on Severance    09/29/22  (3)
Talmudic sophistry    09/29/22  (1)
Goyim hospital circumcisions are far more torture than what Jews do at Bris    09/29/22  (4)
dark lex walking down the department hallways with a toothpick in his mouth    09/29/22  (4)
Ex-wife and her new husband just bought a $2MM house in Naples, FL    09/29/22  (27)
Asian people, what is it like to have "ancestor memories"?    09/29/22  (4)
Always felt a deep spirtual connection travelin in the Steppe region    09/29/22  (32)
Heartwarming video of gay Ukrainian soldier coming home to his boi    09/29/22  (1)
Why is Ukranian the FAGGIEST country in Eastern Europe? They are GAY    09/29/22  (6)
autoadmit was an anonymous long running performance art piece    09/29/22  (9)
ur hyper enthusiasm is less meaningful when its just ur default state, serhant    09/29/22  (1)
Ukraine veterans form "Unsullied" batallion    09/29/22  (6)
Twitter sensation Joe the Centrist Technocrat Plumber broke the internet with    09/29/22  (1)
it's crazy how 'satanism' was still shocking in the 80s/90s    09/29/22  (48)
should i buy this apt    09/29/22  (1)
jeff bezos's insane shrew ex-wife already divorcing new husband (link)    09/29/22  (21)
I'll make the most blank-bumped comment ITT my tinder bio in mexico    09/29/22  (36)
how does tsinahs gf get into his apt? through a window like a grand piano?    09/29/22  (9)
"U know what this country really needs is a centrist technocrat" the plumber exp    09/29/22  (9)
something sinister with the spread of NASA merchandising    09/29/22  (33)
GJR, scramble your password and never look back    09/29/22  (20)
i hope meloni has a veritable militia to protect against financial speculators    09/29/22  (2)
*Offspring voice* "You got financial speculators!"    09/29/22  (14)
later said, “I think we have enough financial speculator museums.”    09/29/22  (8)
Marjorie Taylor Green’s hubby files for divorce    09/29/22  (5)
Confession: I don't know what "central banking" really means    09/29/22  (18)
Kamala should be unbanned once a month and given a short leash    09/29/22  (4)
Italian PM roasts CSLG's "Tuscan" decor (link)    09/29/22  (21)
Italian PM quotes Emilio Estevez tp (link)    09/29/22  (113)
Shut the fuck up consuela    09/29/22  (2)
Night crew isn’t the same without Emilio    09/29/22  (11)
none of this insanity would be allowed if halford was still with us    09/29/22  (8)
NYT literally speechless about Italy election    09/29/22  (92)
not now im trashing my ex on a homosexual autistic hobo forum    09/29/22  (4)
Client just said “wow didn’t know Andy garcia would be representing me” lm    09/29/22  (28)
Shut up consuela    09/29/22  (6)
when're we scheduling the Commonwealth of Xo vs. GJR grand jury hearing?    09/29/22  (12)
Are my bewbz too pointy? (Pics) :/    09/29/22  (2)
In Ukraine, foreign LGBTQ+ soldiers find acceptance on frontlines    09/29/22  (1)
new “fascist” PM of Italy: Ukraine is on its own, Forza Russia! (link)    09/29/22  (58)
Did a search for #Ukraine. This was the first result    09/29/22  (1)
doodikof man just lower you standard and date a trusty, reliable 4    09/29/22  (4)
If "Ukranian" language just Russian with a lisp?    09/29/22  (1)
Ukraine is the gayest country in Eastern Europe 25% of men <40 lack penises now    09/29/22  (1)
The COMMONWEALTH vs GREEN JOLLY RANCHER zoom link    09/29/22  (2)
fedgov wfh has to be the cushiest thing imaginable    09/29/22  (3)
GJR murder trial sentencing phase    09/29/22  (4)
jfc woke up on my office floor to the knock on the door from facilities    09/29/22  (20)
To me GJR stands for “gas jews rightaway”    09/29/22  (2)
Spaceporn could work in a scary Halloween theme park with no makeup on    09/29/22  (17)
So you’re telling me the Jocks were the villains in Revenge of the Nerds?    09/29/22  (1)
*gangsta's paradise montage of rowan's dates for the week plays*    09/29/22  (30)
how much do u give at church every week    09/29/22  (4)
Lord High FB live-streaming himself cooking GJR’s head in a big outdoor wok    09/29/22  (5)
Let’s all use the “SS” method in responding to GJR    09/29/22  (5)
YNY 30 yr Fixed mortgages at 7.7% WNGMI    09/29/22  (1)
been working with a lot of CEOs lately, they are all fucking retarded    09/29/22  (12)
dating sim roguelike where doodikof gets a lil closer to 2nd date every "run"    09/29/22  (6)
busty "nerd" millenial girls who say things like "yay boobies!"    09/29/22  (147)
I don’t have big doobz. :/    09/29/22  (7)
whok, what does it feel like when jinx unloads?    09/29/22  (1)
TSINAH ESCAPING HURRICANE IAN (vid)    09/29/22  (3)
Chimps are only 50% stronger than men. Men are 50% stronger than women.    09/29/22  (17)
JUSTICE FOR MIKE FART    09/29/22  (1)
proles love long texts    09/29/22  (1)
Lol @ when bp lied and tried to practice GAME on me right after we broke up    09/29/22  (179)
normally i wouldn't link a poster's onlyfans, because of the one rule    09/29/22  (5)
Should I put lgbtq on my business school application right now?    09/29/22  (14)
Columbus was a really weird guy    09/29/22  (32)
played these roguelikes in the last 2 years    09/29/22  (5)
ANGLOS are truly the ugliest ppl on Planet Earth    09/29/22  (4)
Will saying "Ching chong chingchong ching" get you banned on XO?    09/29/22  (7)
then suddenly something demonic "emerged" "developed" "occurred"    09/29/22  (2)
GEE | JAY | AWW LLP.    09/29/22  (1)
Why is every Ukraine supporter incapable of reading numbers?    09/29/22  (3)
😲. BONER POLICE READ THIS 🌈    09/29/22  (25)
What's going to become of Howard Stern's vaults?    09/29/22  (5)
Blue states are filled with effeminate little bitch faggots    09/29/22  (5)
We are seeing one of the final steps in the 'Apotheosis of the Slavs'    09/29/22  (7)
I know a very good talented person who killed himself.    09/29/22  (3)
how do MEN over 30 tolerate having long hair? it's disgusting    09/29/22  (1)
Trevor Bauer vid from a week ago    09/29/22  (3)
It makes sense for Russia to sabotage pipelines and say nothing    09/29/22  (93)
Yeah, Ukraine should have it’s immigration law bound by EU Law    09/29/22  (5)
Running list of poasters who need to take their meds: GJR, NSAM, Peter North,    09/29/22  (5)
Cr to transfer to a fedgov contractor role ITE?    09/29/22  (3)
AOC is EVISCERATED by big bank CEO at congressional hearing (link)    09/29/22  (21)
Learning a new language is impossible    09/29/22  (17)
Pros and cons of mocking OC's initial lowball offer after massive settlement?    09/29/22  (5)
Discuss stocks that can be a dime bagger beat the market boor?    09/29/22  (8)
Justice Kagan: SCOTUS has lost all legitimacy and public confidence    09/29/22  (2)
Amazing how insular mig’s thinking is bc of his schizophrenia    09/29/22  (3)
Starting Strength Program at 42?    09/29/22  (13)
Honest question: on what systematic basis do you judge politicians, if any?    09/29/22  (5)
Boor is so stupidly alpha    09/29/22  (5)
If you want to be the boor, you've got to beat the boor    09/29/22  (1)
Russia does not have technology to sabotage pipeline. Doubt they have 60s SCUBA    09/29/22  (1)
this NordStream pipeline shit is fucking HUGE...MSM quiet on it...odd case    09/29/22  (50)
Politico: To save USA from Trump in 2024 we must shred the Constitution    09/29/22  (8)
This OMRI thing in Italy looks bad    09/29/22  (2)
You are a fucking gay little bitch pussy retard if you give ANY notice    09/29/22  (8)
MIG/Repent: Homosexual or Pedophile?    09/29/22  (69)
Fuck a Tibetan bitch - anyone done this?    09/29/22  (64)
OCI-Ultra    09/29/22  (2)
I have Some money and am Ruined imho    09/29/22  (1)
how tf is this guy catagorized as an "incel"?    09/29/22  (7)
tfw no mentally ill avril lavigne tradcath internet poaster gf    09/29/22  (3)
all these new laptops have little bitchass screens    09/29/22  (2)
ZZZ’s entire law office is about to be under 10ft of salt water storm surge    09/29/22  (58)
The wor$t po$$ible $cum being allowed to run all over this place    09/29/22  (4)
I have little bitch Hogg arms    09/29/22  (2)
Not a historian but do Presidents normally act like little bitches?    09/29/22  (3)
Poll:Do you constantly blow off calls, texts, voicemails, meetings appts etc?    09/29/22  (9)
BUMP when GOP loses the House and Trumptards cry like little bitches    09/29/22  (12)
voted in 2020 in the wake of social justice demonstrations to disband its police    09/29/22  (1)
Enjoy your life none of this should ever have been    09/29/22  (4)
sent the police to ZZZ's place, not flame    09/29/22  (8)
Ne1 else notice the entire BP/GJR saga was foretold in Kanye's "Wolves"    09/29/22  (1)
Nah youre like a little bitch bro    09/29/22  (3)
You get NO pussy dude. You're a little BITCH dude.    09/29/22  (5)
The death of Hulk Hogan will have a huge impact on America's psyche    09/29/22  (1)
PSA: No one gives a damn about the lives of lawyers.    09/29/22  (1)
TT rate these turdskins MAF that chinks get in the usa faster than ur people    09/29/22  (1)
Reminder: Im live in a mansion in QLD and you live in Biden's America.    09/29/22  (1)
Tenga makes “pussy” an unnecessary frivolous thing    09/29/22  (2)
GJR is a good example of cum in your brain telling you what to do    09/29/22  (1)
The truth is about to come out    09/29/22  (59)
Yeah, 9:08 LA time. Back in the lab and shit    09/29/22  (1)
In this photo it appears GJR ran a race wearing nipple clamps (pic)    09/29/22  (1)
I just put 100k into Rumble stock    09/29/22  (4)
UK rejects Gorgeous Rishi, goes to HELL within two weeks    09/29/22  (1)
Exeunt: Why does the Bank of England care so much about rise in bond yields?    09/29/22  (14)
Official List of Retards who should be Banned    09/29/22  (26)
Best old cancelled network sitcom.    09/29/22  (51)
The tooth is about to come out    09/29/22  (2)
Enjoy your life none of this should ever have been    09/29/22  (2)
Posters who share your political views but you still hate?    09/29/22  (4)
Harassing the child of a flag officer is a federal offense fyi    09/29/22  (1)

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